I fuck my sister at my age 14 – part 2

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hi friends this is same I come back with my story again I told in that story how I f*** my elder sister and this story how I share my elder sister to my friends and we enjoy last day a group sex please read my last story I fuck my sister at my age 14

I am continue to read this story friends thank you for giving a wonderful comments and motivating me to write my all experience here thank you friends again come back to the story this is Shyam once again I f*** my sister whole night and after that I asked God please give me one more chance to f*** you this is the final I never ask in my life and my sister agree for that and she asked me very your planning over f***

I told her I plan in my friends room she was going to her home for 3 days she told ok nice day morning my sister come on tell when are you planning I told we have to wait till one month my sister tell ok and again he tell do not tell to anyone you f*** me lost night bloody burger you are sister f*** don’t tell please I am begging you this this is keep it like a secret I said ok sister after that I ask did anyone ask you please give me one chance to f*** you reply yes

I ask who is the person my sister he is my college lecturer did you agree and give you have the chance I ask my sister told till not night I am virgin you take my virgin brother after that while we speak in Sheetal about her friends friends wear f****** with their boyfriends and her cousin brothers and cousins and also her uncles they f*** She tell me after that I said goodnight to my sister and I go to my bed we are we both are waiting for the one month to get the chance to enjoy 3 days after that the day had come I told to my parents we are going to 3 days trip my parents agree to go and my parents tell take your younger sister also and we both tell add friend last month before ok next time we will take her my sister reply to my mum my mum said OK and my dad give ATM card use the card if any money needs send ok and we went to friends room near araku.

I take the key from my friend my sister was waiting in the car on my friend ask me who is that Goldman I told she is my cousin because my sister cover her face with scarf that my friend did not identify her and my friend ask me how many days you are enjoying man I told 3 days and he ask can you give me any chance to f*** her.

I tell him sorry I am telling true she is my elder sister I f*** her last month I ask her one more chance she agree for that that is the final and my my friend tell a another plan why don’t you losing hair for one chance only we have to plan and blackmail her and f*** till her marriage man I tell ok but how can it possible it is possible I had a good deal with me I ask what is that you share your sister with me and my friends we will share of sisters with you

I said ok but your sister was not agree how can we do it heater amigo should not agree for group sex but we have to make it like blackmailing her did you give me one work time I will plan I ask what is that plan I will set the camera in my bedroom f*** in bedroom I will record under it send it in WhatsApp to have and black man her ok ok but I have another plan

I tell my friend ask me what is that plane I told my sister tell me she had a dream to take a cigarette without knowing anyone why don’t you plan a cigarette with ganja and after that we can f*** her and take a video on blackmail her and f*** her lifelong it is a good idea when are you going to give her the secret tell me

I will plan her last day you have are you have to arrange that cigarette with ganje ok he tell ok and I tel tell to all friends be ready on last day be prepared he told

OK good luck man enjoy this 2 days once they will join and he give me the keys go to his home after that I paid money to the car and send call back and I welcome my sister to my friends room mister remove face scarf and she was very tired and she want to take bath and trust but I never do you have any time to have bath went to bathroom and started pressing her boobs very hardly she was telling brother have three days to enjoy please leave me for few hours to take rest but I never listen.

I remove her clothes in bathroom and starts shaking her boobs and pressing her boobs very hot Li and she was telling do it slow slow it is paining men but I never listen and I start doing hardly on biting have boobs she was replying very nice this very nice come on do it do it myself and I keep her like dog pose and I start f****** her like there is no tomorrow she was shouting like hell you shouting amma amma amma do it slow slow slow I cannot great that can please but the room was getting very big big sound and after that I keep her on my cock and she was ride my cock very nicely take bath together and after that we came out.

I ask her to see my coc she did not do that but I force her and keep my cock in her mouth she was telling no no no but I never listen and force my cock into her mouth and after that give me nice b****** and sheet take my full cork into her mouth and after that I climbed in her mouth drink my climb after that I take her lift her and take her to bedroom control on the bed I f*** her in all poses and that night very nicely and my sister also and dry after that she was tell I love you brother you show me the heaven before my marriage thank you sister you want to see more went today or tomorrow she told I want today only but I tell do you like to have group sex she reply no why sister it is very nice to enjoy

My sister reply with whom you will share your elder sister man I reply with my friends if you agree but my sister never agree for that if you want to f*** me a game you f*** but you do not arrange your friends to f*** me ok I am your elder sister you f*** me you want but you never want to share your sister with others man ok my body is yours if you want anything can do but you never share your sister with you friends ok I said ok sister I just ask you ok I never do that I will bring you cigarette for you you have a dream to take a cigarette no she told ok tomorrow you get it now it is too late we have to sleep ok sister after that my sister’s sleep my go out and a call to my friend my friend lift my phone and she ask me how did you enjoy your elder sister man.

