Bengali aunty in Bangalore

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Thank you for all your suggestions and support for my previous stories.
I’m devnsh from Bangalore
Body – fit

All the stories which I write is real, It was a time when I was in 10th std , I never used to have erotic thoughts since it was board exam. There was 3 houses in a floor next to each other, we used to stay in first house and my friend of my age used to stay in last house, The middle house was always a migration b/w families. Now after some days a Bengali family came to the middle house, The Man was very average, the lady(Anya) was superb.

She had the perfect stats of a milf , she started slowly to bond with me and my friend ,she used to ask some help to bring the groceries,since all the 3 houses were beside each other, she never used to wear bra or anything inside when she used to clean her balcony. She came rushing towards our house and said us that her phone is stolen by someone ,and asked me to search everywhere after a week my friend from 3rd house came to me and said that his father has got a new phone in streets, she somehow saw the phone and said to me that it was her phone, But now there is a twist, my friend took me to a playground and started to play some porn in that phone, I was shocked how can he keep so much of videos in his father’s phone ,he said that this videos is of the Bengali aunty ,she was horny all the time,she had kept thousands of videos, I was not in mood of watching erotic , I said himself to watch those porn.

Now suddenly when nobody is there in our house ,she bangs the door and asks me for a tomato and starts to seduce me. His husband never used to talk and was very silent , I didn’t no her intention, slowly she started to come in my dreams , a year passed now in summer she had to go to Kolkata from Bangalore . Her husband was busy and sent me to drop her to majestic railway station in 1 tier a/c . There was an hour left ,she enquired about my school and the girlfriend , I said I don’t have any. Suddenly she is saying have you stolen my phone , and she I was very naughty.I said I didn’t steal your phone it was the other guy but she said I Know you have seen everything in it. I said yes and asked her why are you keeping all this ,she said she is a very horny women and bitch , she likes men all the time of any age. I didn’t know what was happening . Now she suddenly took some dry fruits from her bag and started chewing wildly ,when I asked her she said to wait suddenly she said me to open my mouth she spit the dry fruits in my mouth and started to smooch me wildly I was not not knowing what was happening but my dick started to erect , she said me touch her boobs but no unfortunately the train was about to move , she said she will be back in 2 months ,

After 5 months – because she didn’t come after 2 months , now I was in college , now I understood everything about sex and I was waiting for her return ,now I had a phone . There comes a sound of a anklet from a lady , I saw from my window that was she(Anya) I was looking at her assets . She didn’t see me. I was worried about the train incident since I opposed her. Now I was very hungry for her, days passed just a casual talk , Now it’s time for me to take an action , I was prepared I was having everything , I planned everything ,there was nobody in her house , I rang the doorbell ,she came and asked me what , I said come Inside , I directly said I wanna fuck you and I’m prepared she said she is not interested in me and made me feel for it and now I turned my back and I was about leave , suddenly she grabs me and she starts to kiss me wildly she brings honey from her kitchen and starts to pour on my mouth she wanted my saliva badly and yes my huge dick also goes inside her mouth ,she is non – stop like an express. This is wierd she came up with a horlicks powder.

Started pouring on my mouth and started to taste , I thought of being wild but she was wild , now I played a game . I said I wanna leave now . She said me to ask for help since she wouldn’t leave me. Now I ordered that I will be sucking every visible part of her body ,she was excited. I went on her suck her pussy. She was moaning aaahhhhhh. Huuuuuum ahhuhaaaah ,huuuuuum I went on to suck her asshole wow it was amazing , hhhuuuunhuuun huuunnnn , she now started to give me a rimjob I was out of the world now I said i wanna kiss her for 24hr and make a world record ( she laughed) and said I’m ready .

I now started inserting my dick , I was fucking her rough ( she likes rough) going, going,going…… Finally she wanted my cum . She taught me everything about sex … We are like fwb . I want her Everytime , But the point is that she suddenly comes to my house and starts to stare me when everyone around. She is fully satisfied and introduced some of her friends .

Still don’t know why Bengali aunty gets an an average husband . I’m here only for satisfying unsatisfied women in Bangalore , feel free to contact
G-mail – [email protected]
Phone- 9380812977
Rough sex , massages, bdsm , slave,
Everything available for bitches

Added by Devnsh

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