My hubby’s boss :part-2

Hi readers,
I am a 26 years old married lady and enjoying my sexual relationship with my hubby Anish (part 1: My hubby’s boss) as well as with a neighbourhood young guy hubby’s promotion is due and he is anxious to get it but BRIBE is a pre_requestie for his boss to promote him.I am in hotel Parks in a luxurious room with my hubby’s boss Nishant.we both have a light drink before we got physical but he lost his energy in a single penetration.Its 10:15 pm as a service guy came in our room with a bottle of wine and dinner,I am well exhausted so I moved to washroom for a nice bath as the door bell rings.I am a nude lady under a cascade having bath as Nishant started knocking the door of washroom,I thought service guy have left the room so I opened the door comfortably and Nishant came inside with two glasses full of wine and soda and we both are drinking it while standing in washroom,looking at Nishant I smiled…….”you are looking hot in a Bermuda,let’s have a nice bath .” And we both came under cascade for bath,he took me in his strong arms as his hands is moving on my nude back esp.on my bum and I started kissing his face and lips,my breasts are pressing his chest as he pushed his tongue in my mouth to suck,while sucking his tongue I pulled down his Bermuda and his semi erected cock is hitting on my waist line.we both are making eachother hot and energetic for next session of sex.later on I left his tongue and put my head on his shoulder, he is moving his fingers in between my ass cracks,both are nude and wet.
I am standing on floor like a whore with my legs stretched as Nishant is sitting on floor to love my vagina,he put his lips on my labias and a hand is moving on my I put my fingers on labias to open the vaginal mouth and Nishant put his long tongue inside my vagina like a dog, he is licking it fastly as I am feeling the climax ,later on he took my both labias in his mouth to suck and I put my hand on his hairs to push his mouth towards my vagina.He left my glory hole and we both are now standing ,Nishant hold me tightly as he started sucking my lips and his long dick is now in full erection, while pushing my tongue in his mouth I started brushing my boobs on his chest and he sucked my tongue for a while.we both are nude under cascade as our bathing session ends and I took a bath towel to rub my wet body with it and both moved to bedroom.we are sitting on sofa as Nishant put wine and soda in glasses and we both started drinking wine and I left him to be on my knees on ground ,his long dick is hard as iron and while holding his base I put my lips on it,just kissing it and smelling the glans also.slowely I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking it like a pro,my mouth is moving faster as my hand is on his waist and Nishant left his glass on table and while holding my hairs ,he started fucking my mouth with his long penis hardly ,his cock is hitting my deep throat as I am going hard on his penis and after a while, I left his cock and came back on sofa.Nishant put his hand on my breast to press it hard and asked……”Bina for how many years you are married
(Bina smiled) for 4-5 years Nishant but why ?
(Nishant)not conceived in that span or just want to enjoy life for years without a kid
(Bina) Nishant be professional in your work,I am here with you for your sexual pleasure for night and you are wasting your time ,now come on bed to fuck me.”
We both are on king-size bed as Nishant ask me to sleep on bed like a indian lady with their legs wide apart, now Nishant pushed a long tablet in my vagina for safe sex,he is on his knees and pushed his long cock in my vagina and as I can feel his 2/3 Rd cock have entered the hot zone and he put his hand on my waist and pumped his remaining cocks in my cunt fast and hard as I shouted……..”oh you have pounded my vagina so hard with your thick and long cock be slow my dear ,but he is fucking me hard this time as I know the men’s psychology that his penis get tougher after a single ejaculation and he wants to fuck a lady with more power and energy but to be very true whenever I get two fuck in a row ,most of time I feel orgasm in last session.I loves to be pounded hard and fast as my vagina is always desperate for long thick and hard penis with a long time span of fuck,as I am enjoying his cock he slept on me and while holding him tightly,I started bouncing my ass up and down to enhance our sexual pleasure.He is fucking me while his glans is hitting my vaginal depth and cervix ,now I shouted……..”oh aah yum Nishant go hard I will cum soon.” And my cunt is now full of cum and Nishant took out his dick from my vagina and asked me to be on my knees and elbows,as he moved to washroom.He came back and like a bitch on bed I have stretched my legs wide and he sits near my bum and put his tongue to lick my cum for a looking towards him I can see him holding his long penis and I can feel half of penis in my vagina.He hold my waist tightly and pounded his cock fast and hard,I screamed……”oh my god I am so lucky to get a long thick and hard cock , fuck me hard .” He is penetrating my vagina as I started swinging my ass fastly and said…….”Nishant I think before giving my hubby promotion you can ask bribe again ,he is enjoying my cunt and his hand is massaging my boobs ……”no Bina I can’t cheat him better we can meet secretly for fun
(Bina)ok but I need 5 cocks at a time to enjoy
(Nishant)oh no need group sex
(Bina)yes ,I want cock in my vagina,ass hole,mouth and in each palms ,just like a whore I want to enjoy a hot night .” He is going fast and after 15 minutes of fucking……”oohhhhh uummm aahh my cum will come out aah.” And my vagina got the sperm and I sucked his cock to taste the cum.our night ends after dinner.

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