Daddy can’t handle his daughter’s perfect body

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Opening the door to her bedroom, wanting to see his birthday girl before she went out clubbing, Tyrone nearly had a heart attack when he took in his adoptive daughter’s profile.

Never had he seen her like this, in this light.

And in haste to save the moment, he took out his phone and reached for her shelf by the door. Placing the phone so it was propped up between the magazines she prided the covers of, he let it record the amazing sight that he was witnessing.

A truly spectacular sight that arrested his vision.

The petite platinum blonde that greeted him in the little bedroom was stunningly good looking. The young beauty was absolutely gorgeous, with emerald eyes, well-styled, hip-length hair, and plump smooth lips, which normally turned up in a big smile. She had a smooth, tanned complexion, and just by looking at her face, he saw a woman who was too beautiful, too precious or fragile, to be real. Tyrone felt intimidated by her beauty and slightly afraid to approach her.

But her body… her body was very inviting.

It didn’t seem possible for someone to be as absolutely gorgeous as his curvaceous platinum blonde daughter. And it seemed downright unfair for her to be as stunning as she was and have the truly ridiculous body that she did. Just by looking at her skin-tight black mini-dress as she stripped out it, Tyrone could tell that she had a flat, fit belly. And her short hemline exposed and accentuated her long firm legs, and a perfectly sculpted, upturned ass.

That ass of hers… just wow. Round and juicy and immaculately shaped, it caught his attention at once when she stepped out of her dress. Heart-shaped and full. The skimpy black thong she now stood in was clinging between the firm, perky, well-formed cheeks. Tyrone awed at it while he imagined how it would look like if was fortunate enough to be walking behind her and then the memories of her doing it flashed. He now saw how her heavenly ass was bouncing and jiggling and shaking side-to-side. How had he not noticed before? Damn, maybe he had…Maybe he had just been too afraid to admit how sexy she was even before today?

In any case, he was admitting it now.

And for the first time he openly drooled at her five-foot-tall body of perfection.

He saw the incredible ass that prided the men’s magazines just like every red-blooded male would stare at it, not knowing the sexy pictures was of an underage girl.

But today, she was finally legal.

And the things he wanted to do to that ass.

Damn… it was amazing. Perfectly shaped, full and round and firm, the skin smooth and golden tanned, it was just… wow. Alexis possessed a mouth-watering ass, juicy and perky, vaulting out from her slim frame. Exposed like this, he couldn’t imagine being able to not stare at such an immaculate butt. Each cheek was full and round and perfectly formed, with that little crease underneath each cheek, and a mouth-watering crevasse in between. This display was a showcase to her dedication for working out and keeping her body as taut and ripe as possible.

And the black thong she adjusted with her long white nails only made it better.

The tiny garment framed it perfectly, putting her ass on display and highlighting its perfect shape.

But although he was starting to be reminded of how obsessed he was with her ass and how he’d secretly let her sit on his lap when she developed like a nuclear bomb just to feel it against his cock, that wasn’t even the best part of her.

It might seem unfair to be this gorgeous, and be so fit, and have such a perfect, mouth-watering ass. And on top of that have such a genuinely kind and friendly and sweet smile. So, to add on the fact, she had massive, perky tits that looked to be double E cups at best. It was just… how could anyone be so perfect? She was perfect, and they were perfect. They were real, and they were jaw-droppingly firm and perky. They were so massive and so firm that they rode close together, forming a natural cleft of eye-popping cleavage. And the fifty-seven-year-old father was practically drooling, hypnotized by the smooth flesh and immaculate cleavage that he was seeing in her black lace bra.

She was absolutely perfect and seeing her this exposed, dressed this slutty, for the first time, he saw her as nothing but sex on legs.

No longer in denial, he saw the hot babe he’d lusted for, the head cheerleader that kept him rock hard during the games, the model that drove him crazy by posing seductively in magazines and today his excuse for not taking her died.

“Oh fucking hell baby girl!” Tyrone groaned at the incredible sight of his adoptive daughter’s amazing body.

“Daddy!! What are doing in my room?!?” Alexis screeched when she saw him, trying to cover up her sexy lingerie-clad body by fetching the blankets on her bed and wrapping them hastily around her curvaceous body.

“I just wanted to say happy birthday to you, but fuck me baby girl…Fuck you look good” Tyrone replied while slowly walking into the room, his eyes drinking in his sexbomb of a daughter.

If you asked him now if he thought this would happen when he found her alone and abandoned, beaten and starving in the town’s forgotten ruins, Tyrone would’ve remembered how cute and adorable she was as a four-year-old and how happy he was when she embraced him as her daddy. Maybe he would’ve murdered you for asking in the first place. But now, no matter if he’d raised her as his own, and no matter how much he loved her, he saw nothing but the sexiest woman he’d ever seen.

And she would be his.

“Daddy…please…leave my room…you shouldn’t see me like this…” Alexis told him meekly while stepping backwards into the mirror, all the while clutching at her blanket to preserve her modesty.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of baby girl” Tyrone answered while continuing to walk towards her.

“Please daddy…get out…I should’ve locked the door…I’m sorry…but please get out…” Alexis replied leaning into the mirror, not understanding that Tyrone had been watching her bare ass cheeks — highlighted by her black lace thong and her black garter belt — in it as he walked towards her.

“Calm down baby girl. I just want to celebrate you…and the fact that you’re a fully-grown woman today…one hell of a fucking woman…” Tyrone told her as he invaded her private space and he could hear her whimper, meekly and frightened.

“We can celebrate me after you’ve left and I’ve gotten dressed…Please listen daddy…” Alexis pleaded in a quiet tone.

“Man, are you aware of how impossible that is right now? Baby girl, do you have any idea how sexy you look? Man, I knew you were hot, I never dared admit it to myself, but this hot? Fuck me baby girl…what a fucking woman you are…” Tyrone rambled, ignoring her request as he stepped into her and pressed her big and round booty into the mirror.

“Daddy…” Alexis whispered as he looked down at her while moving his big black hands onto her wide hips.

“I mean it baby girl, you’re a diamond, petite, curvaceous and so fucking athletic and sexy it is like you’re built for black cock!” Tyrone grinned at his blonde little cheerleader as he moved one hand down to grip hard onto her big booty.

“That’s not the way you should be speaking to me daddy or touching me…” Alexis whimpered breathlessly as he began tugging at her blanket, revealing more and more of her big tits, looking fantastic in her black lace bra and revealing more and more of her black lace basque no matter how hard she tried to cling to her blanket.

“After what I’ve just seen of that body of yours, I’m gonna speak to my little sexbomb as I damn please” he said as he ripped the blanket off of her tanned body, revealing all of her sexy lingerie before his hungry eyes, sickle forming when he saw her matching suspenders connecting her stockings to the overall sexiness of her lingerie.

“Please don’t…please don’t do this daddy…” she said as she held her arms over her big tits, desperate to preserve her modesty.

“God, your hot! Fucking built for fucking!” Tyrone whispered as he stroked his fingers up and down her immaculate body.

“Please daddy…I’m your daughter…” Alexis pleaded when he pulled her arms away from her huge tits.

“You are and you’ll always be. But fucking hell! I can never un-see how fucking perfect your body is, not after what I’ve seen. And I want it. But I promise you baby girl, I’ll never forget who you are. I just have to make you into something else, too…” he groaned, wrapping his hands around her waist and then running them up and down her toned back.

“Let me go daddy…please” Alexis pleaded, trying to break out of his predatorial embrace.

Tyrone’s eyes travelled up from her amazing tits to her diamond-shaped face and in her perfect beauty, he lost himself in desire for his sexy little cheerleader.

Alexis froze completely, like a deer caught in the headlights, as he leaned in towards her and pressed his lips firmly on hers.

“Daddy…please no…mmmmmmphhhhhhfff!!” Alexis protested, her hands coming up to his chest to try and push him away while he pushed her completely into the mirror.

Tyrone didn’t budge as he continued to kiss her, his hands holding her waist tightly. Finally, he pulled back, breaking off the kiss and staring into her eyes.

“Please…let me go daddy…” Alexis whimpered, her hands on his trying to break his grip, but her huge black daddy didn’t react as he was just staring into her eyes while sickle fell from his thick lips.

