Mom dreamed of going on a cruise all her life

Mom dreamed of going on a cruise all her life

I woke with a large cock between my ass cheeks. I could hear groggy, sleepy moans being breathed into the back of my neck as he slowly ground in between my cheeks. He had his strong arm under my neck reaching around me and his hand softly cupping my left breast. His other hand around my waist reaching over my pelvis and gently holding me against his cock.

“Roy.” I breathed out. His grinding strengthened as he continued to press into my ass crack. “Roy.” I said again, yet still not any louder than a whisper. This time I heard a moan of sleepy pleasure and felt that his finger and thumb had found my nipple which was just as hard as his cock.

I felt wetness between my legs, as pleasure began to build in me. I wished, only for a moment, that he would rip this flannel night gown and panties off me and just take me, fill me with that dick that was teasing me between my ass cheeks. I wanted to yell out… “JUST DO IT”… as an unexpected moan of pleasure left my lips. I knew it was too loud because I felt his body stiffen and his soft groggy moans of pleasure stop. The grinding in my ass cheeks stopped as well. “DAMMIT”, I said to myself as he slowly backed his cock out of my ass cheeks. “Roy?” I whispered again very softly. This time he answered me. “Mom? I’m sorry, I was asleep.”

Chapter one: Honeymoon surprise

One week earlier.

I was so excited. Our twentieth anniversary was in three weeks and I wanted so much to surprise my husband, Eric, with a seven-day cruise. It took five years for me to save for it. I had to be careful though. My husband is a tightwad. Really, the lessons I learned from him allowed me to save for the cruise. I was on pins and needles with excitement. I had already purchased the tickets and made a $2000 prepaid ship expense deposit. I had to do it with no help from my husband.

I had asked him several times to take me on a cruise with him. He always had excuses and refused. I found out later the reason why.

I paid extra for several things because I wanted it to be our second honeymoon as well as our anniversary cruise.

Each day that passed brought me nearer to my surprise. Our son Roy was the only person I let in on the secret. He helped me hide it from Eric until, finally, the big day arrived. I made a marvelous meal for just Eric and myself. I wanted to start the honeymoon immediately, seven days before we cast off.

Everything was perfect. Roy helped me cook dinner and I used the best china and the finest linen napkins.

I was dressed in one of my sexier dresses with stockings and four-inch heels. I had my hair done earlier in the day and, when I looked in the mirror, I asked myself if this was really me.

Roy came in behind me while I was looking at what I had transformed myself into. “Mom… If dad doesn’t rip that thing off you and take you the second he sees you, then he is either gay or dead…”

My son’s compliment sent shudders down my body. I turned and smiled at him and said, “Thank you son.” I hugged him. “Thank you for being here and helping me with this.”

“You are so welcome mom. I loved doing it.” He hugged me really tight.

“Eric should be here any time. He said that he had something he needed to tell me today, so he won’t be late like he normally is. I am so excited!!”

I looked at all I had done for this night to be so perfect. I was going to meet him at the door in the dress, I was going to lead him to the table where the dinner, complete with his favorite meal and dessert, was all ready to be eaten. I had the cruise tickets on his plate for the first surprise.

Roy was dressed in a nice suit and was prepared to be our waiter, though he was going to eat with us. I could never eat a fine meal while my son watched, without him enjoying it too.

Roy had to keep calming me down as my excitement started to get the better of me more than once.

Finally, the front door opened and in walked the second most handsome man I had ever seen. I smiled at him as humbly as I could, and was about to say something, but he spoke first.

“Anna… I need to make this as quick as I can.”

His tone was something I had rarely heard from him; it bordered on anger. I could see determination in his body language.

“Eric”, I called to him, but he ignored me and continued to look through me. Finally the door opened again and in walked a woman who I recognized as his secretary. She took his arm and pressed herself to him.

Oh no… shit… No… not this… not now…

I watched Roy, our son, jump to my defense. He kicked the whore secretary out of the house and got right in his dad’s face for bringing her. Then, and I couldn’t believe he was able to do it but, he shoved Eric out of the house too.

After all the ruckus, Roy came to me, picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. He put me on my bed and then he laid with me, holding me and letting me cry onto his shoulder for hours.

I woke with him still holding me. He had a death grip on me that made me feel like I was in heaven. “Eric may want someone else, but my son wants me”, I thought to myself. I couldn’t describe how much better that made me feel.

