Son and his mother enjoy a romantic movie

Family taboo, Son and his mother enjoy a romantic movie, Jake sat at his computer. His eyes glazed over, staring at the screen in front of him. It was Friday night. At 18, he should have been out with his friends, living it up, and enjoying his last year of high school. Fuck this is boring, he thought.

His cock strained against his shorts as he sat. He was frustrated there was no one there to play with it. He was an athlete. A fully functioning young man, and he needed relief. His thoughts rolled between the girls at school, his teachers, and the woman closest to him; his mother. He settled on her for a second and grabbed his cock, squeezing it a little bit. He thought about her sexy body, her full breasts, and that juicy ass. He could have cum so easily.

“Jake!” he heard his name from downstairs.

Shit. “Yea mom!?”

“Come on down for dinner, it’s getting cold!”

God dammit, he thought. “I’ll be right down!”

He let go of his cock making his way downstairs. Before she saw him, he saw his mother sitting at the table. He paused and watched for a second. She was beautiful. Her hair draped her shoulders and her skirt rode up past her knees exposing her toned calves and soft skin. She was staring off as she ate. Jake crept up behind her and kissed the top of her head. He put his hand on her shoulder.

“Hey baby,” She said, grabbing his hand on her shoulder. “How’s the day?”

“Good,” he said, looking down at his plate.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I don’t have anyone to hang out with tonight. Sarah bailed on me, and the rest of the guys are out at the beach celebrating without me.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a celebration without you,” she said, smiling. “I guess you’re stuck with this ol’ bag of bones tonight.”

She was a little worried about him. He seemed to be a bit down lately, and for a boy as good looking and sweet as he was, it didn’t seem fair. She noticed he had grown up quite a bit in the last year or two. She could see his body filling out, and his muscles toning up. She sometimes wondered what else on him might have grown but stopped herself before finding out. Although she had seen him in his room once or twice taking care of business, she could only lay in bed at night and wonder what her little boy had under those covers.

He laughed, “It could be worse. I could be at Dad’s place.”

“Jake, be nice,” she said. “It’s not his fault he’s a boring old fuck who doesn’t give a shit about you.” She grinned, “want to watch a movie later?”

“Yea, why not, can I pick the movie?”

“I guess, but please don’t pick an action movie. Pick something we’ll both like ok?”

“Yea, yea. I’ll get one of those ones with lots of sex and romance,” he joked.

“Whatever you think is best,” she replied. “I’m going to go upstairs to get comfortable, go pick a movie and I’ll be right down. And open a bottle of wine, would you? It’s been a long week.”

“Uh-OK. Anything else I can get you your majesty?”

“Oh stop,” she said with a smile. “You can do your old mother a favor once in a while. Now let me get changed and stop wasting my time.”

She cleared the table and went upstairs to get changed while Jake opened a bottle of wine and went to go pick a movie in the Den.

Ok, what would be a good one movie to watch, he thought. He found one that looked good, knowing nothing about it other than the woman on the front had wonderful breasts, and the man behind her looked like he meant business.

Upstairs, Susan disrobed, letting her dress fall onto the floor around her feet. She picked out a thin little nighty. Putting it on would make her feel sexy, something her ex could never do. She held her tits in her hands and gave them a light squeeze. Her pussy gushed a little bit. It’s been a long time, she thought. If only Jake wasn’t my son. It’d be nice to feel a man inside me again. She slid the nightgown over her head, exchanged her wet panties for dry ones, and went back downstairs.

She found Jake stretched out on the couch. Her glass of wine was on the coffee table, and the movie was ready to go. It was her turn to drink in the sight of her son for a minute. He was strong. His muscles on his legs and arms were toned. The hair on his body made him look like a man. He was good looking boy,

Just like his father, she thought. “Hey boy, you ready to watch this thing or what,” she said, grabbing her glass of wine.

Jake turned and looked up at his mother for a second. God damn, he thought, she looks good. “Uh-yea, let me start it up.”

She noticed him staring at her breasts and felt herself moisten a little bit, excited that he had noticed. Stop it Susan, she thought, he’s your son. Trying to keep her nerves steady she sat down next to him. He put his head in her lap and the movie began. She sipped the wine and ran her fingers through his hair.

