Return gift to my hubby

It’s a nice morning with my hubby on weekend holiday as both have bath together and enjoyed physical love in our we both spent our day’s while having lunch together and rest but my mind is still on my return gift to my hubby Ankit.will my maid Zarina will be a nice gift for him ? or my hubby will be in anger on my choice of a maid ,as it’s 05:15 pm ,I am waiting for my maid and than my hubby Ankit have coffee together as he left home to meet his one I am alone in my home as I am sitting in dinning space ,after some time ,my maid Zarina walked inside as door is still she walked in kitchen to clean utensils ,I followed him and there ,I started taking with him…….

“Zarina ,have you any kids or not?
(Zarina)no ,my hubby have planned it after 4-5 years of marriage
(Rima)oh I see and when you got married?
(Zarina smiled)two years ago madam
(Rima)oh but your hubby is a guard ,his duty is of day or not
(Zarina)it’s on rotation as he is doing night duty now
(Rima)oh I want to ask you something , but reply me with yes or no only and no need to narrate it anywhere
(Zarina)ok madam
(Rima)I want you to be here for a night with me and my hubby
(Zarina bit surprised)but madam what’s it need
(Rima)you know what it means ,ok and reply me before leaving here.” As I walked out of kitchen and moving to my balcony ,I sit there on chair looking towards main gate of appartment.after completing her work ,Zarina walked to me and standing near me smiled…….”madam I know what you said me ,it’s an indecent act but I am ready
(Rima)oh nice ,sit here
(Zarina is sitting on floor like a maid)you have to complete your work in other house right now
(Zarina )yes ,have to live here tonight
(Rima)if you are ready for it
(Zarina)ok I will be back after an hour but madam one thing
(Rima)ok don’t be shy in sharing your emotions to me
(Zarina)madam ,you know I am a poor lady ,so if you will
(I put brake on his mouth)no need to think about it.”


As Zarina left my home ,I am still sitting in balcony and thinking about tonight physical love session.I have to please my hubby Ankit with my maid Zarina ,now I took my mobile as I called my hubby …….

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“while returning back to home ,have bottles of beer for us
(Ankit)oh means a night full of love is still waiting
(Rima smiled)yes and I will also gift you a surprise gift
(Ankit bit anxious)what’s it
(Rima laughed)you will see it ,come home after an hour or so.”

And I closed the door as I put everything on place before moving inside washroom with my towel and putting my dress for night on bed.I am bit confused about the way I have to put surprise gift on my hubby’s table,as I removed my dress and started having bath ,rubbing my whole body with a body shampoo.later on ,I walked nudely to my bedroom as I put towel on my body to rub it’s wetness.while standing nude infront of a large mirror ,I put my one leg on bed to see my vagina ,looked my sexy boobs with long aerola on it ,lastly put a gawn on my body .it’s light yellow in colour with transparent looks on it top chest portion and near my vaginal parts ,have been made for a lady like me ,who wants to incite her hubby or lovemates.It’s 08:10 pm as my door bell started ringing and walked to it as I can see through hole ,my maid Zarina is there and I opened the door as she walked inside with a small carry bag.looking at me ,she smiled……..

“madam you are looking so sexy
(Rima)go and have bath as my hubby is coming soon
(Zarina)oh means we both have to enjoy with him or anyone else also
(Rima)only my hubby.”

And she started removing her salwar sameez infront of me ,as she is wearing a full panty and brassiere to cover her sexual she walked to dinning space’s attached washroom as I can see some clothes in her carry bag ,it’s a red colour night gawn with a packet of condom also.Is Zarina is in flesh trade?or have put it for making safe sex with my hubby.after a while ,my hubby entered inside and he walked straight to bedroom after removing his I closed the door as I walked to him and he put a carry bag on table ,said……..

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“Rima,what’s your gift for me
(Rima)wait for sometime to see it.”

As my hubby moved inside washroom for refreshment ,I walked to dinning space as I can see Zarina waking nudely towards dinning space and I moved fast to hold her bag and than took her to our guests room.Zarina is a 23-24 years married lady as her lovely boobs are shining ,her nude thighs are too smooth as I can see her round dome shaped ass I ask her……

“put your dress or be nude and sleep on bed
(Zarina)madam trust me I have never been with other guys ,so I am bit afraid and shy
(Rima)oh try to be cool Zarina.”

And I moved to my bedroom to see my hubby lying on bed as he is in his Bermuda and vest only.later on ,we both walked to dinning space as my hubby is sitting on sofa and I arranged glasses to put it on I can see Ankit pouring beer in glasses as third glass is on table and as Ankit took his glass ,he asked…….

“invite your love buddy for drinks
(Rima)no Ankit ,have drink first and than I will take you to your gift.”

As we both are drinking beer ,Ankit is anxious to know about his gift as silence in our house is making him suspicious of my gift available or we both have our drinks ,I took a black hanky and now put it on my hubby’s eyes as I tied it to make him blind for a I said……

“my hubby stand up and than move as I will take you to your gift .”

And he stand as I hold his wrist ,now guiding him the direction as we both are in our guest I asked…….

“Ankit ,now put your legs on bed and sit on it ” as my hubby is on bed ,I am sitting near him and I can see Zarina lying on bed while wearing a gawn.
We three are on bed as Ankit is sitting blindfolded,now I hold his wrist and took his hand on zarena’s boobs .as he got the soft touch of boobs ,he pressed it hard …….

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“Rima now open the hanky ,I want to see
(Rima)so curious Ankit ,look it ” and I removed his hanky as he got the look of maid Zarina ,he smiled……..

“oohh no zareena is here ,really I have seen her clevage too many times
(Zarina)oh sir ,it’s an nice meet for us.”

And Ankit is pressing her breast hard as Zarina wake up on bed,my hubby Ankit is sitting infront of two ladies.a 26 years old wife and a 23 years old maid ,as we both are in drunkun State ,we walked to dinning space with Zarina.we two lady are in gawn as our sexual organs are visible in transparent gawn.while sitting together ,we three started drinking beer and I am making my hubby horny as my lips are kissing his face to Zarina have their drinks ,I can see my hubby Ankit holding his lashes of gawn as he opened it and Zarina put her gawn her sexy body is nude as Ankit is removing her gawn and I put my hand on hubby’s Bermuda as I pulled it down to hubby Ankit is in between us as Zarina is nude ,I can see Ankit kissing her face to lips and I have made my hubby’s penis nude as I hold it tightly to masturbate.later on ,Ankit have hold Zarina as he is sucking her lips and I am masturbating my hubby’s cock slowly.It’s a long night affair as I can see Zarina pushing her tongue in my hubby’s mouth and Ankit is sucking her tongue as he hold her tightly in his arms ,her both boobs are pressing hard on my hubby’s chest as I can see Ankit moving his hand on zarena’s body and now ,I am on my hubby’s legs as I hold his cock to kiss.ankit left her tongue as I started sucking his glans and Zarina knelt on sofa as she put her breast in my hubby’s mouth……..

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