Living Again After Growing Old-17

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Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-16 ). Now let’s continue

I said “thank you Radhika, a lot has happened in my house too. I will tell you about it later”. She said “Oh I forgot to tell you, you are looking gorgeous in this frock. Did Pramod get you this”?

I blushed and silently nodded yes. She naughtily asked “so you must be getting late for your tuitions with Pramod right”? I covered my face with my hands out of shame.

I said “I am not sure if I can do it after all that has happened today”. She said “let’s go to the hall and have a celebration drink, then you can go with Pramod. I am sure he is finding it hard to control himself” and winked at me.

We came to the hall, Adarsh opened a bottle of champagne and served four glasses. We took our glasses, he said “cheers to the newlywed couple”. Then she winked at Adarsh, she said “now that everything is settled, lets release the impatient love birds”.

Pramod immediately got up holding my hand and said “thank you mom and dad, now if you will excuse us, we have a lot of important things to finish”. Radhika added “call me when you want the snacks”.

Pramod looked behind and said “ok mom”. We got inside his bedroom and locked the door. Putta hugged me and said “so how do you feel now Munni”? I playfully beat his chest and said “you could have told me about this yesterday when you came home right? I almost had a heart attack today”.

He laughed and said “Munni, had I told you yesterday then would you have really come today? I did it on purpose to surprise you beyond your wildest imagination”.

Putta was right, if he would have told me about this yesterday then I would surely not have mustered the courage to come here today and face his parents.

Anyway I was very happy that Putta and me had crossed a big milestone in our lives today. Now all that remains was for me to sort out my family. Putta made me sit on his bed and took out silver anklets from his pocket and put them around my ankles.

My god I so much loved anklets and always wanted them. Putta made another one of my dreams come true. I got up and kissed him wildly, I said “thank you darling, how did you know I would like these”?

He kissed me back, he said “Munni I just thought these would make your lovely feet look even prettier and will make music every time we are making love”.

I shyly said “so you want everyone to know what we are doing inside”? He winked and naughtily said “yes Munni darling, that way they will not interrupt us till the sound stops knowing well we are busy doing important business”.

He pushed me on to his bed getting on top, we had our first round even before we removed our clothes because we were both sex starved. Then we removed our clothes and Putta pulled me to his bathroom.

Even though I did not feel like pissing he made me do it and drank whatever little came out. Then we had two more crazy rounds of love making in his bed followed by another under the shower.

Today Putta was crazily horny with a constant boner which never seemed to lose its hardness. After we retired to his bed, I asked “what is wrong with you today hubby darling? Did you take a pill”?

He said “no Munni, it is because of the excitement of what happened today and now doing it officially with my parent’s knowledge”. I said “you are so shameless, now what face will I show your parents when we get out of your room”?

He calmly answered “just be normal, they already know what combined studies we would be doing today”. Listening to him, for a second I died of shame.

Putta took me in his arms and we had another crazy bout of love making. Then after resting, he said “let’s get dressed, mom would be waiting to come with the snacks”.

We quickly put on our clothes, then Putta called Radhika on the intercom and she came with the snacks and sat with us. She looked at my anklets and said “these are looking beautiful, I never knew you liked these”.

I blushed and said “it is another gift from Pramod”. She looked at the ruffled bedsheets and said “I can see Pramod has been busy studying you very nicely”.

I knew what she meant and turned red with shame, Pramod said “mom please stop embarrassing us. You know what newlyweds do in private”. She said “I know son and I am sure you are not done with Sarita right”?

Now Putta felt crazily shy, he said “yes mom, maybe just once more”. She got up and said “maybe I need to leave you two love birds alone so you can ‘continue to study each other’”.

I was dying of shame during this double meaning mother and son conversation. I focused on staring at the floor counting the particles of granite in the tiles because I could not see Radhika in the face.

As soon as she left, Pramod locked the door and all hell broke loose again. He leaned me against the wall and we did one round of lovemaking standing with our clothes on followed by two more rounds on the bed.

It was nearing 9pm now, we cleaned and got dressed. We went down to the hall where Radhika was sitting, she came and hugged me. She whispered in my ears “you look really tired Sarita”.

This time forgetting my shame and mustering courage, I said “you have no idea how hard it is to make your son study”. She naughtily smiled and I left from there.

