In the Dorm

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All this happened a few years ago when I was doing eleventh grade in Senior Secondary High School. I had just joined the school after drop out for one year. It was a few months after my eighteenth birthday. I had to leave our previous town for my higher schooling to this town and my living arrangements were made in this dorm. The dorm that I lived in was a residential building modified into the dormitory for students; there were only seven rooms along the hallway with the bathroom down the hall and stairway at the other end; two students in each room. There were only girls in this dorm.

There was a similar dormitory for boys a few blocks away. Some times girls and boys used to come together for joint studies. Such study sessions were quite common on weekends.

These were the initial days when I just been friends with Andrea and was trying to adjust with other girls in the dorm. This was my first time living with other students and I wasn’t used to the lack of privacy. It was a bit of a difficult change for me to be living in the dormitory. Now I had a roommate and I shared the bathroom with many other girls. The bathroom had partitioned cubicles without doors. Standing in the bathroom one could see everyone under the shower; There was no privacy at all.

I wasn’t used to taking a shower in open cubicles. There was one girl, Laura, who happened to be taking a shower when I was. She had red hair and blue eyes and beautiful breasts that were larger than mine. Her skin was very fair and it looked like she avoided the sun. I noticed that she had very little pubic hair! I thought that she must have shaved down there. I tried not to stare at her.
I observed that Laura was also looking at me. I felt very self-conscious whenever she was showering during my shower time. I am only 5 feet 4 inches and very petite. I have long straight brown hair and brown eyes; my breasts are small with very perky nipples. I have a very thick growth of hair in my armpits and on pussy. I always felt that Laura was staring at me critically.
That morning I noticed that Laura was looking at me while I took my shower. I shut the water off and reached for my towel. The cool air was making me cold and I suddenly felt my nipples becoming hard like diamond and very erect. Laura smiled at me. I thought I noticed her looking at my erect nipples, but I wasn’t sure.

Laura said, “You have beautiful long hair!”

I said, “Thank you. You have nice hair too!”
At first, when I would take my shower, I would wear something on the way to and from the bathroom. Though most of the other girls would go back to their rooms just wrapped in a towel. Laura too didn’t bother to wear a robe when she took a shower. She would wear only a towel. Since there was a possibility of the presence of boys, I thought this was so daring!

One time, Laura was walking down the hallway after taking a shower when one of the girls grabbed her towel and pulled it off of her. There she was, totally exposed! Anyone could see her beautiful breasts and the lips of her hairless pussy. How soft her breasts looked! Instead of being embarrassed and running down the hallway, she just continued walking at her usual pace, with her breasts bouncing up and down, as though nothing were out of the norm. I know that I would have been embarrassed. What if there had been any boys there at the time?

Laura and I became friends. One time, I confided to her, “I wish I had the nerve to do what you do!”

Laura replied, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I mean, I wish I had the nerve to wearing nothing but just towel when I go to take my shower.”
She said, “You know, it isn’t that big a deal. After all, we all have the same body and everyone knows what we are inside our clothes!”

I said, “I know, but I’ve not done anything like that before. At home, I would never walk around with just a towel on unless my mom was away.”

Laura said, “You should try it.”

I replied, “I don’t know. If there happened to be a boy around I would be very embarrassed!”
Laura answered, “Look, even if a boy happened to catch you in the hallway with just your towel on, it wouldn’t be as though you would be completely naked. Besides, I’ve seen you in the shower and you have a lovely body! Any boy would love to watch your naked body!!”

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