Mom & son came closer in a weekend party : part-2

We three are in our farmhouse’s building as Nancy,a 38 years matured lady have got her morning dose with her young son Rohan and we both are tired as my hubby Vivek have left for nearby market with a care taker and so my nude sexy body is well loved with my son and he have penetrated me hard as i am well son Rohan is a 20 years guy ,as his tall figure of 6’0 feet with a nice physique makes me horny ,he is a nice sucker as well as fucker and we both are on bed as i wake up and moved inside a 38 years lady is under cascade as i starts making my body wet,so water is flowing on my body and my round lovely tits that measures [busts] 38 inches with waist of 30 inches are still maintained but my heavy round dome shaped buttocks will make any one wild ,if i don’t cover it with a full as my body got wet ,i put body gels on palm and starts rubbing it on my neck to boobs and while going down to tummy and belly,my legs are stretched and so as my front parts are well covered in foams,i shouted (Read prev story )

”my son,please help me ,need you for my bath
[son] yes mom,just coming.”

And he came inside as he is nude ,looking at me ,he is infront of me and he hold my boobs as he is squeezing it harder,so he turned me and starts using gels on my back,i have made my body straight as he is rubbing his hands on my sexy butts and as my back are well covered in rohan turned me and we both are facing eachother,so he is pressing my boobs hard as my hand is rubbing his chest and he hold my hairs as he starts kissing my face to lips,so my face is wet with no gels and he is kissing my lips hard as i moved back and opens the cascade ,so making my son’s body wet as his cock is in a sleepy position ,he have ejaculated cum 10 minutes now i put cascade on hold as i get closer to him and starts putting gels on his body as i am rubbing it hard but it’s my inherent desire to make him hot again ,so we both can enjoy sex here and as rohan’s front parts of body get foamy,he turned back and there i sit on my legs,while sitting behind his bum ,i put my fingers on anus hole and starts licking it with my long tongue as i have read an article of physical love that gave me idea to ‘make cock erected in a brief period’ as licking of guys ass hole is one of hand is rubbing his thighs as i am licking his anus hole and he is in fire

” mom,it’s not a perfect time for us,if dad come soon and see us like this
[Nancy] let him see ,how her wife get fucked with his son” and so i put gels on his back as our bodies are foamy and now we are holding eachother in arms as rohan opened the cascade and he is kissing my lips hard as his hand is moving on my sexy as water is flowing on our bodies ,i am in fire and as i took his lips in my mouth to suck ,he is not a mere spectator as he pushed his long finger in my ass fleshy and soft anus hole is getting fingered as i sucked my son’s tongue for a while and than he starts licking my lips with his tongue and i opened my mouth to swallow a mom is sucking her son’s tongue as our bodies are brushing eachother and his fast fingering of unused hole is making me too hot and we are in heaven as my hand is rubbing his back and so after a while ,i pushed his head back and took out my our body got washed as we both are wet and now he is rubbing my wet body with a towel as i did also,so we both are nude as we walked to bedroom and rohan put a bermuda on his waist as i took out a thongs and put it on my waist ,so put a sexy robes as he slept on bed for rest as i walked to dinning space,so opened the door and starts watching t.v.
after a while,Vivek as well as care-taker came inside as they have hold carry-bags in their hand and so vivek sits near me as i asked………….

”so ,have to prepare meals
[He] no sexy,we will enjoy and care-taker will prepare our meals in his kitchen.”and as care-taker came there with bottles of wine and soda,he walked again and put glasses on table,so he hold a carry-bag as vivek said………….

”no disturbance till i call you
[He] o k ,sir ,i will call you after meals get prepared.”and as he left dinning room ,vivek walked towards door as he locked it and now he moved to bedroom as i followed him,so he took out a long bermuda and a towel as he walked inside washroom.Rohan is sleeping on bed as i sits near his face and he is a excited guy as he hold my one breast on robes and started squeezing it hard,so trying to make me hot but how it’s possible to get fucked infront of my hubby with my son but i am enjoying his hard touch on my soft boobs and as i heard sound of opening the door,i put away my son’s hand from my breast as he wake up and i can see vivek coming out of washroom,as he asked” rohan,now come soon in dinning room
[Nancy] but what he will do there?
[He] will enjoy drinks with us.’

And so rohan walked to dinning room as we three are sitting there,Nancy and Rohan are sitting closer on sofa as vivek is sitting opposite to my hubby started putting wine with soda in glasses as rohan is bit bold and he took out a cigarette and lit it,so while smoking it ,he hold the glass as we three stuck it ”cheers” and than my hubby,my son as well as me,all are enjoying drinks but my mind is on getting fucked with my son again but it’s i have got option also as my hubby is eyeing at my boobs and he smiled” nancy,you are looking too hot and sexy
[Me] a small pack of wine with absurd language
[Vivek] no dear,it’s true so rohan make sure if your mom is sexy or not
[He is bit shy and shocked] dad,you can asses it better as she is your wife
[Vivek] sure but you both are looking like a perfect couple as your age is not making you a mom of a young son like him.”and as our first drink finishes ,Vivek starts preparing second one and rohan said’ dad,please don’t prepare it for me
[Dad] oh ,so what ,have it my son
[Nancy]if he is not interested than why you are forcing him
[He] oh my sweetheart ,let him enjoy with me.”and as we starts drinking wine again ,vivek is gazing at my chest and so rohan is smiling and than vivek said……….

