Maid from Heaven – Part 9

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Now the workers had already left for lunch break and would be back in another hour, Uma was looking simple yet very desirable in this new salwar kameez that Rizwan had stitched for her.

Listening to Uma’s experience made me so hard that the moment she took out my cock from my trousers and held it, I shot jets of cum in her hand and a few drops landed on her face and clothes.

She said “Krishna looks like listening to my experience made you cum even before we started”, I said “yes darling, listening to your experience along with a sexy hot lady like you sitting on my lap made me cum”.

Surprisingly this time my cock remained hard even after cumming. Uma opened her front zip giving me full access to her beautiful boobs while she licked all my cum fallen everywhere.

Uma said “Krishna I hope you don’t think wrong about me especially after what I did with Rizwan”? I said “not at all darling, I am very happy that you enjoyed. Do you think if I would have felt bad then would I have cum like this”?

I held her face and kissed her lips and Uma too kissed me with burning passion. I cupped her boobs over her bra while she held my cock stroking it with her hand. Soon within minutes we were fucking like rabbits as if this was our first time.

This time I impressed myself again by lasting much longer than my usual and Uma also had two strong orgasms. We both went to my bathroom and took a bath together where we ended up fucking once more like mad.

Now Uma was constantly aroused and horny like I have never seen her before. We got dressed and quickly finished lunch just in time for the workers returning from lunch.

Uma continued to wear the new suit which Rizwan had given her today. I noticed all the men including the supervisor were constantly stealing glances at her body. Uma also stared back without reacting.

The supervisor said he wanted one team to work on the 2nd floor while one team worked here because lots of work was still remaining. I found it very logical and took them to the second floor.

Now I was frequently shuttling between the two places keeping a tab on the work and quickly got tired. I went to Uma who was working in the kitchen, she gave me a glass of water while wiping my sweat with a towel.

I asked “have you finished your work”? She said “yes, most of it. Why”? I said “I am tired of shuttling between both floors to keep a watch on these people. Can watch over the people here while I am on the second floor”?

She said “yes I will do, just tell me what to look out for”? I said “nothing just make sure they don’t mess with the stuff in the house and also they don’t waste time”. She said “ok”.

I remained on the 2nd floor for some time and noticed the supervisor who was also shuttling between the two floors had not come here since a long time. I decided to go downstairs and check on him.

When I reached there I saw Uma was standing at the door and Shiva was standing right behind her with his one hand around her waist. I could not see where his other hand was because I only had a diagonal side view.

I was suspecting he was up to something with her because he was whispering in her ears, so I went back knowing very well that I would get a full download from Uma later anyway.

An hour later I was thirsty so went down making some noise on purpose. I saw Uma coming out of the kitchen looking tired with her clothes little crumpled. I went to her asking for a glass of water, she went to the kitchen and I followed.

While she poured me a glass I asked “did something happen Uma”? She silently nodded yes, I asked “what”? She said “I will tell you later. Now please go back quickly”.

I decided to keep my curiosity pending till she tells me herself. I went back to the top floor focussing on the work to be done. At 5.30pm the supervisor came to me and said “sir our shift is over for today, we will come back tomorrow to continue”.

I remembered Uma will be gone for the first half leaving me single handed so I said “come after lunch to continue”. All the workers left with their stuff. I sat on the sofa and asked Uma to bring me a beer.

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