Daddy can’t handle his daughter’s perfect body

Opening the door to her bedroom, wanting to see his birthday girl before she went out clubbing, Tyrone nearly had a heart attack when he took in his adoptive daughter’s profile.

Never had he seen her like this, in this light.

And in haste to save the moment, he took out his phone and reached for her shelf by the door. Placing the phone so it was propped up between the magazines she prided the covers of, he let it record the amazing sight that he was witnessing.


A truly spectacular sight that arrested his vision.

The petite platinum blonde that greeted him in the little bedroom was stunningly good looking. The young beauty was absolutely gorgeous, with emerald eyes, well-styled, hip-length hair, and plump smooth lips, which normally turned up in a big smile. She had a smooth, tanned complexion, and just by looking at her face, he saw a woman who was too beautiful, too precious or fragile, to be real. Tyrone felt intimidated by her beauty and slightly afraid to approach her.


But her body… her body was very inviting.

It didn’t seem possible for someone to be as absolutely gorgeous as his curvaceous platinum blonde daughter. And it seemed downright unfair for her to be as stunning as she was and have the truly ridiculous body that she did. Just by looking at her skin-tight black mini-dress as she stripped out it, Tyrone could tell that she had a flat, fit belly. And her short hemline exposed and accentuated her long firm legs, and a perfectly sculpted, upturned ass.

That ass of hers… just wow. Round and juicy and immaculately shaped, it caught his attention at once when she stepped out of her dress. Heart-shaped and full. The skimpy black thong she now stood in was clinging between the firm, perky, well-formed cheeks. Tyrone awed at it while he imagined how it would look like if was fortunate enough to be walking behind her and then the memories of her doing it flashed. He now saw how her heavenly ass was bouncing and jiggling and shaking side-to-side. How had he not noticed before? Damn, maybe he had…Maybe he had just been too afraid to admit how sexy she was even before today?

In any case, he was admitting it now.

And for the first time he openly drooled at her five-foot-tall body of perfection.

He saw the incredible ass that prided the men’s magazines just like every red-blooded male would stare at it, not knowing the sexy pictures was of an underage girl.

But today, she was finally legal.

And the things he wanted to do to that ass.

Damn… it was amazing. Perfectly shaped, full and round and firm, the skin smooth and golden tanned, it was just… wow. Alexis possessed a mouth-watering ass, juicy and perky, vaulting out from her slim frame. Exposed like this, he couldn’t imagine being able to not stare at such an immaculate butt. Each cheek was full and round and perfectly formed, with that little crease underneath each cheek, and a mouth-watering crevasse in between. This display was a showcase to her dedication for working out and keeping her body as taut and ripe as possible.

And the black thong she adjusted with her long white nails only made it better.

The tiny garment framed it perfectly, putting her ass on display and highlighting its perfect shape.

But although he was starting to be reminded of how obsessed he was with her ass and how he’d secretly let her sit on his lap when she developed like a nuclear bomb just to feel it against his cock, that wasn’t even the best part of her.

It might seem unfair to be this gorgeous, and be so fit, and have such a perfect, mouth-watering ass. And on top of that have such a genuinely kind and friendly and sweet smile. So, to add on the fact, she had massive, perky tits that looked to be double E cups at best. It was just… how could anyone be so perfect? She was perfect, and they were perfect. They were real, and they were jaw-droppingly firm and perky. They were so massive and so firm that they rode close together, forming a natural cleft of eye-popping cleavage. And the fifty-seven-year-old father was practically drooling, hypnotized by the smooth flesh and immaculate cleavage that he was seeing in her black lace bra.

She was absolutely perfect and seeing her this exposed, dressed this slutty, for the first time, he saw her as nothing but sex on legs.

No longer in denial, he saw the hot babe he’d lusted for, the head cheerleader that kept him rock hard during the games, the model that drove him crazy by posing seductively in magazines and today his excuse for not taking her died.

“Oh fucking hell baby girl!” Tyrone groaned at the incredible sight of his adoptive daughter’s amazing body.

“Daddy!! What are doing in my room?!?” Alexis screeched when she saw him, trying to cover up her sexy lingerie-clad body by fetching the blankets on her bed and wrapping them hastily around her curvaceous body.

“I just wanted to say happy birthday to you, but fuck me baby girl…Fuck you look good” Tyrone replied while slowly walking into the room, his eyes drinking in his sexbomb of a daughter.

If you asked him now if he thought this would happen when he found her alone and abandoned, beaten and starving in the town’s forgotten ruins, Tyrone would’ve remembered how cute and adorable she was as a four-year-old and how happy he was when she embraced him as her daddy. Maybe he would’ve murdered you for asking in the first place. But now, no matter if he’d raised her as his own, and no matter how much he loved her, he saw nothing but the sexiest woman he’d ever seen.

And she would be his.

“Daddy…please…leave my room…you shouldn’t see me like this…” Alexis told him meekly while stepping backwards into the mirror, all the while clutching at her blanket to preserve her modesty.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of baby girl” Tyrone answered while continuing to walk towards her.

“Please daddy…get out…I should’ve locked the door…I’m sorry…but please get out…” Alexis replied leaning into the mirror, not understanding that Tyrone had been watching her bare ass cheeks — highlighted by her black lace thong and her black garter belt — in it as he walked towards her.

“Calm down baby girl. I just want to celebrate you…and the fact that you’re a fully-grown woman today…one hell of a fucking woman…” Tyrone told her as he invaded her private space and he could hear her whimper, meekly and frightened.

“We can celebrate me after you’ve left and I’ve gotten dressed…Please listen daddy…” Alexis pleaded in a quiet tone.

“Man, are you aware of how impossible that is right now? Baby girl, do you have any idea how sexy you look? Man, I knew you were hot, I never dared admit it to myself, but this hot? Fuck me baby girl…what a fucking woman you are…” Tyrone rambled, ignoring her request as he stepped into her and pressed her big and round booty into the mirror.

“Daddy…” Alexis whispered as he looked down at her while moving his big black hands onto her wide hips.

“I mean it baby girl, you’re a diamond, petite, curvaceous and so fucking athletic and sexy it is like you’re built for black cock!” Tyrone grinned at his blonde little cheerleader as he moved one hand down to grip hard onto her big booty.

“That’s not the way you should be speaking to me daddy or touching me…” Alexis whimpered breathlessly as he began tugging at her blanket, revealing more and more of her big tits, looking fantastic in her black lace bra and revealing more and more of her black lace basque no matter how hard she tried to cling to her blanket.

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