Sadist mistress from hell

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So I’ll start by saying I’m your average 29yr old male that isturned on by anything to do with femdom or female domination in general. So know only thing fictional in this story are names. This is true an if anything learn it’s best to leave those fantasy’s you have to yourself sometimes.

It all started back in 2014 was browsing the web for most popular femdom mistresses an if they were sadistic or sensual. Then I came across a female Dom only in dreams. A true Amazon 6ft tall dark hair blue eyes an size 12 feet. She was a goddess head to toe. An directly in bio you read if looking for soft an easy leave my page. If your hardcore an want to meet a real sadist read on. So I was instantly hooked to mistress mystique. I reached out to her an she actually replied after several talks an her even allowing me to share my ultimate fantasy we agreed to tribute an set up a time an day to meet. An trust me when I say I wish I stayed home an yes she did show up. In case your wondering my fantasy was to be ass fucked by a sadist for there pleasure an be bound during.

Part 2: the meet an greet

So Friday the 13th rolls around first sign of maybe it’s a mistake. Mistress mystique calls to verify appointment for session like she said. Of course I agreed an we both said looking forward to tn ext before hanging up. When I arrived to her dungeon it was a scene from a horror film. She greeted me wearing all leather an nine inch stelettos. She was holding a belt with leash attached and rope in her other hand. Good evening mistress I greeted. To get you only speak if spoken to an you are to be on your knees before your goddess. She takes her job seriously I was thinking as I got on my knees.

The coller was put on my kneck an she lead me inside by the leash. Once inside she led me to a metal fold chair. I expect you to bend over this metal chair. Belly flat to were you set head an shoulders poking through square opening in back of chair. Once I did this she took my arms an wrapped them around outside bars of chair an tied my hands behind my back. Doing this I was trapped an even if I wanted couldn’t move. This was second sign maybe should have stayed home. Then my feet an legs were tied as well. So back to fantasy wanted to be bound an ass fucked by sadist for there pleasure. At this point I’m in a sadist dungeon by what I’ve been told an not just bound but on all 4s and helpless. Trapped an not able to move.

An forgot to mention I’m naked at this point as well. After being left alone for what seemed like forever. Mistress mystique returns an says she will explain rules before session starts so we’re on same page. This should have been 3rd an final sign to back out an go home. So mystique explained donations given are not for sexual favors or illegal acts but for time spent. The main purpose of this session is to fuck you in the ass how I choose for my pleasure. An you stated before wanted to be bound an nomatter what was said or done ext fuck you how I want to please myself. Lastly you will be gagged with a choice of ballgag or my socks I’ve worn for last week. So of course I agreed to rules an chose socks for gag😂. I remember socks shoved in my mouth an tape being wrapped around head. Was to help muffle noises was what gag was for. Then although was never told I was blindfolded. An then all I remember after was feeling as if I was being drug to hell.
Part 3= A sadist meeting big mistake

So as I stated at some point sometimes keeping fantasy to yourself is best. So question is did my fantasy become a reality an was it like I imagined. Can’t say it didn’t become a reality but rest is left to question. Anyways at this point everything is agreed too. I’m naked an strapped to a chair an cannot move. Completely helpless in doggy position an have to take whatever is coming. Gagged with week old socks an now blindfolded. So one last time fantasy was to be bound an ass fucked by a sadist for her pleasure. So let’s get to what I recieved. Strapped to a chair and immobilized in doggy position. Not just bound but helpless an have to take whatever is coming not being able to move. Gagged with week old socks off mystique’s size 12 feet and also blindfolded. After what seemed like a lifetime of silence I’m greeting with a sudden pain as something strikes my ass followed by laughter as it’s repeated.

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