Indian incest: After impregnating barren sister, son turns to mother

Indian incest, After impregnating barren sister, son turns to mother, After Salma Baaji left with her husband, only we mother and son remained. We came back in house. There was an awkward and frustrating silence between us. Ammijaan was avoiding eye contact and even talking with me. She was apparently ashamed to be caught by me when behind the curtain; she was spying on us while fucking.

But I thought to bring the atmosphere to normal and said:

“Ammijaan! Salma baaji is gone. We have done everything to save her future. Allah is merciful; He will not let her life ruined. Lets pray and hope for the best for Salma.”


Ammijaan looked towards me in surprise, as she was not expecting me to talk to her normally, rather she was expecting me to reprimand her for peeping us, but I was behaving normally, so she also relaxed and answered me normally.

We ate our dinner together and after normal talk for some time, went to our rooms. Summer season was on peak and weather was very hot and humid.

Within 2-3 days everything was normal and we mother and son was talking and behaving normal as usual. But I was feeling some change in Ammijaan. She was not so normal but many a times, I had seen her watching me intently, and as when I looked towards her, she immediately changes her gaze.

Because of summer, I was wearing only a small lungi or Tehmad (a small lungi type cloth, which is wrapped around the waist and is only knee length long). I saw Ammijaan looking my bare chest many times, but the main difference was, that it didn’t seemed to be the gaze of a mother but of a “women” to a “man”. There was something unsaid in her eyes now, sometimes I saw her looking my crotch area also. Perhaps the sight of having seen her son and daughter fucking each other and that also about 3 times a day, for continuously 10 days had some effect on her.

First of all, I didn’t have any thought to it, but I was aware of Ammijaan changed attitude towards me. Now about 3 days have passed since Salma had gone, and I was also feeling need of a fuck now, as regular fucking of my sister for so many times, had made me addicted to more of sex. I also started seeing Ammijaan as a “women”.

I had never given any thought about the figure and beauty of my mother but now as I started looking her this way, I found that she was very fair in color and beautiful. She was about 46-47 years of age but looked much young. She was a bit voluptuous but her boobs and her buttocks were very big and firm, so she was looking a beautiful chubby lady instead of some old and fat hog.

Now as I was not getting anyone to fuck, so with each passing time my frustration was getting worse and I was looking Ammijaan more intently and with lust.

Ammijaan also seemed to be in the same boat. Recently she had started joking with me and sometimes to my surprise she made some double meaning jokes also. It seemed that she was also feeling the need of sex and as Abbajaan was away and she had been watching her children fucking each other regularly, so she was also getting horny now.

One more difference which I noticed was, that Ammijaan stopped wearing any bra or panty under her clothes now. I didn’t know if it was for her being horny or summer, but it gave me many good chances to watch her swaying boobs and her chubby body. She was wearing only a maxi these days and as she was totally naked under it, so her boobs used to sway as a pendulum when she walked in house. And her big buttocks used to be clearly visible and on display under her robe.

I had started looking her body shamelessly as I had noticed that many a times she had seen me watching her swaying boobs or her butt with lustful eyes but instead of getting angry she just smiled on me and seemed to like the gazes I were giving her. She no more looked the same old orthodox Muslim lady as before but seemed to be a bitch in heat.

She also used to watch my crotch more intently and as I had stopped wearing any underwear under my small and thin lungi, so whenever I looked her body, my cock gets hard. And Ammijaan was always eager to watch my throbbing cock under the lungi.

One day, some local street vender was wandering in the street selling the maxi and other ladies wears. Ammijaan called him in and asked to show her some cheap cotton maxi. I knew that she already had many good maxis, so I was surprised as to why she was buying one. Anyway it was ladies matter so I kept mum.

Ammijaan selected an off white maxi, it cost only 100 rupees. It was very thin. Street vender showed her many other good ones as this present one was very thin and a bit translucent but she wanted to have that only. Vender told her that actually he was having this cheap and thin maxi, for Hindu ladies, who use petticoat and blouse below the maxi, so that when they wear sari, they may only change maxi. Otherwise the maxi is so thin and somewhat translucent. Ammijaan said that she needs it for a gift to her Hindu friend, and she bought that.

Ammijaan told me that as the summer heat is so unbearable so she will use it in home, as nobody outsider comes in and even if one comes she can change the clothes before opening the door. I had nothing to say, so kept silent.

Ammijaan went to bathroom to test it and after sometime she came back to drawing room. She was wearing the same thin whitish maxi.

She came to me and asked,”Ahmed! Look how it looks? Is it so thin or transparent/. I feel the touch of cotton so soothing and nice in summer.”

I turned towards Ammijaan and as I saw her, my jaw dropped. She was looking so stunningly beautiful and sexy in that. The stuff was very thin and somewhat translucent. As she was not wearing anything beneath it, so her rigid nipples were poking through the thin material of that. The color of maxi was off white, and she was not having any bra or panty, so her dark brown nipples and her areola on her breasts were clearly visible under the maxi.

Due to the color and stuff of cloth, she was looking so stunningly sexy, and it seemed as if she was not wearing anything at all. I was lost in her beauty. There was almost nothing to imagine about her body shape.

The neckline of maxi was so low that 70% of her cleavage was visible. Had she bought it to seduce me? She was looking almost nude under it and as it was day time so due to the sun light in the room, her silhouette was clearly visible. I could see almost all the curves of her body. Her big boobs and nipples were all before my eyes for a feast.

With a smile on her face, she asked me again,”Ahmed! What happened? You didn’t reply. Is this dress really thin or transparent? Should I not use it, or am I showing too much in this?”

I said:

“Oh Ammijaan! This dress looks so good on you. Just the color of it is light so it does not hide anything much. Anyway it is not transparent but just a bit translucent. But it is beautiful. I think you wear it; I am your son so I have seen you in childhood also. So no problem, even if some of your body shows out, but when you are going out please change it, otherwise many in the street will die.”

And I laughed.

She also blushed and seductively said,”Ahmed! You are my son and I have breast fed you. So it is no problem with you, because it is so hot in summer that I want to wear it.”

Naturally I was more than happy with her new dress.

After that day, I noticed that whenever I was at home, she wore that thin and translucent maxi only. It showed her body almost clear in the day light, so I was always having a big erection.

I also bought a white and thin small lungi and was also wearing it at home. I was not wearing any banyan or underwear at home, so my erection was visible to Ammijaan, and she seemed to enjoy the regular sight of a tight cock.

Now with each day, I was getting hornier and was ogling my mother shamelessly as her breast was almost clear in her dress and very less to guess. Many a times, I had seen her ogling my hard cock also, which was so clear like her boobs, under my thing lungi.

We both knew of each other ogling and wanted to move further in our relationship, but didn’t know our next move.

When I was at home, she normally used to mop the floor unnecessarily, as in this was she was to sit on floor and I could have a better view of her cleavage. At such times I noticed that one or two buttons on her breast was unfastened and many a times I could see between the valley of her big breasts right up to her nipples.

And when she used to mop, and I was ogling her, I used to spread my legs and she could see my throbbing cock, which would have gone erect by them, watching her breasts.

One day something happened, which brought our relationship some steps near to being lovers than being mother and son.

One day as usual, I was sitting on drawing room and Ammijaan was mopping the floor. She had kept 2 buttons on her maxi open and that gave a clear and uninterrupted view of her big and full boobs.

As usual I was ogling her melons and enjoying the feast before my eyes. I was sitting on the dining table and watching her beauty. By now my cock had gone erect and was throbbing with lust.

Ammijaan has noticed my gaze on her melons and she pretended as if she had not noticed me watching her jiggling boobs and she kept mopping the floor as usual. As she was sitting on the floor so with the knees pressing in her boobs had made the swell of her boobs more clear and I could see almost whole of her big boobs. There was a mischievous smile on her face. She was wearing her old thin maxi and through its light color her big boobs were clearly visible. I could see up to her nipples in her cleavage.

Ammijaan thought for something and she rose from the floor and came near me and started mopping the dining table I was sitting on. She did not look in my side and kept cleaning the table. She was looking down on table as if to give me time and chance to have a better view of her cleavage and swaying boobs.

She was moving her body sideways to clean the table top and as 2 of the upper buttons on her maxi was open, it was giving me an uninterrupted view of her hanging boobs. As she was moving her body sideways, so with the movement of her body, her boobs were also moving sideways as if pendulum of a watch.

This was giving me immense pleasure. This was the first time that I was watching her boobs from so near and clear. I could see right unto her nipples, which were dark and erect. Obviously she was also horny.

By watching her hanging boobs, my cock was rock hard and standing like a flag pole. After giving me pleasure of watching her boobs, and having finished the cleaning of table top on her side, Ammijaan came to my side to clean it.

I felt sad that now I may not be able to see her boobs. I was sitting on chair. My side was near the wall. There was only a space of about 2-3 ft between me and the wall.

For cleaning the table from this side, I had to stand up and go away, so that Ammijaan could clean it.

But before it that I could stand and move away, Ammijaan said in a husky tone,”You just stand back and I will do it in no time.”

I pushed backward and Ammijaan came between me and the table to clean it. There was only a space of about two feet between me and wall behind, so I could not move back. I thought Ammijaan will cross me and move a bit ahead of me, but she kept standing between me and table and bent herself a bit and started mopping the table top.

This was a peculiar position. There was little space between me and Ammijaan and I could not move back even and Ammijaan was bent waist down just one foot before me.

Her big buttocks and protruding ass was just before my eyes. Her buttocks were big and like two pitchers or big melons and the crack between them was also clear. The maxi was stuck in her butt crack and giving an outline of her ass hole even.

It instantly hardened my cock. My cock was standing up and prominent behind my lungi. I feared that Ammijaan may not move back ward, because there was a chance that my rock hard cock may touch her.

Ammijaan was standing the same way and by now she had parted her legs about 2 feet, perhaps to give her better balance, but this resulted in parting of her buttocks and her ass crack was much clear now. As she was wearing only a thin maxi and no panty under it, so her ass crack was so clear to me as I was standing just behind that.

I feared a lot as my cock was getting more and harder with each breath. Suddenly Ammijaan moved back, perhaps to mop the table near her, but it did the ultimate, what I feared.

As she moved back, her buttock touched my hard cock. This was the first time in my life that my cock had touched her ass. It felt like a 100000 volts electric shock to me. And tried to move back to escape the touch, in a reflex action. But there was no space behind me and I touched the wall behind.

Ammijaan also felt my cock on her butt, but she behaved as if she was totally oblivious to the hard cock of her own son poking in her butt. She kept standing like that only and kept mopping the table top.

I was in a bad position, as my cock was so hard now that it was paining and it was poking in her butt, but Ammijaan was not moving ahead so that I could break the touch. I was, no doubt, enjoying the touch of my cock with her butt like anything but also I was feared to death.

After some time like this situation, I felt that there was no need to panic, as Ammijaan was not showing any sign of anger or disliking but she was acting innocent. I was sure, that she could not be oblivious to the cock touching her, because the maxi she was wearing was so thin and neither she was wearing any panty nor I was any underwear and there were just my thin lungi and her thin maxi between her naked ass and my naked hard cock.

So I also thought that if she is enjoying the touch, than why I should not enjoy the first touch of my steel hard cock in her butt. So involuntarily I moved ahead and my hard cock poked like a knife in her butt.

A moan let out of Ammijaan’s mouth and she also moved her butt backward to let my cock wedge in her butt more freely. Now I was shamelessly poking my cock in her butt. She moved a bit ahead while mopping the table and the touch stopped.

I thought perhaps Ammijaan did not like me doing that or she was angry, but then she parted her legs a bit more, opening her ass crack a bit more and then moving a bit sideways as if to make the perfect angle, she then moved back again while keeping her mopping action.

This time as her ass crack was more open and she had aimed my cock in her ass crack, so when she moved back, my throbbing cock poked directly in her butt crack straight on her ass hole.

My cock head was jabbed in her ass crack and perhaps hit on her ass hole, this was all heaven. I let out a big moan and Ammijaan also could not stop her own moan. Now the position was that my hard cock was wedged between her parted ass cheeks and resting directly on her ass hole. Her big butts had clutched my hard cock in them and it seemed as if my cock was in her ass instead of her buttocks.