The movie played in the background. Jake could feel his mother’s fingers caressing his head. He had snuck a little wine for himself and started to feel the effects. His body relaxed, he stretched, and moved his hand up to hold his mother’s. Their fingers interlocked, and he ran his thumb over her soft skin. Between the wine, the warmth of her lap, and the feel of her hand, he was in heaven. His cock began to stir in his shorts. He shifted his weight and hoped his mother wouldn’t notice, praying that there wouldn’t be any more love scenes in the movie.

Susan was starting to feel the wine herself. God this is relaxing, she thought. Her son’s hand felt warm in her own. She noticed the slight bulge in his shorts. He must feel relaxed too. Her imagination drifted to what might be growing underneath. She tried to put the thought out of her head, but couldn’t help herself. wonder what it looks like. How it would feel if I held it in my hand? Jesus, she thought, please don’t get any harder.

The movie played. The wine sang, and their blood warmed. It wasn’t long before the next love scene came, the hero taking what he knew the woman wanted. His body was chiseled, and glistening with sweat. He hovered above her thrusting his hips forward and back.

Oh shit, Jake thought, here it comes. His cock reached full mast. It pulsated and pushed against the fabric of his shorts. The rim of his penis was clear against the mesh. He shifted his weight again, afraid to move too much and draw attention to himself. I can’t help it, he thought, it feels so good. He began to hope his mother might notice. He wanted to feel her hands on his body. Images of her flooded his brain. He began to move his hips back and forth, hoping she might notice.

Susan struggled to maintain composure herself. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet. Her hand crept down to Jake’s chest where she ran her fingers over the outline of his muscles. She wanted to stop. She knew as the adult, she should have been the one to put an end to it. Her eyes stayed glued to the screen, but she still saw her son’s hips, rocking back and forth. She saw his enormous bulge from the corner of her eye. Her legs parted. She felt his head slide deeper into her lap. There was no going back.

She slid her hand down his chest to his stomach. Jake’s hands ran along his mother’s arm. Such strong hands, she thought.

He pushed his hips up and the tip of his shorts brushed against the back of her hand. Please, he pleaded in his mind, please.

She shifted her hand, and unable to stop herself, began to massage his throbbing cock. Running her hands down the shaft, she grabbed and teased it.

It feels so good, she thought as she began to pull his shorts down. She got them down. What she saw shocked her. This wasn’t her baby boy anymore. Jake was a man now. His cock was harder and bigger than anything she’d ever seen. She grabbed it, running her hands over the skin of his penis.

“Oh God,” he moaned.

“Just watch the movie,” she replied, stroking his cock.

He turned his head back towards the screen but closed his eyes. He was in heaven. His mother was stroking his cock. He had fantasized about it for years. It was even better than his fantasies. He knew this wasn’t going to last long, and so did his mother.

She started slowing but didn’t let his erection subside. She knew she wanted to ride this out as long as possible. God knows I’ll never do this again, she thought, stroking his cock. She knew this wasn’t going to be enough. Her mouth watered.

“Keep watching the movie baby,” she said, lowering herself to the floor.

Jake couldn’t focus. He felt the tip of his cock hit his mother’s lips. It slid past her teeth and into the back of her throat. She let it go as far back as it could, gagging when it stopped at the back of her neck. She drew up lips over the top and slid back down the shaft. Up and over and again, she gagged on his penis. She loved the way it filled her mouth.

Jake put his hand on the back of his mother’s head, pushing his cock into her face. “Mom, I’m gonna cum.”

“Do it in mommy’s mouth baby,” she said, shoving her mouth back down.


“Oh shit!”

“Mooommmm,” he cried as he began to pump rope after rope of semen into his mother’s mouth.

Susan drank her son’s cum. Her pussy was burning and her nipples were hard as rocks. Her throat opened, and her son’s sweet semen slid down to her stomach. She sucked and swallowed and kept on sucking. She wasn’t satisfied. She kept tugging his cock, trying to keep it hard. I need this thing inside me, she thought, fuck I need to cum.