Suddenly, he started leaning in again, very slowly and Alexis’ emerald eyes darted from his eyes to his lips and back again, over and over. Terrified that if he kept this up, he’d realise how the biggest weakness to her resolve was to be kissed hungrily.

The biggest nerd in her class, Larry, had figured it out when he’d kissed her abruptly, mid-conversation, in his bed, while figuring out how he could best help her with her homework.

She had very nearly let Larry go all the way because of how hungrily and desperately he kissed her, but Larry she could get away from.

Even when he cornered her after class and stuck his tongue down her throat when no one could see, she could push him off before he seduced her completely.

Because Larry was skinny, in terrible shape and too scared to take her.

But her daddy wasn’t a boy.

Daddy was a man.

And in the gaze of his predatorial gaze, she was powerless.

The only thing that could save her was her words.

And she tried.

“Daddy…don’t…” she begged, trying to move her head to the side as his face got closer and closer, until their lips touched lightly and then sealed together. “Mmmmmm!” Alexis moaned as he kissed her harder than any man had ever done.

After having bit her lower lip and smooched on her lovely pink lips for some time, Tyrone once again leaned back, breaking the seal between their lips and looked into her eyes in awe at her teenage beauty.

Alexis stared back at him with a somewhat bewildered look as he bent forward once again, bringing his lips close to hers.

“Daddy…we shouldn’t…mmmmmmmhppppppfff!” Alexis whispered as his lips descended on hers and she couldn’t help but moan, he was that good of a kisser and to her shame, she felt her soaking wet pussy influence her as she kissed him back.

They stood there, Tyrone moving his lips gently against hers and Alexis moaning softly as he ground his body into hers. The kiss gained momentum as Tyrone pressed his lips harder into hers and she offered no protest as he dry humped her teenage beauty.

“Uhhmmmmm!” Alexis moaned, her eyes slowly closing and her body going limp as she permitted her daddy to kiss her and hump her.

Tyrone finally moved back, breaking the kiss for a moment before slowly moving back in and brushing his lips against hers before backing off. He looked in her eyes and slowly descended towards her once more. Completely transfixed by her immense beauty.

Through partly closed eyes, Alexis watched as daddy’s lips came closer and closer to hers. Just as he got a nose apart from her, Alexis leaned in, meeting him half way in a steamy kiss!

“Mmmmmm!” Alexis moaned as daddy fixed his lips firmly onto hers, her hands resting on his arms as she returned his kiss.

They gradually pulled back, pealing their lips apart to catch their breath as they gazed into one another’s eyes. Alexis’ hands snaked their way up her daddy’s massive, muscular arms and shoulders that were so huge he looked like a beast of a man, until they came to rest at the back of his thick and powerful neck. They stood there staring at one another, breathing raggedly.

“Ohhhh, daddy…we..mmm…can’t…” Alexis whispered as she drooled over his massive body of pure muscle, making her feel so helpless and she knew that if he wanted to, he could’ve done whatever he wanted with her and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

“Yea…your right, but then again…” he replied, running his hands across her nearly-naked bubble but, before they both leaned in at the same time, Alexis’ arms wrapping around his neck as their parted lips slowly came together and sealed in yet another hot kiss of incestuous passion.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Alexis moaned as her mouth opened and meshed with her daddy’s, their heads bobbing in unison as their mouths slid back and forth.

They pressed their bodies together, their open mouths fused together in a deep, soulful kiss. Alexis’ arms tightened around her daddy’s neck as his huge arms snugly squeezed her tiny waist, drawing her smaller frame to his. The kiss seemed to go on forever, as if neither wanted to be the first to stop. The room was filled with the sounds of soft, moaning passion and the quiet smacking sound of open, wet kisses.

When she finally tore her mouth off of his, she whispered in a raspy, breathless tone: “Ohhhhhh…daddy…we..gottttaaa…sssttoopp thissss!!”

But her actions belied her words as her hands continued to vigorously explore his arms and back while Tyrone dipped his mouth down onto her neck, sucking it lustfully.

“UUHhhhhhhhhh…nnnnoooo!!” she moaned, but again reacted in just the opposite way as she tilted her head and exposed more of her neck to Tyrone’s sucking mouth.

“OOOHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Alexis groaned, again, and lifted her left leg, wrapping it around his outer thigh and mashing her groin up against his.

Tyrone slid his hands down her back and grabbed a handful of her ass cheeks, grinding his crotch into hers. They stood there, Tyrone sucking on this beautiful woman’s neck and Alexis running her long white nails across his back as they dry humped against one another, desperate for each other.

“Ooohhhh daddy!! You’re…driving me…crazy!!” Alexis moaned, passionately driving her groin up at his and pressing her big tits into him.

Consumed by desire, Tyrone rushed to capture a tit in each hand and kneaded them, tweaking the nipples between his fingers.

“Oohhhhhhh!! Daddy!!” she moaned as she thrust her breasts into his hands and rubbed them wantonly against his massaging fingers. She reached up, grabbing the back of daddy’s head and pulled it down towards her, meshing her open mouth against his.

Tyrone released her tits and wrapped his arms around her naked waist, pulling her in tight against him as he returned her kiss!

Alexis snaked her arms around his neck, as she kissed him deeply, her erect nipples scrapping against his big and muscular chest. “Oh daddy!! We…should……before it’s too late!!” she moaned, breaking off their kiss and catching her breath. But, at the same time, her hands were down at daddy’s waist, unbuckling his trouser and working them down his body until only his black boxers remained.

With her hand on his cock, Tyrone attacked his white beauty’s neck with his mouth, again, while he rubbed his swollen dick against her abdomen.

Alexis, in the heat of the passion, glanced down at her daddy’s clothed equipment and gasped in shock.

Hearing her gasp, Tyrone pulled away from her neck and followed her gaze down to his shaft and then looked back up at her with a proud grin on his face.

But nothing could’ve prepared him for the moment when she knelt down between his legs, her huge tits jiggling as she did so. His grin grew wickedly, and his eyes went wide, but she didn’t notice, as her eyes were stuck on his bulge.

“Do you like it?” he asked, his dick throbbing, knowing that pleasure was close by.

“It’s so big daddy!” she said, eyes wide, not holding back, unable to contain herself, biting her lower lip as she stared at his huge weapon.

“Well… unwrap it… accept your birthday gift,” he purred, his voice almost sinister. Here he was, his adoptive daughter kneeling before him and marvelling in the presence of his cock on her eighteenth birthday. He should’ve been horrified, but that one look in the doorway had sealed his fate. She was just too hot and now that he’d seen it, he realised she’d been so for years.

Slightly nervous, the teenage beauty reached forward until she finally made contact with his straining bulge, and that alone was enough to send a small jolt through the older man.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she wasn’t gonna stop. Nothing could stop her at this point. She just needed to see his weapon unleashed.

She had to.

Reaching up with both hands, she hooked her fingers into the hem of his underwear, poised for the moment of truth. Looking up at him, she found herself looking straight into his sinister eyes. Too far down the road to stop at this point, she didn’t hesitate. With a firm tug, Alexis yanked his underwear down, and as she did, time slowed down as the moment stretched across what felt like an eternity.

Her eyes went wide as the black beast emerged to her vision.

And all coherent thoughts left her mind.

The room was filled with a deafening silence, as all of her senses were focused on the thing currently filling her vision.

What she saw was so imposing and scary that she almost jumped back. But despite that, as soon as it was exposed, she couldn’t look away.

It was just…wow!

The entirety of daddy’s enormous penis was exposed to her eyes for the first time, and she was studying every inch of it. Somehow, someway, even though her glimpses of it in his shorts had made it seem really impressive, it looked even bigger now.

Wow… it was gigantic.

Alexis moaned as she moved her face closer, wanting a better look.

It was absolutely massive, a good ten inches, maybe even bigger. His weapon was hard as steel, standing straight out from his shaved crotch, pointing right at her. And it was… perfect. Each inch was more perfect than the last. Smooth, and black as the night, with prominent, masculine veins empowering it to its current throbbing state, capped with a prominent, angry head. Below it was a pair of two perfectly large, swollen balls, encased in a smooth, hanging sack, filled to the brim with his copious seed.