Putta escorted me home with a good night kiss in my dark Patio and left. I entered my house and surprisingly my Ex had not ordered dinner. My children complimented my anklets, I said “Radhika got them for me”.

Then my Ex said “we were waiting for you to come back so we can go out for dinner together”. I agreed and went to my room to get fresh and change into a different frock.

While I was selecting what to wear my Ex came into the room, he said “Please don’t wear these clothes Sarita, wear a saree tonight”. I was beginning to get irritated and angry but I kept my cool.

I called my children inside and asked “can you both suggest what I wear at dinner tonight”? My son selected a burgundy skirt with pink top while my daughter selected a pink frock.

Then they both settled on the frock. Everyone went out while I looked at my Ex who had a pale face. I said “now if you can also go out so I can change”? He said “why can’t you change in front of me”?

I said “you forgot you have lost that privilege, now please leave so I can get ready”. He left the room, I changed into this frock and did little makeup and joined them in the hall.

We all left in the car to an upper market restaurant, my son said “mom this is the place where we have been eating regularly including when you were out of town”.

We finished dinner and got back home. There was not a word spoken between me and Ex. In bed that night he again tried asking for sex, I rolled to the other side and slept as if he did not exist.

Next morning same routine except now I had ended tuitions for all the other children. I went to Putta’s place right after my morning chores as Radhika had called.

Radhika took me shopping for some nice designer clothes similar to what she wears. The major change/addition to my collection was shorter and more aggressive frocks, skirts and body con dresses which varied between mid-thigh to above knees in length.

She bought me a few sarees also today because my daughter was getting married next week. She took me to her tailor and made it clear to her him to stitch my blouses with aggressive necklines just like hers.

She did not let me pay saying I was her Daughter-In-Law now. She bought me a huge number of clothes including inners. We reached back to her place by 3pm by which time Putta had just arrived.

He saw me and quickly hugged me in front of Radhika, I too hugged him back tightly followed by a long passionate smooch. Radhika exclaimed “whoa my love birds, please go to your room if you want to get naughty”.

Putta winked at her and said “mom please understand, it has been 18hrs since I was with Munni last, so you both can mingle after I finish my urgent tuitions with her.

She said “Please take all this stuff also and try to see if you can do some studies also by the side”. I said “don’t worry Mother-In-Law, I will ensure he studies first and only then give him his treats”.

We took the stuff and went to his room, I saw there was a new big wall to wall wardrobe and a fully loaded dresser installed. Putta said “this is for you Munni, you can arrange everything here”.

I was already horny since a while now, so I dropped the bags on the floor and took Putta quickly to his bathroom. He also knew the reason and took his position between my legs firmly planting his mouth to my love hole.

After I finished and had myself eaten till my next peak of arousal, I rushed with my Putta to the bed. We did our usual quickie first round then followed by his usual detailed foreplay and extended love making second round.

Then we cleaned up and got down to serious studies. Radhika too visited us with her snacks and her double meaning one liners. She said “Pramod, maybe you can be a little civilised in handling Sarita”.

He said “sorry mom, every time I see Munni I go mad and lose control”. She said “yes I can see, she looks like she was hit by a tornado”. Now this was getting too much so I interjected “can you guys please discuss all this in my absence”.

Radhika laughed looking at me, she left saying “I leave it to you Sarita to tame my boy”. We got back to studies and after we were done, we jumped into bed for one more crazy round of mad love making.

This was followed by one shower round after which we got dressed. I made good use of my new dresser looking tip top. Then we came down to the hall where Radhika and Adarsh were sitting.

We talked for a quick 5minutes and then Putta escorted me home. Today the patio lights were on so the good night smooch was not possible. But Putta still did not give up.

We ducked under the window where were could not be seen from either inside the house or from the street and did our kissing and quick fondling business.

Then he left and I unlocked my door and went inside. Today my Ex was already home giving me strange looks. Then we retired to bed, he asked “why did you duck under the window with Pramod”?

I was shocked that he had seen us, so quickly thought of an excuse. I said “I dropped my ring and it rolled off somewhere, so I panicked and went looking for it and Pramod also helped me find it”.

He sarcastically asked “Sarita are you sure you are telling me the truth”? I knew a confidently said lie sounds like truth. So I said “I know what I was doing there and it doesn’t matter to me if you believe me or not, now let me sleep”.

To be continued….

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