A young man and his sister spend the day at the beach

When the weather is fantastic and the whole family is free, a beach day is obviously going to happen. Mom and grandma prepped the food, dad and grandpa got the car ready, I gathered all the beach games, and Jenny…well Jenny went to the beach with her friends. It wasn’t ideal but I got it. She’d just got back from her final year at college and wanted to hang out with all her old high school friends before the real world came crashing down on her. I guess I was just hoping to spend some more time with her. We’d always been close growing up; only a few years between us. She was twenty-one to my eighteen and as much as she was a pain in my ass, I loved my big sister. Although I was about eight inches taller and eighty five pounds of muscle heavier so elder sister is probably more accurate.

“Dan!” My mom called out from the kitchen, “Is the gear ready?”


“Yeah it’s all ready to go! When dad and grampa give me the all-clear, I’ll load it up!” Mom came out of the kitchen smiling at me.

“Thanks sweetie, you’re so helpful!” She gave me a hug which had the effect of pushing her breasts into my stomach as she, like her daughter, had a stunning hourglass figure. Wonderful, perky tits with a tiny waist and a perfect ass although mom was blonde where Jenny took after dad and had hair as dark as mine. Mom looked amazing given that she was forty with two kids but Jenny was stunning. It may have been a factor in why I loved spending time with her but I genuinely did enjoy her company. Even if I had to jerk off after hanging out with her sometimes.

Before my dick could burrow its way against mom and get me into trouble, she pulled away and went back to her work. Soon enough we were ready to go. The trunk was packed, and we headed to the beach with, apparently, everyone else in town. A trip that was normally half an hour took over double that time but eventually we parked up and were out on the sand.

Mom, grandma, and grandpa set the chairs and umbrellas out before relaxing. Mom got dad to cover her with sunscreen and when I saw her eyes flutter as his hands went under her bikini top and briefs, I decided to roam around before I started poking out my swim shorts.

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Turns out, a beach on a hot summer day was full of nearly naked women. Tits bouncing as they ran around playing volleyball or soccer, thong bikinis that barely covered their assholes, their bodies glistening with sweat, it was too much! Everywhere I looked there was a sexy woman I wanted on my dick. And from the looks they were giving me in return, most of them wouldn’t have minded. In fact just as I was about to strike up a conversation with an older woman who couldn’t take her hands off my chest, I heard a familiar voice scream my name.

“DAN! OVER HERE!” I turned and saw my sister and her friends all jumping and waving at me. They were sweaty, drunk and wearing the skimpiest bikinis I’d seen in my life. Nita was a beautiful Indian girl who had respectable tits but an ass you wanted to pound from behind. But she also had a face you wanted to watch cum. Michelle, my sisters best friend, was a runner so she was slim from top to bottom but had the most beautiful face in the world. One you’d love to see swallowing your dick. Between them was Jenny and she was the sexiest of them all. But maybe I’m biased.

I walked over to them and was immediately engulfed as they all hugged me. Jenny threw her hands around my neck and squeezed which told me two things. Her nipples were hard, and it wasn’t her who groped my dick. They all pulled away and neither Nita nor Michelle gave anything away.

“I’m so glad you’re here! We need a fourth to play volleyball!” Jenny said, the alcohol taking away her volume control.

“What about Megan?” I asked, naming the last member of her squad.

“She met someone and left to hook up with him” Nita said as they all scowled. I was pretty certain they were all envious they weren’t getting dicked down but wasn’t going to bring it up. The idea they were all horny, with pussies aching to be stuffed made my cock twitch and I needed to move quickly.

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“I’ll absolutely play with you. Let’s go!” Just like that they were all happy again and we played a few games in the summer sun. I won a few, lost a few, but the best moments had nothing to do with the game. The best moments were when Nita backed right up until we both fell over. She was sitting on my dick and rubbed her pussy against it a couple times before getting off me with a smirk. It was when Michelle tackled me with a hug after we won and stuck her tongue inside my mouth. It was every time Jenny jumped for a shot and her tits almost came out of her top. It was when she dived and had to pull her briefs out of her ass.

Those are the moments that would stay with me forever. Those and what happened after.

Like all days it came to an end and I couldn’t wait to go home and think about burying my dick deep inside my sisters pussy. Jenny on my dick, Nita on my face. That’s the spank bank for tonight. Jenny would always be my number one but Nita’s ass was divine.

I regrouped with the family and just as we were about to get in the car, Jenny came running up.

“Thank God I didn’t miss you guys. Can I get a ride with you?”

“Why can’t you ride with Michelle?” Mom asked. “She drove you here.”

“She got a call from her dad and needs to pick up some stuff for him. I gave Nita the spare seat as I hoped I could catch up with you.”

“Well you’ll have to sit on Dan’s lap. Is that OK with you Dan?” Before I could answer, Jenny jumped in and did it for me.

“Of course it’s OK. It’s only me!”

Just like that it was settled. Everyone got in the car, with grandma and grandpa falling asleep almost straight away. Mom put some tunes on and Jenny made herself at home on my lap.

The traffic was worse and we were definitely gonna be there for a while but everyone was still too happy from the day out to care much. All my efforts were focused on trying not to get fully hard under Jenny’s ass even though she kept wiggling it back and forth. Then she just relaxed back against me and sighed.

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“That was an awesome day. Thanks Dan.” She turned her face a little towards me, her lips just brushing against my neck and I started to lose the fight against my erection.

“Why are you thanking me?” I whispered, so as not to wake anyone up.

“For spending time with us. Nita and Michelle were so grateful. Between you and me, they think you’re super hot.” This wasn’t news to me but hearing my sister say it was more erotic than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. My dick was now fully hard and trying desperately to poke through my shorts and into my sister.

“Really?” I didn’t know what else to say but Jenny just nodded, her ass rubbing up and down my shaft as she did.

“Really really. And I get it too you know? You’re tall, handsome and you’ve got these big broad shoulders a girl can grab onto while you fuck her with this monster cock you’ve got.” Her hands had drifted to her legs as she whispered to me and out on instinct I covered her hands with mine, my fingers lightly digging into the soft sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

“Wow” I replied. “Nita and Michelle told you all that did they?” A ghost of a smile crossed her face, eyes still closed.

“Come on Dan, you think I don’t know my little brother is a total babe? You think I don’t know how hot and sexy you are?” Jenny leaned up to whisper into my ear, speaking so quiet I could barely hear her. “You think I don’t know you fantasise about driving your throbbing dick into your big sister’s itty bitty pussy?”

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