”now ,listen a story but it’s a true happening of mr.nair’s family
[Nancy]oh nair,your friend
[Vivek] yes,last week he came to my office as i was in lunch break and there he narrated his true happenings
[Rohan] dad,he is too rich and have a son as well as daughter and than ,there is problem
[Vivek] yes,once he came back home in the afternoon as he ringed the door bell and shouted also but no response from inside
”than he opened the door with a duplicate key,
moved inside and as he moved towards his bedroom,
he heard some sexy voices and he felt bit confused,
so,he pushed the door hard but it’s locked ” and ;lastly ,door get opened as his son walked out of it and her wife is on bed without Mr.Nair was shocked and surprised”
[Nancy]oh that’s really a sin
[Vivek] than my friend punished his son and wife,so now they are enjoying together
[Rohan put glass on table]but dad,after punishment ,how one can enjoy?
[Vivek]than my friend started enjoying physical love with his wife and son all together.”

And mom as well as son is voiceless ,so as our drinks finishes ,rohan walked to his bedroom as we both are in other bedroom.Vivek is in romantic mood and so he locked the door as he hold me and starts kissing my lips as my hand is moving on his back,he hold my lips in his mouth and starts sucking and my body starts shivering as his hand is rubbing my sexy butts,so thinking about nair’s family ,i am bit happy that our sexual affair is not the one and as he freed my lips,i pushed my tongue in hubby’s mouth as he is sucking it hard,while my boobs are getting pressed on his chest and we both are too as our mouths get watering ,i pushed his face back and freed my tongue,so he asked……….

”darling ,can we make love like Mr.Nair’s family ?
[Nancy]no ,we can’t do it vivek
[he pushed me on bed]It’s my desire to see you with your son nude and you have to do it bitch.”and as i get laid on bed ,he opened the door and screamed louder” rohan,my son come here soon”,and now i am shocked ,surprised but happy my son rohan came inside bedroom as he is bit serious”what happened mom?
[Vivek]we both have decided to enjoy a group sex here
[Nancy]it will harm our relations ,so please.”but as vivek have made his mind to do so,he is not going to leave me.

I am on bed as both son & dad is sitting on bed and vivek than hold the rope of my robes as he opened it ,so put my robes on shoulders as my body is semi nude with lovely boobs ,waist and tummy nude but thongs have kept my sexual organ well looking at rohan”suck it dear ,it’s your mom’s breast ,start it”and now my hubby hold a breast as he is massaging it hard ,while son put his face on my breast and took it in his mouth and starts sucking hubby is now a hot men as he is rubbing my soft tummy to waist and as he leaned his face on my tummy to kiss ,his hand is squeezing my breast and son is sucking it hard,so i am rubbing his back as vivek is making me hot with his lips burning on my waist to belly ”oh ah suck suck hard aah”and it’s happening inside farmhouse as rohan left my breast and now vivek removed my robes as he is pinching my nipple and rohan is bit horny as he sits near my waist and pulled down my thongs to legs,so i have put my thighs on eachother to cover my vagina but as vivek took one breast in his mouth to suck,my hold on thighs loosened as rohan is kissing my thigh and his hand is rubbing my sexy body also and i am screaming in joy”oh uh um now we three are like a member of slut family,so invite mr.nair and his family for group sex” as my legs got widened,rohan took a pillow and put it under my my hubby is sucking my breast as my son is smiling while eyeing at my vagina and so vivek left my breast

”oh my son,don’t look it just fuck it
[Nancy]no he will have to lick if first and than he can fuck me.”and rohan put his lips on cunt as he is kissing it but my hubby is a hot men now as he sits near my face and while holding his long cock,he starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips and what a slut lay can do here? ,i opened my mouth as hubby pushed his long cock in my mouth and rohan have widened it’s hole as he is licking my cunt fast,so my sexy voice is sounding ”uh ah um”,even my mouth is full of cock and as rohan starts licking my vagina fast ,i took out my hubby’s wet cock as i am screaming in pleasure”oh my son,lick lick hard oh ”and my tongue starts rolling on vivek’s cock as he is pressing my breast it’s my son tongue in my vagina as my body is in sensation and now as rohan pushed his long finger in my vagina to fuck,vivek pushed his cock in my mouth and he is fucking my mouth hard as his glans is hitting my deep like a slut lady,i am on bed as i took out my hubby’s cock from mouth and starts shouting”uh ah oh my son,it’s cumming ”and as my vagina get wet ,rohan is still licking it to taste it’s cum.
Nancy walked to washroom to urinate as after washing my cunt ,i am back on bed as dad and son is looking at me and both are waiting to fuck me,so as i sit on bed………..

”my sexy wife,now be like a bitch and enjoy our cock
[Nancy in a doggy position]sure, i am a slut lady for both of you,now start fucking me.”and than rohan is behind my butts as he is rubbing his cock’s glans on hole,vagina is wet and so as he pressed his cock hard in my cunt ,his cock insert inside but last 1/3 rd cock moved inside with a hard fuck as rohan starts fucking me his hand is holding my saggy boobs and my hubby sits infront of my face as he hold his penis and starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips,now a horny lady is getting fucked with her son as hubby put his cock in my mouth and i starts spinning my head fast as i am moving my heavy buttocks,like a whore getting fucked with clients i am doing so and as son’s cock is fucking me with speed and power,my cunt is now a hot boiler and i felt my hubby’s pre-cum in my mouth as i tried to remove it but vivek have hold my hairs hard as he have pushed his long cock in my mouth and there,his penis poured semen in my mouth,i drink it as lot of cum drops on bed from my mouth and as i have hold my waist still,rohan is in fire”oh dad,really your wife is like a young lady ,if you have given me chance earlier on
[Dad] than what ,a son or daughter from your mom’s pregnancy
[Rohan] no dad,i will fuck fuck your wife lot of time,but it’s cumming you slut” and as vivek have walked to washroom ,my vagina got son’s semen inside and i sucked it also to taste it’s our weekend party have started……………more to come……

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