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Hi to all . Firstly let me describe myself. My name is vicky a great fan of this wonderful sex story site. I’m from Bangalore (Karnataka). I am about 5 feet and 9 inches tall and my tool is 6.5 inches long 3 inches thick.I’ll jump into story without taking tour time and i tried to explain without making bored

Presently my age is 24. But in the case of sex, it really doesn’t matter whatever your age is. Skin color is fair and my body structure, I am sort of slim. Well forget all this stuff and let me tell you about my aunt, the heroine of the story. Wow, she is really a bombshell.

Guys, she is definitely the women who you really want to fuck at her first sight. Her name is Shashi (name changed). Now let me explain her body structure to you all. She is about 5 feet 2 inches, skin very fair, 36-28-36, living in Bangalore. She has perfect curves at the right place and of age 29.

About four months ago I visited her. She is a typical housewife and is really open to me. I don’t know why but yes it’s true. I reached her house by 8 pm with my family in order to attend the marriage of my cousin brother, which was after 7 days. When she opened the door what a beauty she was.

She was wearing a tight blouse through which anybody can notice and her pink bra. Her milky boobs ready to come out. She opened the door and welcomed us. Her husband is really handsome but he is not interested in sex and is a workaholic.


When we reached he was not present as he had gone to Bombay for some work. We took our lunch. After this, it was decided that I will sleep in the bedroom with my aunt and my parents will sleep in other. Man, I was really excited as I was dreaming for a chance to be near to her.

At about 11 pm we went to sleep. As soon as I lay on the bed I fell asleep because I was tired. I felt fast sleep but I got up at about 2:30 am. After going to the bathroom when I returned, wow what a view! My aunt was sleeping in a tight red color nighty. Her bra was clearly visible.

I lay beside her on the bed but I was not able to sleep. I turned towards her finding that she was facing the other side. As I turned accidentally my penis touched her beautiful hips. What a touch was that but it was not much to satisfy me. So I moved towards her a little more.

My penis got hard and started pressing her hips even more. She was fast asleep that helped me to get near her even more. Slowly I placed my hand on her waist and started pressing it slowly and slowly. Man, my penis was having a full hard on. I put my leg on her leg slowly on her leg.

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Then I started pressing her even hips even more by my penis. But soon I moved away myself from her because I got afraid. Next day she got up early and went to the kitchen for preparing tea. I got up late because you know what I was doing in the night. After getting ready I went into the kitchen as I was thirsty.

Oh! My god, she was looking even more beautiful. She was wearing a red colored sari with a slightly transparent tight blouse and a red colored bra. Her boobs were really struggling to get out. As she was standing in front of the fridge, she was bending down and taking out some vegetables.

As I moved closer my penis again pressed her hips slightly and in no time it was completely hard. “Good Morning, auntie,” I said and quickly got myself away from her. “Good Morning, vicky,” she said “Yesterday you were really tired,” I said yes and then she said something which really moved the ground underneath my feet.

She said “You were really doing a hard work last night, am I right vicky,” saying this she gave a naughty smile. I was not able to understand. I said “Yes aunt moving all the bags was really difficult. And so got tired and fall asleep.” Saying this I quickly moved from there and went to the bedroom.

I switched on the T.V and started watching Star Movies. On that channel, some James Bond film was coming. Thanks to luck I got on time. I watched the sex scene in which James Bond and the heroine of that film were kissing passionately. I forgot to close the door.

When the scene was over I turned and I was surprised to see that my aunt was standing there. She came towards me and said, “vicky, I guess you really like watching an action film.” I said yes. And soon I heard my dad calling me. I went as quickly as possible.

I was thinking in my mind that what has happened to her as she was acting strangely after the last night. My dad told me that he and my mom are going to the market for buying some gifts for my brother. I have to stay here for my aunt was alone.

That was really great as well as freaky for the way she was acting was really shaking me. I went into her room and said, “Hi Auntie, what you are watching?” She said nothing is coming good so I was waiting for something good to happen on TV I sat beside her while watching TV.