Alexis’ eyes went wide as she stared at it, and she almost went cross-eyed as she stared down its impressive length.

It… it was enormous!

Fascinated, she moved in closer to it, and she could feel the heat and power coming off of it. It was incredible! She’d never seen anything like it. She reached forward with one nervous hand and wrapped her little fingers around its thick, iron-hard base as best as she could, not getting all the way around its girth. Now that she had it in her grasp, she tilted the thing so it was pointed directly at her face.

“What do you think?” Tyrone asked as she looked down the barrel of the rifle. He never had a doubt what her answer would be.

“It’s amazing daddy! Oh my God!” she effused softly, enthralled, smiling slightly, looking at it with wide eyes, studying every inch as she tilted it in front of her. She was biting at her plump lower lip as she admired his massive cock. All the negativity she had felt for him when he pressed her up against the mirror and took liberties with her body, it was all forgotten.

All forgiven.

His cock was that impressive! She couldn’t look away from it. Now that his manhood was exposed to her, her view of him as a man was completely changing. She was awestruck. But as monumental of a moment he knew this was for her, Tyrone was impatient for pleasure after all the teasing she’d put him through over the years came rushing into his head now that he saw her as the sexbomb she was.

So, he didn’t want to be kept waiting any longer.

As soon as the head of his lengthy weapon was pointed directly at her mouth again, he slid his large hand down into her silky soft platinum blonde hair. “This is the bigge… mmMMMPPPPHHH!” she groaned as he pulled the head cheerleader forward, pushing his rock-hard weapon into her young, eager mouth, the thick, angry tip pushing past her smooth, plump pink lips.

“Mmm… that’s it,” Tyrone sighed as he felt the young model’s tongue sliding along the underside of his pole. “Taste that big black cock, baby girl. Savour it. Fuck! Get used to it. Cause if you’re as good at this as I think you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be doing this a lot from now on. Fuck…I should’ve had you earlier…” His hand on the back of her head, he was focused entirely on his own pleasure. So, he pulled her down deeper, forcing his cock deeper into Alexis’ mouth, till the tip was pressed against the entrance to her throat.

Alexis’ eyes were wide. The young blonde had never had her mouth so full. Sure, she’d had a few in her mouth, here and there, but compared to this…it practically didn’t count as sucking a cock. This was cock-sucking as it was meant to be. A big, fat cock in a young, eager mouth. Her shock at having this cock jammed into her mouth slowly dissipated as she adjusted to his intense size. Daddy’s cock practically filled her mouth to the brim, her smooth lips wrapped around its girth, her tongue pressed against its underside.

But despite him taking the initiative in forcing her gasping mouth onto his swollen dick, she wasn’t trying to pull her lips off his cock, not in the slightest. Her tongue was licking the underside, savouring its masculine flavour. She was drooling all over it, quite frankly, her heated saliva coating the thick unyielding weapon, leaking past her lips and down his shaft. Adjusting enough to feel like she could begin actively participating, she did her best to give him what she wanted, bobbing up and down on the top few inches of dick.

With his hand still firmly in place on the back of her head, he pulled her down, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth and down her tight throat. Her eyes went wide at this sudden invasion of a huge, thick cock down her throat. She didn’t think she was capable of this. She didn’t even think it was possible for any of his thick weapon to fit any deeper. And yet, with his firm, confident grasp guiding her, she somehow took a few good inches of cock down her tight throat.

He held himself there, really staking out his dominance by staking his cock in her tight throat, forcing the busty cheerleader to hold his weapon in her mouth despite her discomfort. He held his cock in place, making her take it, making her experience its power first hand. Tears of discomfort slid down her tanned cheeks, but she wasn’t fighting back. She was compliant, doing what was asked of her, like the good bitch she was. She certainly had potential, Tyrone thought to himself. Finally, sensing her lack of air, he released his grip on her. She removed her mouth from his black and glistening cock as she panted deeply for air, refilling her lungs. His cock was coated with her spit, drool connecting his pulsing shaft and her open mouth. Her eyes were glassy with lust, and her skin was glowing. Tyrone watched her, eager to see her reaction to sucking his mighty cock.

He would not be let down.

An expression of heavy lust crossed her lips as they curled up in a wicked, hungry sneer. Then, eagerly, savagely, Alexis attacked his throbbing cock with her hot, wet, teenage mouth. She dove forward, mouth wide open, attacking his iron erection. There was no hesitation. No fear. Alexis didn’t even slow down as she forced herself deeper, taking inch after inch of turgid, old-man-cock smoothly into her young mouth. The thick meaty weapon grazed across her smooth lips, and the underside slid across her hot, wet, eager tongue, absorbing its addictive flavour. She didn’t slow down. She just took that cock into her mouth like a trooper. Her smooth, plump lips formed a tight seal around his thick shaft, and her cheeks hollowed as she began to properly suck the brutal older man’s huge cock. She looked up at her daddy, her eyes still watery, seeking his approval.

“That’s it, bitch. That’s it. What a good little cock sucker you are!” he groaned, closing his eyes in bliss.

Bent over, butt pushing out, the young beauty was getting seriously into this, her head bobbing in daddy’s lap. She had never done anything like this, acted so incredibly slutty, and it was so exciting. She was energized by the filth she was taking part in. Add on to that the fact that she’d never seen anything close to daddy’s huge black cock, it was understandable as to why she was going a little crazy over it. Looking down, all she could see was his massive pole sticking out of her young mouth, his fit stomach getting closer to her face as she bobbed on it. Her drool was leaking from her mouth copiously, soaking the massive pole, leaking down to his massive cum-filled balls. Finally, desperate for air, eyes glassy, she ripped her mouth from the old man’s weapon, panting yet smiling.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, eyes glassy with lust, lips swollen as she gawked at her daddy’s spit-soaked weapon. Her hand still gripping the base of his pulsing dong, she leaned forward, extending her tongue and lewdly licking along the smooth shaft.

“Fuck!” he sighed, eyes closing with pleasure. Composing himself, he spoke up. “You like it?” Tyrone asked. “You like that black cock?” he asked as she ran her tongue around his mushroom tip.

“It’s amazing!” she gasped, eyes wide, her pretty face lit up with excitement. She couldn’t believe how much fun she was having.

“Damn…” he sighed, shocked at how fast she was progressing. Looking down at her, her perfect ass pointed upwards, her massive tits swaying beneath her as she attacked his huge cock. He humped up into her as she kept at it. “You are a natural. I knew you would be fantastic at sucking dick! Fuck! But I didn’t think you’d be this fucking good. Yes! I knew you’d end up my bitch the second I walked in here. Those tits… fuck… that ass… you’re built to be on your knees, sucking my cock!” he growled, closing his eyes and stroking his huge fingers through her hair as she resumed her slutty ways.

Alexis was laser-focused on sucking him off. She was facing down, eyes closed, her silky tresses falling against his crotch as she sucked his dick. Her hand had slid downward, massaging his nut-sack as she blew him. She had never done that before, but she just instinctually knew it would make him feel good. The true slut inside her was being brought to the surface the longer this went on. And this transformation was all on camera. It was still unbeknownst to her and capturing all the action.

“Fuck!” he grunted, sounding almost angry the pleasure was so good. He reached down again and curled her hair around his fingers, fucking up into her mouth as he pulled her down roughly, forcing his cock even deeper as she sucked him off, digging out more territory in her tight throat.

Taking himself right up to the edge, his cock throbbing as he brutally fucked her throat at a savage pace, he had enough self-control to hold off, knowing that he didn’t want to cum just yet. Plus, he could see that she was beginning to struggle for breath. Holding off his climax, with the discipline only a man his age could have, he released his grip on her hair, letting her go. With a gasp, she pulled her mouth from his bone-hard weapon, thick bands of drool connecting her mouth to the ruthless old man’s monster dick. Red-faced, she panted for breath and wiped her hand over her face, as her own spit had coated her mouth area. If she was bothered by such rough treatment, she didn’t show it, her gorgeous face wearing a huge grin. But mercy was short from a man like Tyrone, and he was eager to move things along.

“Stand up!” he commanded, and she complied, a little dazed as he escorted her to the bed.

Sitting down on it, he positioned her between his legs.

