From neighbor to toilet slave

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Hi I’m vinoth from Chennai and I’m 24 years old working for an it company here. This story took place a year back on April 2018.I always have an fantasy to be a slave or being dominated by women or couple so I tried being one but it never happened.

By the way I forget to tell you I’m 5.11 tall and slim body and bi-too so it never mattered me whether a male or female. I always fantasize about being dominated by people (only in bed) so one day I posted a ad in Locanto for the same that I will do anything for being a slave after an week I got a message that they are a couple and they would like to meet me.

At first I doesn’t believe that and I was like someone is playing or pranking with me still I chatted with them and we exchanged numbers and started chatting and came to know that people on the other side were married and never had kids so they wanna live their life to the core and they were trying all this. They shared their photo. For a sec I was shocked like hell because the couple on photo was my neighbors and when I exchanged my photo they were no reaction from them and then only I came to know they were talking intensionally with me.

So now it’s all planned and we fixed up a date in one of the hotel and they checked in early itself. Later I went their as a guest to meet them. At first they offered me a drink and I refused but they insisted me a take one. Then I sat on floor as I’m a slave I should not sit on the couch or sofa she was looking at me eagerly and wants to know what I’m gonna do her. I forgot to tell her stats she is on early 40s with 36 plus boobs and round ass and the master was about 45 or 46 and he has 6 inch cock when I having the drink suddenly the master pulled my head towards his pant and put his cock in my mouth It tasted great with the alcohol flavor and I was sucking it on seeing this she turned on and she started kissing him like hell suddenly he pushed my head to her feet and ordered to clean it with my tongue. As a good doggy I cleaned both her feet and till her knee then he asked to remove my dress and stand nude and I did the same.

Suddenly he pushed me towards the wall and spanked my ass till turned red and the heroine came now she removed her panties and sat in front of the sofa took my head to her pussy I obeyed all this and started licking her. Her pussy was clean still it had some white hairs due to her age which was not cleaned properly. My master got too excited after all this he came in back of me and started fucking my ass. The pain wa alike hell but I loved it. It was a heaven then madam suddenly said she wants to pee. Guess what I was made an toilet slave for them both stared peeing in my mouth and they waited till I swallow it.

Oh sorry sorry I couldn’t able to write it more. I’m getting to erotic in this will continue on next story.

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