I kinda fucked my grandmother on her sleep

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Long story short, all my life we always tease each other we are two very sexual persons and when i was a kid i used to grab her by her tits and ass when we slept togheter and she would love it. I never thought i would sleep in the same bed as her again in my life, but my grandfather is becoming more and more sick, so he spends more and more time at the hospital, like days and weeks!

So hes now in there for almost 2 weeks, and yesterday my grandmither asked me to sleep with her because she was feeling lonely and sad, and she cant even sleep right, because shes used to having company. i couldnt say no, so i said yes, but only if she doesn’t tell nobody. she agreed because she also didn’t wanted nobody to know, she said it would be our secret and i agreed. So when i got there, i enter the room and i see her in spoon position with only a short and thin white dress and she was almost blacking out so i was like, what the fuck did i came here for? she almost sleeping, but yeah i kept my word, i joined her , changed the channel of the tv and just thougt,to myself, fuck it, i got some joints, ill be watching tv, and smoke on the balcony until the sun rise..but then, as soon as i changed the channel, she asked me to get closer so that i could cuddle with her, and at first i was kinda in denial with myself, but doin it at the same time because of her.. i just needed her to fall asleep and then i can just watch tv and shit. but as soon as we cuddle, she starts to comfort her ass and legs in my legs and logically my dick area when at the same exact time shes holdin my hand super close to her tit, i could feel it.. at this time im getting flashbacks of the sex desires that i had of her when i was a teen while at the same time thinkin WTF?!

I played cool , she eventually falled asleep in 20 minutes while i was trying to cancel my boner the whole time… but it was too late, i was hard as fuck so i started holdin and squizzin her boobs gently, she was heavy sleeping but i still had to be careful! i then felt her boobs from inside her dress, then i started to feel her legs and her ass, her asshole, then i started playing with her pussy slowly with my fingers, it didnt took me long to play her pussy with my dick and finally put the head of my dick fully inside her, just the head!..i cant describe the feeling, it was so fucking good, the feeling of taboo and the fact that she couldn t wake up, just made me so fucking horny that i lost my self, i started fuckin her with a slow but passionate rhythm, with only the head of my dick in her, while holding her soft tits, it was paradise!!!she made some noises, i dont know if she was dreaming but her eyes were always closed and she was always perfectly still, so i ignored it and i kept going until i came a huge load inside her! i really mean huge!!! maybe it was the factors of it, but it was one the best orgasms i ever had, it was so intense that my dick was almost fully inside her when i was cumming!! after i came i was instantly thinkin of how dumb i was by not pullin out, i was freakin out but i though shit, if she didn’t notice that, maybe she wont even notice my cum and shower it way i mean shes 75 so i was putting a lot of faith on that tought!! i stil dont know how she didnt woke up when i came on her, and better then that, its the fact that she didnt said nothing to me this morning. she just thanked me for staying with her and talked about normal shit while breakfast! after i leaved and ive been paranoid since i left because i dont know if she knows or doesn’t.. what should i do? and what do u think of it?

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