Seductress neighbor needs a willing virgin to transform

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~~~ Present Day ~~~

“C’mon, man! I need this! Her text says…”

“I know what it says,” I told my friend. “Tommy showed me his phone when he did this.”

“So you fucking did it for Tommy but you won’t do it for me?!”

“What? Fine!” I said, finally giving in.

“Thanks, man! I owe you, dude! Seriously!”

I went to my closet and got the fluorescent orange paracord down from the shelf. I didn’t even bother to put it away in the garage anymore. I’d lost count of how many of my classmates had tied me up with it. I handed the bundle of thin rope to him.

I was wearing sports shorts and a T-shirt – nothing constrictive – that would work. I’d mistakenly worn jeans or denim shorts once or twice. That had quickly gotten uncomfortable.

~~~ Flashback ~~~

I thought back to that very first time — Remi.

Remi had stayed the night for his 18th birthday. I had turned 18 two days after school started. I was the oldest in our class. We played video games until the wee hours of the morning – and then slept in. I must have slept hard that night. I had woken up when the door of my bedroom closed and the lock clicked.

I found myself tied to my chair – with my friend (Remi) and my neighbor (Lilith) staring at me.

Lilith had moved into the house next door over the summer.

She was gorgeous – ungodly hot. That first day of school, she was instantly lusted-after by every male in our class – and hated by every female.

I felt sorry for her, honestly. Who wanted to start a new school the last year before graduation?!

Lilith was undeniably fuckable. If I had not already promised myself that I was waiting for marriage, I would have joined the queue to ask her out.

The guys were pissed; they said she was playing cat and mouse with them. Personally, I thought they were just upset because she didn’t immediately swoon when they flexed their muscles or their intellects. One thing was certain; she wouldn’t fuck anybody who wasn’t 18.

She talked to me now and then – both at school and when we happened to run into each other outside. I did my best to treat her like I treated the rest of the girls in our class.

I don’t know how many times I started to head out the door and discovered that she was leaving the house to run or walk as well. When I saw her, I usually turned around and headed back inside.

Her jogging outfit always looked like it was painted on. Her body was tight in all of the right places; it was also firm and round in all the (other) right places. Trying to follow Lilith (as she walked or jogged) was a matter of taking your life into your own hands. Not only were YOU distracted by all of her parts moving JUST right – but so was every other male on the streets and the sidewalks. It was positively unsafe!

We were a month into the school year when Remi stayed the night and I had my first experience of watching my hot-ass neighbor use my friend as a stage-prop to provide me with a live porn-show.

~~~ Present Day ~~~

As Johnny lashed my wrists and ankles to my gaming chair, I noticed his phone lying on the bed next to me. I couldn’t resist looking down at the text message on this screen.

“Tie Jimmy to his chair and text me. I’ll let you fuck me on his bed while he watches. This only happens once. Make it count.”

“You might as well go ahead and text her so she can head this way,” I told him.

I wasn’t sure why I bothered; it was like she somehow knew – every time. I didn’t know what Lilith spent all of her time doing but I never saw her go do anything (other than walk or jog – always, seemingly, at the same time as me) and – when anybody texted her to have sex in my room – she showed up within seconds.

As Johnny tied the last knot, I heard the doorbell ring.

Johnny and I had been in school together every year since Kindergarten. I don’t know how many PE classes we’ve had shared over that time. I have never seen that boy move so fast in my life. I swear he hurdled my bed. I heard him race down the hall and screech to a halt on the linoleum flooring inside of the front door.

Lilith led him into my room, by the hand, a couple minutes later. Johnny looked like he’d already jizzed himself. His eyes were glossy with lust. My prick started slowly growing – my mind was already racing ahead to what was coming.

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