I managed to get out of bed, and I was going to clean the table of the huge mistake I had made last night. I started to shed tears again as I saw that the meal I had prepared for my soon to be ex-husband had already been cleaned up. There was no sign of it in the refrigerator either and the trash had been taken out.

Chapter two: Honeymoon cruise alternative

My son had cleaned up my mistake with one exception. The tickets for the cruise were still on the table. I stared at them for a long time before I heard my son’s voice softly saying, “We will go together, you and me. We don’t need him.”

I almost laughed at the thought. I am glad I held back, for when I turned to my son, his look convinced me that he was right.

He pulled out a chair for me to sit and kissed my cheek, softly but quickly, and told me he would have breakfast ready in a jiff. “After that I will fill you in with my plan…”

I looked at him and thought for a moment. I could go on the cruise with my son. Fuck Eric and anyone else that might want to say something. I was going to have the best time of my life and I wouldn’t let that son of a bitch ruin it for me. I had wanted to go on a cruise all my life, and by god I would. Even if it was with my son.

Roy did his homework. He told me that, because we would be going on a honeymoon cruise, I wasn’t going to get my money back for anything in the world. We have to go as a couple.

He told me to practice calling him Roy and he would call me nothing but Anna. He said that we had to start acting like a couple too. We would need to start holding hands and putting our arms around each other. That I would need to practice sitting with him as my lover not my son, and that I needed to practice smiling too.

“Why are you doing all this son… Roy?” I asked.

“Mom… Anna, you have wanted to go on a cruise for as long as I have been here. I want you to go. This is paid for and, unless you have a boyfriend around that we don’t know about, I am your best choice.” He smiled at me and said, “Let me restate that… It would be my privilege and honor to escort you on this cruise. You know maybe I am being greedy, but I want to give you this.”

I couldn’t help it; I loved my son even more now. “OH. Shit son… Roy, there is something you might like to know. Ahhh … well…”

“What is it mom… Anna? Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought.”

We both laughed then I finally got out, “Roy, well you see, I paid for the captain to remarry me and your dad during the cruise.”

“Anna, the law that allows captains to marry people has pretty much been abolished. Nowadays they just preside over a pleasant, yet fake, ceremony. It is just something to do, and say you did, and I would be fine marrying you anyway. Anna…”

We both smiled at the way he said “Anna”.

“So, you won’t be embarrassed at marrying, dating and hanging onto your old mom for a whole week?” I asked.

“Hell no… it would be a privilege to be with you. I will be the envy of everyone on the ship.”

I went to him and gave him a big thank you kiss that would have offended a lot of the self-righteous hypocrites that I would normally avoid at all costs. But they didn’t know what this young man was going to do for me. Roy was going to help me to fulfill my dream, my dream of sailing the seas on a cruise ship. So, I kissed him again.

We practiced being a couple a lot. He was wonderful at remembering to call me “Anna”, and I got pretty good at not calling him son. And when I forgot, I would make it sound like “Sonny Roy”.

At the house, I had the locks changed and had three security cameras installed as well. A security firm would monitor the cameras while we were on the cruise.

Eric had filed for divorce and, after reading the divorce documents, I signed and returned them to the court without complaint. The settlement proposed that I would keep the house and our savings. Eric, I am sure, cheated us out of several thousand dollars, however I was just glad that it was over.

Chapter three: Cruise date arrives

The day of the cruise departure eventually arrived. Finally we boarded our ship and I could feel tears in my eyes as I walked up the gangplank holding my date’s arm. I pulled him to me and held him tight.

We were at one of the landings, just looking around, when one of the other passengers said. “Is this your honeymoon? You look like a wonderful couple.” I was suddenly tongue tied and couldn’t think of anything to say when Roy spoke up. “This is my fiancé”, he said in a pride filled voice. “We are to be married on the ship. When is our wedding Anna???”

I was speechless. First, I was living a dream of the cruise that I had wanted for so long, second, my son just rescued me, third we were getting married????

“Oh… Oh… Ohhh… I think it is tomorrow. Noon at the… Shoot I am glad I wrote it down.” I flustered.

“Now that is one nervous bride, isn’t she?” observed Joy, the female of the couple with whom we were chatting. “Well, let us know if you need any witnesses”, said the smiling gentleman. “We are here for our second honeymoon. Hope we have as much fun as you will.”