Now, come get on daddy’s lap…” he added, speaking her language. She took a nervous step forwards, but that wasn’t quick enough for him. Impatient with lust for her Goddess-like beauty, he grabbed her roughly by the hips and pulled her into place, so she was straddling his lap, facing him, her massive boobs jiggling right in front of him. His throbbing dick was standing straight as she hovered above him and his massive weapon was now pointing directly at her eager teenage pussy.

“Sit down on it,” Tyrone growled, letting his eyes glance at her bare tits, now within inches of his hungry face. It took all his will to focus on the task at hand and not just dive in to her cleavage, face-first.

Too far along the path to stop now, Alexis reached down and grabbed the base of his pole, making sure it’s aim was true. The incest, her dignity, and most pressingly, her fertile and unprotected pussy, weren’t on her mind in the slightest. The only thing that mattered was the giant slab of meat throbbing in her palm and getting it deep inside her as quickly as possible. Without hesitation, she lowered herself down till the head of the older man’s mighty black cock pressed against the entrance to her plump, tight and eager cunt. Meeting his cold, icy gaze with her nervous one, she paused for just a moment. But he wasn’t gonna wait any longer. Still gripping her hips, he pulled her down, and the head of his dick pushed apart the lips of her waiting pussy.

“OHHHH!” she moaned in shock.

“Mmmmm…” he groaned from his throat as the tip of his big cock nestled itself in her dripping pussy.

“Oh my God!” she called out. Obviously, she knew he was huge, but feeling his massive weapon trying to gain entrance into her tight pussy really proved how big he was. In a normal situation with the star quarterback or her agent, she would take her time and really get used to it. But this wasn’t a normal situation, and her daddy was not a patient man. So, without mercy, he pulled her down deeper, sliding about half of his thick cock into her teenage pussy.

“OH MY GOD! Ahhhh!” she screamed out as daddy resized her tight young cunt with his massive rod. He was so damn big! She had never experienced anything like this. In the speed of this encounter, she had almost forgotten that this was incest, that she was now breaking a law for the first time. She wished she could take time to really feel that guilt, but her physical needs blew her guilt out of the water. She felt filled in a way she never had before, and he was only halfway inside her. But he was already touching areas that had never been touched. At first, it kind of hurt, but it was a good kind of pain, and the more she adjusted to it, the more she enjoyed it. That being said, she didn’t think she could take anymore. He was just too huge.

“Hhmmmm!” he groaned. Goddamn, she was tight. Her cunt was wrapped around his thick, meaty pole, stretched to the max, overfilled with dick, clutching his manhood as tight could be. Needless to say, it felt fucking fantastic. And if there were any doubts about whether she enjoyed having such a massive weapon lodged up her pussy, it’s tight, unrelenting grip and the fact her juices were gushing all over it should answer them.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” she panted, her pussy spasming on black cock as she adjusted to his size. But Tyrone was merciless as he gripped her hips and roughly pushed the remaining five inches of cock deep inside her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” she squealed loudly as she was filled to the brim with ten inches of daddy’s black cock. Her entire body jerked in shock as she was filled up past the point she thought possible, his big hands holding her in place, making her get used to his immense size. She thought she was filled before, but now, she was positively stuffed. She collapsed against him, her bare tits pressing into his clothed chest, as she writhed on daddy’s big cock.

Tyrone held her in place, making her tight pussy get used to his massive size. As he did, he grit his teeth and tried his best to ride out the pleasure her tight, grasping cunt was bringing him. Damn… he’d gotten a lot of top tier pussy in his day. But fuck… this was easily the best. Her cunt was stretched to the brim around his thick post, squeezing the living daylights out of it. The walls of her pussy were wrapped around his full length, squeezing it, flexing around it, making his balls boil. The head of his dick was buried deep in untouched places deep inside the young slut’s pussy, and the knowledge of that fact sent tingles along his length.

Fuck, this was fucking good.

“Ahhhhh!” she gasped, eyes closed, her luscious frame still spasming as her pussy adjusted to his massive pole. So big… so big… so damn big! No man had ever been even close to this. Alexis’ world was being changed with every inch of hard cock being forced inside her. She knew his black cock was just fucking huge, but it was like a monster was splitting her in two. And her pussy was accepting it. Despite its immense size, her pussy was welcoming it inside of her, stretching around it in a manner she didn’t think possible. Her pussy was soaking it with her now copious juices and aiding it in its journey inside her fertile cunt. Daddy’s black cock wouldn’t stop until it was completely inside her, and her pussy would do it’s damndest to help it reach its goal.

As more cock was being forced inside her, Alexis only now truly understood what she had been missing out on all these years.

“Take it, bitch!” Tyrone grunted, pushing her down, wanting her to take more of his cock inside of her. She twisted and flexed, angling herself to take more of his powerful cock. As his tanned white beauty’s copious pussy-juice dripped down his shaft, more of Tyrone’s hard pipe slid inside her.

It was almost inhuman, Alexis thought, wondering how her body could take so much cock? She didn’t know how it could possibly fit, but it could, and somehow, she just knew she could take more. She could take the whole thing.

Alexis was beginning to realize that she was built for black cock.

“Mmmmmm…” Tyrone groaned from deep in his throat as the stunning cheerleader’s cunt pleasured his entire length, squeezing and massaging every square inch of his massive dick. Feeling her tits ballooning out against his chest, he ripped open his shirt and pulled it off, wanting to feel her big naked breasts against his bare chest. She was always impressed by his physique, but now, she drooled at what she saw. His fit chest. His impressive arm muscles. Even at his age, he could make her feel weak.

Alexis kept grinding her pussy around his throbbing pole, and she would probably be content to take as long as she wanted to get used to his massive size. But Tyrone was not about to wait around.


“C’mon!” he growled, reaching around to slap her ass, wanting to spur her into action. “Move your ass! Ride this big dick!” he roared, tugging on her gorgeous white-haired platinum blonde locks.

Not wanting to disappoint him, she lifted herself up, his thick, swollen meat sliding out of her grasping pussy. Surprisingly enough, as difficult as it was to adjust to his size, as soon as she got halfway up, she felt empty. Unable to resist, she dropped herself back into his lap.

“Oh!” she sighed, her ass slamming into his lap as her eager cunt swallowed up his big dick again.

“Again!” he growled, spanking her juicy ass again. She repeated the motion, slowly rising and falling. Then she did it again, and again as he spanked her, until she began to bounce at a steady rhythm.

“Oh my God!” Alexis sighed softly as she bounced on daddy’s cock. As she got into it, she began bouncing up a little more each time, taking more dick on each bounce. At first, having his huge, bulging cock buried completely in her small, tight pussy felt more awkward than good, but there was enough pleasure there for her to keep going. And as she worked up into a good rhythm, it slowly began feeling better and better.

“Fuck…” Tyrone sighed. As the swimsuit model rode his big dick, her huge breasts bouncing right in his face, and finally ready to cut loose, Tyrone didn’t hesitate to indulge himself. Leaning forward, he pressed his face right against her tits, letting the soft flesh cascade against his face as she rode him. She leaned forward, allowing him to immerse himself in her bulbous rack. He reached up and squeezed her perky jugs firmly, gripping them in his palms as she fucked him. As the old black man scrubbed his face against the young white woman’s perfect, soft, succulent tits vigorously, he felt her throbbing nipples scraping across his chiselled facial features. They were clearly looking for a mouth, and he was happy to oblige, sliding his lips around her hard nipples.

“Ah!” she sighed as her daddy began sucking on her big tits. She had planned to go clubbing with her friends and join her agent in the VIP section, but here she was, letting daddy suck on her perfect tits while riding his huge black cock. He switched between nipples until they were both covered in his spit. After fully availing himself in her huge breasts, he sat back, his hands still squeezing her massive rack as she rode him.

“God damn! I love these fucking tits! Ever since you started developing them I’ve wanted to squeeze these fucking tits!” Tyrone growled, admitting to himself how much he’d lived in denial over his lust for her. Fuck he’d wanted her and now, as he was slapping one of her big titties again, spurring her on to ride him harder and faster, she was his.