I told you so awesome but I ask what are you doing f****** my sister in my village okafter that I ask him tomorrow we have to plan to f*** on sisterok tomorrow morning I will come to our room I will bring the cigarette with ganje ok give it your sister on after that call us we all come and we have to enjoy your sister after the next month I will bring my sister to our room and we all enjoy OK man I reply ok come fast I am waiting after that day morning my friend Raju come to my room and give this cigarette and event I give it to my sister after my sister take that cigarette she was in heaven after that I call my friendsall of all of them come inside a start removing her clothes and my sister also operating with them and all four of them were f****** my sister while there f******

I take a video and keep it with my mobile and after that for me that night full f****** my sister group sex she was very nicely cooperating with my friends and after that I f*** her again and one by one my friends also f*** my sister and she was in cigarette and can I have one after early morning v5 and my sister where no clothes on our bodies on the bed after that my sister wake up and she and she was shocked andshe ask me what did you do guys last night on my friend wake up and tell don’t worry occur last night before q u have corporate very nicely it is nice occur it is nice your boobs very big win I never f*** this big books of GO locker you are so very nice please give me one more chance ok you are not in constitution your f****** agar it is the time to forget a girl please akka akka akka give me one chance give me one chance my cock was raising the my friend was telling her like that my sister start crying you guess you f*** you sister on your sister friend system and how did you have managed to f*** you friend sister if you are friend know this you will feel very hot and that time my friend Raju wake up. why don’t you why don’t you know you f*** with your brother my no –

I take all video and I blackmail your brother that’s why she agreed to f*** you with if you not agree that video in internet you think about it it I will give you five minutes of that you never corporate we will upload in front of you was crying crying after that I went inside the room my sister was crying in the four guys have f*** me man what are you saying I ask as man they are blackmailing they had all video I told OK what they are asking they asking give me a chance to f*** her but I told you wake up please all video head there with it is not good to go out akka please request my sister after that my sister agree to give a chance to my friends and f*** her I told ok and I go and tell guys our plan hard work after that my friends all of them dam aur ready to f*** her and my sister went without clothes to my friends room all of them to f*** her and after that my elder sister tell please brothers please forgive me I never do this with my brother also please forgive me but that time Raju tell we never listen any words please come and give you pussy to us and one by one f****** boobs jumping open down and I see my sister was shouting please give me guys you are working very hardly that time I went and keep her cock in my sister mouth and my sister never speak on you want to start seeking scope and Kumar was f****** hapus and Rakhi was taking have boobs to Hands Ali was seeking another boob and my sister was closed her eyes after that my sister start enjoying and next I have go And I join them f*** and I also f*** my sister my sister telling no brothers you cannot do your sister if your sister is the time yes we will do

I will share my sister with you brother and my friend and all you also will share next month they are planning to share the sisters with sister f*** ok bye see you cannot believe me I cannot take your call at my password please give me guys please leave me I never take please give me but I never listen on my friends also never listen and f*** her very hardly and hardly and bows with jumping and after that finally I keep my cock in my sister assist and f*** her very crying I have seen her I swear fully filled with eye drops after that we fuck her full day and night and we six of them sleep on the bed without clothes we have to go home I wake up and see but my sister and f****** my sister full operating with after that finally all of them get up and all of them had one more round with my sister and after that my sister take bath and come out and she told us you all are age 14 and you all fuck 24age gril and after that Raj tell ok and thank you but it is not over from this day you have to come when we call you give ok she was she into my face and ask what and I told they had a video of the group sex also you are shocked and no I never give you again dies please delete that video but draws you laughed and said why should we use such a beauty like you and my sister tell I will give you guys but in that video but was tell it is all safe side and my sister told ke Shyam shall we leave now

I told ok ok after that you tell again next month reply group sex with your sister my sister smiled and said OK I will give you your 5 off guys are nice for us and after that I would the car the car come given to and we went to home back after that my sister told you your friends are very such bad guys how did you do friendship with like them that told me and then let me ok told me and then blackmail akka my sister call ok you try to f*** sister ok I said OK i sad ok akka after that I take out my coc give me b****** and my sister take my cock into hand mouth and start giving very nicely like a p******* after what time can I f*** her in my room and after that I told to my sister and send sorry because of me you have to do such a group sex and my sister tell not a problem brother and do not plan every month please plan like a six month wants like group sex ok ok ok I will tell to my friends and Raju message me aapka after that send message aur group sex video also and he told me he was bringing sister from heavy gauge next month be ready to f*** her and she told me a car my sister told ok and her sister but never tell f****** matter to anyone of US ok and my sister if you want to f*** anyone in our friends please tell me I will speak to them and I will arrange she told I told very very thank you akka and after that I keep her band on start f****** after that was you call me and he man what are you doing I told I told I was f****** my sister and beauty with big boobs big assist I never for such a girl like that in my life you are lucky guy you are f******k her everyday please keep on doing that you are a lucky guy that my sister reply Raju bring your sister also ok sure ok bye thank you friends my and my friends and my sisters group sex story it is a true story it is not a fake story please give me comment if anyone want to f*** my sister please mail me and those who want share there sisters only mail me ok ok friends I will come with f****** raju sister story friends bye please mail me on [email protected]

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