Husband shares wife’s sexy Polaroids with friends

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Husband shares wife’s sexy Polaroids with friends, loving wife, sex stories, I don’t know how things got this far out of hand. It started simply enough. Several years ago my husband began taking boudoir photos of me which I thought were for his enjoyment only. He said he wanted to take them with him on business trips to have something to look at while he masturbated. Secretly it excited me, thinking of my husband in a motel room somewhere looking at the Polaroids of me in lingerie, or naked, his cock in his hand while he jerked off as he gazed at my photos. I was fine with that. Until…

One day I had to go into his briefcase to find some papers, and much to my surprise, there were my photos. I guess I hadn’t realized he was carrying them around with him. Then I began to wonder if he had shown them to anyone, so one evening during our before dinner cocktail hour I confronted him about it.

“I found my photos in your briefcase, Bob,” I began. “You told me you got rid of them. You haven’t shown them to anyone have you?” I asked.

“No. Well, I mean… not intentionally,” he murmured. “At least not at first.”

I felt an instant rush of heat coursing through my body when I began to consider what he meant. “What the hell does THAT mean, Bob? Has someone seen my pictures? Answer me, and you tell me the TRUTH, damn you!”

“I won’t lie to you, Jill,” he said. “Yes, someone has seen them. Andy. I forgot they were in my briefcase, and he was in my office and we were going over something and I pulled some papers I needed out of my briefcase, forgetting about your Polaroids. A couple fell out onto my desk, and he saw them.

“What the hell, Robert! Are those of JILL?” he asked. And then before I could stop him he picked one of them up and stared at it with this big grin on his face. Then he picked up the other one and said, ‘You DOG, you! My God she’s gorgeous. Look at those TITS… and that furry bush!’ Or something like that.”

“And you didn’t stop him? You just let him SEE ME…NAKED?” I gasped.

“Yeah. I did,” he said quietly.

“WHY, Bob? Why didn’t you take them away from him?” I questioned.

“Truthfully, baby? Because it excited me. My fucking cock even started getting hard. And I was so proud of you. AM so proud of you. I realized I WANTED him to see you… how beautiful and sexy you are. I loved showing you off in your lingerie and letting him see your gorgeous tits and naked pussy! So I did something I never intended to do. I was aroused, and he was clearly excited over seeing the pictures, so I… I got up and locked my door, and… I showed them all to him.”

“My God! HOW COULD YOU?” I gasped, but somewhere deep inside me I felt it, too… a tingling… a growing feeling of excitement, knowing a friend of ours had seen my naked body. “What… did he say about them? He must think you’re married to a slut now!”

“On the contrary, my sexy wife. Do you want to know what he did?”

“Yes, of course I do,” I scowled, the tingling increasing in my pussy.

“He said he had to borrow them for a few minutes. Then he winked at me and said he had to take them to the men’s room and jerk off while he looked at them in there.”

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