In the Dorm

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All this happened a few years ago when I was doing eleventh grade in Senior Secondary High School. I had just joined the school after drop out for one year. It was a few months after my eighteenth birthday. I had to leave our previous town for my higher schooling to this town and my living arrangements were made in this dorm. The dorm that I lived in was a residential building modified into the dormitory for students; there were only seven rooms along the hallway with the bathroom down the hall and stairway at the other end; two students in each room. There were only girls in this dorm.

There was a similar dormitory for boys a few blocks away. Some times girls and boys used to come together for joint studies. Such study sessions were quite common on weekends.

These were the initial days when I just been friends with Andrea and was trying to adjust with other girls in the dorm. This was my first time living with other students and I wasn’t used to the lack of privacy. It was a bit of a difficult change for me to be living in the dormitory. Now I had a roommate and I shared the bathroom with many other girls. The bathroom had partitioned cubicles without doors. Standing in the bathroom one could see everyone under the shower; There was no privacy at all.

I wasn’t used to taking a shower in open cubicles. There was one girl, Laura, who happened to be taking a shower when I was. She had red hair and blue eyes and beautiful breasts that were larger than mine. Her skin was very fair and it looked like she avoided the sun. I noticed that she had very little pubic hair! I thought that she must have shaved down there. I tried not to stare at her.
I observed that Laura was also looking at me. I felt very self-conscious whenever she was showering during my shower time. I am only 5 feet 4 inches and very petite. I have long straight brown hair and brown eyes; my breasts are small with very perky nipples. I have a very thick growth of hair in my armpits and on pussy. I always felt that Laura was staring at me critically.
That morning I noticed that Laura was looking at me while I took my shower. I shut the water off and reached for my towel. The cool air was making me cold and I suddenly felt my nipples becoming hard like diamond and very erect. Laura smiled at me. I thought I noticed her looking at my erect nipples, but I wasn’t sure.

Laura said, “You have beautiful long hair!”

I said, “Thank you. You have nice hair too!”
At first, when I would take my shower, I would wear something on the way to and from the bathroom. Though most of the other girls would go back to their rooms just wrapped in a towel. Laura too didn’t bother to wear a robe when she took a shower. She would wear only a towel. Since there was a possibility of the presence of boys, I thought this was so daring!

One time, Laura was walking down the hallway after taking a shower when one of the girls grabbed her towel and pulled it off of her. There she was, totally exposed! Anyone could see her beautiful breasts and the lips of her hairless pussy. How soft her breasts looked! Instead of being embarrassed and running down the hallway, she just continued walking at her usual pace, with her breasts bouncing up and down, as though nothing were out of the norm. I know that I would have been embarrassed. What if there had been any boys there at the time?

Laura and I became friends. One time, I confided to her, “I wish I had the nerve to do what you do!”

Laura replied, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I mean, I wish I had the nerve to wearing nothing but just towel when I go to take my shower.”
She said, “You know, it isn’t that big a deal. After all, we all have the same body and everyone knows what we are inside our clothes!”

I said, “I know, but I’ve not done anything like that before. At home, I would never walk around with just a towel on unless my mom was away.”

Laura said, “You should try it.”

I replied, “I don’t know. If there happened to be a boy around I would be very embarrassed!”
Laura answered, “Look, even if a boy happened to catch you in the hallway with just your towel on, it wouldn’t be as though you would be completely naked. Besides, I’ve seen you in the shower and you have a lovely body! Any boy would love to watch your naked body!!”

I blushed when Laura said that to me! I certainly hadn’t expected her to say anything like that and I didn’t know what to think. Of course, all of the girls had seen me naked at one time or another taking a shower. But I couldn’t imagine any boy seeing me naked.
I said, “Do you think so?”

She said, “Yes!”
I thought about what Laura had said and I replied, “Thank you. Maybe one day I may try it.”