Then Joy came to me and softly whispered, “He is a good-looking young man. If he is too much for you give me a call. Bill poops out pretty fast these days.”

My cheeks flamed red, but her smile and giggle suddenly broke through my embarrassment and I started to laugh. Roy put his arms around me and laughed with us as well.

We found our stateroom and the first thing I noticed was that it only had one bed. The second thing I noticed was that it wasn’t even a queen bed. It was a double bed. “OHHHH shit”, I thought to myself as I felt Roy wrap his arms around me from behind. “We will be ok mom… Anna. We can do this.” He held me firmly.

As he held me, I admitted to myself for the first time ever, that he didn’t understand how I felt about him. A week ago, I couldn’t have slept with him, I couldn’t have married him, I couldn’t even have had a wedding night with him.

But now, something had changed. I felt something in me that I hadn’t felt since maybe three years after Eric and I were married. And I felt it with my son.

Chapter four: Honeymoon Surprise Wedding


I wanted to kill the son-of-a-bitch. Dammit. I wanted him dead. And I wanted to mop up his blood with his girlfriend’s hair. How dare he hurt my mother like he did!! After I threw him and his whore out the front door of our home, I told him flat out that he would not ever be able to walk again if he showed up at the house when me or mom were around. Then I told him I would hunt him down if he took something that didn’t belong to him out of the house.

After I said that he went to hit me, but I stopped his hand, grabbed him by the throat and softly explained, “Dad, you blew it. I am going to take care of mom now and if you want to mix it up with me, trust me, I fight dirty and you will have several broken bones.”

His fight suddenly left him. He had been paying for me to go to kickboxing classes for the last twelve years. The last twelve months I had been undefeated after ten fights before I quit. It just wasn’t for me. My Dad left after that without another word.

I knew my mom better than anyone knew her. She was my mom, after all. I knew what this cruise meant to her; it was her lifelong dream. I held my mom most of the night. It was after three in the morning before she fell asleep. I cleaned the dining room and kitchen. I took all the food out to the trash cans. I knew if she had seen it then she would start to cry again.

After I had everything cleaned up, I went back upstairs and cuddled my mom again. I put my arms around her to hold her. I wanted her to know that I had her back, and that I would be there for her always.

As I started to drift off to sleep, a plan started to form in my mind, and I knew that I wanted to go on the cruise with my mom. Yea. I could do that. I squeezed my mom tighter as I faded off to sleep.

The week before the cruise went surprisingly fast. Each day I could see mom’s excitement and appreciation of what I was doing for her.

Finally, we walked aboard the ship and I felt like a king as my mom had my arm. Several people looked at us and smiled. Several men, both young and old, ogled my fiancé-mom. I felt so proud walking with her.

Right away we met a couple who were on their second honeymoon and had been married for five years. I shook his hand and congratulated her. They both congratulated me and my fiancé for our betrothal.

They offered to be witnesses to our wedding. It was then that another idea came to me. It was Monday and the wedding was to be on Wednesday, which gave me just enough time to get everything ready for mom’s special day.

At exactly midnight Wednesday morning, the wedding organizers ‘kidnapped’ mom. A groom is not supposed to see the bride before the wedding. I knew where they were taking her and the other brides, but mom, well she was going to get something special.

I waited in the stateroom for a while, then I did a little shopping at the ship’s store. I had until 11:00am before I would be expected at the altar. To tell the truth I was looking forward to the ceremony. I hadn’t seen my mom in her wedding dress yet, but I knew she was going to be beautiful. I made extra arrangements for her to have a complete makeover, and I told them not to be too heavy on the makeup because my fiancé was already beautiful and didn’t need any. Ashly, the hairdresser, promised that she would make her more beautiful. I told her that that would be the easiest job she ever performed. I got a few “Ahhhhs…” from the women around, but they had never seen my mom-fiancé…

I ate breakfast in the buffet and drank decaf coffee. From there I went to the ship’s gift shop and found a really nice suit and a new pair of loafers. I didn’t like the loafers, I am a cowboy and I prefer boots, but they had none. I paid for my purchases with my dad’s credit card. He gave it to me after I threatened him with physical violence if he didn’t pay for at least part of the cruise, as he had ruined it so completely for her.

Then, as I waited for my mom’s big moment, I did nothing but pray that I could make it special for her.

