Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part-9

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Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

Now aunt and mom were ready to make a move, aunt was now overwhelmed by the fact that my mom is going to seduce me and if possible have sex with me.

Mom: Ok Munni, just make sure that you are around me and if anything happens you will handle the situation.

Aunt: Don’t worry sis, get ready and go to your son’s room. You are making me crazy just to the fact that you are going to seduce your son to have sex.

Mom then removed her salwar kameez and wore the sheer gown. After she wore the dress she once showed the dress to aunt and ramped towards my bedroom. but before coming into my bedroom aunt stopped mom once and handed her the shawl to cover herself just incase, I quickly went to my bed and acted like sleeping.

Mom then came inside my room and called me, announcing her presence in my bedroom, trying to wake me.

Mom: Hey son, are you awake. Heyy.

I opened my eyes and acted as if I slept.

Me: Yes mom, what is it.

Mom: I just came hear to know something, if you would care to give me your opinion.

Me: My opinion, What do you need my opinion for mom .

Mom: It’s just I want to get your opinion on a dress.

Me: Ok, where is the dress.

Mom: I am wearing the dress, just don’t be surprised and give me your actual opinion.

Me: Ok mom show me the dress.

Mom just removed the shawl from her body and dropped it to the floor and showed me her body wrapped in my gifted dress. I acted in surprised way as I was excited knowing my aunt was watching us. I just kept quite for sometime and looked at mom’s inspiring body.

Mom: What happened son, just stop looking at me and tell me how is it.

Me: Mom don’t take me wrong but you look hot as hell in this dress. Just like a sexy MILF.

Mom: What you say a MILF.

Me: I just mean to say you look hot and sexy in this dress mom.

Mom: I know what a MILF means son. So this is what you think looking at your mom, a MILF.

Me: Mom I did not mean to say that but yeah you look like a hot MILF.

Mom: Now I understand your taste when you mean to say a mature lady, so you are into MILFS. So what do you think about you mom, do I really look like a hot MILF.

Me: Yes sure mom you do, you really are looking a hot MILF. I will be frank with you, not only in this dress but you really are a hot MILF.

Mom: Why son, what is it that you think I am a hot MILF? What is that attract you towards mature women?

Me: Mom are you really asking me, I mean you have everything that attracts. You are complete MILF package.

Mom: What do you mean by complete MILF package son.

Me: I mean you are good looking, you have a good figure, your front and back is good.

Mom: Oh come on son don’t be shy, you can share everything with your mom, as you shared me about how you like mature women. Be open to your momma, just as I am to you.

Me: Ok mom, as you say I will be open with you. Yes you look hot in this sheer dress, you look like hot sexy MILF. You have the complete package that attracts men, your pretty face, big boobs and huge ass with long hairs.

Mom: Do you really think I am that much attractive, that I have everything the men wants.

Me: Yes mom you have everything that men wants.

Speaking to mom in this manner when aunt was watching made my cock hard under the blanket. Mom took a step on bed, just inches from me. My cock was rising under the blanket and popped hard making it appear clear to our eyes.

Mom: You look uncomfortable son, be comfortable . Looks like you are hiding something under the blanket, is it because me, your mom.

Me: Ok mom as you say I will be comfortable, just this type of talk between us feels wierd. Any man will have this wierd feeling when such a hot and sexy women is beside him wearing such sexy dress.

Mom: Ohhh so it really is because of me, I can understand that son. But do you really think I am that attractive, but how come your father doesn’t get attracted to me.

Me: Mom as you say if someone have something that is more than worth then he will not have the value. Same is with dad, he have you and he knows you aren’t going anywhere so he doesn’t have that feel.

Mom: Hmmm I understand now, but tell me what you like most in women, what you like most in me.

Me: To be frank, I am attracted to womens who have big boobs, there ass and there figure, and you have them all. You have big boobs, huge ass and a sexy figure plus a lusty face mom.

Mom: Ok I get it son, but tell me if the women like your aunt. What do men like the women of her type.