Typically, I would get up early on the weekends to take my shower. These are the days when most students would sleep longer and get up late. One early Saturday morning, before taking my shower, I got undressed in my room while my roommate slept. Rather than wearing a robe, I decided to wrap a towel around myself. Then I scooted across the hall into the bathroom to take my shower. I felt such a thrill when I did this!

As I took my shower, I felt so excited. I squeezed my breasts and touched my pussy. I shut the water off and dried myself and then I wrapped myself with the towel and exited the bathroom.

I quickly scooted down the hallway back to my room. I could feel my breasts jiggling underneath the towel. What if a boy happened to be visiting a hallway now?

I got back into my room and quietly finished drying myself. I did not want to wake up my roommate.

I smiled. I was relieved that I hadn’t got caught.
Later that day, I told Laura what I had done. She said, “You see !! That is so simple and great! I’m proud of you.”

After that day I did this many times. I felt very naughty. I knew that there was always the possibility that a boy might be walking through the hallway at the time and catch me with only my towel on. As the days passed the size of my bath towel got smaller and smaller.

A few days later I selected the smallest towel which wasn’t big enough to cover and went for a shower. After taking my shower, I was scooting back to my room, wearing my tiny towel, when I heard Laura calling out my name. When I looked in her direction she smiled and asked me if I would like some coffee. Knowing that I was wearing only that small towel I felt it quite daring to go for coffee to Laura’s room.

I said, “Yes. That’s very nice of you!”

Holding my towel carefully on my body we went to her room. While she was brewing coffee I was sitting on the tall chair close to the kitchen table. Suddenly there was a knock at the door; Laura asked me to open the door. I opened the door hesitantly and noticed two boys I knew from the dormitory hall a few blocks away. I suddenly felt embarrassed. Though Laura also heard them and asked me to let them in. They entered and positioned on a low seater opposite mine. I realized that my every movement or even if I was just sitting there doing nothing I was exposing myself and they were easily able to see under my towel which was hardly covering my body. I tried to hold my towel in position with one hand to make sure that it did not slide or fall off.

I said, “Oh! Laura, You have visitors. Maybe I should go put some clothes on.”

Laura said, “Mmmm. It will be just two minutes. Have a quick coffee and then you can go.”

I nervously thought about going back to my room to at least get a robe, but since Laura was insisting I decided to wait for coffee. I suddenly felt very excited that I was standing there in front of the two boys with only the smallest towel on me.

I said, “Okay, but quickly please.”

One of the boys offered me a chair, but I realized that I would be too exposed in the short towel if I sat down.

I said, “No, thanks, I think I’ll just stand.”

Laura handed me a cup of coffee.

Initially, I felt very self-conscious. After all, all I had on was this very small towel and I was all wet from the shower. My towel was so small that if I tried to cover my breasts properly it would expose my lower portion completely showing boys my pussy; and if I tried to keep my pussy covered my nipples were getting exposed. So I held the towel with one hand to keep it from slipping while I sipped nervously on the coffee. But when the boys started a conversation on interesting subjects I just got into conversation.We talked about our classes and teachers, at times the conversation was so engrossing that I forgot that my hand and body movements were exposing me to the boys. After a while, it became obvious to me that the boys were bringing more and more interesting subjects for discussion so that I would continue like that and at some stage, my towel would come off. I was suddenly aware that the boys were intently looking at my exposed naked body. They were looking at my bare legs. I could tell that they were already seeing what they wanted to and hoping to see me completely naked.
I knew that the skimpy towel was so short that it just barely covered my hips and the top portion was barely hiding my nipples. The boys could see my bare shoulders and upper swelling of my small breasts. The wrapped towel was feeling slightly loose around my breasts and there was no possibility of me adjusting my towel without being obvious to boys. I was feeling that it would come off me at any moment.

As we talked, I continued to pretend that there was nothing out of the ordinary. After a few minutes, I finished drinking my coffee and walked over to Laura to hand over the empty cup. While I was placing the empty cup next to her on the countertop, suddenly Laura grabbed my towel and pulled it off me! Now I was completely naked!

I shrieked in embarrassment, “Laura, I can’t believe you did that!”