I was feeling like clutching her buttocks in my hands and straight way start fucking her in the ass. After having fucked my elder sister Salma, so many times in the recent past and now totally being without getting someone to fuck, had already increased my thirst for a fuck and here my own mother was standing waist bent and my hard cock was wedged in her ass cheeks and I was supposed to stand still.

Ammijaan was still doing her mopping action and showing as if she was totally oblivious to the cock wedged between her ass cheeks. I did not know what to do next. Still many mother son issues were there and a wall of our relationship was standing tall between us. Ammijaan was perhaps waiting my next action and was moving slowly giving cock a dry fucking action.

Perhaps she was hoping me to do the next move but I was such a coward and just kept standing like the same. I was just dry fucking her with slow thrusts which were rather involuntary of my cock and not intentional as I was scared to make another move.

We both were standing in a doggy style fucking position, but Ammijaan could not keep standing there like that for a long time, as she was just mopping a table and it was already late her doing it. I was on the verge of my climax. And I feared I may not cream in my lungi, wetting her own maxi causing a awkward situation for both of us. So I held my breath and kept standing still and even stopped my dry fucking motion, to avoid my approaching climax. Ammijaan could sense the same perhaps, as she also stopped her own rocking motion.

She gave a big breath of disappointment and for the last time, she thrust her ass backward causing my hard cock to wedge in her ass crack and then she straightened up and moved away from the table.

I was standing with a hard cock which was clear from the thin cloth of lungi. And Ammijaan moved towards kitchen. My cock had pushed the cloth of her maxi between the ass crack and it was held there only, and because of this both her ass cheeks were clearly visible separately as the cloth was struck in her ass crack.

My eyes were glued to her swaying ass and I was caressing my cock with one hand while sitting on the dining chair. Ammijaan turned her face towards me and when she saw me watching her buttocks, she smiled and while still walking to kitchen, she brought her one hand to her butt and scratching her ass crack as if scratching an itch, she scratched in her ass crack and pulled the wedged cloth out from her ass.

She smiled towards me, as if to show that she knew what I was watching and as if to give me assurance that there was nothing to worry and she was not annoyed and had even enjoyed the little sexy game we both had played just now.

She went to kitchen and unable to control myself I rushed to bathroom to give my cock a much needed beating.

I was so near my climax that I could move my hand only 2 times on my cock that it climaxed and juts and juts of my thick cock juice spurted out from the cock hole. It was perhaps the most intense orgasm in the last 10 days as my cock was so hard since morning or rather many days because of the intentional teasing of my own Ammijaan.

Having spent my pent up sexual frustration in the bathroom I went to my bedroom and fell on it like a dead wood and kept sleeping till evening.

I woke up at night and had my dinner. The evening was uneventful, with my mother giving me usual glimpses of her cleavage and her swaying ass through her thin and translucent maxi.

In the morning, I woke up late, at about 9. As it was Sunday, so Ammijaan also did not woke me up, as I was not to go to college. I did my usual morning chores and after bath I went to kitchen to have my breakfast. After breakfast I went to drawing room and started watching television.

Ammijaan, when she found me sitting in the drawing room, picked up a broom and started cleaning the floor. She was wearing her usual thin maxi, which was by now her favorite dress while I was at home. As normal 2 buttons on her breasts were open and as she was sitting on floor, and I was on sofa, so most of her cleavage was clearly visible to me.

I was enjoying my morning show of Ammijaan’s luscious body and my dick was getting hard. I was pretending to watch TV but my eyes were glued to Ammijaan and I was ogling her.

After some time, Ammijaan went to other room to clean it.

At about 10.00AM, Ammijaan’s mobile rang, Ammijaan picked it up and from the talk I got that it was Salma baaji on the other side.

Just as I remembered Salma Baaji, the whole story of my fucking of my elder sister Salma flashed in my mind. I recalled that sucking and licking in 69 position and also daily 3 times fucking of my elder sister. It again hardened my cock.

Ammijaan was standing nearby. Though I could not hear the sound from the other side, but she seemed to be very happy and gleaming with happiness. I could not understand the reason of her happiness, but certainly she seemed to be more than happy.

While talking she was time and again looking towards my side as if the talk related to me some way. After talking on the phone for about 10 minutes, she hanged up the phone and after putting it on table, she turned towards me.

She seemed to be so happy and words were not coming out of her mouth. She ran towards me and I stood from my seat to ask her, what the matter was?

She came running to me and hugged me tightly. But, while hugging, she had raised her both arms, and put around my neck, like a garland. It was a hug like two lovers and not like a mother and son.

Normally when mother and son hug, mother wraps her arms around the chest of her son and here Ammijaan had raised her arms and put around my neck while hugging.

Raising her arms in the air had resulted protraction of her big boobs and when she put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly, her boobs, which had risen up in air, mashed with my bare chest.

As I was wearing only a thin lungi and my chest was naked, so when Ammijaan hugged me, there was only a thin cloth of her maxi between her own big breasts and my chest. Her big and erect boobs were glued to my chest and due to the tightness and force of embrace had flattened on my chest.

My dick immediately felt the electricity passing through Ammijaan’s boobs to my chest and it became harder and started pulsating.

Ammijaan seemed to be very happy and oblivious to her breasts planted on my bare chest.

Joyfully she exclaimed:

“Ahmed! It is very happy news. I don’t know how to express my joy. When you hear, you will also jump with happiness. You know it was your elder sister Salma on phone. She had missed her periods by many days and today they had gone to the doctor and doctor had confirmed after many tests, that your sister Salma is pregnant. Salma was so happy and so am I . I had just talked to Selma’s mother in law and she is also very happy that mighty Allah has finally answered our prayers and Salma is pregnant with my grandchild.”

I was naturally very happy and also a strange feeling overpowered me as it was me, who was actually going to be a father. So I was filled with a strange sense of joy and said to my mother:

“Oh Ammijaan! it is not Allah’s mercy, but it is for your mind and guidance and your decision to get Salma fucked by me, who is her own real younger brother, otherwise that poor brother in law, might be trying still now, without any results. I am happy that with your instructions I fucked my elder sister and now she is pregnant. Hence all the credit of saving Salma’s future goes to you. I think now she will regain her old position and respect in family and will live happily with her child.”

In the heat of happiness, I used the word “fuck” while talking to my mother, but she did not seemed to mind it and kept hugging me as before. As I felt that I used the filthy words, for the first time with my mother, I felt fear of admonishment but she did not seemed angry. It gave me sense of relief. And I hugged my mother with more passion.

Ammijaan was still clinging to my bare chest and she said,”Ahmed! Though it was a very strange and difficult decision for me to take to bring your own elder sister to you for pregnancy and it is a great act of incest. And just think that if anybody comes to know of it, it will have disastrous results for our family. So make a promise that nobody except us will ever come to know it.”

I put my hand on her back and moving my hand on her almost bare back from shoulders to her lower back said in an assuring voice:

“Ammijaan! be assured that this secret that I had fucked my own sister and made her pregnant will be safe with me till my grave. Let Salma live happily in her home and give birth to our child. ”

I was knowingly speaking fuck word with Ammijaan as it was giving me a kinky pleasure, but she did not seem to mind it.

We kept standing there for some time in the same position. Ammijaan’s big boobs were pressed in my chest and as I was naked chest and Ammijaan was wearing only a thin maxi so it was like we both were naked. And I was feeling the effect of her boobs.

Ammijaan must be feeling the same as now her own breath was heavy and she was clinging to my chest with more force. She must be getting horny as her nipples were getting erect. And I could feel the poking nipples in my chest.

My cock was also getting erect and was poking on her pelvic region. She was aware of the touch of my hard cock on the upper side of her cunt. So, she raised herself, on her toes to get the touch of my cock head, on her cunt or clit, rather than on above her cunt area.

As Ammijaan raised herself on her toes, my cockhead directly touched her clit and she gave a little moan of pleasure. She was still putting her arms around my neck and had pasted her boobs on my naked chest.

This position was giving a great pleasure to both of us. Our breaths were getting heavy and we both were getting horny. Though the ice of our mother son relationship had still not been broken but in the pretext of our happiness of getting Salma baaji pregnant, we both were enjoying this dry fuck.

I was giving slight thrusts on her clit and she was keeping her head on my shoulder and moaning slowly in pleasure.

We kept standing like that only for some time. My cock was very hard and I was feeling my approaching orgasm. I thought of getting parted from my mother because otherwise I was sure to wet my lungi and her maxi with my semen.

Ammijaan was also near her climax as her breath was also shallow now and her nipples were erect like bullets and poking in my chest.

With a heavy heart, I spoke:

“Ammijaan! I am very happy that Salma Baaji is pregnant. I think you should call her on the pretext of getting her to the mosque and get some amulets for the coming child and here I will fuck her some more times so that the pregnancy is fixed and there is all chance of her getting a child.”

Ammijaan avoided my word “fuck” but lovingly caressed my cheeks and said:

“Ahmed! My loving son! You had already done your duty and now Salma is pregnant and there is no use of her coming to you. As she is already pregnant so we don’t have to do anything now. If she comes to you, you may harm her womb and cannot help her. So it is better that she goes to doctor now instead of going to you. ”

Then laughing mischievously she added:

“Ahmed! I know that you are also aware that there is no use of Salma coming to you. But I can understand why you are anxious to meet her. But my son, keep your intentions aside and let her give birth to her child. I will look for a beautiful bride for you and then you won’t have to think of your sister Salma.”

Saying this she poked her finger in my chest smiling playfully and removing her arms from my neck she went to kitchen to make tea.

I was standing there with my big boner and naturally my next destination was to bathroom for a good masturbation session.

Next day in the morning I woke up late as it was a holiday and I was not going to college. I did my morning rituals and then went to kitchen for breakfast. Ammijaan was standing near the sink and washing the dishes.

I greeted her:

“Aslamalekum Ammijaan!” She also replied: “WalekumSlam.”

I asked about the breakfast. She told that she had made Alloo Parantha and if I want bread then it is on the shelf. I thought of having bread and honey.

I asked Ammijaan:

“Where is the honey? I want bread honey.”

She replied:

“Ahmed! The honey bottle is in the cabinet over my head.”

Actually ours was modern type of kitchen and there were closets on the wall to keep the bottles etc. I decided to have honey spread on bread. Ammijaan asked me to take the bottle from the closet over her head.

I went near to her. As Ammijaan was standing right below the closet, I could not easily get the bottle. So I stopped behind her so that she may move aside and I may get the bottle.

Ammijaan was in a playful mood. She kept standing like before and kept washing the utensils. Seeing me waiting she asked me to go ahead and get the bottle. I had no other way but to stand right behind her and try to get the bottle from the closet.

I was standing behind her and there was only a gap of about 2- 3 inches between us. She did not budge and I opened the closet above her. Our bodies were dangerously close to touch each other. I was naturally hesitant and trying to get the bottle.

Suddenly in the pretext of keeping the glass on side, Ammijaan moved a bit back and her butt touched my pelvis. As usual Ammijaan was wearing her same thin and translucent maxi and no undergarments beneath it.

I was also wearing only a lungi and no underwear.

As soon as Ammijaan’s buttock touched my manhood it immediately started raising its head. I was already having a morning hard on, though it had somewhat subsided after going to loo, but as the plump and warm flesh of Ammijaan’s buttock touched it, it was again hard in no time.

Ammijaan felt my hardening cock, but she kept doing her washing as if she did not notice it. She also did not moved ahead again to wash utensils and kept standing the same way and my hard cock was now poking in her butt.

Ammijaan surely liked the touch of a hard and hot manhood, so a little moan came out of her mouth and she planted her buttock in my crouch area firmly.

I understood that the morning is going to be interesting and Ammijaan was going to play her usual sexy game of teasing me. I was not going to miss the opportunity and moved my own pelvic ahead and jabbed my hard cock, which was now tight as a pole in her butt crack.

Ammijaan was pretending as if she was not aware of the poking cock in her butt or she did not mind it, so she kept her job. I was in heaven and finding no resistance from Ammijaan I got less hesitant and again thrust my cock in her ass crack. Ammijaan felt the hard cock parting her buttocks aside and moving in the crack right until her ass hole. she let a little moan, but did not moved ahead or said anything to me.

