Mallu maid with young boy

Hi im praveen. This is my real incident. Iam a kerala boy lives with mom and my maid. Her name is thanka. She is 45 years old. She used to work at my house since 15 years. She wears nighty or saree at home. When i became 17 i started noticing thankas cleavage ass and belly. She used to bath me till i was 10. After that we moved to muscat and came back after 7 years. I have small memory of thank bathing me. Cleaning my ass etc. my dick had grown mature and thick. But she never used to cover her cleavage in front of me. I have a small memory that she used to bath me in her blouse and underwear.

I do home workouts sometimes. One day i was working out , she came to clean the room .
Thanka: u became big boy from last time i saw u. I used to carry you . Now u became taller than me
Me: everytime i wont be small boy know chechi(njan ennum cheriya kutti ayi irikillallo)
Thanka: you are my small boy always (nee ente kochu kunj thanne)
Me: im not small now i can pick u up now(njan cherth onnum alla , enik ipo chechiche pokan pattum)

Since she tucked her petticoat her thigh was exposed.i went and picked her up . She was laughing
Thanka: drop me down son( thazhe erak mone
Me: tell im big boy then i will drop( njan velya aalayi para ennal arakam)
That time my one hand was on her ass. I could feel she is wearing nothing under.
Thanka : ok ok u r big boy
Thanka: did u take bath? U r smelling bad
Me :no
Thanka: then go and take bath( enna poi kulik )
Then she started removing my dress. She pulled my underwear down. She saw my full grown dick. She looked that for moment. Then i went to bathroom, she knocked the door
Thanka: i want clean the bathroom, keep the door open , i have seen your everything already ( enik clean akanam bathroom, nee thorann id , ninte ellam njan kandathalle)
She came in and helped me soap. She also touched my dick and took a feel of it.
After that i used to expose dick to her
I used touch her belly whenever i get chance.
My mom got a job in muscat that year. We went back . After 2 years i came back kerala for my degree.
One day mom called.
Mom: son our thankas husband is sick they are not doing well . I have deposited some money in your account. Withdraw and go to her house and see her situation.
I went to her house in village.

I knocked the door . I heard the voice of her husband to open the door and come in
I went in he was in bed and he shouted thanka to finish bath and come out and told her that im here
She came out with a towel which only reached till her pussy.she came to me and hugged me and i kept my hand on her bare ass.

She kissed on my forhead cheek neck
Her husband: let him breath
Thanka : this is my son u shut up( then she kissed my lips)
Her husband: she always talks about u only
Me : how are you now?
Her hus: im ok i can barely walk and do any work. If she was not there i dont know how i will live.
Thanka: dont bring our sorrow to my son
She went and started wearing blouse and petticoat
Her hus: after long time im seeing her so happy
I gave them money and i was going to leave
They stopped me and asked to stay
Me: i dont have anything to change( ente kayyil maran onnulla)
Thanka: I will give you dothi( ninak idan mund teram)
I was doing some exercises
Then thanka came
Thanka : are you going for wrestling
Me : yes with you
Thanka: u will lose for sure
She came and started pushing me . I fell on a chair , she came and sat on me. Her ass was on my dick.
Thanka: try if u can stand(ninak eneekan pato nok)
I was pressing my dick on her. My dick was out of my lungi. Only thing btw her pussy was her petticoat. I pulled it above ass. Now my dick was exactly on her pussy. I rubbed it on her pussy for sometime . Then she got up and told we will continue after i cook food
Then she kept food and came to room
Thanka: let’s continue from where stopped
Then she removed her petticoat and sat on my dick started rubbing. I kept my hand on her ass and pressed it.
Thanka: not make loud noice ok( mone adikam shabdam verthalleta)
Then she guided my dick in her pussy.
I started slowly and increased pace after sometime
She started moaning loud
Me: should i do slowly, he might hear u?( njan melle cheyyano . Chetan kelkuo?)
Thanka: mon nirthanda, monte ishtathin cheytho( dont stop, do it how u like it)
Me: can u bend like a dog( chechi onn kulinj niko)
Then I started fucking in doggy
Suddenly her hus opened the door
I stopped

Thanka: dont stop son, keep doing it( mone nirthanda , nannai speedil adicho)
Thanka: chetan food kazhich kedno( u eat and sleep)
Since she was talking i was doing it slowly
Thanka: mone speedil adik(do it faster son)
Then I started fucking hard she started moaning
Thank: aah aah chetan poko aah poi kedanno aah aah
Pathram njan kazhkam aah aah mone aah aah ( U go and eat i will clean plate while moaning load)

Then he left
I fucked in different positions and cummed inside her

Next day morning i left
After that i came 3 times and fucked her infront her husband and gave the money my mom gave

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