Maid from Heaven – Part 8

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part here Maid From Heaven Part-7 so you can enjoy this better…

From now on read Uma’s experience in her own words.

I went with Mary to Rizwan’s counter. He was waiting because Mary had told him I am coming for the trials. Mary said “come to me when you are done so I will drop you home”.

I said “yes I have your number and will call you when I am done”. Mary left us and carried on with her work. I looked at Rizwan, he said “Madam you are looking very hot and sexy today”, I thanked him for the compliments.

He asked “Madam where is sir”? I said “you only asked me to come alone, so here I am”. He took out the salwar kameez he had stitched for me and asked me to follow him.

Today he took me to another room annexed to his trial room. There was a big table and two sewing machines, I guessed this was his workshop. He took out a comforter from a wardrobe and spread it double layer on the floor and turned to me.

I asked “what do you have in mind”? He stepped behind me and hugged like last time saying “Looks like you have come prepared to finish what we started yesterday”.

He started kissing behind my neck and ears while his hands were feeling my waist. I felt his hard cock dig into my backside but not in the right place. He must have felt it too and crouched lower pushing it into my butt.

I was also very turned on now, I held his hands which were on my waist and placed them on my boobs while I pushed my bottom against his cock. I asked “do you want me to remove my clothes”?

He said “yes madam, if you do it I will be able to work more effectively”. He stood while I opened my top and he removed it, he unhooked my bra and removed it. I unzipped my skirt and he removed it along with my panty making me fully naked.

I was about to remove my sandals when he said “madam keep them on, these make you look very sexy”. He opened his trouser letting it fall to his feet and his big hard cock sprang out.

I got on my knees stroking his cock with my hands and licking with my tongue while he removed his pants completely. I tried to take his cock deeper in my mouth but only managed a few inches because he was so big.

He kept saying “madam, this is feeling so good”. I sucked him for about five minutes after which he made me stand up. He came behind me and like last time pushed his cock in my crotch rubbing past my pussy lips and sticking out from front.

He joined my thighs tightly holding my hips began dry humping me like before. I placed his hands on my boobs again while I held the tip of his cock from front. I had assumed that today also this is all to expect even though I came prepared for much more.

Like before he held me firmly and stood up further straight lifting me on his cock. Even though his cock did not penetrate me, it was still giving me loads of pleasure and I had a powerful orgasm.

He held me tightly and continued humping till I recovered. Then he lowered me making me lie on his makeshift bed. He opened my legs and started eating my pussy licking all my juices oozing from my orgasm.

He said “madam you are very tasty, I wish I could eat you every day like this”. He continued for a long while getting me aroused again. He went further south and licked and tongue fucked my ass driving me more crazy.

He added saliva and pushed a finger inside making me jerk with pleasure. In a few minutes his finger was freely moving in and out of my ass. He put two and then three till they were freely sliding in and out of my ass.

I was dying for him to do the same to my pussy but he didn’t. He came on top and kissed me on my lips then neck and continued downwards. He kissed and licked every inch of my body.

Then he rolled me over and continued kissing from behind. After he was done he stopped at my ass and resumed licking and fingering it. He said “madam you have the most beautiful and tastiest ass I have ever had”.

He got on top and touched the tip of his cock at my ass slowly pushing it inside. I was dreading his big cock will tear my ass but instead it entered smoothly without hurting much.

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