Chapter five: Special Days for Mom


I was so excited when they ‘kidnapped’ me. I guess they were making sure that my groom didn’t see me before the wedding. They took me to the front of the ship, and I was given a place to sleep. They ‘kidnapped’ me with a robe, and they let me bring my dress but no makeup. They wouldn’t even let me bring my brushes. I took my ‘Louboutin’s that I had bought just for this occasion. I forgot my stockings, but they had some in stock at the ship’s store.

I slept until almost nine in the morning.

I couldn’t believe that I was so nervous, just having a fake wedding, but I was.

The other brides were just as nervous.

I kept smiling and giggling to myself that I was marrying my son. The situation was so weird.

Then the surprises started showing up. First, Roy sent a bouquet of flowers for me to carry. Then, he had me presented with a necklace, that his grandmother had given him, for me to carry. The note said, “Something borrowed”.

Another delivery arrived with a note that said, “Something new”. It was a beautiful gold chain with a two-carat ruby pendant.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, a further delivery arrived with a note that said, “Something old”. It was an antique broach that I had seen at a jewelry store and fallen in love with. It was so ridiculously expensive, that I knew I could never have it, but now it was mine. I felt the tears start to flow. I was so happy.

Then, as if someone knew me better than I knew myself, a final delivery man tapped me on the shoulder and presented me with a blue handkerchief. The note read, “We mustn’t forget “something blue”… I love you mom… Anna…”

I both laughed and cried at my son’s attempt at humor, and at the way he was wooing me. I felt like I was on top of the world.

I loved it. My cheeks glowed and my smile lit up the room. But the surprises weren’t over yet.

I was taken to the ship’s beauty salon. There a woman, named Ashly, told me that she had orders to make me beautiful. I laughed and said, “That will take some work.”

“That’s not what your fiancé said.”

I looked at her closely.

“I told him that I would make you beautiful”, Ashly continued, “And your fiancé said, “That will be the easiest job you ever undertook; she is already beautiful.””

I stared at her for a long moment. Finally I said, “He did not.”

“Yes, he did”, all four of the stylists said, in unison with two of the other brides. I was dumbstruck.

“He also gave me orders not to use too much makeup… he said you didn’t need it.”

I felt tears drip from my eyes. Eric never would have said anything like this to me, ever.

“OK, let’s get the waterproof mascara for this one”, Ashly teased, as she wiped a tear from my cheek.

It was like there was a whirlwind picking me up and placing me here and there. It was nothing like when I married Eric. Here everything was so pleasant and unexpected. I couldn’t believe it. I had never been so happy and moved. How on earth was I going to pay Roy back for what he had given me this day?

I was sitting with the other brides in a small room. Drinks and snacks were provided for us, but no alcohol. They wouldn’t let us get drunk first. As I sat chatting with the other four brides, we seemed to be getting along really well. With the deliveries and the comments Roy made to the stylists, I was definitely the envy of them all.

One of the brides was Roy’s age, and I tried to imagine him with her, but unexpectedly became extremely jealous as I thought of her touching MY fiancé. I couldn’t believe it.

Finally, they called us to the ship’s chapel, one at a time, each bride walking down the aisle to the traditional ‘wedding march.’ Their future husband was waiting with the captain and each couple was given a quick ceremony. Each couple then walked arm-in-arm back down the aisle. We all smiled and said our congratulations as they passed.

I was the fifth bride in line and, when they called my name, I had yet another surprise.

“Mrs. Brown?” asked the man from the couple that we first met. I looked at him.

“Your fiancé asked me to walk you down the aisle, if you would like.”

I had felt my knees almost give way when they called me and, again, my son knew me better than I knew myself. Roy had asked this man to look after me, and I gratefully took his arm.

“Thank you”, I muttered very quietly.

I entered the chapel and looked up at the most handsome man I had ever seen. My, he was so handsome, strong, smart, caring and romantic. I needed him.

“Shit, did I just say that I needed my son?” I smiled to myself. “Yes, I did, because, yes, I do.”

I made it to the altar and Roy held out his hand. I nervously took my place beside him, and we stood and took our ‘fake wedding’ vows. The captain performed the same ceremony as he did for the other couples and we said our fake “I do’s”.

