My Wife My Life – 8

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part My Wife My Life-7 so you can enjoy this better…

Vicky was unloading the bags while Ramesh stayed back telling me to enjoy with Vicky first. I said “time is very short because I need at least thirty minutes with him”.

Melvin was at the reception and greeted me saying “madam you are looking very hot and beautiful”. I said “thank you” and walked towards my room. This time too Vicky bumped into my ass repeatedly.

I purposely took longer to unlock the door bending forward. Now Vicky put the bags on the floor and unzipped his trousers and pushed his cock in my pussy fucking me hard.

I was enjoying this but said “Vicky can’t you wait till we get inside”? He said “no madam, since morning I have had a hard-on and it is hurting so I cannot wait. Only you can satisfy me”.

I unlocked the door with difficulty and we went inside. Vicky put the bags on the floor and leaning me against the wall resumed fucking. I stopped him, telling to use a condom. He went out and got the rest of the bags.

He said “sir says he has an important phone call to take and he will take some time to come”. Vicky quickly locked the door and put a condom and resumed fucking me full speed leaning against the wall.

I was really enjoying now because my heels were helping with the perfect penetration, not too deep and not shallow, Just perfect. Vicky fucked me full speed like yesterday.

I asked “why are you in such a hurry”? He said “I want to be done before sir comes”. I said “you fucked me in front of him today morning so what is there to worry now, go easy and let’s enjoy this moment”.

“I will make sure he does not interrupt us till we finish”. Vicky said “madam fucking you alone is far better than when sir is watching”. I remembered even Ramesh had said the same thing earlier.

Vicky was pounding my pussy from behind while playing with my boobs. Today I had more sex than yesterday and was enjoying it too. Vicky said “madam I want to fuck your beautiful butt”.

I said “what are you waiting for then”? He pushed his cock in my butt and thanks to so much butt fucking my ass did not hurt anymore. I saw we had been fucking for over twenty-five minutes and I knew Vicky was going to cum anytime now.

Ramesh called out knocking on the door and Vicky stopped taking his cock out. I held Vicky’s cock guiding it back in my ass and asked Vicky “how much time do you want”?

Vicky said “ten more minutes”. I called back “I need fifteen minutes please”. Vicky resumed pounding me even harder and about ten minutes later emptied his balls in my ass.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned, we got dressed and Vicky on the couch with me on his lap. He said “Madam I never imagined you would do so much for me”, I said “you are my favourite Vicky, I will do anything for you. Just come whenever I call you”.

He said “madam you are looking so sexy in this new dress”. I said “thank you Vicky” and smooched him saying “I am sure sir is still waiting outside”. I drank some water and went to open the door while Vicky picked up the bags and went to the wardrobe.

I opened the door and Ramesh walked in and sat on the couch. I served him water and did not observe the room earlier when I came in because I was busy with Vicky. Now I looked around and saw everything had been cleaned.

I saw Vicky neatly arranging all stuff we had bought today in the wardrobe. I saw all the clothes we had bought yesterday were neatly arranged including the shoes in the shoe rack.

I was very impressed with Vicky’s skills. I asked “where are my clothes from yesterday”, he said “your clothes and Sir’s clothes, I have given to laundry. They will be ready by night and I will bring them to you”.

I showed Ramesh him how neatly Vicky had arranged everything. Vicky even folded all the shopping bags and kept them aside. Ramesh was also happy and appreciated saying “you are a man of many skills, you have kept Rekha very happy taking good care of her needs”.

I hugged Vicky kissing him passionately to show my gratitude, after organising all the clothes in the wardrobe he was about to leave. Ramesh stopped him and gave him a bigger tip, Vicky looked at my face.

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