I took it a positive and cooperative signal from her and got bold. Now I was just pretending to search for the honey bottle but actually I was enjoying my rubbing of cock in her butt crack. I was getting bold with each day as Ammijaan seemed to be as horny as me and also she had regularly been peeping me while fucking my own elder sister Salma for so many days, so naturally those scenes must be having their effect on her.

I was getting more and more horny for my mother now as she was the only female in house and there were only two of us living here. She also seemed to be in the same boat as me, and seemed to be ready to be fucked so I was not hesitant or frightened now of her reaction.

I was getting horny but also frustrated as our relationship was not moving ahead of just rubbing my cock in her butt or her giving me her usual show of cleavage.

So I thought to get bold and slowly took hold of one side of my lungi and moved it aside. As I was not wearing anything beneath, so my cock was free from all confinements and I took it out in open air.

Ammijaan was not aware of what I was doing, but she noticed the broken touch of my cock in her ass crack, so she, in a husky voice, asked:

“Ahmed! Have you got the honey?”

I replied:

“No Ammijaan! There are so many bottles in the closet and I am searching it.”

She heaved a sigh of relief, as she feared that I may move after getting the bottle, so she kept silent. I kept searching honey bottle with one hand and with other hand I got hold of my hard cock, which was out in open now, in other hand and stabbed in right on her butt hole.

Ammijaan immediately felt the difference of cock on her ass hole, as now there was only a small and thin cloth of her maxi between her ass hole and my hard cock.

She let out a big moan as my hard cock forcefully parted her butts aside and kept ramming her butt crack and rested right on her ass hole. I was so horny that keeping all hesitation aside I kept rubbing it on her ass hole.

Had the cloth of her maxi not been there between us, I must have pushed my cock head in her ass hole and started fucking her anally right there, but the bloody cloth stopped me.

Ammijaan kept silent for a minute, as this time it was new development and I was straightway pushing my naked cock on her ass hole.

She became cold and rigid for a moment as if thinking of what to do next. Naturally she could feel the difference of naked cock on her ass hole.

After a small pause, she relaxed and pretending as if nothing was unusual she kept washing the utensils slowly. I got it an positive response and affirmative signal from Ammijaan to go ahead with my little game.

Emboldened now, I kept the pretext of searching honey with one hand and with other hand again I got hold of my naked cock, and while rubbing it on her ass hole, I kept sliding it downwards towards her cunt.

Ammijaan felt my cock sliding from her ass hole to cunt hole. She also liked it, and in a husky voice asked me:

“Ahmed Beta! Have you find the honey bottle?”

It was a double meaning talk or at least I took it a double meaning, so I also said:

“Ammijaan! I am trying to reach honey pot but cannot get it right now.”

Ammijaan understood it, and saying, “Ahmed Beta! Try again and properly. If you search in the right place and in right way, you will surely get, what you want.”

She slowly parted her legs and bent herself a bit on the sink, as if to give me a proper angle to touch her cunt with my cock, but kept pretext of washing the utensils.

It was like a doggy fucking action. Ammijaan was waiting for my next move and slowly washing the utensils. I took the signal and keeping the pretext of searching honey in closet.

I took hold of my cock in other hand and slowly bending my legs a bit for better angle I guided my hot cock head straight towards Ammijaan’s cunt.

As soon as my cock head touched her cunt hole, Ammijaan gave a big moan and thrust her buttocks back to get full touch of my cock on her cunt. As there was only one thin cloth of maxi among my cock and her cunt, so the touch was very clear.

My breathing intensified and also Ammijaan was breathing heavily. She kept standing in the same doggy position and I shamelessly kept rubbing my cock head on her cunt hole. My cock head had fully covered her cunt and I was involuntarily pushing my cock on her cunt.

Had there not been the cloth of maxi, I think my cock head would have entered her cunt by now. She was standing still and I was feeling to clutch her buttocks with my hands and ram my cock in her cunt hole.

Ammijaan’s cunt was totally wet and I could feel the wetness oozing out of her cunt. We both were dry fucking shamelessly.

I could feel my orgasm nearing mow. Ammijaan was perhaps also nearing her own orgasm as both of us were panting heavily. I was holding my cock in hand and rubbing its cock head on the cunt hole and also through her cunt slit.

Ammijaan was keeping her eyes closed and enjoying the blissful feeling of a hard cockhead moving on her cunt hole.

I thought if I kept doing the same for some more time, I may cum right on her maxi covered cunt. As I could not risk spilling my juices on her cunt now, so with a very heavy heart and forcibly peeling my cock head away from her cunt, I took hold of honey bottle and moved back.

I covered my cock with my lungi.

Ammijaan realized the cock moving away from her cunt and as the blissful touch finished, she opened her eyes and with a great disappointed look on her face asked me.

“Ahmed Beta! What happened? Have you got the honey pot? ”

Naturally she wanted more of cock rubbing. But I was on the verge of my orgasm, so though being so horny, I spoke in slow tone,

“Ammijaan! I had found the honey pot, but I have to move to dining table, otherwise I may spill my honey here. If I try to use the honey pot here, I may end up spoiling the cloths with my honey.”

I gave special press while using the words “honey pot” & “my honey”. These words were clearly double meaning. I was horny, so shamelessly, I used these words.

Ammijaan could sense the meaning hidden in them.

So she kept silent and then asked, “Are you putting the honey back in closet?”

She wanted me to come back to put the honey bottle back, but I knew that if I again come and rub my cock on her cunt hole, I will surely end up spreading my cock honey on her maxi covered cunt.

So I refused saying:

“Ammijaan! I will put it back sometime again, to avoid spilling honey out.”

Ammijaan understood the position so smilingly she nodded her head and moved away from the sink as the utensils were long finished.

I ate my breakfast and went to my room for a much needed masturbation and beating my steal hard cock.

After jerking my cock in my room I slept for some time and woke up in the evening. These days I did not go out for sports or to meet my friends as I liked and enjoyed the company of my own mother more sexy and enjoyable.

It was about 4 pm in evening and I was sitting in my room and thinking about the situation in our house. I was thinking of how to move further as the situation was getting more and more horny by each day and I was dying to fuck anything.

So many days have passed since my sister Salma had gone to her in laws and I had not fucked anyone since then.

I was so horny that I could fuck even a rock. And to add salt to my wounds, Ammijaan was behaving so horny as a bitch in heat and I could not find what to do next. So I was sitting and thinking only. I was wearing the usual lungi without anything on my chest or any underwear. This had become my permanent attire in home.

Suddenly the door of my room opened and Ammijaan entered the room holding 2 cups of tea in her hands. She was also wearing her usual thin and translucent maxi and with no panty or bra underneath. Her big boobs were dangling dangerously sideways and she was looking like a bitch in heat.

When she found me sitting on bed, she smiled and said:

“So ultimately our sleepy head has woke up/”

I smiled and took the cup of tea and she sat near me on my bed and we both started sipping our evening tea.

Ammijaan was sitting silent and perhaps was thinking something. Now a days, whenever my mother came near to me, my cock automatically starts getting up. This time also this was no exception and looking towards her radiant beauty, my cock started raising its head.

As normal I was wearing only a lungi and Ammijaan was in her normal thin maxi. 2 buttons on her top were open and a lot of her cleavage was visible. I was stealing glances on her naked portion of breasts. Ammijaan noticed me ogling her boobs but kept sitting as normal as if she did not noticed it.

I was also silent and lost in some thoughts.

Ammijaan spoke:

“Ahmed! Why are you sitting so silent. You should go out and play with your friends. Are you missing your sister Salma?”

I shyly said:

“Oh Ammijaan! What are you saying? Salma is my elder sister and I love her, so naturally I am missing her.”

Ammijaan gave a sly smile and playfully poking her finger in my stomach she spoke in teasing tone:

“I know, how and why you love your sister. But young man be patient, now your sister is pregnant and she will not be coming here. You should forget that past nasty things. Go out and try to befriend some girls of your age and make friendship with them.”

I also spoke playfully:

“You are right Ammijaan. I know that I may not be able to do the same thing with Salma as I had been doing, but I don’t like the girls of my age in neighborhood. ”

Ammijaan spoke with a surprising tone:

“Ahmed! What are you saying? The boys of your age are dying to befriend with the girls of their age and you don’t want them. What is the matter with you?”

I said:

“Ammijaan! Actually you have seen we both brother and sister and know all the things I had been doing with my sister Salma. Actually in past I had made friendship with some girls and even fucked 3-4 of them. But it was no fun. Actually my taste is different, so I abandoned the relationship with them, the girls of my age are so weight conscious and so thin. And, I don’t like the thin girls. I like chubby and bit aged and matured ladies as Salma or you …I mean the ladies of your age.”

Ammijaan was silent for some minutes, as I had used the fuck word with her for the first time and she didn’t understood what to do or say.

Then finally she decided to ignore my using the dirty words and said:

“Ahmed! My son! All the girls are not of the same nature. Try to befriend with a nice girl and we may even marry you to her after your study finishes. Anyway there is nothing wrong with thin girls.”

I spoke:

“Ammijaan! The girls I fucked, were so thin that when I caressed them or moved my hand on their body, it seemed that as if I was moving my hand on a skeleton and not a girl. I like the chubby body so that when I make love to them or move my hand on their body, I get the feel of flesh and not bones. Second thing is that, as you have already seen my cock, while I was fucking my sister Salma, that my cock is very big and it is more than 7 inches long and about 4 inches in girth. So while I was fucking my girlfriends, they found it very difficult to take me fully in, and so the love making was not pleasure as I could not do it with my full cock. Ammijaan! You have seen my cock so you can easily understand it, even Salma was feeling uneasy to take me fully in for some first times though she is married and was getting regular fucking with her husband.”

( in the lust and horny I used the cock and fuck words knowingly. Though I was fearing to death while using these words for being admonished by Ammijaan for using such filthy words, but keeping in mind her recent teasing and sex games with me, I took the chance and to test the water I used such words.)

Ammijaan either didn’t seemed to mind using my filthy language or pretended to ignore it and said:

“Ahmed! I am sorry for peeping you brother and sister making love on that day but I was just curious as a mother, please forgive me. Secondly on that there was not much light in the room, so I could not see your bodies properly, but I think you are just exaggerating your manhood. I agree that you seemed to be rather big for your age but 7 inches long and 4 inches in girth is so much. Be a bit true and just don’t boast of.”

I took it like a challenge and said:

“Ammijaan! I am not telling a lie. I can prove it that my cock is of the size, I say.”

Ammijaan smilingly said:

“No way, Ahmed pl don’t lie.”

In heat of conversation I stood up and unwrapped my lungi and threw it on the floor. Now I was standing stark naked before my Ammijaan and my rock hard cock was standing facing the ceiling in its full glory.

Shamefully showing my pulsating and throbbing cock and showing it to my mother, I said.

“Ammijaan! you call me a liar. Now you see for yourself, that my cock is of this size.”

Ammijaan was perplexed with my this move. She couldn’t understand what to do. She was not expecting me to show off my naked cock to her like this. She was in a fix as what to do. But she could not move her eyes from my throbbing big cock and her eyes were glued to my cock as actually my cock was so big and so tight now that the veins on my cock, which were full with blood now were clearly visible on the cock.

Then perhaps she decided that enough is enough and she also wanted to go the things in that way. So after a pause she spoke in a husky voice,

“Ahmed! My son. I agree that you are really a hunk. But I am not an expert, as in my life I had been only with one man and that is your father. But you really seem to be big. Your this thing seems very big and fatty than your father.”

Bolden by Ammijaan’s not getting mad with me and her still looking with love and intently to my cock, I said,

“Ammijaan! My cock is not only big but it is so hard and hot also. You may feel for yourself.”

Saying this, I sat on the bed near her and taking her hand, I put it on my cock and asked,

“Ammijaan! Is it not so hard?”

When I put her hand on my naked cock, Ammijaan felt like electric current of 100000 volts and with a reflex action, she withdrew her hand back and said in a bit angry tone,

“Ahmed! What are you doing? Don’t you have any shame?”

I found no pang of real anger in her tone, so again I took her hand and laughingly said,

“Ammijaan! Just now you were calling me a liar, now don’t try to avoid the question. Tell me if I am really 7 inches long and hard and hot or not?”

Saying this I again slowly took her hand and put it on my throbbing cock.