Slapping her tits caused her boobs to bounce even more, and his big rough hands dug into them even more firmly. He dove back in and scrubbed his face into her massive, juicy tits, growling like a lion. Feeling her big, bare tits moulding to his face as she rode him. Falling back, letting his hands dig into the succulent flesh of her massive tits, he smiled hungrily at her. “Look at you, bitch. You’ve been teasing that hot body of yours for years, torturing me with it. And now your shoving your huge boobs in my face and riding my big fucking cock! Haha! You’re the best daughter ever! I fucking love it!”

“Oh my God!” she sighed. She bounced a little faster as daddy tore her down, but she was still holding back from losing herself. Not saying anything to defend herself. Not letting go and fully embracing this fierce fucking. She was staying quiet and biting her lip, only letting out small little moans of pleasure. She was bouncing lightly, and she was doing a good job at taking about half of his length on every bounce.

But in Tyrone’s opinion, she could do so much better.

This girl was built for it. Just, her body… her round, juicy ass, which was just a fantastic combination of rippling muscles and fat. Her tits, which were absolutely massive and smooth and built to be squeezed. Those killer thighs that drove him insane. And her pussy, man her pussy was incredible, tight and wet and oh so eager. This bitch wasn’t just built for sex, but she was built for nasty, brutal, hardcore fucking.

And he needed to give her that.

“Stand up bitch!” he growled while spanking her hard.

“Uh… wha…” she said, confused, drunk with pleasure.

“I said stand up!” he commanded again, slapping the side of her ass, spurring her into action. While dizzy and flicking her hair like only a model could, she peeled her sweaty body off of his, pushing herself up, sitting up straight. Her head sagged slightly, a bit shaky. Finally, she steeled herself, ground her ass into daddy’s lap, squeezing his still throbbing cock, before she pushed herself to her feet, standing on shaky legs. Tyrone’s python-like cock slid out of the swimsuit model’s cunt for the first time in what felt like forever, standing erect like a tower from his body, coated with a thick, shiny layer of his baby girl’s sex-juices.

Tyrone pushed her into the bed like she was nothing but a toy. Moving quickly, he ripped off the sheets he needed to destroy her completely and sat down atop of her big and muscular thighs.

Alexis looked over her shoulder at him while she felt her hands be tied behind her back, and her eyes immediately locked onto his throbbing member. It had never looked more menacing, bouncing slightly as he tied her ankles to the bed posts, the huge, imposing head pointing straight at her.

When she was completely tied to the bed, she looked at him in awe as he stroked his rigid tool against her wet pussy lips.

The gorgeous eighteen-year-old arched her back and held her perfectly round ass back toward her daddy. And she couldn’t help but wonder why he’d decided to take her today? She’d been teasing him for years and her body hadn’t changed overnight. She’d been just as hot yesterday, but perhaps her age had been the only thing preventing his dam from bursting? It had to be, not that she cared, she wanted to be taken. It was her fantasy and if it was her daddy that make her fantasy come true, then so be it.

Not that she could prevent it either. She was tied, helpless, under his mercy and so unbelievably turned on by how good his black body looked atop of her gorgeously tanned skin.

Was she developing a black fetish? It felt like it.

Wow, maybe she should’ve let the black kingpin on school have some fun with her in the corner he’d pressed her into after all rather than call out for her help.

But she could always correct that mistake.

“You know what I’m gonna ask of you…” Tyrone began, his smooth, silky voice making the head cheerleader shiver as she looked back at him, the sides of her jiggling breasts visible from behind. “You know what men like me ask of their whores…” he said, resting his fingers on her smooth hips, gripping them lightly. “You knew how this would end the second you knelt before me…” He held her gaze with his as she chewed on her lower lip hotly. “So, I just want you to ask for it… I want you to beg. So, bitch… give your daddy what he wants,” he finished, holding her gaze sternly, pausing in place.

She looked back at him with a naughty expression and t “Daddy…please…fuck me”

“There she is” Tyrone said, smiling proudly at the transformation he had forced upon the young model. With one hand, he gathered a good amount of her long silky hair in his rough palm. With his other hand he reached down to grab her hip as he thrusted into her soaking wet pussy.

“OH! GOD…” she yelled out, her eyes widening in shock as her pussy stretched around his massive size again. Before she could fully recover, he was already sliding his cock back out to the tip before slamming it back in again. “UGH! OH MY GOD!” she screamed as she panted for breath like a woman giving birth. Still gripping her hips, he drove into her again, and again, and again, driving her wild. “OH! AHHH! UGHH!” she groaned as she took it.

“Take it!” he growled. “Take that black cock, bitch!” He kept pumping his full length into her, again and again and again. His hands were gripping her wide hips as he drilled her, pulling her petite body back into him as he drove into her. Her massive ass jiggled with every thrust as he kept pumping into her, stealing his gaze for a moment.

“Wait… wait… slow down,” she called out, looking back at the merciless older man. But he was ruthless, picking up the pace despite her pleas for mercy, fucking her harder and harder. She began lifting her head ever so slightly, seeking kindness. But instead, he only grabbed her silky hair roughly, pulling her back hard. “Ah! AHHHH! AHHHHHHH!” she moaned as her entire body felt like it was on fire thanks to his efforts. Despite the rough treatment, she couldn’t deny the electric jolts of pleasure coming from her dripping pussy.

“Don’t act like you’re not loving this!” Tyrone growled. “Talk to me, bitch! Tell me how much you love it!”

The sounds of meaty slapping as her ass slapped against him filled the room. Her pussy was spasming around his swollen pole as he fucked her faster and faster, harder than she ever thought possible. Her gorgeous face was a mask of pleasure as her mouth remained open in a silent moan. His muscles were flexed as he gripped her white-like hair with one hand and her hip with the other, drilling her roughly.

“Tell me you like getting fucked like a fucking whore!” he demanded, pumping into her, his cock like a blur as he fucked her brains out. She remained silent, her body tensed in pleasure. Tyrone filled her with his entire length on every thrust, causing his sizable balls to slap against her clit.

Giving him no response, he opted to grab one of her hard nipples between his calloused fingers and twisted it hard. “AHHHHHH! Oh!” she screamed out, humping back at him further.

“Talk to me, bitch!” he growled into her ear, still drilling her. As he fucked her, her massive tits were rippling and bouncing as he pumped into her roughly. Reaching beneath her, he dug his big palm into her soft, luscious titties again. “These big, perfect tits! Fuck you exploded into them from your C-cups! And I wanted those c-cups, but now these double E cups are mine! I don’t care that you’re my daughter! I don’t care if you pledge yourself to a husband in the future! Because these tits belong to me now!” he growled, groping her hanging jugs roughly.

“Oh my God!” she groaned, barely able to handle the rough treatment. She didn’t know if she could agree with it, but God, did it ever feel like daddy had taken ownership of her huge breasts, stealing sole possession of them away from the world. It sounded bad, but the thought of it made her pussy even wetter. But no… if she gave over total ownership of her body to him, she would be his bitch forever.

She couldn’t do that, no matter what he…


“AHHH!” she moaned out in shock as the older man swatted her rear end. Despite the shock, an electric bolt of lust coursed through her from the firm contact.


“OH!” she moaned out again. Holy crap! She was shocked at how good that felt!

What did she swear she couldn’t do again?


She couldn’t remember.

He delighted in spanking his baby girl’s tight ass. It was such a perfect piece of art, an ass built to be spanked and punished.


“Mmmm!” she groaned, trying her best to suppress a very loud moan. No man had ever done anything like this to her, and the pleasure that was coursing through her at such an illicit, humiliating act was insane. She had never felt anything like this. Everything this older man was doing to her was driving her crazy, and then she broke.


As Tyrone tugged her Goddess-like hair back and continued to slide more of his thick black cock into her tight white pussy, her gaze was forced to look straight into the mirror.

Alexis looked at herself, taking in her surroundings. She was in her own bedroom, completely naked while daddy sat atop of her athletic legs, forcing his huge black dick up her tight and fertile pussy. His big, strong hand slid around her smooth body, squeezing one of her huge, soft, jiggling boobs. She was in the clutches of a big, strong and handsome black daddy.

And She barely recognized herself.

