My GF is my slave

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I got a girl who’s obsessed with me. Rich family, only child, naive as fuck, but damn pretty with a smoking hot body. She let me fuck on the first date. Made her come hard as fuck. After that she was obsessed with my cock. I fucked her for a few days and got bored with her so I told her we should break up.

Bitch started crying and begging me to not dump her. I beat her and told her to get lost. But the bitch said she’d let me do anything I wanted. My head was full of ideas at this point. So I fucked her again. Next day I dressed her up all nice like a slut in a tiny dress. No underwear.

Then I drove her to a shitty part of town late at night. Everything was closed by now but there were some small dhaabas with some dirty and drunk looking uncles and some chapri looking guys.

They kept staring at her like they were ready to jump any moment. I told her to get naked and that if she doesn’t, I’ll leave her with these horny dudes who will rape her until morning. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she dropped her dress in front of the men. They clicked pics and started hooting like wild animals.

When some guys started walking to her, I shouted at her to get inside. She left her dress in panic and we drove away. In the car she bawled her eyes out like a baby holding herself with her arms. I just couldn’t stop laughing. I fucked her on the empty road and bitch came twice even while crying. I’m having so much fun with her.

What else should I do with her? Any ideas?

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