Maid From Heaven Part-7

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

It was 9pm now, my friend called saying they were at a pub and wanted me to join, I agreed. I called Uma and said “get ready, I am taking you to meet my friends”, she buried her face in my chest saying “I am very shy to face your friends, you please go. I will be at home only”.

I held her hand and went to the second bedroom. I gave her a black bra-panty set, a black top & maroon skirt and told her to wear it. Uma looked at me and understood I was not going to budge. She quietly wore everything.

Now without me telling she wore matching heels. I took her to my dresser and gave her a basic makeup kit that Mary had chosen for her. Uma quietly applied minimal makeup while I changed into a black shirt and denims.

We locked the house and left. Uma was sitting quietly, I said “I will introduce you as my girlfriend to all my friends, I hope you are ok with that”? Uma looked at me and said “Krishna you already did that yesterday”.

I said “yes, are you comfortable with it now”? She said “Krishna as long as you don’t kiss me in front of anyone I am fine with anything”. I said “ok, I won’t do that. You just remain by my side and do as I say”, she said “ok”.

We reached the pub and surely all the men were ogling at Uma. I met my friends and introduced her as my friend who works for me. Uma looked at me, I knew she might have been thinking why I did not say “girlfriend”.

They asked when did she join, I said recently as my personal assistant. All of them appreciated her beauty and Uma shyly responded with a “thank you”. I ordered beer for us and nonveg started were already there.

This time I ordered a separate beer for her to save her the embarrassment from yesterday. Everyone was conversing in English and Uma was not able to understand. I explained she is from my hometown and is learning.

Some of my friends spoke to her in local language and she eased a bit. I kept looking around and all men were checking out Uma. After a few hours she whispered to me that she wanted to use the restroom.

I accompanied her and took her to the ladies room. She asked “can we not find a place like yesterday? I badly need you now”? I smiled at her and she blushed, I looked around and there was no one in this passage.

I held her face and kissed her and she kissed me back full of passion. I looked around and did not find a special needs bathroom. At the side out of sight I found a room with housekeeping stuff.

I took her inside and locked the door. There was no furniture here, Uma kneeled and unzipped my trousers taking out my cock. She started giving me a blowjob, after a few minutes I tapped her shoulder.

She got up raising her skirt and lowering her panties and leaned against the wall. I pushed my cock in her pussy fucking her full speed. She started moaning and I had to cover her mouth with my hand to silence her.

We continued for some time after which her body trembled with her orgasm squeezing around my cock hard and I also came. She collected my cum oozing out of her pussy and licked it all.

She got on her knees and sucked my cock clean we corrected our clothes and I peeped outside making sure no one was there. I took her to the ladies restroom and waited outside. After she finished we went back to the table.

My friends commented sarcastically that we took too long. I just winked at them saying it was crowded. Knowing well that Uma does not understand English my friend said “we also want to join the crowd “.

I said “find someone who suits you then”. They understood I was not going to share her with anyone. We wound up after another hour and drove back home. On the way Uma asked “what were your friends saying about me”?

I said “they were saying you are very beautiful and hot”. She said “chi, I don’t want to be with them again”. I asked “why darling”? She said “from the time we met them, they were staring at my body undressing me with their eyes making me feel uncomfortable being there”.

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