I was shocked by what she had done. Laura had stripped me! There I was, standing buck naked. The boys were seeing me naked! I stood there blushing. I tried to cover my breasts with my hands.

The boys didn’t say a word. They looked very surprised and they were staring at me with lustful looks and mouths open.

Laura laughed. She had this proud satisfied look, obviously taking great pleasure in my embarrassment and presenting me naked to the boys.

I said to Laura, “May I please have my towel back?”

Laura pretended that she was going to hand the towel to me, but, when I went to reach for it, she snatched it back. The boys could see my breasts bouncing in the air. White my legs were wide open giving them the full view of my exposed pussy when I was trying to grab my towel.

I was very embarrassed, but, at the same time, I was also very excited that the boys were staring at my naked body. I could tell that they were enjoying the show. I realized that I was glad that Laura wasn’t so quick to give me back my towel. I was enjoying “innocently” exhibiting myself to the two boys. In an attempt to get my towel back from Laura I was intentionally taking some erotic position visible to the boys.

Laura said, “Take your hands away from your breasts and raise them in the air I’ll give you your towel back!”

I did what she said and I stood there with my arms raised in the air, completely bare from head to toe and vulnerable before Laura and the two boys. I realized that I hadn’t even shaved my armpits.
Now the boys could see my fully exposed pussy and my tight breasts with extremely perky nipples. I saw them looking at my hairy armpits and pussy. I wondered if they could see juices flowing down my thighs; so much aroused I was.

As I stood there in the cool air, I could feel my nipples becoming erect. My tits were standing up as if they wanted attention. Of course, the boys couldn’t help but see my erect nipples and moist pussy lips. Now I was even more embarrassed and excited as well!
Laura said to the boys, “Doesn’t she have nice hairy armpits and tits? Do you guys want to feel her?”

They both simultaneously exclaimed, “Yes!”

Now I felt my knees becoming weak. I wanted the boys to look directly at my tits and pussy. I was fantasizing about them to suck on my tits and to play with my pussy. My mind was rushing for creating chances for them to touch me everywhere.
Fortunately, Laura continued to play more with my towel and threw it to the boys. I pretended to be desperate to grab my towel and in the process made direct body contact with them letting them feel me where ever they wanted. At times I felt their fingers at my pussy and on my breasts. Running for a towel from boys to Laura and back got me sexually excited and I was feeling dripping wet and horny. I was breathing heavy and faster. When I was almost at a point to give it up Laura pinned me down and asked boys to tickle me everywhere. That was quite a breathtaking; the boys were touching and tickling me everywhere from armpits to lower stomach and even pussy and butt crack; I was sweating all over. After quite a struggle I managed to get my towel back though not before I was fingered by the boys and Laura. I quickly wrapped it around me; did an about-face, and exited from her room.
I felt so horny after what had just happened that, instead of immediately going back to my room, I walked back down the hallway to the bathroom. I decided to take another shower, this time a cold one. I let the cold water run. It must have taken ten minutes until I had settled down.

Later that morning, Laura knocked on my door.

She asked, “Are you angry at me for what I did?”

I said. “Why did you do that?”
She replied, “Because I wanted you to experience that.”

I said. “Well, you succeeded!”

She said, “Look, I told you there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed. You have a beautiful body. The boys enjoyed looking at you and touching you everywhere.”

I said, “They did?”
Laura replied, “Yes. You were very good at teasing them. Couldn’t you see that they both had erections?”

I said, “I was too aroused to notice that!”

She said, “Well, they did. You need to be more open, free and confident!”

Anyway, I continued my routine without further incident. Though, by then I had got into a habit of returning to the room completely wet after a shower with the same smallest towel wrapped. The towel was very carefully selected which was long enough to barely wrap around the breast; it would leave wide openings in the front and my pussy would be visible to anyone coming from the opposite direction. The width of the towel was so small that if I would cover my breasts properly it would expose my pussy. It would just manage to cover my upper ass chicks. One morning, when I came back to my room after taking a shower. As usual, all I had on was the same smallest towel. To my surprise, a boy I knew from one of my classes was standing in the hallway outside the door of my room. I noticed that he was holding a chemistry book. I hadn’t expected anyone to be visiting so early in the morning.