Ammijaan, this time did not take her hand back, but slowly wrapped her fingers around my steel hard cock and playfully laughingly said,

“Ahmed! You are right, you are so steel hard that you may dig a hole in a rock with it. And also this thing is so hot like an immersion rod, that you may put it in a glass of milk and your penis will make the milk hot to make tea with it.”

(Ammijaan seemed quite relaxed now and she was still holding my cock in her hand and her fingers were wrapped around my cock. She was slowly moving her hand on my cock as if giving me a slow hand job, and seemed to be in a playful mode. My throbbing cock, in her hand was making magic to her and she also seemed to be getting horny. Perhaps, as she was having a hard cock in her hand after so many months and she was also starving for sex, so she didn’t mind my giving cock in her hand and was playfully and joking spoke to me like this.)

Her joking reply made me bolder and I put my hand on her own hand on my cock and making her fist more tight and moving our hands on my cock on its full length, I also laughed and jokingly said,

“Ammijaan! We say Allah is so merciful. You see HE has already dug a hole in all ladies between the legs, so that we men don’t have to dig another one. Also I didn’t know that my cock is so hot, otherwise you had not to spend so costly kitchen gas to prepare this tea you just brought and might have just brought the milk and shaking it with my cock, you might have made the tea.”

Ammijaan playfully poked her finger in my stomach and laughingly said,

“Ahmed, you are getting naughtier day by day. Are you not ashamed to talk this way with your own mother, and giving your cock in my hand.”

She spoke this while shaking my cock with her hand, but didn’t leave her fist. So I joking replied,

“Ammijaan, why I should be ashamed, this cock is after all your own creation. It had come out of your this cunt. (speaking this I playfully put my hand on her maxi covered cunt and spoke while rubbing her cunt), so it is not some body other’s thing. You are holding your own flesh.”

Ammijaan laughed and said:

“Ahmed! You have answer to all questions. What can I say now.”

I spoke:

“Ammijaan, what other difference do you find in my cock and Abbajaan’s cock.”


“Ahmed! apart from your big size than your father, I see that unlike your father, you also love keeping your genitals clean shaved.”

Me :

“Ammijaan! If Abbajaan don’t keep it shaved, then who else like it shaved? As you said “you also” .

Ammijaan felt shy and lowering her face said in a whisper tone,

“Ahmed, I myself love it shaved.”

I jumped with joy and taking the opportunity, joyfully said,

“Oh Ammijaan! It is so nice that you also keep your cunt shaved. I never saw a clean shaved cunt. even Salma was keeping it bushy so I didn’t like much to suck and lick it. My all girlfriends were also hairy. Ammijaan, I have never seen a real cunt clean shaved. Please if you don’t mind, may I see your cunt. I want to see how it looks.”

Ammijaan felt shy and said,

“Ha ALLAH! Ahmed do you know what you are asking, how can I show my vagina to you? After all you are my own son. And it will be so wrong to show myself to you.”

I loving rubbed her cunt from maxi cloth and said,

“Oh Ammijaan! Don’t be so conservative. There is nothing wrong in showing your cunt to me. After all I am your own son and I got birth from this cunt only. So when I came in this world. This very cunt was the first thing I saw in this world. So if I see the same thing again, how can it be wrong? Please let me see it. If you feel shy, you may close your eyes. But let me see a real clean shaven cunt. Please.”

Ammijaan was perhaps also eager to show her cunt and to take our relationship to bigger heights and said in an affectionate tone,

“Ahmed! Just think how wrong it will be if anybody comes to know of it. So I will let you see me only if you promise to keep it a secret and will never let anybody know of it. I will show it just to clear your curiosity and nothing else.”

I was naturally more than eager to say YES, and nodding my head in affirmation, I slowly put my hand on her maxi and started raising it. My heart was thumping hard as it was the first time I was going to see my own mother’s cunt and that also with her permission for the first time in my adulthood.

Ammijaan felt shame and as smiling mischievously, I looked in her eyes, she smiled and closed her eyes shyly. I raised her cloth and her milky and fat thighs came in view. They were so smooth. Then came in view the magnificent triangle of heaven.

I jumped with joy and surprise. Ammijaa’s cunt was totally clean shave and like palm of the hand. She must have shaved herself today only, as her cunt was shining. Her cunt was a bit puffy and her outer lips of the cunt were closed. Unlike many of ladies of her age, her cunt was so tight and not open or loose looking.

Perhaps the reason was that she was not been fucked for the last so many months since my father was gone and even when he was there, he could not drill my mother as his cock was of average size (as Ammijaan just told me).

However her cunt was more beautiful than any of the cunts I had seen till now.

Ammijaan was keeping her eyes shut in shyness and this was in my benefit because I was having a clear and unobstructed view of my mother’s cunt.

I asked,

“Ammijaan! I am not flattering you, but really your cunt is the most beautiful of any cunt. It is so whitish with pinkish color and clean. Totally shaven it looks like a gateway to heaven. Ammijaan! Please allow me as I want to touch it because it seems to be so nice and puffy. ”

Ammijaan opened her eyes and said,

“Ahmed! Your demands are increasing with each minute. You had asked to see it and now you are asking to touch it. After some time you will raise some other demand.”

I assuring said,

“Ammijaan! Pl don’t be angry. Your cunt is so inviting. Also I think it is no big issue as you have already allowed me to see it. Touching just mean watching with hands.” Saying this I kept my hand on her thigh and slowly started caressing it.

Ammijaan opened her eyes and said,

“OK! You may just touch it, but no mischief and teasing. Otherwise I will never ever let you see or touch it again,”

I jumped with joy, as it meant that she was going to let me see her cunt in future also and this time was not the last one. So nodding my head and slowly put my hand on her cunt.

As soon as my hand touched her cunt she also jumped, and pushed her cunt forward to give it fully in my hand. I cupped her puffy cunt in my grip and slowly and lovingly squeezed it.

Ammijaan gave a big moan and her eyes opened. She lowered her eyes and saw my hand cupping her cunt between her legs joint.

In was in heaven and so was she. We both were enjoying our first mutual sex contact. I tightened my grip on her cunt and with one finger I started rubbing her clit.

As soon as my fingers touched her clit, she gave the biggest moan and looked in my eyes. There was no anger in her gaze but just lust. Her eyes were silently begging me for more and more.

We both were equally horny. She was still holding my rock hard cock in her hand and slowly moving her hand on its full length.

I put my finger in her slit of cunt. Her cunt was so wet now and she was oozing cunt juices. I started moving and rubbing my index finger in the length of her cunt. I was starting the rubbing from her clit. After giving 4-5 gentle rubbing on her clit I was lowering my finger along with her cunt channel and pausing on her cunt hole down.

As soon as my finger came on her cunt hole, she moaned loudly and jerked her cunt ahead to let my finger or at least one knuckle enter in her cunt hole. But I knew the increasing lust and as my goal was not to finger fuck her, so when she used to push her cunt forward I used to pull my finger back.

We both were playing it a game. When she failed to get my finger enter her cunt, Ammijaan looked towards me with an unwritten request on her face. I knew what she wanted but I was not giving it now. She was looking me with praying eyes but I ignored her eyes and said,

“Ammijaan! You really are an angel. Your cunt is the best and most beautiful cunt in world. I have fucked my elder sister Salma and many other girls but none of them can come even in near comparison to you. Your cunt is so slippery and moist. It is releasing cunt honey. Your cunt is emanating so much lovely odor that I can bet anything that your cunt is certainly hundred times better and tasty than my elder sister Salma even.”

Ammijaan lifted her eyes towards me in a flash and said,

“Oh Ahmed! I was thinking of asking you something but feeling so shame and shameful to ask this. Now that you have spoken about tasting the cunt, I feel courage to speak. When I was standing behind curtain and watching you fucking (yes in the heat of lust now Ammijaan was also speaking the fuck word.) your elder sister Salma, I have seen you licking and lapping your sister’s cunt. This was totally shocking for me as I had never ever thought of anybody putting his or her mouth on the private parts like this. It seemed to be so weird and shameful of you both. Didn’t you both felt bad while putting your mouth on each other like this.”

I looked Ammijaan with surprise,

“Oh Ammijaan! What are you saying? Have you never sucked Abbajaan ever. Or has he also not sucked your cunt? Don’t you know the heavenly taste of cunt and cock juices? This is so normal these days. Everybody of our age sucks or licks now. This is called oral sex and it is the permanent part of sex game.”

Ammijaan said,

“Ahmed my son! I think I am really old for modern life. I have never done this to your Abbajaan and he had also not done this to me. Actually we have never even thought of it. In our society genitals are taken to be so dirty and foul smell. Your Abbajaan always comes to me, and lifting my maxi he just enters and after 2-3 minutes he is finished and then sleeps. We have never done anything else. He seldom kisses me and that is the maximum we do. But what you both were doing was a shockingly new thing to me.”

I said:

“Oh Ammijaan! That means that you have never enjoyed the oral sex. I can bet from the sweat smell of your cunt that your cunt juices must be tasty and sweater than honey. I bet it. I just give you a taste of your own juices.”

Saying this I inserted my index finger in her cunt till the end. She jumped with joy and surprise but she didn’t tried to pull my finger out. I moved my finger in and out of cunt for 2 -3 times and then put the finger, smeared in her own cunt juices near her nose and asked,

“Ammijaan! Just smell the beautiful smell of your cunt. Abbajaan is a fool who had never smelled it.”

Ammijaan shyly smelt my finger and said,

“Oh Ahmed! You are so naughty. Nobody does such things to his own mother. Anyway I confess that though the smell is so different and I had never smelt like this. But I agree that the smell is not so bad as I was thinking, but it is somewhat good to nostrils. I think it is my first time, so I find it new.”

I said:

“Ammijaan! You smell so nice. My own nose is so far from finger but I can still smell the sweat smell of your cunt here. I bet you must be very tasty. Please take my finger in your mouth and taste your own cunt honey.”

Saying this I inserted my finger in Ammijaan’s mouth. She was not expecting it so before that she could close her mouth, my finger which was shining in her cunt juices, entered her mouth. She automatically closed her lips and tasted my finger.

She took my finger out of her mouth and said,

“Ahmed! Don’t you have any shame? What are you doing this? It is so wrong. But anyway the taste is good. I have never tasted anything like this.”

I put my hand again on her cunt and kept rubbing my finger along the slit of her cunt. She was feeling extremely horny and kept moving her own hand on my cock.

I again inserted my finger in her cunt and said,

“Ammijaan! Perhaps ladies don’t like the taste and smell of cunt juices as we men do. Perhaps it is by nature. You might have seen that dogs and some other animals smell or lick the pussy of their females before actual sex. I think I like the smell of your cunt more. I am sure that you will like the smell and taste of my cock more than anything.”

Saying this I pulled my finger from her cunt and put it near my nose and then put the finger in my mouth. I sucked my finger and took it out and said,

“Ammijaan! I was right. You smell like the best perfume in the world. And taste even better. Even the smell of my sister Salma’s cunt was not so good as yours. Also the taste of your cunt is so good like honey mixed with orange flavour. I am sure that when you hit your orgasm and your cunt releases the cunt honey then the taste will be thousands times better.”

Ammijaan was feeling shame in talking such things with me but still she did not released my cock from her hand and kept jerking it slowly on its full length.

By now I was also very horny and burning with lust. A small drop of pre cum appeared on the tip of my cock pee hole.

Ammijaan was fascinated with the drop of pre cum and jokingly and pointing towards that drop she said,

“Ahmed! You are also leaking your juices. I have seen your sister Salma licking your penis and she must have tasted this. I think that the taste of your pre cum is sweat because when you used to pull your cock out of your sister’s mouth she seemed to like the taste of your juices and didn’t want to leave your cock from her mouth.”

I also in a playful tone said,

“Ammijaan! Had I not told you that the taste of man’s cock is liked by females. I bet you taste my pre cum and you will also like it. If you are not sure, than check it up.”

Ammijaan said in a false angry tone,

“Ahmed! You are my own son. Don’t you feel ashamed to ask your own mother to taste your cock pre cum? You are so bad a boy. It is bad but it is something new to me. I have never tasted cock juice. So don’t feel bad about your mother and don’t think bad of me, but just for the sake of curiosity I want to taste it. Please don’t think bad of your mother.”