Alexis didn’t see any sign of the girl she used to be. No, the previous her would never do this. Alexis’ light had been darkened by the incestuous fucking, which is why she didn’t see any signs of the woman she used to be. Alexis looked at herself and realized she saw someone different staring back at her.

She looked like such a slut.

But this revelation didn’t disgust her or horrify her. The thought of daddy having his way with her didn’t bother her.

Not anymore.

Instead it made her smile.

Her eyes flashed with lust and pride as the predatorial black man used her body for pleasure. The way he pawed at her lustful body made her feel hot and sexy in a way no one never had. She chewed her lower lip at the hot scenario she found herself in, feeling more like a mature, adult woman than she ever had before. And on the side of adulthood, the flavour was delicious and the smell reeking of sex. Now her true life would begin and she already knew her role in this world. And it was to pleasure rough uncaring men with huge cocks.

Like her daddy.

Her body was built to make men drool, so why not enjoy the type of pleasure that comes with? Why bother thinking of all that other silly stuff when you could be getting stuffed with huge cocks and feeling an unimaginable level of pleasure? Why deny yourself this pleasure? For the sake of love? Marriage? Why do that, when daddy’s huge cock gave her more fulfilment than all that stuff ever had?

Her internal struggle now gone, she accepted what she was when her daddy began to piston his fingers up into her tight asshole while fucking her brains out.


“You like that black cock, don’t you, bitch?” Tyrone growled, knowing she would come around, his hips driving forward as he kneaded his baby girl’s huge rack.

“Fuck me, daddy… fuck my fertile pussy! Fill me up!” she moaned loudly, a small orgasm passing through her.

“You want daddy’s cock?” he asked, twisting her hard nipple roughly.

“Yes! PLEASE! Give me every fucking inch, daddy! I want to feel your balls against my ass!” the young slut moaned out, spurring the older man on.

“You want the whole thing?” Tyrone asked, grunting slightly, looking at her face in the mirror with a raised eyebrow.

“YES! FUCK!” Alexis moaned out, her eyes wide, looking almost insane with need. “Squeeze my tits, daddy! Squeeze your slut’s huge fucking tits!” she screamed in pleasure as he pushed three fingers up her ass.

“Mmm, fuck!” Tyrone grunted out, taking his hand from her hair and asshole and sliding them around to cup both of her massive tits in his palms. He squeezed them greedily, kneading the firm flesh between his fingers. “You want the whole fucking thing, bitch?” Tyrone groaned through gritted teeth, the pleasure of her hot, tight pussy and her change in attitude making him lose control.

“Yes, daddy! Please! Shove every inch of your perfect, fat cock up my tight teenage pussy! Fuck my fertile pussy hard! Make me scream daddy! I want the world to hear!” Alexis moaned out.

Clenching his teeth together, Tyrone gave an unholy shove and drove his hips forward, and without care or mercy, he shoved the remaining few inches of his throbbing member up the young beauty’s amazing pussy.

“YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!” Alexis screamed out in a guttural moan of pleasure, another orgasm passing through her. Tyrone looked down to see the head cheerleader’s tight pussy wrapped around the base of his thick weapon. A jolt of lust shot through him.

There would be no more waiting. It was time for him to take his pleasure. Acting quickly, he freed her legs from her bindings. There was no need to keep her locked in place, she was his now, fully. Then he flipped her around while his cock remained in her. She was a toy in his black arms. And when she lay before him, flat on her back, her shapely legs on either side of him and her arms still tied behind her back, it was time.

Tyrone pulled his hips back, sliding his cock all the way out till only the tip was remaining in her soaking wet pussy, before reversing course, slamming his cock forward, driving his hips into her ass cheeks.

“Yes! Don’t stop, daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me like the cheap fucking whore I am! Treat me like a fucking slut!” Alexis called out loudly, louder than the sounds of their colliding bodies echoing through the room.


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes!” Alexis screamed out as Tyrone was going to town on his slut daughter, pounding his cock in and out of her at a furious pace and slapping the filth off of her face. Tyrone, in his lust-filled berserker rage, let his eyes drift to her bare tits, bouncing just beneath him, now available to be felt up again. Slapping her face one more time like only a true slut would love, he reached down and let his hands dig into the soft, succulent titty-flesh again, squeezing them roughly as he drilled her.

“Ugh! Ohhh!” Tyrone groaned, almost beyond words at this point he was so lust-crazed. He wasn’t gonna last much longer now. In his lust-addled mind, his eager squeezing hands on her big boobs was all that he could focus on as he pumped into her tighter than tight cunt. He was really digging into her, driving his cock into her, pausing for a moment and really savouring her immaculate cunt. Her pussy was truly amazing.

“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me!” she moaned and she was getting close too. And even more than before, this position was really hitting all the right spots. Her pussy was gushing all over his thick, lengthy pole. She was gonna cum soon, as well, and hard.

“You like this you fucking whore!?” Tyrone growled, his body slamming into hers as she raised her legs.

“Oh my God! Yes!” Alexis moaned, her legs shaking with lust on either side of his head. She felt him squeezing her giant breasts roughly, gripping as much of her tits as he could. “Daddy! Fuck! Daddy, I think I’m gonna cum!” she said lightly, her eyes rolling back in pleasure.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Tyrone groaned as he continued drilling the model’s eager cunt. He was getting really close too.

“Daddy… fuck! Daddy, I want you to cum in me!” Alexis groaned. “I wanna feel it! I need to feel it! I want to feel your cum inside my nasty fucking cunt! Oh my God, I want you to fill me up with jizz! Please! KNOCK ME UP!” she begged, looking up at her handsome daddy.

“Ughh! Fuhh…” he groaned, driving his powerful, rock hard cock into her firmly, making her entire body shake with each forceful thrust. His big, manly palms were digging into her big soft tits, the immaculate softness adding to his volcanic lust, almost ready to erupt.

“More! More! More! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Alexis cried out, her moans filling the room. Her pussy was spasming as he hit her just right, over and over and over again. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy shit, daddy! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh my God! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES! YES!”

“Oh my God! Holy shit!” Tyrone groaned, driving down into her like a machine, gripping her luscious tits roughly.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! AHHHH! AHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHH!” Alexis squealed, her limbs jerking and shaking as her body was readying to blast into orbit.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Tyrone groaned, hips in overdrive.

“AHHHHHHH!” she screamed of pleasure as he nearly squashed her tits in his pleasure.

“YES! YES! Oh my God! OH MY GOD!” Alexis continued to scream the house down as the orgasm rocked her world.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH! YYYYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSS! FFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! YYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!” Alexis screamed, breaking her vocal cords as he fucked her through the mind-blowing senstations.

At near the same moment, Tyrone’s balls twisted and a rocket-burst of thick, creamy sperm exploded out of his thick cock and into the depths of his whore’s wicked, nasty cunt. At the same moment, Alexis’ body was ablaze with pleasure as the full wave of her orgasm hit her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhhh!” Tyrone groaned as more cum fired out of him. Their bodies were acting on instinct. In his case, that meant his body made sure he had buried his lengthy cock to the brim inside her clutching cunt, ensuring the thick cum firing out of him was taken as deep as possible in her wet pussy. And for her, she was pushing back against him, trying to ensure the very same thing.

“UGGGHHH! FUCK! AHHHHH!” she groaned loudly, her cunt clenching around him, trying to force as much cum as possible deep inside of her.

“Shit! Shit! GUHHHH! FUCK!” Tyrone groaned, his cock firing off again and again. He still had her folded in half, her legs on his shoulders as he drove down into her, humping into her squeezing cunt as more and more cum rocketed out of him.

“Yes! YES! I feel it! I feel it!” she cried out, completely overwhelmed with pleasure as she felt her daddy’s huge black cock firing off thick jets of cum deep inside her nasty cunt. Her legs were shaking near his ears as she came, feeling a pleasure she had never experienced. No one had ever given her even close to this level of pleasure.

Only her father.

“Uhhhh! Fuck!” Tyrone groaned, humping down into her. Both were covered with sweat, and the heat in this small room was like a sauna.

“Yes! Yes!” she sighed. Completely engulfed beneath her daddy’s manly frame as he pumped boiling cum deep into her needy cunt, this was exactly what she wanted. What she dreamed of. To be taken by a beast of a man and knocked up.

