My hubby’s boss :part-4

Hello readers, Bina Mishra is enjoying her life as I am living with my hubby Anish and a young guy of neighbour hood have been with me for last 5-6 hubby’s boss Nishant is in extramarital love with me,what love means here , every one hubby have forced me to sleep with him … Read more My hubby’s boss :part-4

My hot wife

I’m kiss & said let’s get clean. We’re playing since yesterday. She nodded and smiled. Sam went to the kitchen preparing coffee for both. I too followed her grabbed her breasts. She moaned softly and said wait, today is our day. Whats the plan sexy. I said nothing, you decide. She got up & brought … Read more My hot wife

I had no choice (Cuckold)

This is very embarrassing but as i had to cuckold my husband to get the promotion. i am around 40 years old and married to a man older than me. we loved each other and got married but then you know how it is with an elderly man. vipin is loving and caring and very … Read more I had no choice (Cuckold)

First swinger

When my husband rahul first spoke about swinging, i did not like it. out of curiosity in office i had scanned the web and then it sounded interesting. after doing it once i think i will do it again. you too must try it. Rahul and i are in our forties with our kids in … Read more First swinger