I smiled and gave him an awkward “Hello”.

He said, “I need to study for a chemistry exam. Would you like to go to the library with me?”

I stood there in my bare feet talking with him. My long black hair and my body were all wet and dripping from the shower. The small towel was barely holding on to my breasts exposing my pussy. I was holding soap and the shampoo bottle in my hands. I could hardly have free hands to cover myself properly.

I said, “Okay. Just give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

I noticed that he was trying not to stare at me, but the towel was so short that he was seeing me completely naked under the towel and my pussy openly visible to his eyes. I am a short little girl and I realized that, despite the towel, he could look down and see my entire naked body.
He said, “You look very cute and sexy in that towel!”

I nervously blushed at his compliment and said, “Thank you, but I don’t usually use this towel. This is too small for me to cover myself.”

I noticed that he was trying not to look at my naked body though he could not help. He looked down at my little feet instead. Though then my pussy was obviously in his view all the time.
My hands were full trying to hold onto the soap and shampoo and, most importantly, my towel. I felt very naughty. My heart was beating quickly. I wanted the towel to fall. I wanted him to see me completely naked. I remembered what all I did in Laura’s room when I was standing naked in front of those two boys. I knew that my towel was already gone lose and was going to fall at any time.I pretended to fumble for the key to my room. I then “accidentally” dropped the shampoo. Then in an attempt to grab the shampoo bottle, I made some sudden movements letting the towel give away from my body and it, too, fell to the floor. All of a sudden, there I stood, totally exposed and completely naked!
I exclaimed, “Oops! This stupid towel! ”

The boy looked a bit shocked at my suddenly exposed nakedness and his face was all red. I pretended to be embarrassed. We both awkwardly laughed at what happened. I think while seeing my wet condition and very loosely wrapped towel he knew this was going to happen any time and he was contemplating to make it happen somehow.
I noticed him looking at my breasts. They were flushed and my nipples were erect from the cool air and my sexual arousal.
I glanced at his crotch and, even though he was wearing jeans, I could tell that he had a very stiff erection. My pussy was becoming very wet with the thought that I had gotten his cock stiff. After what seemed like an eternity, he picked up my towel and tried to hand over it to me. I was standing without covering my breasts or pussy with legs little apart and both hands occupied in holding the soap and shampoo. He asked, “Aren’t you cold?”
I said, “Not really!!— I am hot.”

I figured that there was no point in covering myself now. After all, he had already seen what I looked like and there was nothing else to hide. I was enjoying flaunting myself. I just stood there naked for another few minutes, talking with him. I noticed that he was trying to maintain eye contact with me but he could not help looking at my pussy and naked body. Finally, I turned to go into my room. I pretended to have difficulty getting the key to unlock the door, allowing him to get a good view of my nice, firm and squeezable breasts and tight bottoms.

I entered my room, closed the door behind me, and proceeded to get dressed while my roommate slept and my friend waited outside. I was so horny at the thought of what I had just done. I had been so naughty!

Later that day, I told Laura what happened.

Laura giggled and asked me, “Did you like exposing yourself to him?”

I said, “Yes. He was very embarrassed! You should have seen his face. It was all red. I felt very devilish and naughty!”

She said, “Did you take advantage of him?”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She said, “I mean, did you take him into your room and take advantage of him?”

I said, “No!”

Laura replied, “You know, I think one day we should go pay a visit to the boys’ floor. There’s this cute boy that I know who also likes to wear only a towel when he takes his shower.”

I said, “What are you saying?”
She said, “I’m saying that we should surprise him one day and pull off his towel. Then I’ll show you how to tease a boy!”

I giggled and said, “Okay. That sounds like fun!” I was looking forward to going with Laura.

Back in my room, I was
thinking ” God, I love this dormitory living.”

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