My Dad, A Silent Affair

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My Dad, A Silent Affair, I am Nikila, a hubby girl like Parineeti Chopra having figure 36-28-36.

I regularly go to college there I have affair with boy. He is tall and handsome. Whenever he touches me I feel tingling throughout my body. Most of the time he try to touch me and I let him to touch me. We were having great time but one incident happens which I never forget in my life. He called me in his friend room which his friend has taken as rent. I knew he had some plan to go further with me .But I will not him to do anything so early. For me touching and pressing are fine and I never have any problem with that.

But he wanted to do more. I was confused and if somebody get know what will happen. So I was pretending to him to drop this plan but he kept on insisting. And I was not able to refuse that. I decided to go and let it happen and enjoy what comes to me. I took my earphone and started listening song while going by auto. He picked me up from college and went to his friend place.

I asked why you called me here. Do you plan robbing me here in funny tone?

He said, No plans but if you wish i would do that.

So you put the ball in my court. Do you play Ludo here with me here?

No i will not play Ludo here. We will play doctor doctor here.

I know that what doctor doctor means? I have heard this story long before.

Do you love me?


Do you trust me?


So why are you stopping yourself?

I am not here to put my father ‘prestige here. I have never stopped you from touching and kissing me. Anything more than that we need to wait till we get married.

I pulled him and kissed him on lips. He started looting like Shakti Kapoor. He was much engrossed that I was unable to breathe properly. I was push him apart but he dominated me. He started unclothing me but I was resisting because when it happens forcefully, it crosses the limit of all enjoyment. He made me lay down on bed and came over me. I resisted and said to this limit

It is fine and do go beyond that. But he put his hand on but and started caressing it gently. I started moaning. He put his finger inside my panty and rubbed it.

I felt that I am helpless. I should not have come here. I should have refused directly. But I put my all strength to part him but I could not. He licked all my body. I was no having single cloth and even I was not unable to find bed sheet so that I could cover myself. I was losing my conscience and not able to regain it. I was feeling heavenly good. At that moment I thought of getting it happened. I never had so much pleasure. He started rubbing fast and sucking my boobs.

I slowly spoke, just stop, and do not do anything now. He took out his penis and moving it over my pussy. I felt so good. He was just about to push it, suddenly door was knocked. We were listening the sound from outside. I was afraid. I got up and wore my clothes. He opened the door. I saw police with landlord. I understood this room must have a history of fucking. Police scolded too much and I was excusing too hard but they did let us go.

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