Her Slave in Delhi

I am a 27 year old male living in New Delhi. The following story is inspired by true events. I have merged multiple experiences into one story and have taken some artistic license to make the true events more appealable. I have not exaggerated the story as I believe that reality is more interesting than unattainable fantasy.

I came across the world of BDSM, submission and kink, same as many of you would have – through porn. I was bored with the vanilla porn and was searching for something new. Lo and behold, there it was – brutal, nasty and scary scenes of pain and torture. But unlike a lot of people, I was instantly attracted to it. There was something in me that just was not able to get enough of a woman dominating a man. I did not understand the BDSM scene much at that time, but over the years I became more aware of it.


Initially, I would fantasize about worshiping a domina’s feet and jerk off while watching a BDSM porn. But as I grew, something in me wanted more. I started feeling that I do not see sex same as a lot of my friends did. My sexual needs were not about a penis penetrating a vagina. It was different – I wanted to be owned, to be degraded, to be humiliated in the service of a formidable woman. And it did happen when I was 24 years old.
I am NOT an attractive male. I am overweight with a below average penis (good for being trampled by a goddess). At 5 feet 10 inches, I am reasonably tall with ok looks. However, I was a gentleman with good education, decent personality and humble attitude. I will not be attractive to a girl at first sight but once she had spent some time with me, I could impress her (at least in some cases).

During my college years, I had a lot of female classmates who were my friends. A few of them were really beautiful. But one of my friends – Sanya – was especially attractive. She was 5 feet 9 inches and had fair complexion with dark-long hair. Her face was as pretty as it gets – big brown eyes, straight cut nose, dimpled cheeks and a smile to die for. She had a sexy body with perky breasts, slender waist and a decent butt. But the best of them all were her legs. She had long legs with beautiful feet. God must have chiselled her legs with the intention that men like me may die under them. Her feet were like milk with soft skin, heavenly toes and arch like a gymnast.
She was my friend during college but we were not very close. We would hang out with our common group of friends, but that was it. We were cordial but nothing more. Whenever we meet, I would steal a few glances of her feet. However, I would try not to let her notice that I was checking out her feet. I was very careful that no one gets to know about my hidden sexual urges as I was afraid of being branded a pervert.

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At 24, I graduated from a reputed college in Delhi and decided to stay in Delhi. Life was good and I was not really in touch with many of my college friends. One fine day in October, I was walking out of a bar in Khan Market (People in Delhi will know the place), when I heard someone calling out my name from a distance. I turned back and saw a slender figure waving at me. It was SANYA! I had not thought about her since a few months now but one look and all I wanted was to look at her feet. She came close to me –

“Hey – I was shouting at the top of my lungs back there..were you trying to avoid me?” she asked with a playful grin.

“Hey Hi..No not at all. What a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to run into an acquaintance tonight. How have you been?” I said, trying to maintain my cool.

“ACQUAINTANCE? I thought we were more than that. Wow – you know how to take the wind out of an exciting moment” She uttered with some disappointment.

“You know what I mean. Of course we are friends. It has just been so long and we were not in touch. So what are you upto?” I tried to control the damage.

“I am working at _________. But good to know you agree that we are friends. Else I would have to think that you used to talk to me only to stare are my feet.” She chuckled with a sense of triumph.

“What? Umm..Sorry?” Not much came out from my mouth as I was thinking – What had just happened? I was so careful. Why did she not say something earlier. This is awkward.

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“Oh we both know, you just adore my feet. Now do not pretend otherwise. Anyway, I am very bored these days. Let’s catch up soon. I will drop you a text.” She said casually without giving me time to defend myself.

“Oh ok. Sure. C ya”. That is all I could say after the sudden embarrassment.

She turned and walked away. She had this sparkle in her eye. Something was different. I would soon know that a lot was different.


Three days later, I got a text from her at 6 PM in the evening. It read – “Hey. Come to house number ____, Block C, Defence Colony. You have 45 minutes. Don’t be late”.

45 minutes? Is this a joke? Who does she think she is? Does she think that I am here at her beck and call. This is no way to schedule a hang out. Though I was slightly irritated by this sudden and weird text, something in me wanted to run and reach her place within the time prescribed. Something in my head wanted to take her words as a serious command. And against my better judgment I texted her back –“ Will be there in 45.”.
I reached her place and rang the bell. It was a posh house with quite a classy outdoor décor. She must be loaded – I thought. However, I tried to plan how I am going to spend the time with her. In a hurry, I had forgotten to ask her if anyone else was joining us or what exactly was the plan.

The door opened. There she was in all her glory. She was wearing a pink tank top and a purple pair of shorts. Her hair were tied in a pony tail and she had these cute slippers on her feet. I could not have decided if she was more cute than sexy.

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“Hey, do you want to come in or keep checking me out at the doorsteps?” She asked with a playful smile.

“What? I think you are mistaken about your looks. You are not that pretty that every man will ogle at you” I hoped that this banter will stop the awkward comments from her side.

She giggled and gestured me towards what seemed to be a living room. I walked in. The house seemed to be empty. It was a sophisticated living space with modern furniture, dim lights and tall glass windows.

“My parents do not live here. They stay in Gurgaon but I stay here as my office is close by. It gets so lonely here at times. So today, I thought I should call you!” She explained.

“That is fine. But you do realise that you cannot just text someone at such short notice and expect them to come” I tried to vent my irritation at her belief that I was so free and available.

“But you did come. Didn’t you? I wonder why did you not resist at all? Either you have nothing to do in life or you can’t disobey me.” A sudden calmness dawned on her.

“Oh please!!! I came because I am polite. Please don’t get ahead of yourself. And what do you even mean by OBEY you” I was now offended. But then suddenly the whole situation took a much unexpected direction.

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