I had no choice (Cuckold)

This is very embarrassing but as i had to cuckold my husband to get the promotion.

i am around 40 years old and married to a man older than me. we loved each other and got married but then you know how it is with an elderly man. vipin is loving and caring and very docile. i work in an IT firm and am ambitious. i have done well in life and my boss, Rohit had a crush on me and helped me rise in hierarchy. i badly wanted to head design and approached him. he looked at me quite lecherously and said he wanted to talk to me. i could see him stare at me and my ass as i left his room. it was a friday when we have casual dressing and i has worn on jeans with my shirt tucked in. i knew the guys stared at m6 perfect body and ass and used to enjoy it. in the evening i met Rohit and he said that my promotion would depend on whether i would play around. he got to the point and said that he wanted to fuck me and after a minute added that he wanted to do it in front of my husband. this was a kinky thought and i ignored it. but when i did talk it over with my husband he did not seem to be okay with it and said that if this is what would help he would join in as he was less active these days with sex given his age.
i called up rohit and told him the same and he asked us to come to hotel bawa international on saturday evening. he gave the rules and said that i had to follow it. i was to come to the hotel and change to slut wear, which was leather trousers with zips on the side and back with open front and a short black tee shirt with no bra. he would meet me and then take it on. vipin was to go and sit in the room and would be given the key.
we went to the hotel and i changed into the slut wear and applied a bright dose of lipstick and sat in the bar. rohit was there leering away and pressed my ass and we had drinks. he was caressing my body all the time and after half an hour we went upstairs. as we waited for the lift i could see the waiters and bell boys stare and give those smiles as the6 knew what was up.

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we entered the room and i saw that vipin was there. rohit put a leash on him and asked him to sit. now old man you will see me fuck your wife and you will enjoy every moment. call it my sleazy fad but i like to do such acts which give me pleasure. so saying he kept pressing my boobs and pushed his left hand between m6 legs and massaged my cunt from outside as i felt ecstatic. he left me and asked vipin to strip. he did so. he had his underwear on and he told him to take it off. he hesitated and rohit took a leather strip and spanked him on his back. vipin was in pain and took it off. rohit looked at his cock and laughed. no wonder you have a slut as wife. your cock could not fuck a rat. he offered vipin a drink and said that he had to kneel down and could play with his cock and see how big it would get. i was drunk and smiled as i savoured my drink. i went to him and asked vipin to lickm6 show which he did. i opened my legs wide and asked him to lick te leather between my thighs which he did. meanwhile rohit cane and opened the zip from the back and the the sides and gave me a whack with the belt. he turned around and kissed me hard. bitch you will get a lesson here. so saying he squeezed my boobs and removed my trousers. i had a thong on which barely covered my crotch. he kept squeezing my ass and then asked me to bend down, he asked me to open his zip and out came a snake it was just too long. suck it you slut he said as i took it in. he tore my tee shirt and my boobs were exposed as med in my mouth. he took out his cock and took it to vipin and asked him to suck his cock. he hesitated and i told him to leave him alone. you shut up you bitch he cried. any woman who can bring his husband and see her fucked like a whore should like to see this prick sucking. areal cock. vipin now started licking his cock and rohit laughed and took his cock out. you will do better later he said and turned to me. now sunita, i do not use a condom and will fill you with my cum, understand. he spanked me on my face and then lifted me and inserted his cock in my cunt and started banging me while sucking violently on my breast. he fucked and i orgasmed. he fucked harder and harder and i could bear it no longer. his cock was hard and he placed me on the bed now and continued to ram my pussy and finall6 routed inside me. come here you dog he called vipin. as he came he told him. lick the cum off if you don’t want her to get pregnant. vipin came and started licking the cum out while playing his cock. rohit laughed loudly and as he drank his whiskey pushed vipin away and then pushed his cock in my mouth and said, now suck my fucking cock you whore and i could not believe tha5 he was erect and in five minutes spurted fully into my mouth. it was hot and sticky and i swallowed every drop as he went back and lit his cigar. as i recovered he asked me to come with him to t(e bathroom where we showered together and as we came out he told me that now was the best part. so saying he tied my hands and then opened the door of the room and made me stand outside. i cried and told him please no. there was no one in the corridor but anyone could come. he took out a pen and wrote bitch on one boob, slut on the other, whore on one ass and cocksucker on the other. this was humiliating and he took photos of me crying away, i will show this on office if you don’t obey me in future. get it you bitch, i agreed, he brought me in and then ordered me to spank vipin which i did. he then made me bend and gave me another fuck from behind and spurted again all along my legs. vipin licked it dry. he asked vipin to clean up and leave as he would have more fun wit me.
i was now caught in his spell and had no escape. i became his whore and he kept calling me whenever he wanted and fucked me like mad. while it was humiliating, i enjoyed these fucks as his cock was lovely. actually i like being treated like a bitch.

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