Sex with Hydrabad Aunty

I am a guy based out of Hyderabad and this is my first instance of extra marital sex She is in her late 40s, short height, slim and very hot. You won’t believe, she doesn’t look elder than me. I have very good tuning with her since her marriage with my paternal Uncle. We meet

Seducing Sarita Aunty

Hello, ladies and gentle men, this Aakash. This is my first sex story on this site and i hope you like it, and your suggestions are always welcome Now, here we start, so there was this lady, my neighbor, Sarita aunty 34 years of age whom I used to fantasize about, is a divorcee, she

Fucking hot bangalore aunty

Hi guys and girls, this is raju, my name is raju. I am 24 and I stay in Bangalore. Coming to the story, after I posted my first story, I got a lot of replies. Half of them were guys asking for the phone number of the lady and the other half were trying to pretend that

Seduced by Aunt Mary (Begining)

Hey! Today I am sharing my first ever experience of sex. All name of characters are changed. I am a teen boy with full of energy. Its were the days after my board exams. I was waiting of that Tuesday when my mom and sister were leaving for two week to my maternal uncle’s house

Fucked Matured Neighbor Aunty Very Hard

Hi friends, Harry here with my another sexperience with a matured Neighbor aunty. In my last story I left my email for feedback,and later I have received many mails from everyone.SO, Thanks for the feedback. I was in my home and my parents had gone for a Marriage week. Since I was alone, I was

Sex with aunty

Hi this friends this Dinesh(name changed ) this is my first story and i narrating here so pls read it and tell feedback let me introduced her name laxmi her age will be around 33 she is married and she is short but perfect figure she as her boobs size may be 36 she stays

Sex with shashi aunty

Hi to all . Firstly let me describe myself. My name is vicky a great fan of this wonderful sex story site. I’m from Bangalore (Karnataka). I am about 5 feet and 9 inches tall and my tool is 6.5 inches long 3 inches thick.I’ll jump into story without taking tour time and i tried