“Fuck! Fuck…” Tyrone grunted, humping into his baby girl, cum still firing out of him, in just as thick of streams as it did at the start. He’d been so turned on all morning that his balls were filled to the brim with thick cum, and it felt like he was pumping nearly every drop of it into her eager, fertile pussy.

“Yes! Fuuuuccckkkkk…” she groaned, squirming beneath him, her tight pussy not letting go of his weapon as it kept filling her up with sperm.

“Oh! Fuck!” Tyrone groaned, his body alive with a pleasure he hadn’t felt in his lifetime. And it was all thanks to his baby girl and her heavenly cunt, her filthy mouth and her huge tits. Fuck… her tits. He kept groping her melon-sized breasts, his fingers digging into the soft pleasure, and that was enough to prolong his pleasure. “Fuck…” he groaned, humping down into her, his orgasm starting to lessen ever so slightly.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” she moaned in pleasure, her cunt flexing around his shaft, trying to keep the flow of sperm coming.

Their bodies kept flexing and humping against each other, riding this whole thing out as it went on and on, riding the crest of pleasure together. He kept firing off, shooting off cum into her waiting pussy, which eagerly accepted every drop, so hungry for sperm it was. Their bodies were tense, coated with sweat, cumming in unison. Until finally, at the same exact moment, their intense orgasms ended, and their bodies collapsed onto the bed.

A tangle of sweaty limbs, her legs slid from his shoulders and fell to the sweaty sheets on either side of him. Tyrone was still on top of his lingerie-clad daughter as they both panted for breath, recovering from their orgasms. Tyrone peeled his sweaty body off of hers, rolling onto his back next to her on the bed. As he did, his lengthy dick slid from her grasping cunt, fully emerging from inside her for the first time in a while. And to his surprise, it was still hard. Coated in their combined sex-juices it had frankly never looked better. Some of the fight had been taken out of it surely, but the dull throb of need had not fully gone away. He expected it to go down fully once the adrenaline of sex fully left him.

Next to him, Alexis lied on her back, eyes half open, panting for breath, her chest rising and falling. Her tits looked absolutely mammoth like this. For a moment, he became completely hypnotized staring at them. The smooth skin. The hard nipples. The beads of sweat coating the succulent flesh. His mouth was watering just staring at them. He knew he should calm down and return to normal, but he wanted nothing more than to lick the sweat off those big tits of hers. He shook his head, trying to calm down.

Alexis was on another plane of existence. Not awake but not asleep, she was in heaven. That was, like, the best sex ever! She never dreamed she could actually get fucked so well. And her daddy had gone and done the deed. Her daddy was the one who had given this incredible gift of pleasure, and on her eighteenth birthday. That made it even better! This was just… perfect. Alexis panted for breath as she calmed down, her overcharged body cooling down from the ferocious sex session with her father.

Alexis was in a state where she could lie like this, between consciousness and rest, between heaven and here, for an eternity. She was existing in a state of pure, warm, fluffy bliss. But she’d awoken something in her daddy that couldn’t be put down, and she was about to experience that.

Stirred from her blissful state, she was brought back to the present as her daddy grabbed her by the hips and rolled her over onto her stomach, before grabbing her hips and lifting her so that her ass was raised up, her front still pressing into the soaked sheets. As her eyes opened fully and she looked back at her daddy, she almost didn’t recognize him as he stared hungrily at her bare ass. He looked more animal than man, and he was ready to feast.

Tyrone reached forward and grabbed each round, firm cheek, peeling them apart and exposing the full crevasse of her ass-crack and her tight, clean asshole to his eyes. His eyes went wide as he stared at the tight, puckered hole. He’d never done anything more than stuff his fingers up her ass and that was close to ass stuff as he’d gotten, but in this moment, staring at his own daughter’s tight asshole… his mouth was watering.

Announcing his attention silently, he guided himself forward and pressed the head of his cock against her tight asshole. Looking up to see her reaction, she glanced back at him with a gleeful grin.

“Oh my God, you’re still hard daddy?” she asked, shocked but excited.

He loved Alexis’ ass. He thought it was perfect and yet he wanted to see it destroyed. He wanted to have sex with it. He wanted bury his thick, manly member up his daughter’s perfect, mouth-watering ass and make her scream in pleasure. He wanted to conquer her divine, perfectly formed ass and take out all the frustration he’d harboured whenever she shook that thing around and teased him.

And he was about to.

Resting one hand on her hip, using the other to grip his rock-hard shaft, he began to push, the head of his battering ram pushing against her tight, unyielding asshole. She squirmed against this intruder, but he held her in place, still pushing against her. He wasn’t gonna stop. He wasn’t gonna show mercy.

Not until every fucking inch of his big dick was buried inside her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Alexis squealed in delight as he drove his full, impressive, lengthy cock up her tighter than tight ass.

“Ugh! Fuck! Fuck!” Tyrone groaned in unison, his hips a blur as he drove his dick inside of her.

The sight of it was incredible. His thick, swollen, massive black cock sliding into her small, clenched, taut asshole. In and out, over and over, disappearing inside of her. That was no exaggeration. Tyrone was now able to drive every single fucking inch of his black cock inside. From the head to the base, he was able to smoothly slide his huge cock into her eager ass.

And her ass was even more incredible than he’d expected. This hole was quite simply the tightest, hottest hole he’d ever fucked. It was squeezing the living hell out of his massive dick, gripping it like no other hole had ever done as he drove himself into her. If he hadn’t had such a massive orgasm not long prior, he would have blown his top fast, that’s how God damn amazing her asshole was. He couldn’t get enough, driving into her harder and harder.

At first, it was tough going, her tight ass getting used to his intense size and he slowly slid it deeper and deeper inside her, taking his time. He had to hold her in place in moments as she squirmed and spasmed as she adjusted. Her body was fighting against the massive intruder, but her mouth was urging him onward, begging him to fuck her tight ass more. But once he reached a certain depth inside her tight hole, it stopped resisting and began accepting its fate, welcoming his thick, meaty cock like a new friend, letting him in deeper and deeper. And as it did, it squeezed the life out of his swollen cock, gripping its entire girth like a tightened fist as it slid inside of her. Soon, he was able to slide his entire length in and out of her smoothly, her ass now an eager, horny sex-hole.

Seeing how quickly her ass took to his cock, he slowly began fucking her faster and faster, driving into her hard. Her firm, round ass jiggled as his front slammed into her. And he couldn’t resist palming those firm cheeks, squeezing them, groping them, eventually spanking them, making her squeal in delight.

Once things really got going, Alexis was going completely insane. Her body was on fucking fire at this point, completely engulfed in fiery pleasure. She clearly had pleasure centres deep in her ass, and her daddy’s thick, lengthy, throbbing cock was hitting every one of them. As he began really driving his cock into her ass hard, her entire body shuddering on all fours as she withstood the merciless ass-fucking, she slowly became a cursing, moaning, lust-ridden mess.

While her daddy pumped his cock into her ass furiously, like a piston in a car engine, she was beyond coherent thought. It eventually reached the point where it seemed like every few seconds, her ass would spasm and clench around him as a rough, anal orgasm coursed through her, making her entire body shudder. And as he kept going, and kept hitting all the right spots inside her, her cunt would react too, squirting out hot jets of girl-cum onto her father’s thighs and the bed, over and over again.

She was in heaven.

Her tight, squeezing asshole was amazing, driving him near berserk with lust. The longer this went on, and the more turned on he got, the rougher the treatment he gave her was. It started with his hands on her hips, fucking into her ass doggy style. But eventually, he had her hair twisted around his hand as he yanked her back hard. Her swinging, swaying melons became too amazing of a sight to ignore while fucking her from behind, so he yanked her up by her hair to allow his other hand free reign on her amazing jugs, groping them roughly as he drilled her. This put her their faces next to each other, his head over her shoulder as they went at it.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Tyrone groaned, pumping into her hard.

“Yes! Yes!” She moaned into his ear. With daddy’s hand yanking her hair, and his other arm around her chest, groping her big boobs, he was fully supporting her in this position, preventing her from collapsing forward. “Ahhhh! Yes! Ahhh!” she groaned as pleasure coursed through her. “So deep! You’re so fucking deep!” she cried, feeling his huge cock digging deep into her ass. She didn’t know how many times she had cum from this brutal ass-fucking.