Me: Mom women like aunt even attracts men, aunt may not have big boobs like you but she does have a sexy figure, a lusty face and tight ass. If the men know she is a widow for 20 long years I think she have the plus point.

Mom: What does it have in plus point to be a widow?

Me: Mom as you know she is a widow for 20 long years and as far I know she doesn’t even have any relationships.

Mom: Son can you please elaborate, what does it have to do with her widow and relationships.

Me: Mom, it’s just that aunt is a widow she doesn’t have any relationships. So I am saying that she haven’t had sex in 20 long years and she will be more responsive when compared to a regular married women.

Mom: Ohhh son you think of a women in this manner, where have you been hiding this naughty side of yours.

Me: Mom I did not hide anything it’s just that we are opening up now and you wanted me to comfortable and share everything. That is what I am doing, I am sharing you my thoughts the general trivia about men.

Mom: So, you think your aunt will be more responsive than me, do you think she is more hotter than me.

Me: I am not comparing you and aunt mom, you both are different, your body types are different, your life styles are different. You have the plus points that she doesn’t have and she have the points that you don’t.

Mom: So son tell me now are you attracted by looking at me.

Me: Yes mom I am attracted to you and I am sure other men are also attracted to you.

Mom: What is it in me that attracts you and other men towards me.

Me: I don’t know about other men mom, but I am attracted to your boobs. (By pointing finger) These big boobs are like asset to your body and your huge ass is just boom.

Mom: So you mean to say I have big boobs and huge ass that attracts you. Have you ever felt intrigued to touch them, feel them.

Me: Yes mom I do, everytime I see your big boobs I want to touch them, I want to feel them. The most amazing thing is when you don’t wear a bra the nipples popping out on your dress makes me wanting it more, when you bend I take a peek at your cleavage and boobs.

Mom: So you peek at me when I bend and look at my boobs. How do you know I don’t wear a bra, do my nipples really pop out so much in my dress.

Me: yes they do mom, as I can see it now your nipples are erect and now they all visible in this dress.

Mom: Ohh son, you are such a pervert looking at your mom in such a way, well I must say sometimes when you like at me I know you look at me and I can mark the tent in your pants. Even now I can mark the tent under the blanket when we are talking.

Me: Yeah mom, it happens when ever you and aunt are around. I can’t control myself and tents pop up in my pants.

Mom: Son I want to share you something and this is why I am here, I know that you masterbate in my bra and panties. Do you really think that you are mom is so much attractive that you jerk in bra and panty.

Me: What can I do mom I can’t control myself looking at you and do suck things.

Mom: What did you thought that I would never know about you jerking in my bra and panty?

Me: I won’t deny mom at first I thought that you would not notice, but later I thought who wouldn’t notice such sticky substance. Especially a married women would know the it by the smell.

Mom: Yes, I thought that it is wet due to dropping in the floor, but I discovered it later that it’s your sperm on my bra.

Me: I knew that you know I jerk in your bra and still you wore those bra and panty. The wet spots on your boobs looking at you wearing the same bra in which I jerked made me hard again even after I jerked.

Mom: To be frank son it felt weird at first but when I discovered that it’s your sperm it made me feel something, it made me horny I wanted to feel it over me.

Me: Really mom you felt horny wearing that bra and still you wanted to wear them.

Mom: What can I say som, it just something different and I wanted to touch you then but I controlled my urges.

Me: You wanted touch what mom?

Mom: Ohh son don’t act so dumb you know what I mean.

Me: I am understanding what you mean to say mom but still I want to hear it from you.

Mom: Ohhh son, ok. I wanted to touch your cock Ok.

Me: Woww mom you really wanted to touch my cock. It’s not late either you can touch it now if you want to.

Mom: What? Are you insane how can I touch you there.

Me: oh come on mom why are feeling so shy, we have been talking so openly now, by now you should have asked me and touched me already.

Mom: You really want me to touch you there son.

Me: Yes mom I want you to touch my cock, I want to feel your hand wrapped around my cock.

