Indian incest: After impregnating barren sister, son turns to mother

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Indian incest, After impregnating barren sister, son turns to mother, After Salma Baaji left with her husband, only we mother and son remained. We came back in house. There was an awkward and frustrating silence between us. Ammijaan was avoiding eye contact and even talking with me. She was apparently ashamed to be caught by me when behind the curtain; she was spying on us while fucking.

But I thought to bring the atmosphere to normal and said:


“Ammijaan! Salma baaji is gone. We have done everything to save her future. Allah is merciful; He will not let her life ruined. Lets pray and hope for the best for Salma.”

Ammijaan looked towards me in surprise, as she was not expecting me to talk to her normally, rather she was expecting me to reprimand her for peeping us, but I was behaving normally, so she also relaxed and answered me normally.

We ate our dinner together and after normal talk for some time, went to our rooms. Summer season was on peak and weather was very hot and humid.

Within 2-3 days everything was normal and we mother and son was talking and behaving normal as usual. But I was feeling some change in Ammijaan. She was not so normal but many a times, I had seen her watching me intently, and as when I looked towards her, she immediately changes her gaze.

Because of summer, I was wearing only a small lungi or Tehmad (a small lungi type cloth, which is wrapped around the waist and is only knee length long). I saw Ammijaan looking my bare chest many times, but the main difference was, that it didn’t seemed to be the gaze of a mother but of a “women” to a “man”. There was something unsaid in her eyes now, sometimes I saw her looking my crotch area also. Perhaps the sight of having seen her son and daughter fucking each other and that also about 3 times a day, for continuously 10 days had some effect on her.

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First of all, I didn’t have any thought to it, but I was aware of Ammijaan changed attitude towards me. Now about 3 days have passed since Salma had gone, and I was also feeling need of a fuck now, as regular fucking of my sister for so many times, had made me addicted to more of sex. I also started seeing Ammijaan as a “women”.

I had never given any thought about the figure and beauty of my mother but now as I started looking her this way, I found that she was very fair in color and beautiful. She was about 46-47 years of age but looked much young. She was a bit voluptuous but her boobs and her buttocks were very big and firm, so she was looking a beautiful chubby lady instead of some old and fat hog.

Now as I was not getting anyone to fuck, so with each passing time my frustration was getting worse and I was looking Ammijaan more intently and with lust.

Ammijaan also seemed to be in the same boat. Recently she had started joking with me and sometimes to my surprise she made some double meaning jokes also. It seemed that she was also feeling the need of sex and as Abbajaan was away and she had been watching her children fucking each other regularly, so she was also getting horny now.

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