I was very nervous wondering just how my son was going to kiss me. I was determined to let him do it any way he wanted. When the captain said, “You may kiss the bride”, Roy turned to me, reached for the back of my neck, brought me to him, and placed his lips on mine. He rolled his tongue over my lips and I parted them, allowing him to taste my tongue. I felt my whole world shift then, as I was now ‘fake married’ to my son. But it didn’t feel fake, it felt real. We then turned back to the captain and he concluded with, “Let me introduce Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown.”

We exited the chapel and proceeded to the reception that the ship had arranged.

We partied and ate a nice brunch, then we went to one of the lounges and danced. Roy would not let me dance with anyone but him. He kept me on the dance floor for almost every song, only giving me short breaks for refreshments.

I was having such a terrific time that I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. We finally went to the galley for dinner. I didn’t want to leave the lounge, as I wanted to show off my wedding dress and the suit that Roy was wearing.

We sat with the couple who we first met. Joy was all smiles. Bill as it turned out was a human rights attorney.

“Well, we won’t need an attorney if our marriage doesn’t work out, being that it is a ‘fake wedding’…”, I sang out after Bill announced he was a lawyer.

“Who told you that it was fake?” Bill asked.

“Isn’t it?” I asked with growing concern. Roy was sitting with his smile slowly fading.

“All the states in the nation recognize international weddings. There are a few states that will require a blood test, but you can do that post-wedding. They will send you a letter if they require the test. Nowadays the ship’s captain marries a lot of people. How much notice did you give before the cruise?”

“Just a week”, I answered with dread creeping further and further up my spine.

“Oh, that’s great, then the cruise company will have applied for your wedding license. They can do that with your passport.”

I had no words. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually married to my son…

Chapter six: The Wedding Night

After dinner, Roy helped me to our room. He had a mischievous grin on his face the whole way.

I had had the best day of my life.

Roy had made it perfect. All day long he thought of nothing but me. We could get divorced when we got home. It was a mistake and I was sure that I could convince the authorities to see it that way.

I sat on the bed and Roy sat on the chair facing me.

“Mom, I just…”

“No, Roy. It is ok. You didn’t create this, we did, and we will get through it. However, Roy, there is something I have to tell you…”

Roy looked at me as if I was going to scold him. But instead, I got up off the bed, went to him, sat in his lap and kissed him. I kissed him with a closed mouth, but I held my lips to his until it started to feel like I wanted more. Then I backed off and said, “Thank you, Roy, thank you for what has to have been the best day of my life. Thank you for everything. For the flowers, for the broach, the necklaces and, mostly, the hanky. You had to put a lot of time and thought into today, and I love you for it. Thank you, it has been the best day of my life.”

Roy looked at me, and his eyes started to shine. “Mom, I wanted to give you something special. you deserve it and more. You have always been my mom and my friend, not to mention my role model. You are the person I look to when I need direction. I don’t know what I would be if you weren’t there for me. I wanted to be there for you. I am glad I was able to give you a great day. I love you mom … Anna.” Then he smiled.

What could I do? I kissed him again, and held him with all I had.

“Anna, I am going to grab a shower. From there I think I am going to hit the hay”, he smiled at me.

I smiled back and told him, “Sounds good, Roy. I will follow you.”

The shower in the stateroom was small and you had to strip before you could get into it. As Roy stripped, I looked at him in a different light. “Dammit he is a good-looking sexy young man”, I thought.

After he got into the shower, I stripped down all the way and waited for him to emerge. As he came out naked himself, I tried not to notice his large cock hanging down. He took one look at my naked body and his cock jumped up and almost slapped his belly. I had to cover the smile I had on my face, as I knew that I had caused his erection. I kept looking down and, after he walked out of the shower, I got in, then I let my smile and excitement go.

I showered quickly and, just like Roy, I got out before drying myself. There just wasn’t enough room in the shower to do it. I watched Roy as he desperately tried not to stare at my nakedness. I got dressed more slowly than usual, but tried not to look like I was taking my time. I turned around, hoping that he would stare at my ass and legs.

I put on a flannel night gown, which was the only nightwear that I had brought, not thinking that I would need anything else. I was sleeping with my son, after all, and the wedding was supposed to be fake.

Roy had his boxers on pretending to watch television, but I could tell that he kept sneaking glances at me. I finally made it to bed, rolled over and kissed him one more time.

“Good night Roy”, I said.

“Good night… ahh… Anna…”, he returned.

