My hubby’s boss

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Hello readers !
I am here to narrate a true story happened a week ago .we both live in Noida as my hubby Anish Is a computer engineer in a software company and his office is also in Noida,so we both live in Noida in a rented evening Anish came back home in a drunkun State as I prepared a coffee for him and we both started drinking coffee ,looking at him in tension ,I asked……”Anish are you fine
(Anish)no Bina I am in tension right now
(Bina)oh but what happened Anish,will you tell me?
(Anish) its my turn for promotion but boss is not going to do it
(Bina)oh I see but why ?
(Anish) I think he need some bribe for it
(Bina)oh than give him the bribe ,the money he wants
(Anish)he wants a night with you a dirty guy is our boss
(Bina)oh than what’s your decision,to give him bribe or will enjoy same post .” And lastly we both planned in a positive manner,I have enjoyed physical love with lot of guys and one night can change my hubby’s career.I think it’s wrong but alternate option is not available,after 2-3 days my hubby Anish planned my night with his boss in a hotel park.we both left our home at 07:00 evening and reached Connaught place to meet him,after an hour drive we reached near a coffee house in cannaught place.His boss is waiting there and we three entered coffee house and Anish introduced me……”sir she is my wife Bina and Bina he is my boss Nishant.” We three enjoyed coffee and I am now with his boss in his car as my hubby left for Noida.
In the car I am sitting on front seat as he is driving the car…..”Bina her we both will live a night in hotel like a couple as I have already booked a room for a gorgeous lady like you
(Bina smiled)Nishant are you married or enjoying others wife only
(Nishant face turned red) I am married and have two kids also
(Bina)oh nice but I think we will live in hotel like a client and a prostitute, isn’t it
(Nishant)yes but I have booked room for me and my wife for a night
(Bina) sure registrar does not speak the truth but .” And we reached hotel ,he parked the car as a service guy came to us and took a small bag.we both moved towards reception and than service guy took us to third floor in a we both are in a luxurious room and Nishant ordered him some items for us ,I am sitting on bed’s corner showing him my discomfort.Nishant is a smart guy in his last thirties with a height of 6’0 feet and white complexion, later on service guy came with a bottle of wine and soda.I moved towards the door and closed it,Nishant is putting wine as well as soda in two glasses as I came to him to we both are too close sitting on sofa and I put my hand on his shirt to unbutton it,I started removing his shirt as we both hold our glass and started drinking wine.I am not addicted to wine but love beer, anyhow a glass full of wine and soda made me hot and bit unconscious,now Nishant hold me tightly and make me sit on his thigh as my arms is on his shoulders.I started kissing his face and lips as my breast is brushing his chest,I took his lips in my mouth to suck and slowly pushed my long tongue in his mouth.nishant is sucking my tongue as he pulled my saree from my chest and we both are in French kiss session for 4-5 minutes.
I left his thighs and now I started making drinks for us as Nishant is pressing my breast hard,now I put my hand on his jeans as he removed my saree from waistline also.looking like a hot and wild lady,I removed his jeans and asked…..”Nishant sir are you married or just enjoy with other’s wives only
(He pressed my breast hard)I have a kids also and love extra martial affairs also
(I am pulling his undies down)oh and what’s about your wife, she also love extra martial affairs
(Nishant put his hand on my back and removed my blouse) I don’t know any how let’s enjoy our night.” And I started drinking wine as his long thick cock is in my hand.nishant have made my boobs nude just pressing it with one hand while drinking i stand infront of Nishant like a prostitute and looking at him,I removed my peticote now I am in a G string only . Nishant is sitting on the corner of sofa as he hold my waist and started kissing my waistline to thighs,he is moving his palms on my round dome shaped ass and he removed my panty as I stretched my legs too wide and put my one leg on sofa as he started kissing my labias with his finger moving in the ass crack.I put my fingers on labias as my cunt have opened his mouth and Nishant pushed his long tongue in my vagina to lick it,I am a nude lady getting the love of his mouth on/in my vagina.He is licking it fastly as I am screaming in pleasure….

“oohhhhh aaaah uummm Nishant suck it aah.”

And he took both labias in his mouth to suck,he left my vagina and moved towards washroom as I sits on sofa to finish my remaining drink.He came back and stand infront of me as his long hard dick is near my mouth,I poured little wine on it and while holding the base I am licking his penis with my tongue.nishant is smiling at me as I started moving his glans on my soft face and lips and lastly took his half cock in my mouth to suck ,I am sucking his dick with my head still but Nishant started fucking my mouth with his penis but after a while I took his penis out from my mouth as I got the taste of pre-cum oozing from his I walked to washroom and came back and Nishant provided me a strip of condom to have safe sex ,in a drunkun State I am enjoying Nishant’s company.
Nishant is on sofa as I put the condom on his penis and he is pressing my breast hardly…….”you are too hot and wild Bina,love to enjoy with you
(I kissed his lips)ok but our sexual relationship will be secret Nishant
(Nishant)sure now come on bed .” We both are on bed as a nude hot couple and I am on my knees and elbows as Nishant stretched my legs wide,in a doggy position he is going to fuck me and this fuck will provide promotion to my hubby as he put his glans inside my cunt and slowly pushed his 2/3rd cock inside it,I looked towards him and while holding my waist,he took out his cock and than pushed hard to fuck me,he is fucking my glory hole with speed as well as power and I started swinging my ass fastly to enhance our sexual pleasure.nishant is pounding my cunt fast as I am shouting for more…….”oohhhhh uummm Nishant fuck me hard darling go fast aahhh.” And than my wet pussy become dry and in 5-7 minutes of fuck he lost his cum in his condom and we both are well exhausted on bed.

Added by Bina mishra

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