Marrying my MIL Continuation

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Continuation ……. Marrying my MIL
When she pulled her saree up to her knee her beautiful thighs could be seen since she was sitting on top and I was sitting down. I applied the ointment on her knee and started to massage then when I was seeing her face there was so much satisfaction. Then she said to apply little coconut oil on her thighs and massage them. I refused but, she gave a stern look and asked me to massage. I listened to her and applied coconut oil and started to massage them she was in ecstasy. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage. I too while massaging touched her hairy cunt. Then she said to apply ointment on her hips and i applied it on her hips. She had a long stretch mark on her hips and also had stretch marks on her tummy. She had sexy tummy folds.

I started to massage and she turned over and told me apply coconut oil on her tummy and massage her. I obeyed her and started to massage her tummy. She slowly removed her pallu and she unbuttoned her blouse and asked me to massage her huge boobs. I did and my cock was throbbing in my underwear. I wanted to remove my cock and touch her body with it. But, I refrained myself.

This happened for few days till she was healed. Then one day my MIL messaged me on whatsapp. She started to chat with me and she started to enquire how I felt when I massaged her body. I. in full josh that she had a sexy body and felt very horny when I massaged her body. I told her to remove the hair from her private parts, underarms, hands and legs she would look even sexy.

Then she used to chat dirty (talk about sex) and she started to send sexy pictures of herself. Sometimes nude and seminude. She used to ask me to comment on her body. I used to be very happy to comment on her body.

Whenever I used to go along with my wife to my MIL’s house she used to dress very sexily she used to wear transparent way below the navel and deep neck blouses. Since I had asked her dress sexily she used to dress very sexily when I used to go to her house. She and I were a little worried that my wife and her daughter would come to know of her affair. So, we maintained our relations very secretly.
One day my wife informed that she would be going out of station for a week on deputation and she called her mother i.e my and informed to come and stay with her son in law so that he would not have problems for food. I was very excited and horny to hear this. Even my MIL was also equally happy and even messaged me on whatsapp.
Since my MIL was excited she came a couple of days early and stayed with us. She used to keep gesturing me when she was dressed sexily. Sometimes she used to touch my private parts while moving and bend and show her cleavage . when the mother and daughter used to sit and talk she used to pull her nighty up to her thighs and sit and talk. My wife also asked her if she would like to wear the short nighty or short pants if she was uncomfortable. But, my MIL used to refuse.
The day arrived and we dropped my wife and we came home. Then my MIL said that she wanted to give a surprise to me. She told me to wait in my room and she would call once she is ready. I waited and once she was ready she called me. I went to her room and the moment I saw her my jaw dropped and I was staring at her. She was wearing a black transparent saree which was very thin, the blouse was very deep both in front and at the back. Her entire back and the heavy cleavage was visible. She was wearing a dark lipstick and she did not have any panty or bra. She was looking like a sex goddess.
She came close to me and whispered in my ear that she would want to marry me immediately without any delay. I was surprised and said what if my wife comes to know, she said that she and I would maintain our relation very secretly. After a long gap of silence I agreed to her request. She said then first lets have our first night and the next day she asked to put the mangalsuthra around her neck.
She came close and hugged me and we started to kiss each other. The kisses were so intense that we sometimes gasped for air. I started to squeeze her hips and boobs while kissing and she pressed my cock.
She asked me to undress her clothes and I did and she undressed mine, we both were naked and my cock was rubbing her sexy curvey tummy. My juices were all over her tummy. We kissed passionately and she asked me insert my cock into her cunt. Which I did with all excitement. I pounded her and she was enjoying with soft moans. She came many times and I too came in her. I fucked her three times that night.
Next day we got up took bath together and married.
Lots of our stories to follow………..

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