Neighbor auntie lust over me (True story)

This is real story of me. About my neighbor aunty who had lust and incest over me but never showed to me.

Here I start story with interduction,

I am 19 y old with good looking physique with “6 inch big black dick” My father and mother both doctors in banglore they will come home by night 10:00 I will be alone at home after clg from 2:00pm live in 20 storied apartment
In front of our flat is stories heroins( neighbor aunty) home, her name is “vaishnavi”she is 36 with one child(6y) husband is working in America who visit India once a month she is like blond with perfect curvy body with 26-36-26 some what near with big ass
After my clg I used spend time in her home till 8:00pm we developed very good friend ship, I used to tell about my class girls how they dressed, and she became second mom asking everything about the day. She took me shopping several times, she used to wear nighty at home, when ever she bends her big boobs can be seen clearly held by bra, she caught me several times peeping into her boobs when she bends, but she didn’t say anything. I am very attracted to her, my dick will slowly erect by seeing her curvy body. Two times she noticed about my erected penis as I was not having habit of wearing inner at home it is clearly visible, I said sorry aunty,

One afternoon when I went her house she was in kitchen cooking food, i stood beside her she was smelling wonderful, knowingly I put the spoon down she gave a pat on my head and bent to take the spoon I saw her boobs completely for sake of heaven she didn’t wear bra, my penis erected slowly, that day I wore half manner of helping her i touched my fully erected penis to aunties big ass, I hope she noticed but she didn’t react, next time I did same but this time unfortunately her hand touched my dick
Aunty: your so naughty

Then she gave a bitch smile, I came to living room where her son slept, I started to watch film, after some time I heard sound from bedroom
Aunty: vinnu come in hear beta.

I went to bedroom, she instructed me to close door and seat near her. I followed , and she started to say how much love and incest she had towards me and kept hand on my lap and noticed that I am not wearing underwear, she asked
Aunty: did you not wear inner today.?
Me: no aunty, I will not wear inner when I am home,
Her expression changed totally and my dick started erecting slowly, aunty was also seeing the erection. I was totally nervous

Aunty: O my god. Ur so naughty and kept hand on my erected penis.
Me : aunty what are you up to?
Aunty: please satisfy me my boy, I want your dick in my pussy.
I was also waiting for that
She put me on bed and removed my half pant and started to blowjob, I was in heaven totally. After 10 min I told aunty I Cumming she told to cumm in her mouth and she tasted my cum and commented it’s taste sweet to her,
Then I slowly removed her neighty and held her big boobs in hand, I was shocked that she to did not wear inner, she had a fleshy shaved pussy with inside red

With my 6 inch dick I gave several pat on her pussy , and inserted into hers it was a heaven, she started to moan ” Vinnu fuck me buddy ” Fuck me deep ” Fuck, fuck ” Like a pornstar
After 15 min
Me: aunty I am Cumming
Aunty: cumm in me my boy
Me: are you sure?
Aunty: yeah you fucking boy, cumm in me I want to take you in.
After Cumming a huge load of sperm in aunties fleshy pussy, we both took 30:min snap I slept by keeping my dick in aunties pussy.
Afterwards we both went to shower , I fucked her once again there, it is difficult to fuck in standing position, she showerd me like small kid, we took bath nearly 1:30 hour
From then she became my sex toy, I fuck her regularly. ( TRUE STORY)

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