Saying this Ammijaan tried to take the pre cum drop on her other hand while keep holding my cock in her right hand but I immediately stopped her and said,

“Oh Ammijaan! What are you doing? this is not the way to taste cock juice. The drop of pre cum is so small that if you put your finger on it, 99% of pre cum will be lost on finger itself. pre cum is always directly tasted with tongue from the cock.”

Ammijaan looked towards me surprisingly and said,

“Ahmed! You seem to trick me and to trap me in some vicious act. Do you want me to put my mouth on your cock head and taste your juices?”

Pretending serious, I said:

“Ammijaan! you are my lovely mother and I love you so much so why on the earth, will I try to trick you? You see yourself that the pre cum drop is so small. You please lick it directly from the pee hole.”

Ammijaan bent down in my lap and took her tongue out to take the pre cum drop. The scene was very erotic. Never in my mind have I thought of seeing my own mother to licking my cock.

As she was about to lick my cock head with her tongue, some pervert thing came to my mind and I said:

“Ammijaan! What are you doing it? Oh it is your first time so you don’t know. The cock juice is never tasted like this.”

Ammijaan surprisingly looked in my side and said,

“Ahmed! Now what is wrong?”

I, pretending serious said:

“Ammijaan! The pre cum drop is so small, so when you try to lick it. It may fell down, so the right way to lick it is, that you open your mouth in a big “O” and then put your lips around the cockhead. And after you have completely circled the cock head, then snake out the tongue inside and lick the cock head for pre cum. After taking the pre cum drop, swirl your tongue around the cockhead and more pre cum will ooze out, only then you may tell the taste as just one drop is so less.”

Ammijan looked on my face with a lot of suspicious look. She seemed to be thinking something and said,

“Ahmed! I think you are really trying to trick me to something. This is so strange a way to taste something. I think you are trying to clutch me in a trap. Beta! I am your mother, don’t play games and tricks with me.”

I spoke in an assuring tone and said,

“Ammijaan! why should I trick my own mother. I was just telling you the right way as you are new to this thing. If you don’t want to know the new taste, it is your wish.”

Ammijaan kept silent for some time and my heart was thumping with anticipation. Either I was about to win a lottery or I was to lose the given chance. But then Ammijaan seemed to make up her mind (perhaps she was also so horny and actually wanted to taste my cock) so she said,

“Ahmed! You are my son so I believe you that whatever you say, is all right.”

Saying this Ammijaan opened her lips in a big “O” and then again bent in my lap. She took hold of my cock in her right hand and keeping it straight and facing towards her face, she firmly planted her lips around my cock head.

As soon as, her lips touched my cock head, I felt like a 1lac watt electric current and my heart started beating in so fast pace that as if I was having a big heart attack.

I was holding myself from coming so soon. I was in pure blissful state and as the time has stopped for me. Ammijaan was holding my cock in her hand firmly and was licking its tip. She had licked the tiny pre cum drop from my cock head and she was swirling her tongue like a snake around the tip of my cock head.

Ammijaan put the tip of her tongue on the pee hole of my cock and started rubbing it on the hole. With her hand she was also jerking my full cock slowly as if giving me a hand job. I was moaning with joy and different pleasure sounds were coming out of my mouth automatically. My eyes were shut and I was flying in some other world.

Ammijaan was moving her tongue on whole of my cockhead and was licking it vigorously. I also wanted to reciprocate and I put two of fingers in her cunt and started moving them in and out with great speed.

Ammijaan also liked it and she also adjusted her body in a better position for my fingers to move in her cunt/

We both were panting loudly and also increased our speed. I was jerking my pelvis forward to put my cock in her mouth, but Ammijaan was holding my cock near the tip of cock, so it was not going in her mouth. On the other side, my both fingers were doing their magic on Ammijaan’s cunt and I was vigorously finger fucking her.

After some time, Ammijaan pulled her mouth away and sat straight. My fingers were still in her cunt and moving in and out, though now with a bit slow speed. Ammijaan didn’t stop me from that and lovingly looked in my side. There was a smile on her face.

Seeing her in happy mood, I also smiled looking in her eyes and asked her,

“Ammijaan! how was the taste? It seems that it was not so bad for you.”

Ammijaan kept my cock in her hand and with other hand she caressed my hair and lovingly said,

“Ahmed! you were right. Though it is so wrong to do this and even to speak of this, but I must confess that you really taste good. Your pre cum was perhaps the best thing I had ever tasted. I liked it. First it was only one drop, but then you oozed 2-3 more drops and I could get the proper taste. I can understand that why your sister Salma always seemed to not wanting to leave your cock head out of her mouth.”

I jokingly pushed my fingers fully in her cunt and said,

“Ammijaan! Thank you so much that you liked my cock pre cum. Ammijaan as you liked the taste of my cock, the same way we men like the taste of women’s cunt juices. Ammijaan! your cunt is also releasing your cunt juices and they have smeared my fingers in them. I want to taste my mother. Please allow me to taste your juices with my tongue as you had tasted me. Please let me put my mouth on your cunt.”

Ammijaan ignored my request as if she had not even heard what I said, and asked in an innocent voice,

“Ahmed! I was thinking of one thing. If the taste your cock pre cum is so good. How would it feel to take the cock head itself in mouth. And also I was just wondering if the pre cum tastes like honey then how will be the taste of cock juice (semen). If just 3-4 drops of pre cum are so good then how will it feel to taste the thick globs of cum? I have seen, the way your sister Salma used to try to keep your cock in her mouth to taste your cum, but your never cum in her mouth, as you had to impregnate her. But still her face expressions told the desire of her. Now after tasting your pre cum, I also wonder such things.”

I jokingly said:

“Oh Ammijaan! You have just not to keep thinking. I am there with you. If you want to taste the cock juices, then let’s do one thing. Let’s lie in 69 position as me and Salma used to do, then we both can quench our desires. I will lick and suck your cunt to know the taste of your cunt juices and also you can taste my cock cum. As I have not to save my cum for anything (like Salma, to impregnate her), so you can even let me cum in your mouth and fulfill your desire to know the taste of man’s cum. I will also fulfill my desire.”

Ammijaan’s face lit like a 1000 watt bulb, but she pretending her innocence said,

“Oh Ahmed! I like the idea. This way we both mother and son can know the taste of each other, but I think this will be wrong to put your cock in my mouth . After all, I am your mother. And I am not supposed to take your cock in my mouth and suck it. It is so bad. What do you think?”

I thought Ammijaan wants to suck my cock but just pretending herself, so I said,

“Oh Ammijaan! you speak like old generations. I am your son and had come out of your this cunt (saying this I swayed my finger in her cunt), so every part of my body is your own flesh. So it is nothing wrong if you put my cock in your mouth and suck it. It is just the society which has made difference in different body parts. Allah had made no difference. My cock is just like my finger. It is just a body part. If you can put my finger in your mouth and there is nothing wrong than what wrong it can be if your put my cock in your mouth. Oh please Ammijaan come on. I am dying to know the taste of your cunt. Please don’t be so orthodox and just tell me that whether you want me to lie down or you will lie to let me come on top of you.”

Ammijaan nodded her in acceptance and said,

“Ahmed! my son. I think you are right. There should be no difference in different body parts as all parts belong to same person. Allah has also not made any difference. But just think that how disastrous will it be if anybody comes to know of what we are going to do. So please let it be our own little secret and never ever let anybody come to know of it. We live in an orthodox Muslim society and people will kill us for this. Anyway I will be passive partner. So I will lie down and you come upon me, but make sure that in the heat of passion, don’t push your cock more in my mouth to chock my throat. This is my first time so I am totally novice. Please keep it in mind. I am doing it just for the sake of curiosity only and for no other reason.”

Saying this Ammijaan tried to lie down on the bed, but I was having something in mind and wanted to get my ultimate goal slowly. So I stopped her and said,

“Ammijaan! Please do one thing. See I am totally naked and you are still wearing your maxi. Please take it off, then we both will be equal and also I want to see your breasts. They seems to be so fascinating and big in your maxi but I have never seen them naked since my childhood. And also I want to feel them. Your boobs are big and full, the girls I had ever fucked were so skinny that I didn’t liked the feel of their so small tits. I have a fantasy to see and touch big boobs. Please take off your maxi and also it will be more convenient in our 69 position sucking if there is not cloth in between our bodies. ”

Ammijaan seemed hesitant and said,

“Ahmed! Your demands seems to be getting big and more and more, I feel shy and also there is no need for me to be totally nude. It is shameful to be naked like that. (as if it was not shameful to suck her own son’s cock, but I knew that she was just trying acting but she was dying for sex).

I said:

“Ammijaan! Don’t be ridiculous . I am your son so I have every right to see, touch and even suck your boobs. Also I had sucked your breasts countless times in childhood so there is nothing to show these to me as I have seen them since childhood.”

Ammijaan had no answer so she tried to stop me but on my persuasion she shyly took her maxi off. As soon as her big boobs came in open air. I jumped with joy. Ammijaan’s boobs were very big. She must be 46DD size. She was even bigger than I had thought. Her melons were so big that they may not come in my hands.

But her boobs were not shagging despite her age. Her boobs looked like big peaches and her areola was black and big. She was like a big porn star. Even in the porn magazines or blue movies I had not seen so beautiful boobs. I was looking with fascination towards them and licking my dry lips with my tongue. I looked in Ammijaan’s eyes and said,

“Ammijaan! you are so beautiful. I never thought that your boobs were so big and beautiful. They are so big and seem so tight that even 18 year girls will envy you. I am so proud that I am son to a lady with so beautiful boobs and have access to these magnificent boobs.”

Ammijaan felt shy, she lowered her face with shame and tried to cover her boobs with her hands. I immediately put my hands on her hands and keeping them away, I put my own hands on her both boobs. And started slowly but firmly squeezing them.

Ammijaan naturally liked the attention given to her boobs and closed her eyes in ecstasy and started moaning. I was squeezing her boobs with my both hands and then I took both her nipples in my thumbs and index fingers and started rubbing them. This increased Ammijaan’s pleasure and her heart beat increased.

Then I put my mouth on her right boob and took her nipple in my mouth and started gently chewing it. Now Ammijaan was in pure bliss and closing her eyes she was moaning loudly and squirming on bed.

I was caressing her boobs with hands and chewing nipples taking the maximum of areola in my mouth and licking the nipples.

Then I took my other hand on her cunt and inserted my index finger again in her cunt and started finger fucking her vigorously. Ammijaan also brought her hand on my cock and taking it in her fist started caressing it with love.

Ammijaan was nearing her orgasm, but perhaps she was more interested in getting orgasm by being licked and sucking my cock than being finger fucked, so she pushed my head away and said,

“Ahmed! You cling to my boobs like an animal and this is why, I was not allowing to remove my clothes. Now let me lie down so that we may taste the cock and cunt of each other.”

I was eager to taste her, so I immediately moved away and Ammijaan, who was totally naked now, lied on the bed. She had parted her legs wide, and her cleanly shaven cunt was shining as it was glistening with her own juices.

I sat on her head side and put both my legs on the either side of her head and lowered by head between her parted legs. Now my tight and hot cock was hanging like a cucumber over her face and I gently opened my lips and put my mouth on her cunt.

As soon as my lips touched her cunt, she gave a muffled cry of joy and jerked upward. As she had opened her mouth for moan and my cock was hanging over her face like a mango hanging from the tree, so because of her reflex action of jerk, my cock entered her mouth.

This was the first time in Ammijaan’s life when somebody had put his mouth on her cunt, so she was feeling like tickling and also moaning with great pleasures.

I parted her cunt lips and the inner pink flesh was before my eyes. Her cunt was emanating very good smell. Her inner labia was fascinatingly beautiful. I rubbed my finger on the inner walls and then on her pink flesh of cunt, and then I took out my tongue and inserted it in her cunt hole. Ammijaan was moaning loudly, but her moans were not coming out, as her own mouth was filled with my thick cock.

Now I was rubbing Ammijaan’s clit with my thumb and index finger and fucking her cunt hole with my tongue.

Ammijaan’s was feeling the taste of being sucked in cunt for the first time and seemingly it was much more better than she had thought of. She was bucking her cunt in the air and trying to make my tongue insert her to the maximum possible.

Ammijaan’s own mouth was stretched to full, as my cock was very fat and also very tight. Also Ammijaan was sucking a cock for the first time, she had stretched her lips fully.

