Married asian woman has an incredible time in the hot tub

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Disclaimer: This story, and all characters, are fiction. All characters are over 18. This is my first story! I would love to receive feedback in the comment section and a positive star review!

“Don’t touch me!” snaps Iona.

“Alright, alright, jeez” replies Tom, slowly backing away from her.

“What’s your problem anyway?” he asks.

Iona grabs her cup of coffee, storms out of the kitchen and into their spare bedroom before slamming the door behind her.

She’s still fuming when she sits down at her desk and fires up her laptop computer.

“What’s my problem?” she mutters to herself. “You’re my problem!”

She hears a knock on the door. Tom slowly opens the door.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yes” she snaps angrily. “I have a lot of writing to do today”.

“Well, I just wanted to say goodbye. You know I’m leaving for that conference in Vegas soon and I’ll be gone all weekend” Tom tells her.

“I know” she replies sharply without even looking at him.

She hears him pack his bags, close the front door of their apartment and leave.

When they first met through mutual friends three years ago, there were fireworks between Tom and Iona. They married 6 months later and moved into a cozy two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco.

Things were great at first. Iona spent her days writing books about relationships. Tom landed a well-paying job working as a salesman for a big insurance company.

But things became rocky when Tom started traveling for work. He would spend entire weekends at conferences getting hammered with his colleagues only to return late on Sunday night hungover and exhausted. She felt neglected, bored and alone.

One day she discovered Tom had a one-night stand with a bartender in Las Vegas. Her loneliness quickly turned into anger and disgust. Now, she can’t even look at him without thinking who else he’s been with and is physically repulsed by his touch.

Their once passionate relationship turned into a sexless marriage. Nowadays, she spends most weekends alone in their apartment or sunbathing by the pool.

Iona looks out her bedroom window at the swimming pool below. The water sparkled and shimmered under the morning sunlight enticing her.

She jumps out of her chair and heads to her closet to change into her bathing suit. She pulls out a bright yellow bikini top and matching bottoms and lays them on the bed along with a fluffy white towel.

She takes off her clothes and stands naked in front of the mirror as she surveys her figure.

Iona’s 34DD breasts and brown nipples are unusually large for a 5″3 Asian woman. And despite being 35 years old, her boobs are surprisingly perky. She runs her hands through her light brown shoulder-length hair which does not match her womanly hair down below. She has a small patch of black pubic hair below her belly button and a shapely round ass.

She puts on her bikini and notices it must have shrunk in the wash because it’s definitely smaller than the last time she wore it.

Her bikini top struggles to contain her voluptuous breasts. She feels self-conscious and nervous that one of her neighbors will see her wearing so little. So, she wraps a towel around her body and heads downstairs to the communal pool area.

Thankfully, there is no one at the pool. She spreads her towel on a deck chair and lays down on her back eager to soak up some rays.

After a few minutes, she hears footsteps. She looks up and notices her neighbor Tyrone approaching.

Tyrone is a tall, muscular 20-year-old. He has long black hair and intense brown eyes.

Feeling embarrassed by her skimpy bikini, she flips over onto her stomach and covers her breasts with her towel.

“Hey, Iona, beautiful day right?” exclaims Tyrone.

“Yup, enjoying this great weather” she replies.

He lays down on the deck chair next to hers.

“Your bikini is awfully small. Don’t they make swimsuits in your size?” he asks teasingly.

“Shut up!” she says swatting him with a magazine.

Tyron has lived down the hall from her and Tom for years. He’s always been friendly, polite, and he loves to crack jokes.

“Where’s Tom today?” he asks.

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