I tried to fall asleep. It had been a wonderful day, full of great things, and I loved it. Tomorrow the ship would dock in Cozumel, Mexico and I looked forward to finding something special for Roy. I listened to him breathe and, as I did, I noticed his breathing change and I knew he was asleep.

Just as I started to doze off, he rolled over and I could feel his hard member softly pressed against my ass. He had his arm under my neck and his hand gently cupped my left breast. I suddenly felt wetness and thrills from my pussy as I realized how erotic this was to me. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I really wanted him.

I could feel him slowly moving his cock against me, and then it slipped between my ass cheeks. I squeezed them together and felt his response, as he ground his cock into my crack with a small moan.

“Roy?” I whispered. In his sleep, he continued to grind into me. “Roy?” I whispered again. I felt him gently pulling me to him, and I let out an unexpectedly large moan. Instantly, I felt him stop. “Dammit,” I thought to myself. I wanted him to take me. I wanted him to rip off my nightgown and panties and take what was now his. As I thought all this, he softly answered me, “Mom, I am sorry, I was asleep.”

“My name to you is Anna, Roy. Do not call me anything but Anna in our bed. I am your wife in our bed, only your wife.” I said it quietly, hopefully, and nervously. I held very still hoping he would continue. He would have to make his choice; I had already made my choice. Now Roy had to decide if he wanted me to be his lover, as well as his mother.

Chapter seven: Choices made


After the way dad treated my mom, I made him give me his credit card and promise to pay all the expenses for the cruise.

I discovered that he had gotten his secretary pregnant, and that was why she was there that day. I had a lot of leverage then. I took my dad’s credit card and bought an antique broach that my mom had admired for a long time. It was a special piece we had found, and I thought it would be perfect for the fake wedding. The same jewelry store sold me a very nice gold chain with a two-carat ruby pendant.

A few years back, my maternal grandma had given me an old necklace. Mom knew how much it meant to me, so I only let her borrow it. She needed something borrowed, after all. I also had a set of nice blue handkerchiefs. Something blue. A generous tip made to a member of the ship’s crew, and they were happy to handle the special deliveries to my mom.

I hoped so much that I had done the right thing. Finally I had Bill, the man I met when we first got on board, walk my mom down the aisle since I thought that mom might be a bit nervous, even though it was a ‘fake wedding’. I thought that she would think of nothing but dad, so I wanted to have someone hold her hand.

From the first second that I saw mom, I knew she had been having a great day. Her eyes, when they met mine, glistened with joy. I watched her walk slowly down the aisle, Bill letting her set the pace. “Damn she is beautiful”, was my first thought. “I wish this wasn’t fake”, was my second thought.

I wondered why I would think this, but not for long. As she made her way to me, I held out my hand and she took it. I could feel her shaking as I brought her to me. I smiled and turned to the ship’s captain.

I can’t recall what we said at the altar, or the words the captain used, but we said our “I do’s” and we walked back down the aisle to the announcement, “May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown.”

I was a proud man walking with this beautiful woman. She was exactly the type of woman that I wanted to marry.

We went to the reception and I danced every dance with her. I didn’t want to share her with anyone. She was mine tonight. She looked so beautiful in her wedding gown. So hot. Damn it, I was not supposed to have those thoughts. She was my mother for god’s sake.

We had some drinks, danced, and ate a great dinner with Bill and his wife Joy. We were having a great time. Bill told us that he was a human rights attorney. That’s when things changed. Mom said, “We won’t need a divorce lawyer as the wedding was fake.” He told both of us that it wasn’t fake and that we were indeed man and wife.

I about had a bowel movement.

We made our way back to the stateroom. “I need a shower”, I told my mom. She nodded and I began to strip. I had to strip outside the bathroom as there just wasn’t enough space inside. I took everything off and noticed that mom was staring at my body. I took a long hot shower.

When I got out, I grabbed a towel and opened the bathroom door. Mom was right there, naked as the day she was born. I had a struggle to keep my eyes from wandering over her body. She smiled at me and said, “My turn?” I nodded my head and she stepped into the shower.

It had been a long day, and we’d had a great time.

I laid in bed and, almost instantly, started to fall asleep.

