My Wife My Life-7

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I gave a few condoms to Ramesh to keep in his pocket and we headed out, I met Vicky standing outside. He asked “do you want the room cleaned Madam”? I thought about the used condoms in the dustbin so said “yes please”.

Ramesh said “all the shopping we did is lying in the open”, I turned to Vicky and kissed him saying “I trust you will keep everything safe”. He said “yes Madam, don’t worry and leave it to me”.

We went to the restaurant and had a nice brunch along with beers. Ramesh asked “do you like beer so much”? I said “yes because that is all I have tried till now”. He said “tonight we will try whiskey and rum, see if you like that better”.

I said “fine on one condition that you will not get drunk causing embarrassment for both of us”. He promised and we went to the reception where we met Melvin the other manager.

Melvin greeted us saying John had told him everything about us. He was staring at me undressing me with his eyes. I wondered if John told him about the sex also. I told him to call David, he called him on his cell and as always David came quickly.

We got into the back seat, he asked “where do you want to go today”? Ramesh said “do you know of any good beauty parlours for ladies”? David said “yes, my friend runs one, I will take you there”.

Again he was staring at me thru his mirror and I smiled back at him. Since Ramesh knows everything so did not bother to hide my feelings. We reached the parlour and David dropped us outside.

He said “I will be waiting in the parking lot, come when you are done. I have already called my friend and told him about you”. We went inside and the guy at the reception said “you must be Mr & Mrs Ramesh”.

We said yes. He asked “what can I do for you”. Ramesh said uncomfortably “I want full body hair removal for my wife”. This guy’s name was Pratap, he said “no problem Sir it will be done, it will take two hours so I hope you have had your lunch”?

Ramesh said “yes”, he called a lady and gave her the instructions and she took me inside. He told Ramesh to wait here because men are not allowed in the women’s section.

Ramesh sat on the couch while I went inside. The lady took me to a room and asked me to remove all my clothes including underwear. She gave me a gown asking if this was my first time.

I said yes. She said “don’t worry madam, we will take good care of you”. I stripped completely and wore the gown which was covering nothing. She made me lie on the bed while two more assistants joined.

They applied some creams on my arms, underarm and legs. One of them opened my legs and said “madam your pussy is already clean”. I said “yes my husband cleaned it yesterday”.

She said “you are very lucky to have such a nice husband”, I said “yes I know”. They removed all my body hair and made me flip over and removed the hair again. My armpits were also cleaned, to conclude they massaged a cream on my entire body.

It was a very soothing massage and I almost fell asleep. The main lady came back and said “we are done madam, please stand up”. I did and she removed the gown I was wearing.

She said “look at yourself in this mirror and tell us how you feel”. I saw there was not a strand of hair on my body and my skin was glowing like never before. I said “I am very happy”, she told me to get dressed.

I put on my clothes and went to the entrance counter. Ramesh looked at me and said “you are looking very beautiful”. I blushed and thanked him because he was complimenting me in front of Pratap and the assistants.

Ramesh settled the bill and we stepped out, David was waiting and we got into the back seat. David said “Mr. Ramesh don’t you think madam is looking much more beautiful than before”?

Ramesh said “yes I fully agree”, David asked “where do you want to go next”? Ramesh said “the same mall where we went yesterday”. David took us there and we went inside with the bags.

I asked for Ana at the counter and they called her. I said “we want to exchange these unused clothes and shoes for different ones”. They examined everything and Ana told them to make note and took us inside.

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