Ammijaan put both her hands on my cock base and wrapped her fingers on cock. This was 8 finger length of cock was in her fists now. She had done this, so that only 4 inches of cock was out of her fists, and I may not jerk my cock in her throat. She was not experienced in cock sucking but this was a good idea of her, so that only that much cock was out, which she may suck properly.

Ammijaan was eager to suck my cock and perhaps she liked the taste and feel of a hard and hot cock in her mouth, so she was sucking my cock with full speed and also bucking her head up on my cock .

I was involuntarily pushing my cock in and out of her mouth as her mouth was so hot like a cunt and giving me immense pleasure. Ammijaan was also moving her tongue on my cock head and also she had pulled her cheeks inside and was sucking my cock as a child sucks a lollypop. And she was licking my cock head in her mouth like a candy.

I was in heaven and I kept rubbing her clit with my hands and I inserted my 2 fingers in her cunt and smeared them in her cunt juices. Then I started rubbing my cunt juice smeared fingers in her ass hole.

I took one big pillow from side and pulling Ammijaan’s buttocks up, I placed the pillow below her waist so that her pelvis rose up. Now her cunt was in perfect angle for sucking and also it brought Ammijaan’s butt hole also in open and clear to my eyes.

I started rubbing my finger tip on her tight ass hole. As Ammijaan felt my finger tips on her ass hole, she started squirming sideways. Perhaps\ she didn’t want me to touch her ass hole. Ammijaan has never done oral sex so perhaps she had never been fucked in the ass hole also. Also in our orthodox Muslim society oral and anal sex with ladies is not common. So Ammijaan perhaps didn’t want me to play with her butt hole. But I kept rubbing my finger tips, which were now glistening with her own cunt juices, on her butt hole.

Ammijaan didn’t speak anything, as her mouth was filled with my cock and she didn’t want to take that out for even one second.

Finding that Ammijaan can’t speak to stop me, I pushed one finger in her ass hole. Ammijaan immediately tried to dislodge my finger by moving her butts sideways, but I firmly pushed my finger in her ass hole till its hilt and also started tongue fucking her cunt again.

As soon as my tongue again started going in and out of her cunt, she stopped squirming .now I added my another finger in her ass hole and started pushing my 2 fingers in and out of her ass hole.

This way I was rubbing her clit vigorously with one hand (rubbing the clit bud with my thumb and finger) and with another hand I was fast finger fucking her ass hole. My 2 fingers were moving in and out of her butt hole with speed. I also increased fucking her cunt with my tongue.

I was pushing my tongue in her cunt hole fully and taking it out and again pushed it in. her cunt was releasing a lot of cunt juices and my face was getting wet with that. Her cunt juices tasted so sweat and also her cunt was smelling so good that I liked it and I was hammering my tongue in her cunt like a woodpecker bird hammers its beak on a tree.

Ammijaan was getting full attention on her all 3 sex points (clit, cunt and ass hole). So she was in heaven and moaning so loudly that I feared that if her own mouth was not corked with my hard and thick cock, the neighbors would hear it and had come to inquire about the sounds.

Ammijaan was getting this extreme pleasure for the first time in her life and she was bucking her cunt in air to get the maximum pleasure.

She increased her own speed of sucking my cock. She had already pulled her cheeks inside and was sucking my cock like a lollypop. And now she was taking my cock in her mouth till her throat. She was moving her head in fast speed to suck fast and I was also fucking her mouth with my in and out motion on her face.

Ammijaan was also jerking my cock with full speed with her hands on the portion of cock which was out of her mouth, because of its big size.

We both were lost in lust and moaning loudly and getting the unexplainable pleasure of sex.

Now it was about 15 minutes since we both were doing this, so now Ammijaan’s orgasm was nearing up. I was also not far away and it looked that I also will not last long.

I took my face from her cunt and said,

“Ammijaan! I am near my orgasm. Please increase the speed of sucking. I will not last long. If you don’t want to take my semen in your mouth, take it out as soon as it cum. ”

Ammijaan could not speak anything because of her filled mouth but she bucked her cunt in air vigorously to indicate that her own orgasm was also near. I understood it and increased the speed of fucking her ass and rubbing of clit and also of tongue fucking.

Ammijaan also increased the speed and intensity of cock sucking.

Within a minute I felt like some lava in about to erupt from my cock head and as if some volcano busted somewhere inside me, and a hot stream of my cock juices started its upward journey to its pee hole.

I shouted in ecstasy,

“Oh Ammijaan! I am coming. Oh Allah OH OH OH .” And with these words I jabbed my cock to the maximum possible (since the base of my cock was in Ammijaan’s fist) and first big glob of cum went straight in her throat to her stomach. First spurt followed by another and then another. Thick gobs of cum kept coming out of my cock and filled Ammijaan’s mouth, but she never took my cock out of her mouth and kept drinking the cock juices with speed.

As soon as the thick cum of my cock erupted in her mouth, Ammijaan also gave a loud shriek and bucked her cunt about 2 feet in air on bed, causing my face also to arise along and made my tongue went in her cunt that I felt difficult to take breath.

I increased the speed of my hands and Ammijaan also hit, perhaps the biggest orgasm of her life. Her cunt started releasing her cunt juices as if she was peeing.

We both were having the best orgasm of our lives simultaneously.

Ammijaan’s cunt was releasing so much cunt juices that it wet all my face. But I immediately put my lips on her cunt and started sucking and lapping her juices as a cat laps milk pot.

I kept licking her cunt and didn’t allow her precious cunt juices to drop on bed .on the other side Ammijaan also kept sucking my cock and surprisingly neither she chocked her throat and not let even a single drop of my cum, drop out of her mouth.

I don’t know for how long I kept releasing in her mouth and she kept drinking my cock juices and how long she herself kept releasing her own juices on my mouth and I kept licking the cunt honey.

But ultimately after some time, the cock stopped releasing the semen and also Ammijaan’s own cunt stopped its cum.

This was the best orgasm of our life and we both were so spent up. Ammijaan’s waist fell back on the bed and along it fell I myself on her cunt. my fingers were still in her butt hole .

My cock started shrinking in size. I kept lying like a dead dog on her body and she was also lying as if she had fainted.

After about 5 minutes, I regained some strength and pulled my, now shrunk, cock out of my mother’s mouth and saw that she was lying all spent up. Her eyes were closed and she looked like in dream or fainted.

She was lying naked with legs wide apart and her cunt slit glistening with her own cunt juices and her lips glistening with her saliva and my cum. There was a nice smile on contentment on her face.

I arose from her body from 69 position and sat between her wide legs. Her big boobs were before my eyes and they were not sagging but due to their size and weight, they were hanging on sides. But I had left with no energy and I lied on her body, putting my chest on her breast and my cock, which was now shrunk and gone small, was lying on her cunt hole.

I hugged my mother with love and kissed her on the lips. I could taste my own cum on her lips but Ammijaan was lying as if fainted and didn’t reciprocate .perhaps she was lost in the heaven.

I kept lying for some time as I was also feeling so weak. And kept hugging my Ammijaan in my arms with love. Her breasts had flattened on my chest due to my body weight and my cock was lying on her cunt, but we both had left no energy to even move now.

After sometimes, Ammijaan regained her senses and opened her eyes. She found me lying on her breast and hugging herself. She smiled on me and hugged myself tightly.

I opened my eyes and smiled on her.

I asked in slow voice:

“Ammijaan! thank you so much for what you have done to me and for let me doing what I have just done to you. Mother you are amazing, it was the best orgasm of my life. I had fucked so many girls and also my sister Salma, but you are no doubt the best. You are million times better than any girl on earth. It was so good that I had never even thought of. Any way how was it for you? How did you like it? And how was the taste of my cock and cock honey?”

Saying this I bent and kissed Ammijaan on her lips and tightened my grip hugging her.

Ammijaan felt shy and hid her face in my chest and shyly kept silent. I brought my hands down on her both breasts and putting both her breasts in my hand cupping them, I gently squeezed her boobs with love and again mischievously asked again,

“Ammijaan! Please tell me, how was the taste of my cock. Did you like it?why don’t you speak?”

Ammijaan was a lady. She was feeling shame. So she kept her face hidden in my chest and brought her lips near to my ears and hugging me tightly, she spoke in a shy and soft voice,

“Oh Ahmed! my loving son! It was really so amazing for me. This was my first time in life to get myself licked like this. Your Abbajaan has never ever gone down on me like this. He takes such things so nasty and never even tried this. He thinks vagina to be so dirty part of body. I had heard from some of my lady friends, about being licked on cunt, but never had the practical experience. This was first time and it was billions timed better than, what I ever thought of. You put fingers in my ass hole also, that was also new to me as your Abbajaan had never put his finger there, and he is the only man, who had ever touched me on my private parts. Ahmed Beta! that was really beyond my imagination . I had the biggest and best orgasm of my life today. I had never come so much in life. Rather I hit my orgasm very few times only, as your Abbajaan is spent so early and I am normally left with orgasm, but this one was the most pleasurable moment of my life. Ahmed! though you are my own son, and it is so wrong to do all this with own son, but I thank you so much to quench my curiosity and to give me this much pleasure. I love you son.”

Saying this she again shyly hid her face in my chest and hugged my tightly. I was also happy and hugged my mother tightly. We both were hugging each other with love and I was kissing on her lips with love and Ammijaan was responding positively and with equal vigor.

I put my hands on her boobs and lovingly caressed my finger tips on her areola. Ammijaan liked the sensation and smiled lovingly. With the other hand I took her other nipple in my thumb and index finger and while gently caressing her boob and started rubbing and twisting her areola in my fingers.

Ammijaan was feeling good and this was evident from her face expressions. As I was lying on her body and my shrunk cock was on her cunt and her legs were wide apart, so I slowly started rubbing my pelvic on her waist and cunt.

Ammijaan liked my cock being rubbed on her moist cunt and her breathing again started becoming fast. She was again getting filled with lust. As this was the first time when I was rubbing my naked cock on her cunt, so I also started feeling strange but nice sensation on my cock and my cock again started raising its head and started swelling again.

Ammijaan also felt the tightening on my cock on her cunt. but she kept lying as before and raising her legs she crossed them on my back. Now Ammijaan was hugging me with her arms as well as with her legs and my cock, which was tight and hot now was rubbing on her cunt.

We both kept doing it for some time and by now my cock was again fully erect and tight as an iron rod. I lowered my body a bit and started rubbing my cock head in the slit of her cunt. my tight cock head parted the outer lips of my mother’s vagina and my cock head was wedged between her parted cunt lips.

Ammijaan’s cunt lips were tightly circled around my cock head as if they were kissing my cock head. Ammijaan started panting heavily. Her cunt was getting wet and it wet my cock head and it was now moving in the channel of her cunt smoothly. I was taking my cock head till her clit and after rubbing her clit for 2-3 times with my cock head, I used to lower the cock, sliding in her cunt slit till it was on her cunt hole.

Then I used to stop it there only and squirming my butts I was rubbing cock head on cunt hole, but was not pushing it in. though Ammijaan’s cunt was now so wet and slippery that if I gave a slight push, I hoped my cock head will disappear in her cunt hole, but I didn’t want to fuck her without her permission so I was only making her hot by rubbing my cock on her cunt and also kissing on lips and caressing her both big boobs.

This went on for some time and now I was feeling so hot and finding it difficult to resist the temptation of fucking my beautiful chubby mother right away. Ammijaan was also hot and her breathing had intensified. Her own eyes were red and she was moaning loudly.

I thought that the iron is hot red, so I lovingly kissed on my mother’s lips and asked in a whispering voice,

“Ammijaan! I love you so much. You are so beautiful that no girl of my group or even my elder sister Salma, can compare to your beauty. Your boobs are so big, had I not told you that I don’t like the slim and skinny girls, that when I caress their boobs, I feel like moving my hands on her skeleton. Your boobs are like big melons and it feels heavenly to squeeze them or to suck them. Your cunt is also so sweat to taste and so nice to smell. You are the angel of my fuck dreams. Ammijaan! Please now I want to fuck you in your cunt. see my cock is so tight like rock and it is praying me to push it inside your cunt. please may I push it in you?”

