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My name is Brad,40 years old married to a gorgeous woman, Ana,37 years old. My best friend Georges, 41 years old and her also gorgeous wife Costenza.Georges and me are friends since we went to college and were both 12 years old..During our college and University days, we fucked a lot of young or mature women.We sometimes changed partners and then we both got married but continued to meet very often .We both knew that our wives were very gorgeous but never talked about having a swinging party with them.Then,during a party given by one of our friends, I asked George what would be his opinion if we could changed our wives for one night. .He smiled and told me that he had the same idea but did not dare to ask me,Then,we thought about the next step,the most difficult one!I.E to persuade our wives to accept it.it took both of us around 3 months to have their agreement. At first,they were shocked but gradually we noted that when we were fucking them,they seemed more and more excited .Then, six months ago,we all agreed to be together during my wife’s birthday.It was a Saturday.They came home and had dinner and took several drinks,wine and whisky. We then put a slow music and started to dance with each other’s wife! !I then saw my wife and Georges kissing which made me a very hard on and Costenza.

Georges must have felt it and started to push her pussy with my hard cock. It was so e it in that I thought that I would come quickly.Then,slowly. Our two wives started to pull off our clothes while we were doing same with them. .Both women had splendid bodies and we sniffed their wet panties. .The four of us went on the sofa bed and both women started to ride our cock, slowly then quickly, ,Both women started to moan, then asking us to fuck them deeply and they even started to say dirty words and they came several times, and when I saw my wife,weeping with pleasure asking Georges to fuck her like a whore, I could not stand anymore and my cock ejected several jets of thick cum into Costenza’s pussy and a minute afterwards ,Georges came also in my wife’s pussy. ..

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We then went into two different rooms where we fucked each others’wife till 3 in the morning. We woke up at 9 am ,took a little breakfast and coffee and went back into our respective rooms and fucked all day long ,Afterwards,we fucked our respective wives and our excitement had doubled! Since six months, we reserve two weekends monthly, either home or at George’s place to swing our wives. We are able to do it because both of us have no children.We are living,since 6 months ,great great moments the four of us.

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