Her son, still stretched out on the couch, and glowing from having just emptied his load into his mother’s mouth, knew she needed more. He knew what he needed to do. He lifted his mother’s mouth off his cock and pushed her back onto the couch. He spread her legs, exposing her dripping wet cunt. He had to help her. His cock dangling between his legs, he got on his knees and lowered his head onto her snatch.

“Oohhhh fuck baby!”

“Jake you’re going to make mommy cum!”

“You’re such a good boy!”

He continued to work, running his tongue over his mother’s cunt. He licked her wet lips and sucked on her clit. He knew how to eat pussy, and he did. He ate that cunt better than anyone had before. He knew how to make her scream, how to get his fingers into the right spots, and how to make sure her clit wasn’t ignored. His mother creamed. Her pussy gushed, and his mouth opened wide and kept making her squirm.

Her hips rose off the couch. She thrust her cunt into his mouth. She could feel her orgasm building. Her pussy tightened.

“Babbbyyyy!” She screamed, “Baby I’m cumming!”

“Baby I’m cumming!”

Her body writhed in pleasure. She squirmed. Her hips bucked wildly. Her tits bounced on her chest. Jake kept eating. He knew to keep her on edge, making her cum again.

“Oh shit!”

“Keep eating mommy’s pussy baby!”

“Keep eating!” She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body.

She was a woman possessed now. She needed his cock and intended to get it.

“Get hard for me baby,” she said, reaching down between his legs and stroking his cock.

She played with his penis and balls until he got hard again. He felt amazing in her hand, but she wanted to feel it in her pussy. She stood and shoved him onto the couch. His cock stuck straight up in the air. He grabbed for her tits and pinched her nipples. She brought them down to his mouth so he could have something to suck on while she rode him.

She lowered her body onto his cock, her tits still filling his mouth. It filled her cunt, stretching it beyond anything she was used to. Her pussy widened and accepted her son’s large tool. Susan gasped. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Her animal instincts took over. She shoved her son’s cock in and out of her pussy. Up and down, she rode that thing. Each time it entered her body she shuddered, her body pushing down on it, grinding harder and harder. She needed to cum.

Her orgasm began building as she slid up and down. She could feel it beginning in her stomach. Her head titled back, and her eyes closed. She focused on the feeling in her pussy. She felt her son’s mouth biting her nipple. Clenching his cock, her pussy creamed. She thrusted harder. She could feel it now, an unstoppable force beyond her control. She was going to cum.

Jake held onto his mother’s back, mouth on her nipple, his cock inside her. She was driving him mad. Her pussy clenched his cock like a fist. She bounced up and down making him push back into her just as hard. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out long. He pushed up, trying to get in as deep as possible. His balls itched. He knew it was coming.




“Don’t stop!”

“Baby, please don’t stop!”


“I’m coming!”

They both screamed. Jake unloaded his seed into his mom’s pussy as she creamed and ground down on his cock. His cum shot deep inside her as her pussy continued to milk his penis. They moaned and held one another close in the afterglow of their orgasms. Breathing heavy they held tight, grinding their hips, and keeping the orgasm going just a little longer.

Susan sighed, “Jake, you’re so sweet, and I’m so sorry I did this.”

“Mom it’s alright. I wanted to. Besides, that movie wasn’t that interesting anyway,” he said with a smile.

She smiled back, unsure of what to say.

“Do you think we can do it again?” Jake asked.

“I don’t think so baby. This was a one-time thing,” Susan replied.

Jake sat for a second, still inside his mother. “I love you mom,” he whispered.

“I love you Jake,” she replied. “Let’s get ready for bed huh?”

“OK. Can I have a few more minutes?”

“Of course,” she said.

They laid there for a time. Neither wanting to move. Exhausted, they slept in the other’s arms.

Morning came early, and things never went back to the way they were. Everything seemed normal. It was the same house, the same table, the same T.V., and the same couch, but Jake and Susan knew something was different. They didn’t know that they’d ever speak of last night again and didn’t want to know. They only knew that they shared a memory. A memory they couldn’t share with anyone else.

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