Ammijaan went silent for some time and them lovingly kissed on my lips and said,

“Ahmed! You are my son. You see what we have already done was for my curiosity to know about the oral sex but still it is so wrong for a mother and son to do all that. We should not have done that. We have crossed the limits of loving mother son relationship. I feel bad and think of having taken advantage of your innocence to quench my curiosity. Though I must agree that whatever we did, was really so nice and good that I had never experienced before, but sucking the cock or cunt is one thing, while putting my son’s cock in my cunt is incest. I don’t want to do this sin against Allah and society. Please think that, incest is so big a sin. We should not do it. So please Ahmed, my son, I think we should not cross that limit of incest and not do that ultimate sin. Please don’t ask for this again.”

I was flabbergasted with her answer, as I was thinking that she is so hot and was dying to feel my cock in her cunt but here she was giving me sermons on Allah and society. I didn’t know what to say or how to handle the situation, as I was sure that she was so horny as her cunt was so wet and oozing her cunt juices so much that my cock head was smeared in her juices and she had not stopped me from rubbing my cock head on her cunt hole.

I was surprised and also angry. My cock was so tight and praying for a nice fuck and release and here my mother was not ready for fuck, though she was lying naked under me and had hugged my with her legs and arms, but was not ready for a real fuck.

I thought that perhaps now as Ammijaan has enjoyed her orgasm and her pent up sexual frustration was released and after this big orgasm, her horny state was somewhat subsided, so she was now behaving like a mother and not as a horny bitch in heat as before. Perhaps after the orgasm and release of cunt juices, she was not filled with lust as before and didn’t want to go till real fuck, but I was so horny and really wanted to fuck her.

I kept rubbing cock head in her cunt channel and asked her,

“Ammijaan! It is so strange what you say. What is incest? Whatever I did with my sister Salma, with your permission, was also incest then. Impregnating own elder sister is incest. Is sucking own son’s cock not incest? Is letting your own son lick and lap your cunt not incest. Ammijaan! Please don’t think about sin and society. If incest is wrong, we had already crossed the limit. Please let me cross this final barrier and take our relationship to highest points of love. Please allow me to fuck you. If you have any point in mind please let me know, why you refuse to let me fuck you?”

Ammijaan was silent for some time and then slowly and in whispering tone said,

“Ahmed Beta! There are some other reasons also along with it being incest. I have only been with your father in my life and not done sex with anyone else. You just think, what will happen to our reputation in society, if anybody comes to know of it. How will I be able to face your father? What about the neighborhood and relatives and even your elder sister Salma. Second problem is that you are so big and also so fatty down there. Your Abbajaan is about half of your size. If you do sex to me, you will tear me apart.

I am not used to be fucked by such big and thick cock. Your father is away for so many months and I had not sex for long time, so even doing it with your Abbajaan will be problem now, and doing with you will certainly be more painful than pleasure. Also if I allow you to do sex with you, you will do it regularly and make it a habit. If it is painful then I may not like to continue it. But above all, you see that we are orthodox Muslims and this type of relationship is incest and against the wish of Allah. I am not ready to go against the wish of Allah. Our religion and society don’t permit it. So please don’t feel bad but I think we may not do the sex.”

Saying this Ammijaan hugged me lovingly and started caressing my back with her hands affectionately.

I was silent and thinking what to do. (but during this all time I kept rubbing my cock on Ammijaan’s cunt and squeezing and caressing her boobs, so that the heat of passion may not slow down, and also Ammijaan didn’t stopped me from doing that). After a small pause, I kissed Ammijaan and lovingly said,

“Ammijaan! what do you say like this. I am your son and I love you so much. How can I even think of giving pain to you? You are my mother and have raised me with so much love and then how do you think that I will do anything against your wish. I agree that I want desperately to fuck you, but come what may, I will not do anything till you allow. I won’t go against Allah’s wish. I will fuck you only if you agree but against your wish I will not put even my finger in your cunt, what to speak of my cock. You please relax and be assured that nothing is going to happen against your wish. ”

My words soothed Ammijaan and she was apprehensive that I may fuck her with force. But after my assurance she was feeling relaxed and normal.

I lovingly said:

“Ammijaan! let me explain. Whatever we had done till now, or if I fuck you, than it will be our personal secret. Nobody will ever come to know of it. We surely cannot let anyone know of our personal relationship. I assure you that nobody will know it. In our house I will love you but out of the house, you will be my mother and we will behave like mother and son. Secondly, you don’t mind my big cock.

I am your son and I love you so much. I cannot even think of giving pain to you. Even my cock is big and thick, but I will fuck you with only that much length, which you allow and also only if you let me enter you. If it pains, I will withdraw my cock from your cunt. It will only be pleasure for both of us. And about fucking you in future, so that will also be with your consent. Today you please let me fuck you and in future, I will not force you and only if you love being fucked by me, then let me fuck you, once more before the last time. And after that I will not insist to fuck you.

And Ammijaan! I think our sex relationship is accordingly the wish of Allah only. See I had never ever thought of my sister in sexual way, but not only I fucked her many times, but also impregnated her. It was only with the wish of Allah. So till now we had never seen each other with lust, and we were pure son and mother till now, so if now if the chances come to fuck you by me. It will certainly be the wish of Allah.

So our fucking is not against Allah or incest. Ammijaan! I had replied all your fears, so please let me fuck you with my cock. See my cock is aching in anticipation of fucking your tasty and tight cunt. So let it enter the hole from where it came out.”

Saying this I lovingly hugged her and kept rubbing my cock head in the slit of her cunt.

Ammijaan lovingly said:

“Oh Ahmed! my son! You have reply to all questions. So you mean you want to fuck me for only 3 times. Now and once more before the last time and then last time.” (saying this I felt a touch of disappointment in her voice, perhaps she wanted to continue our relationship long.)

I assuring said:

“Ammijaan! I have not said to fuck you 3 times, but what I promised was “to fuck you one more time before the last time”.

Ammijaan now understood my words and smilingly said,

“Oh Ahmed! Now I understand your trick. You mean “One more time before last time”, so there is never a last time, because every time the last time comes, I will have to let you fuck me one more time before that. So it is going to be endless routine. You are so tricky and playing games of trap with your own mother.”

I also laughingly said,

“Ammijaan! You are my loving mother. How can I ever think of playing trick with you or to trap you. I said, that only I if you love fucking by me, then you let me fuck you one more time before the last time. So it means that if you don’t want me to fuck you, you can say that you don’t like it, so I will have to stop fucking you, as I have already made a promise not to fuck you without your consent.”

Ammijaan was now in playful mood and said,

“Ahmed! You are so naughty. Is it not a trap? You know that I don’t tell a lie, so you know that you have such a big and young cock, so I will not say that I don’t like ” it”. So then there will be no last time.”

I also smilingly said:

“Ammijaan! Please don’t waste the time. My cock is aching with tightness. It is anticipating your loving cunt. Please do something as it is paining for release of its juices.”

Saying this I squeezed her boobs.

Ammijaan said:

“Ahmed! I am still not ready to go against wish of Allah. Please don’t force me this time. We will discuss it some other time. Now I let you rub your cock on my cunt but don’t enter me. I will rub your cock on my cunt till you cum and your semen releases. Let me think some time about incest fucking.”

Saying this Ammijaan brought her hand down and putting her right hand between our naked bodies, got hold of my thick cock, and started rubbing it in the channel of her cunt with love.

I also kept silent. She held my cock with love and was rubbing it on cunt. She was starting the rubbing from her clit and then rubbed down to cunt hole. When the cock head came on cunt hole, she let a loud moan of pleasure and kept it rubbing on her hole. I was also getting restless and she also was liking it. So she used to keep the cock head on cunt hole and after a long pause, again rubbed in cunt slit.

I was not getting impatient and told,

“Amijaan! This is not working . Rubbing on cunt is not going to let me release myself and also you may not get your orgasm. So Ammijaan, if you don’t let me fuck you in cunt, at least let me fuck you in your ass. You have a wonderful and big ass with so big buttocks. Please let me fuck you in your other hole.”

Ammijaan laughingly said,

“Ahmed! Have you gone mad? I feel scared to take your big and thick cock in cunt even and you speak of fucking in ass. You men folks just think of your own pleasure and not of lady’s pain. If somebody pushes a finger in your own ass, then you will come to know, that how it feels to get a finger inserted in ass hole. You should be taught a lesson for demanding such things from your mother.”

Saying this Ammijaan brought her other free hand to my buttocks and playfully rubbing her index finger tip on my ass hole, she slammed her finger in my ass.

I was not used to having getting anything inserted in my ass hole, so as soon as Ammijaan jabbed her finger in my rectum like a knife, I let out a big ” Oh Allah” and with a reflex action, I jerked my body forward, and my thick cockhead, which was smeared with her cunt juices and resting on her wet and slippery cunt hole, jerked and my body thrust forward along and parting Ammijaan’s cunt lips with its powerful push, my cock head entered her cunt about 2-3 inches.

As soon as my cock head entered her waiting cunt hole, Ammijaan gave a painful shriek:

” Ha Allah. I am dying. Oh Ahmed! What have you done this. Oh take it out. You rascal.”

I was also stunned with this new development. My cock was wedged in my mother’s tight cunt and her vaginal muscles had clutched my cock like a vice. I didn’t know what to do or to say.

When Ammijaan’s shriek stopped, I politely said,

“Oh Ammijaan! I had not pushed my cock in. It was you who unknowingly pushed your finger in my ass and because of a reflex action, my body jerked ahead and my cock, which you yourself had put on your cunt hole, entered it. Ammijaan! now the position is that my cock is in your cunt and this is a fuck. The wrong had been done.

Even if it was incest, it had been done and could not be undone. By pulling my cock out will not undo the action. Ammijaan! perhaps Allah is on our side. Merciful Allah has replied in this way, to the continuous praying of my cock. I had been requesting you to let me fuck you, but you had been stopping me saying this is against Allah’s wish, but now neither you did it nor I did it, but still my cock had entered your cunt, so perhaps this is that HIS wish.

HE wants us to fuck. Please don’t stop me, I know you also want to be fucked by me, so please don’t stop yourself. Let it happen. Ammijaan I love you and will still not fuck you without your permission. If you want I will still pull my cock out. I will not rape you.”

Saying this I kissed Ammijaan and my soothing words made my mother at ease. She kept still and silent for some time and was in some deep thought.

After some time, Ammijaan’s face become still, as if she had made some decision. She hugged me and lovingly said,

“Ahmed! you are my son and I love you. You are so nice and didn’t do anything against my wish. Though I agree that I also want to be fucked by such a magnificent and thick cock, but didn’t want to go for it. But perhaps it is our destiny that instead of being mother and son, we become lovers. I confess that I also wanted to feel your thick and fat cock in my vagina. But if Allah has no objection, then who we are to stop it. But my son! You are so big and fat down there. Your cock has already stretched my cunt to its limit. Please I can’t take such a big cock. We will try sometime again. It is feeling so big inside and paining. Please take it out and try it using some oil again.”

I was so happy to hear it. As with these words, Ammijaan has given her permission to fuck her. I was so happy and my already tight and rigid hard cock, which was in her cunt, started throbbing with happiness.

My cock was twitching with lust. I tried to pull my cock out of Ammijaan’s cunt, but perhaps due to the tightness and pain, Ammijaan’s cunt had gone dry, and as her cunt muscles had clutched my cock tightly, so it could not come out. I told Ammijaan about the problem. She rose her head a bit and started looking between our bodies towards my cock in her cunt.

Ammijaan thought that perhaps I was not pulling myself out, for the fear that she may again refuse to re enter me in her. I rose my pelvis a bit and now, Ammijaan could clearly see my cock and her cunt. Ammijaan tilted her head and watched between our bodies, I tried to pull my cock out, but as her cunt had gone dry, so when I pulled my cock out, her vaginal walls and inner flesh also started coming out turning out. I could not pull myself out and Ammijaan was also feeling the pain due to her vaginal flesh coming out.

So Ammijaan stopped me from pulling out. I kept still and kept lying on her chest. And lovingly started licking her nipples and then started kissing her on mouth and inserted my tongue in her mouth.

Ammijaan has never sucked Abbajaan’s tongue like this. She liked it and she again started flowing in lust. Now I was twitching both her boobs with my hands and kissing on her lips, and my cock was still wedged in her cunt. I slowly but steadily started moving my cock in and out of Ammijaan’s cunt.