She turned to some another channel on which the song ‘Bheege Hot Teri’ of ‘Murder’ film was coming. All the kissing and pressing in that song really gave me a hard-on. I turned my face down. To my surprise, my aunt was fingering herself from the top of her sari while watching TV.

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My temperature started increasing with my penis getting harder and harder. Soon she switched the T.V off and went to the bathroom. I followed her slowly and placed my left year on the door. I heard slow voices of moaning of her. I guess she was really fingering herself.

After ten minutes she came out and entered her bedroom. I was watching the TV. She came and after looking at me she placed herself on her bed. Soon she fell asleep. It was strange for me to see my aunt sleeping because she never sleeps in the morning or afternoon.

But it was a great chance for me. After 15 minutes I switched off the TV and I too placed myself on the bed beside her. After looking at her for some time I slowly dared to put my left hand on her stomach. Nor did she resist me neither she turned. This gave me the courage to moving a little further.

For the past two days, I have been dreaming myself fucking her hard in her ass hole. Then I put my hand lightly on her boob. It was really soft. Slowly I started pressing it. Suddenly she opened her eyes and caught my hand and said, “vicky what are you trying to do.”

As she said this I realize that my hand was still on her breast. I quickly removed my hand and feeling shamed I turned the other side She put her hand on my head and said, “It’s alright to feel like this. Because it’s your age of sexual development and you can’t resist it.”

Saying this she kissed on my lips. She put my hand on her breast and said sorry to interrupt you I too was enjoying. I was completely shocked. But I knew now or never. I started caressing her breast. I put my other hand on her other bra and started kissing on her lips.

She helped me by giving me a way to slide my tongue in her mouth and to enjoy the taste. Her lipstick was having really a great taste. Then I sensed something on my zip of pant. It was her hand. My penis was really hard at that time and was paining.

She helped me by opening my zip and started moving the skin of my penis up and down. I was in full pleasure. I too increased the pressure on her breasts and she too started enjoying. Then I started removing her clothes. Now she was only in her bra and panty.

Then I started licking her legs and then went to her abdomen, licked and kissed it. Then her neck and again we started kissing each other for some time. She was really getting horny. Then I removed my clothes and her bra and panty. Now I and she were completely nude.

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Her light brown nipples and her clean clit made my penis grow completely to the size of 6 inches. Then I got on her and started sucking her boobs. By my one hand, I started pressing her other breast. By the other, I started rubbing her clit. She started moaning, “Yeah do it more do it fast I was waiting for it for a really long time.”

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Then I took the other breast and started sucking it. She caught my hair and pressed my face deep on her breast. Then I got up and she started rubbing my penis After sometime she took it in her mouth. What a warm pleasure it was. She was really sucking it fast giving me a great blowjob.

Soon I filled her mouth with my semen. Then I started licking her clit in the famous 69 position. Now my penis was really hard. She put my penis between her two boobs and started tit fuck. After some time I filled her neck and some part of her breast with my semen.

Then I insisted her to let me fuck her the real way. But she said no it is not right. But after some time she was ready to get my tool inside her clit. Let me tell you her clit was really tight. I put my penis on the mouth of her clit and then give a hard stroke. Only about my half of penis was able to get inside it.

She screamed loud, “Please fuck slow my pussy is paining.” But I was not going to stop. With another stroke, I inserted my whole penis inside her. I was amazed to find that she was really a virgin. I started giving her hard strokes and she was really screaming and moaning with pleasure.

Soon I was able to tear her hymen and thus ended her virginity. Some blood came out but it was ok as it was supposed to happen. Then I turned her other way and started fucking her doggy style. I started giving her hard strokes and soon I filled her cunt with my semen. She was completely satisfied.

Then we went to the bath together and while bathing I started sucking her boobs. She told me that her husband was not at all interested in sex. That’s why he has not fucked her or even kissed her on her lips. After the bath, we took another round of ecstasy and pleasure.

We got ready by the time my parents came. She went to the kitchen for preparing the tea. I too went to ask her that when we can have such an experience. She told me that the whole night is mine. So we took another round in the night and then got asleep.

Well, that was my experience with my aunt. I hope you like my story . Please send your feedback on [email protected] Any unsatisfied aunty, women, girls in Bangalore can contact me.

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