She’d lost count.

“Fuck! Holy hell!” Tyrone groaned, her tight, clutching ass combined with the feeling of her huge, fleshy boobs in his hand were driving him insane. It was amazing he had lasted this long, but he wasn’t gonna last much longer. Her ass was too tight. Too hot.

“Ugh! Fuck…” Alexis sighed, turning and speaking into her dad’s ear. “Daddy! This is amazing! Uhh… Daddy? Daddy… I want you to cum! Daddy… you need to cum! I can tell!” She was right, his cock was as hard as steel, and his balls were churning. He was gonna cum soon, a fact that her tight asshole could apparently feel. “But Daddy… fuck… fuck… I don’t want you to cum in my ass! Not this time! Daddy… I want you to pull out and cum in my pussy!”

“Oh!” Tyrone groaned, those words making his balls swell up.

Uhhh! Yes! Daddy! I know you want to knock me up so bad!” Alexis moaned, a helpless toy in his arms. At the same moment, he kept driving into her ass as he kept palming her big titties. “Whenever I caught you looking at me when I was blossoming, I just knew you were dreaming about knocking me up! Yes, when I sat in your lap during our movie nights, I knew what my sexy ass did to you! Now I want you to fucking do it!” she moaned, music to his ears.

“Take it!” he groaned, picking up what she was putting down. “Take that fucking dick you fucking slut!” Tyrone roared, losing himself in lust over the thought of taking her already then.


“AHHHH! Haha! Yes! YES!” she squealed in delight, her cunt spasming around his swollen shaft. His cock slid into her smoothly, coated with her cunt juices, his balls slapping against her. As he got more into it, he slid his hand along her reddening rear end, teasing her with his hand while getting his fill of her voluptuous rear. Finally, after moments of teasing…


“UGGGHHHH! I love it! I fucking love it!” she groaned, her body alight with wicked pleasure. He then grabbed her by the hips again, fucking into her even harder, making her babble with pleasure. “Ahhh! UGHHH! GOD! UH! UH! AHH!” she groaned, his cock a blur as he pumped into her. His balls were beginning to really boil, threatening to blow again.

Seeing how she loved this rougher treatment, he slid his hand down her back, reaching forward to slide his hand into her white-like platinum blonde hair, gathering it in his fist and yanking it back.

“AHHHH! YES! YES! DO IT! Treat me like a fucking slut! YES!” she squealed loudly. Using his hand to pull her back, he was able to use the other to slide around her and cup her hanging tits, squeezing them roughly.

“GOD! YES! FUCK! Do whatever you want with me! Yes!” she moaned.

“Oh my God! Yes! YES!” Tyrone groaned, his body shuddering as he slid his cock out from deep in his daughter’s asshole and stuffed it straight up her pussy.

“UGHHH! God! Yes! I want it! I fucking want it!” she groaned. “I want you to fill my nasty cunt with cum! I want you to drain those big, fat balls of yours into my nasty cunt! Try and knock me up daddy! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! AHHH! YES!” she screamed in his ear, driving him insane with lust.

“Fuck! God Damn!” he groaned, drilling into her tight snatch even harder, his cock truly a blur as he slammed into her. He yanked back at her hair even harder and groped her big tits with more fervour.

“SHIT! FUCK! FUCK!” he groaned, digging his fingers into her lush, golden titty-flesh, savouring the softness. He couldn’t believe he was already about to cum again, but he was quickly approaching that point.

“Fill me up, daddy! And put babies in me! I want it so bad!” she demanded, her tanned body coated with sweat as they rutted like animals.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” he moaned, not believing she had said that.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! AHHH! AHHHHH! YES! YES! YES! UGHHH! UUUUGGGHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHH! YES! YES! YES! AHHHH! AHHHHH! FUCK! FUCK! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK! AHHHH!” she groaned, her body shaking with need. And when his fingers went to her hard nipples and twisted them roughly, she went over the edge.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Alexis screamed out in complete and all-consuming pleasure, her body shaking as a violent orgasm hit her.

“AHHHH! FUCK! FUCK!” Tyrone groaned as her spasming cunt set him off, his big black cock firing off another load, streams of thick, potent jizz firing out of his cock and into her waiting cunt.

“OH MY GOD! AHHHHH! AHHHHHH! FUCK! FUCK! YESSS! YYYYEEEESSSS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed out as she felt the thick bands of seed filling her up.

Tyrone kept drilling her as his cock fired off, again and again, his nuts twisting and firing out thick bands of creamy seed into her fertile cunt. He just kept going as he shot out more cum, filling her womb with it.

“Fffffffuuuucccckkkkkk! Fuck! Fuck! AHHHHH! Fuck!” she groaned, babbling, her mind and body awash with lust. She kept driving back at him, riding her orgasm out, arching her back and making sure his big black hands were filled with as much of her tits as possible. For such an amazing orgasm, he deserved that much.

This went on for minutes, bodies humping and jerking as they rode out these fierce orgasms. He held her close, her back against his front, their sweaty bodies sliding against each other as they withstood the pleasure flowing through them. She eventually slid from his grasp, falling forward, her chest against the bed, her ass still raised up as he kept pumping more cum into her. His hands slid to her hips, holding them tight as he kept his cock buried to the root inside her, firing off more and more cum into her. Finally, after his balls fired off one last time into her fertile cunt, he exhaled loudly. He slowly came down from his high, panting for breath, using her raised ass to hold himself up. He felt almost completely drained, and he didn’t know if he could form a coherent thought.

Alexis was still recovering as Tyrone pulled out of her. Getting up to his feet, buck naked, the gorgeous eighteen-year-old looked so hot and sexy he wanted to do it all again.

At this point, having come down from her high, this should be when all the guilt and regret hit her. Yet, as wrong as the incest was… she felt fine. She felt content. Sure, what she had done was wrong, but she had discovered a level of pleasure and excitement that she clearly felt she deserved. She had gotten something she never realized she needed until now.

It certainly didn’t hurt that the fucking was incredible.

Still a mess, with cum leaking out of her pussy, she had a big grin on her face as her daddy untied her completely. And while he looked down at her, it felt like he unchained her slutty nature completely by throwing away what had bound her.

“I hope you don’t think we’re done here,” he said, looking down with that cold expression of his that she already recognized so well. Before the complete destruction of her body, she hadn’t thought much of him looks wise, but at this point, after all they had done, he might be the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on. And she felt her heartbeats quicken by just looking at him. “I’m just getting warmed up, and there are a lot of things I have planned for that body…” he said, glancing down at her luscious tits with dark intent.

Looking up at him, she didn’t say a word.

Alexis simply smiled, wickedly.

Acting fast, Tyrone bent down and used his well-earned muscles to pull his whore to her feet and throw her over his broad shoulder, like a conqueror. And that’s what it truly felt like, as he balanced her in place and began walking, only stopping to grab the video camera. The camera she hadn’t noticed in the heat of their fucking. And camera that recorded every second of her descent into whoredom.

After that, he marched towards the living room, turned on the tele, hoping he hadn’t missed the big game.

But luckily, it had just started.

Bending his conquest over the living room table, that reached to about mid-thigh, he pressed a hand on her back to ensure she stayed bent. Tyrone didn’t want his whore to block the view of the game as the quarterback of his favourite team got the ball.

Following the game intently, he felt like a king as he spanked and banged the town’s hottest woman. Filming her from behind as he fucked her brains out.

There was one annoyance, though. His little brother, spamming his phone with messages as Tyrone tried to zoom in on her ass. The alcoholic was begging for a place to stay, again. But he would deal with that later.

And then it dawned on him, she wasn’t a virgin.

Fuck, what a fucking slut!

Pounding her tight pussy even harder, the decision was easy. This is how he would take her every night his team played, from now on. And if she ever dared to deny him, the camera that continued to record her whoring ways would ensure that she bent that incredibly fit and round ass for him.

“Life’s good! Ain’t that right slut?” Tyrone laughed, spanking her tight ass red while he banged her.

“So fucking good daddy!” the eighteen-year-old whore moaned and screamed in pleasure when his team scored a touchdown.

Life was good.

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