As I was moving my cock with slow pace, so Ammijaan was not finding any problem or pain. Also simultaneously I was rubbing her nipples and kissing her while sucking her tongue, so Ammijaan was also enjoying it and her cunt muscles relaxed a bit and slowly her cunt also starting getting wet and moist. After a minute or two, her cunt was very wet with the nectar her cunt was oozing, so I increased the pace and also the length of my cock motion in her cunt. now I was withdrawing my cock about 2-3 inches and also thrusting it in.

Ammijaan was also enjoying my fucking and she raised her head to see the motion between our bodies. I also raised my pelvis and Ammijaan could clearly see the fat and thick cock of her own son moving in and out of her wet cunt. I looked in her eyes and smiled. Ammijaan felt shy and closed her eyes in shame and hid her face in my chest, but she didn’t stopped me from fucking her.

Sensing Ammijaan’s happiness and enjoyment in fucking, I increase my speed and now I was fucking my mother with full length of my cock. Ammijaan was keeping her eyes shut, but she was moaning loudly and hugging me with her arms. Her cunt muscles had relaxed now and she was so wet that once I thought that she might have cum. But she was enjoying like anything.

I found that she was easily taking my cock in her cunt. though my cock was so thick for her cunt and her cunt was stretched to its limit, but Ammijaan was not speaking anything about it. She had spread her legs wide apart, so that her cunt was spread to its maximum to make the movement of my cock easy.

After about 5 minutes, I found that Ammijaan was enjoying and there was no sign of pain or uneasiness on her face, so I increased my speed of fucking and now my cock was moving in and out of my mother’s cunt like a piston going in and out of a railway engine.

I was fucking Ammijaan with full length of my cock. I used to withdraw my cock till only the tip of it, was in her cunt and then with a big thrust, I was pushing it in her cunt.

Ammijaan was enjoying it like heaven. She was keeping her eyes closed, but the glow on her face was evident that she was enjoying the best fuck of her life.

I put my arms under her knees, which were till now, clutched around my waist and pushed her knees towards her shoulders. This made the width of her cunt to its maximum and gave me another slight space in fucking. I tried to push my pelvis inward her cunt, when it touched her cunt.

Ammijaan found me trying to push my pelvis on her cunt, as if I was trying to push even my balls in her cunt. she opened her eyes . in my lust, I was trying to push my cock in her cunt as far as possible. As I found Ammijaan, open her eyes, I smiled on her.

This time Ammijaan didn’t shied or closed her eyes, but thinking something, she gave a smile and a little laugh came on her face.

When I found her smiling, I gave a big thrust of my cock in her cunt and sending it fully in, I smiling asked her,

“Ammijaan! what is the matter. You seem to be smiling as if you remember something. Is this some fucking incident from Abbajaan, that you smile. Please share it with me also.”

Ammijaan again felt shy and smiling said:

“Oh Ahmed! my son. I am being fucked by the thickest and biggest cock of my life. It is weird but I must tell truth that though in this moment I should be thinking of your father, but actually I remembered a small Sardar ji joke on this situation. So that joke brought smile on my face.”

I loving pushed my cock till its hilts in Ammijaan’s cunt and said:

“Ammijaan! please tell me that joke. You should share it with others.”

Ammijaan shyly said,

“Oh my Son Ahmed! It is a nonveg joke. I may not speak it to you. But now the situation is different. Your fat cock is jabbed in my cunt, so no modesty needed. I tell it to you. Actually once a Sardarji was fucking is wife one night. He was thrusting himself in his wife, as now you are thrusting in me. Filled with love, his wife suddenly asked him: “sardarji! I love you. Please don’t break my heart ever.”

Sardarji smiled and lovingly thrusting himself in his wife said:

“Are you mad. How can I break your heart? My cock is not so long.” But Ahmed! you are really so big and thick down there. I feel your monstrous cock in me and I also think, that had you been a bit more longer there, your cock, passing over my heart, would have come out of my mouth and while kissing me on my lips, you would have ended up sucking your own cock head through my mouth. This thought brought that smile on my face.”

Saying this Ammijaan felt shame and smilingly she hid her face in my shoulder and hugged me tightly.

I also laughed aloud and lovingly kissing Ammijaan and thrusting my cock once again full with full force in her cunt, spoke,

“Oh Ammijaan! You are incorrigible. You call be naughty but see who is more naughtier of us. You crack such non vegetarian jokes, that we boys even feel shy to speak. I think now there is no un easiness in your cunt now. So you remember such jokes and enjoy the first fuck from your own son.”

Saying this I pinched Ammijaan’s nipples hard and increased by speed again to fuck her. Ammijaan was smiling on her prank with eyes shut and she had raised her butt now in air to receive more of my cock in her cunt and to let me fuck her with ease and to get herself more enjoyment.

Ammijaan was moaning loudly and shamelessly thrusting her waist upward to match my inward thrusts. We both were panting heavily and wet with sweat. My cock was moving in and out of her cunt rapidly.

Ammijaan’s cunt was wet with her cunt juices and also my cock was oozing pre cum. Her cunt was releasing her nectar and there were so much juices flowing from her cunt that it seemed like a pee. We both were fucking like animals and grunting that way. It seemed as if two big wrestlers of WWF were fighting each other. We both were moaning and AH AH OH OH sounds were automatically coming out of our mouths.

When I found no traces of pain or uneasiness on her face, then thrusting deeply in her cunt I looked in Ammijaan’s face. She was also looking with love towards me, but her teeth were clutched tight and she was thrusting her cunt upward.

I lovingly asked Ammijaan:

“Oh Ammijaan! it seems that now you like the fuck. How is my cock feeling in your do you compare my cock and my style of fucking with Abbajaan. Are you enjoying the first fuck with your own son or not.”

Hearing my words, Ammijaan felt shame and closing her eyes she said,

“Oh Ahmed! my loving son. It is correct that you are fucking me now and with my permission and cooperation. But still you are my son and I am your mother, who has kept you 9 months in my womb and love you as a son. So it is so wrong of answering such questions. How can a mother give answer to such question to her son. Ahmed! my Son! You are my dear son so how can I say to you, that your cock is so big for my cunt and you have stretched my cunt to its limits. How can I say that had your cock, been a bit more thicker, you would have perhaps torn my cunt to pieces. It is correct that I am so old to you and having given birth to 2 children and also being fucked by your father so many times in my married life, I am supposed to be loose down there, but how can I, being a mother tell you, that your cock is so big for my old and used cunt, that for the first time in my life, I feel like being really fucked. How can I say, that I didn’t enjoyed my first fuck on my wedding night with your Abbajaan, even thousandth part of the fucking I am enjoying with you. Ahmed! you are my son, so how can I tell you that you are so bigger than you Abbajaan, so whenever he used to fuck me, I always had that baggy feeling in my cunt. though even if someone pushes a finger in a lady’s cunt, it clutches it, but still it is not so tight.

When your father used to fuck me, his cock seemed to be moving in and out with so ease that it felt like a leg moving in a pant. Ahmed! You are my son, so I cannot tell you that now I myself wonder, so to how my cunt could accommodate such a monstrous cock in me. I have widened my legs sideways to let my cunt open up, also our sex organs has released so much sex fluids in our genitals, but still I feel that you are so big for my cunt. Ahmed! You are my son, so I feel ashamed to tell, so I will speak, that for the first time, my cunt is explored to its maximum depth, by any cock.

I will not tell, that your cock is reaching the explored depths and territories of my cunt, which are never reached. So it is the best and most enjoyable fuck of my life. But you are my own son, so I cannot share these feelings with you.” Saying this Ammijaan smiled and hid her face in my chest shyly.

I smiled on her mischievously as she had replied everything but still kept the mother son hide. She was really so naughty and clever in reply.

So smilingly I said:

“Ammijaan! I can understand that being a mother you could not speak to me, whatever you have just spoken. So leave that aside and tell me, that how do you like my fucking and are you enjoying this fuck or not. Also please tell me if you are going to allow me to fuck you in future also or not.”

Ammijaan, thrusting her waist upward to match my incoming thrusts on her cunt, said:

“Ahmed! I am a pious and religious lady, so I am not going to tell a lie. This is the best fuck of my life. I have never enjoyed so much in my life. It seems that today is the first night of my life. As I have made a promise with you, that I will let you fuck me ” One more time before the last time”, and I never tell a lie or make false promises, so I will let you fuck me again. As I know that the day will never come, when I will not like to be fucked by you, so I think our mutual relationship is going to last long.”

Hearing this from my own mother that she loved my fucking, my cock twitched with happiness. It had gone so tight that the veins on my cock, were clearly visible as they were filled with my blood.

I was fucking Ammijaan with full power and my cum filled balls were striking on her ass hole rapidly. Ammijaan was also giving me matching thrusts upward, and we both were panting heavily.

By now I was feeling that I may not last long and I was about to pour my hot semen in my own mother’s cunt, for the first time. I told Ammijaan that I will not last long and she also told me that she was also near the biggest fuck orgasm of her life.

I stopped talking and putting my arms beneath her knees, folded her legs towards her face and this way making the perfect pose and angel for fucking, I clutched my teeth and started pumping my cock in ammijaan’s cunt with all my might.

After 10-15 thrusts, I felt as if some volcano is going to erupt somewhere inside me, and I cried:

“Oh Ammijaan! it is so good. It is coming Oh Allah, it is coming. ” saying this the first glob of my cum, started its upward journey through my cock and before it that I could say something, a big and thick glob of my cum, spurted from my cock in ammijaan’s womb.

I let out a big moan and Ammijaan could feel the erupting lava in her cunt, my first shot was followed by another one and then with another one. I kept pumping my cum in my own mother’s cunt.

The feel of so hot and thick cum in her cunt, pushed Ammijaan also to its limit, and with a big cry, she also hit the best and biggest orgasm of her life. She clutched her teeth and raised her cunt in air, for about 2 feet from the bed, to receive the maximum of my cock in her .her own cunt started releasing her own cum, and she came like never before.

We both were panting heavily and releasing our cum in her cunt. only Allah knows, for how long, my cock kept spurting in her cunt and for how long Ammijaan kept releasing her own juices.

After some time, when our cum releasing subsided, I fell on Ammijaan like a dead dog, I was panting so heavily and lying on her naked breasts, and my tongue was out and breathing was so heavy. Ammijaan’s heart was also thumping like a rail engine, and she was also breathing heavily.

We kept lying like this for about half an hour, and then I regained some senses. Ammijaan also opened her eyes. Her cunt was stretched wide and our mutual cum was coming out of her cunt and passing through her thighs, was dripping on bed, and it had caused a very big wet patch on the bed sheet.

I lovingly hugged my mother and kissing on her lips, spoke in a very affectionate tone: “Ammijaan! thank you so much for the best fuck of my life. I had fucked many girls and my elder sister many times, but this fuck with you has no match with anyone. Your cunt is so good and unmatchable. This is for the first time, I came to know, that how nice a fuck can be. Ammijaan I love you and thank you so much, to give me this chance to fuck you.”

Ammijaan was also very happy, her eyes became moist with tears and lovingly, she said:

“Oh Ahmed! My son, this was so wrong to have sex with own son. But perhaps Allah was on our side. This was the best fuck of my life. I am mother of 2 children, but never knew, that a fuck can be so enjoyable. This is the first time that I feel like a real lady.

You have stretched me to my limits, and also reached to depths of my cunt, that even I didn’t know . I thank you son, to let feel like a lady. Now I love you double than before. I love you as a son and also as my man. Just let this be our mutual secret and nobody should ever come to know of it. We will do it in future also. Now after this experience, I can never say a ” no” to you. You are my ” man” now and whenever you want, you can have me.”

Saying this, Ammijaan kissed me back with love and hugged me. I kept lying on her chest and hugging each other, I knew that now only the rosy days and moments are in future. I had gained my mother and my “lady”, and the life ahead will be filled with love and love only.

Filled with a great sense of warmth and love for each other we both drifted to a sound sleep, only to be woken next day, which was again going to be filled with more and more fucking, as our future life was going to be.

This incident happened many years back, but still now, our relationship if going on. Our mutual love for each other has rather increased day by day. We fuck daily and sleep in one bed only. For the outside world, we are loving mother and son, and in the walls of our house, she is not my mother but ” my lady” and I am ” her man”.

END of story but the saga of love goes on…

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