I awoke spooning my mom, with my right arm around her neck and my left hand over her pelvis, subconsciously pressing her into me. My right hand was cupping my mom’s left breast. But that wasn’t what worried me most. My dick was as hard as a rock and between my mom’s ass cheeks. My first reaction was to press into her harder with my cock, using my left hand to increase the sensation. As I started doing that, I realized it was my mom I was grinding on.

“Roy?” my mom whispered.

“Mom? I am sorry I was asleep”, I said worriedly, trying to justify feeling her up and grinding on her.

“My name to you is Anna, Roy. Do not call me anything but Anna in our bed. I am your wife in our bed, only your wife.”

I heard her, but did I really hear her? Was she offering herself to me? Did she want me? What should I do? I wanted to ask, wanted to look into her eyes, but the room was dark. Only the light of the muted television illuminated the room. I needed to know if my mom wanted me sexually. I knew I wanted her, boy did I know.

I moved away a little so that I could roll her onto her back. I hovered over her and lowered my lips to her soft lips and began to kiss her. I moved my tongue over her lips, which she opened and I began to plunder her mouth with my tongue. Then our tongues began to dance a sonnet of love and lust with each other that only mom and I could understand. It was with that kiss that I knew my mom wanted me.

I removed her flannel night gown and held it out to her. “Anna, if we go any further with this, I am going to tear this to shreds and burn it.” After sleeping for two nights with her wearing that nightgown, I had decided that I really didn’t like it. We would buy something better in Mexico tomorrow.

Anna giggled, then she said, “Ok Roy, I will let you pick something out for me to wear to our bed. But it better be comfortable.”

I smiled like the grinch that stole Christmas, “Definitely comfortable.”

I lowered myself onto her and began to kiss her some more. I caressed her body with my left hand as I continued to assault her lips with mine. She responded to every touch, every kiss, every sensation I give her. I lowered my head and begin to suckle her nipples that were perfect to me. Her moans filled the cabin and I hoped the sound insulation was effective. I finally moved my hand to her pussy and touched her. Her moan became a gasp of excitement. As I started to rub her very wet clit with my fingers, she suddenly grabbed me and moaned from her first orgasm of the night.

Hearing her first orgasm, I knew I wanted her to have more. I moved my mouth from her nipples, over her stomach to her pussy. I spread her legs apart and began to eat her pussy.

She began to have one orgasm after another, each one stronger than the one before. Finally, she pulled me from her most private place to stop the onslaught of orgasms.

After a few moments, she said breathlessly, “It’s your turn Roy.”

I moved around, got between her legs, and adjusted her to receive me. I wanted to make love to my mother, my wife.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I would remember my mom’s answer for the rest of my life, “Don’t ever ask me that again, Roy, take what is yours don’t ask. take…”

So I did. I put my cock head to her pussy and pressed myself into her. She felt like silk on my cock as it slid into her right up to her cervix. Mom’s eyes opened wide as I impaled her so completely. I wasted no time before I started to fuck in and out of her wet velvety tunnel. Stroking in and out of the same hole that I came out of was surreal. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I felt myself wanting to cum in her so badly, but I wanted her to have at least two or three orgasms before I would allow it.

As my pelvis crashed into her with each stroke, my mom called out “ROY, ROY, oh god ROY.”

I knew she had come a couple of times, so when the urge came again for me to cum in her, I let go. “AAAWWWAWAAA”, I grunted as I emptied my balls into my mother’s wet tight pussy. The fact that I had just come in the same hole that I came out of at birth was a paradox that excited me beyond anything I had ever felt before.

It took several moments before we both settled down enough to speak.

“Roy… where did you learn to do that???”

I had to smile, in fact, I almost laughed. “Anna, I don’t know. I think you just brought it out of me.”

She giggled as she held me. “I would like to think that, but I know better.”

“Anna. I have only been with two women. One time with Denise, and two times with Tammie. That is the only experience I have had with sex.”

“Roy, I assure you that you won’t be able to say that again by the end of this cruise.” She turned to look at me, “Roy, I am your wife now, and you can have me any time you want…”

“Wow”, I thought, “I have just died and gone to heaven”.

“Like right now?” I asked with a hopeful smile on my lips. Mom nodded and said, “Anytime.”

So I kissed her again, hard and passionately. We didn’t get a lot of sleep that night and missed getting off the ship in Cozumel, Mexico. But I found something nice in the ship’s store for mom to wear to our bed from then on.


Let me know if you want more of this. Leave a comment.

Thank you for reading.

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