Mom: Hmmm son but isn’t it wrong.

Me: It’s nothing wrong in touching your son mom, besides we both want it.

Mom: What can I say, I want to but I don’t know if it’s right.

Me: Ohh come on mom, now stop acting I know you want to, get going and feel my cock.

Mom kept silent for sometime and moved her hand on my blanket towards my cock and started feeling my cock above the blanket.

Me: How does it feel mom, if you want you can put your hand under the blanket and feel it directly.

Mom just kept feeling my cock above the blanket, then I took her hand and pulled the blanket above me and showed her my cock. She just kept staring at my cock for sometime then I took & placed her hand on my bare cock.
At first mom just touched my dick with her acting like she was doing it for the first time as my aunt was watching us. Mom then slowly rubbed my dick and wrapped her fingers around my dick making a girth and stroked my dick.

Me: How does it feel mom, to have your son’s dick wrapped in your hand. If you have got what you wanted can I fell you too mom.

Mom didn’t say a word and I just raised my hand and placed it on her boob and started pressing mom’s boobs. Mom closed her eyes while I pressed her boobs and she kept stroking my dick.

After sometime mom suddenly stopped stroking my dick.

Mom: Son I don’t think it’s right to touch ourselves like this.

Me: Mom it’s nothing wrong in getting what we want, besides I have seen you fingering yourself in bathroom. I know you are not satisfied and you want to touch and feel my dick. Now don’t think it as wrong and let’s do what we were doing.

Mom: But son.

Me: Mom let’s just cut this conversation for now, let’s continue what we were doing and after sometime if you still feel wrong then we will stop.

After hearing my words mom just kept calm and continued pressing mom boobs only this time her boobs were out of her dress naked. Mom didn’t say anything and caught my dick and continued stroking.

To make it more intense I bent over on my mom’s boob and started sucking her boob and pressing the other boob. I was switching my sucking from her right boob to left boob while pressing, mom was feeling intense and made her girth stronger on my dick and increased the speed of her stroking.

Mom: Aahhh son, it feels wrong but yet it feels so good you are making your mom wet.

I stopped my sucking to answer mom.

Me: Mom didn’t I told you that it will be alright, where are you wet mom, are you wet in your pussy.

Just after answering her I continued sucking her boob and pushed my hand down to her thighs and then slowly to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy slowly and then increased my speed. A moan escaped form my mom’s mouth as I rubbed her wet pussy and she just kept on stroking my dick.

Me: Does it still feel wrong mom, or shall I continue what I was doing. But I must say you really are wet in your pussy.

Mom didn’t say anything and I took as at yes and continued rubbing her pussy and inserted my finger in her pussy. Mom pulled my head on her boob and started massaging my hairs while sucked her boobs and finger her pussy.

After sometime of foreplay, sucking and fingering I pulled myself up standing naked infront of mom.

Me: Come on mom get naked fast, I want to see your naked as I am infront of you.

Mom: How can I get naked infront of you son.

Me: Keep your thoughts of right and wrong aside mom and just get naked. Moreover you are already naked from top you just need to get naked from bottom and this dress isn’t helping you covering yourself.

Mom thought for second or two and stood up and removed her dress. We both were standing naked infront of each other as my aunt watched, I looked in mesmerized towards mom.

Me: Wow mom you really have a milfy body, your boobs and ass are huge and perfect in size.

Mom acted like shy and stared at my dick.

Mom: I must say son you have some good sized dick. Girls will be mad for you once they see your dick.

Me: How do you feel mom looking at my dick mom?

Mom: Well to say the truth your dick is making my pussy more and more wet than usual.

Just after looking at each other’s body I pushed mom on bed and pulled her to the corner and moved her legs aside getting access to her pussy. Suddenly mom covered her pussy with her hand and was protesting while I kissed her thighs.

Me Ohh come on mom we can stop at any moment you just need to say it.

Mom didn’t say anything and I continued kissing and licking her thighs and I slowly moved towards her pussy and started licking her pussy. Mom was pulling her hairs while I licked her pussy and pressed her boob.

Mom: Aaaah son this feels so much good I haven’t felt like this in years, your father never did this to me.

Me: Don’t worry mom, from now on I am there to make you happy. Just to tell you we can stop at any point if you don’t want to continue.

Mom: Son why did you stop, did I say you to stop. Keep licking my pussy aaahh that felt so good when you were licking my pussy.

Me: Oh mom so you were enjoying it when I was licking your pussy haan. ok as you say mom let me make it more interesting for you.

I got on work by licking mom’s pussy for sometime and then while licking mom’s pussy I inserted my finger in her pussy and drilled my finger inside her pussy. I was finger fucking mom while licking her pussy, mom was enjoying every moment, she was pulling my head in her pussy to get the proper licking of her pussy.

Mom: Aahhh sonnnn your re so good at this, hmmmmm just keep licking and fingering my pussy I am about to cum. Aaahh hmmm heaahahhh sonnnn.

Mom felt her orgasm and she pulled my head deeper in her pussy, I licked her pussy well and cleaned it properly. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and licked my fingers and some I left for my mom to lick, I moved my hand towards mom’s craving mouth and pushed my fingers in her mouth, she cleaned my fingers properly by sucking and licking my fingers.

Me: How was it mom, did you like it.

Mom: Son it was very good son, I never felt such intense pleasure in my life such as you gave me.

Me: If you are done mom, can you do me the same favour as I did to you.

Mom: What is it son, what favour do you need from me.

Me: It’s the same thing mom which I did to you. You need to suck my dick.

Mom: You want me to suck your dick.

Me: Don’t make it so hard mom, I know you want to. Just get on it now and have my dick in mouth.

Mom acted like hesitating and hold my dick in her hand and started stroking, she looked at my face once before taking my dick in her mouth. I smiled back looking at her and she wrapped her lips around my cock and kissed the head of my cock. Then she opened her lips and engulfed my cock into her mouth, my aunt was watching us, aunt was watching mom sucking my cock.

Mom started galloping my cock in her mouth, I moved my hands on her boobs and started squeezing them, pinching & twisting her erect nipples. After sucking my cock for sometime mom looked at me in amazement.

Mom: Woww son you have a good stamina, I have been sucking your cock for sometime now and you have not yet cum.

Me: Don’t worry about my orgasm mom, I will do when it’s required. I want you to make my cock harder for the next step of our session.

Mom just looked and winked at me and started sucking my cock again, my cock became harder in her mouth and I stopped mom from sucking my cock. I pushed her on my bed and licked her thighs and pussy for sometime and then adjusted my cock on her pussy.

I raised her legs into the air and adjusted her on my bed and then pushed my cock into her pussy making her pussy engulf my cock. Mom wrapper her legs round my waist and I started pumping my cock in her pussy deep into her womb, with every push of my cock in mom’s pussy her body and her boobs were shaking. I grabbed her boobs while fucking her and mom started moaning, to make mom’s pussy more wanting I pressed mom’s boob with one hand and started rubbing her clitoris with my other hand thumb.

Mom was moaning louder with every stroke of my cock, after five minutes of fucking my mom suddenly I felt hands wrapping round my body from the back. It was my aunt who grabbed me from back and she was all naked.

I acted like surprised and pulled my cock out of my mom’s moved back, myl hard cock spring out of my mom’s pussy all wet covered in her juices.

Aunt: Oh why did you stopped fucking your mom nephew don’t be scared, look is your mom sacred. I just wanted to join you both I was watching how a mother and son gets intimate. Look at your hard cock it wants to be in a pussy and whats better for a son’s cock than his own mother’s pussy.

Mom: Ohh come on son why did you stopped fucking me, don’t be scared of your aunt she just wanted to join us. Now stop that gaze and strat fucking me again, your momma is hungry for your cock.

Aunt: Ahh wait my dear sister let me taste my nephew first before he enters in you again.

So dear readers what do you think lies in the future, what will happen in next story. Leave your feedback and comments

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