Mom & son came closer in a weekend party

Nancy,a 38 years matured lady is too excited as she know the day’s affair inside farmhouse but her son Rohan is not the one ,who will be with him but it’s a sorry state of her hubby Vivek ,that will remain as obstacles for near Badarpur border,three family members will spend some nice time together for two days as well as nights.

So Nancy ,wake up early in the morning as she prepared cup of tea and after having it ,she took bath and so as Vivek and Rohan left the bed ,they are enjoying morning tea.nancy is feeling too hot as her mind is looking for some physical pleasure with her son Rohan,a 20 years guy can’t be a strong men but his efforts on bed while licking my glory hole ,sucking my boobs as well as fucking me for longer span of times is / have been satisfactory ,so as I have my bath ,both son & dad are inside washroom and I started preparing breakfast for as it’s a weekend , company of Vivek is surprising for me as he have lost his interest in me for last 4-5 years ,so a horny lady have had some great extramarital affairs with it’s 08:55 am as three walked out of home as I locked the main door of flat ,so Rohan have hold the trolley bag in hand and walked towards parking lot with his dad.while wearing a black leggings with sleevless crop-tops ,I have made myself a gorgeous lady as Vivek is on driving seat while both mom & son are on back as car moved out of appartment’s gate , looking at me ,


Rohan smiled “nice looking
(Me)thanks ,but no need to think of me
(He)yes ,nothing to think ,only have to do.”
so Rohan inches closer as he is sitting on left side and now his hand touched my thigh as he starts rubbing it and looking to my face he smiled as I hold his wrist and put his hand on my vaginal as his hand is in between my thighs ,he is rubbing my vagina on leggings with a panty ,so as I am feeling too sexy ,I have just put my head on seat’s back while my legs are as car is moving smoothly on a less traffic road ,my son is bit aggressive as his right hand is rubbing my soft vagina on I hold his hand and put it away ,so he smiled and signals me to see his bulge as i am thinking of romance with my son Rohan inside farmhouse but it’s not possible as my hubby Vivek is with me .so after 25 minutes of drive ,we are in our farmhouse’s premises as I walked out of car with Rohan and there ,I can see care taker with her wife as we both entered inside our farmhouse’s as I am feeling too horny ,I walked inside bedroom and Rohan is sitting in dinning room as i can see care taker coming inside with our luggage and he put it in the I moved inside dinning space ,so I can see Rohan as well as Vivek sitting on sofa as I sits on opposite side ,now Vivek asked….


Nancy ,so now what will you prepare for lunch ?
(Nancy)nothing ,I am in rest
(Rohan)I think ,dad is joking and he have already ordered for lunch to care taker
(Vivek)no first decide on menu
(Me)I will love to have some spicy food .”and than Rohan took out a paper as well as pen ,so I wrote down some items and now Vivek…….”Rohan ,call the care taker and go with him
(Rohan walked away and Nancy)Vivek ,Rohan is not good in driving ,so you should go
(Vivek) o k sweetheart ,than I will buy a bottle of wine also
(Nancy)you will drink infront of your son
(He)why not ? He is a young guy as I will love to drink with him
(Nancy)no ,never do it secretly.”

And as Vivek walked out of dinning room with care taker ,I moved towards door to lock it and so I/we have got chance for 30-40 minutes to please I walked inside bedroom to see Rohan ,he is not there and I can see his clothes on bed ,so I sit on bed’s corner as I am waiting for him .now Nancy’s body is getting hotter as she is dreaming with opened eyes about her sex and romance with her young son and as door of washroom opened ,my eyes got the look of my nude son and as my eyes gazed on his penis ,he is bit shy and he walked inside room as he moved towards other end of room to pick a towel,but my igniting mind turned horny as i moved to him and hold him from his he tried wrapping a towel on waist but I pulled it down and now I started pressing my soft boobs on his back as i hold his semi erected penis in Rohan turned back as looking at me ,he kissed my lips and he is kissing my face to neck and so my both hands are moving on her nude butts to upper portion of body and he screamed in my ear……..

“if dad will come ,than what will happen ?
(Me)no need to worry ,have half an hour.”and he hold my hairs tight as he put his lips on my lips and kissed hard ,so I swallow his lips in my mouth and sucked hard,his cock is touching my my son is a sexy guy now ,he opened his mouth as both starts licking eachother’s tongue but lastly ,he closed his mouth and starts sucking my tongue.rohan’s hand is rubbing my heavy buttocks as he have already rubbed my vagina inside car and as he is sucking my tongue hard,I put my hand on back as i hold my leggings and pulled it trying to make my son a hungry wolf as I want to get physical love with him and as his suck is going hard ,my eyes closed as I am breathing fastly,later on he freed my tongue and than pushed me on a lady with 38 inches of bust with a tall figure of 5’6 feet have fallen like a shameless lady as my legs are on ground but my lower portion is nude except a panty is covering my vagina.looking at me ,Rohan hold my both legs and put it on bed and as he sit near my face,his penis have grown bigger and I hold it to jerk but he is too aggressive as he hold my tops and removed it from my sexy a lady having a slender waist of 30 inches with heavy buttocks measures 40 inches is semi nude and he is too hot as he put his face on my boobs and starts kissing it’s nude portion but like a slut lady ,I put my hand on back as i unhooked my my lovely boobs are nude as Rohan hold it and starts licking it’s nipples with his tongue while squeezing other ones and my body is getting hotter as my legs are rubbing on my son opened his mouth and swallow my front parts of boobs as it’s a voluminous one ,can’t get fuller inside his mouth and he is sucking my breast hard as he is massaging my other ones and my sexy voice “uh ah oh Rohan ,I am too hot “as he starts sucking my other boobs and he is sleeping on my top as my nails are rubbing his back ,he is a hot guy with her as his penis is hitting my waist and growing bigger and harder ,I am screaming in pleasure “aahh uh oh Rohan ,it seems ants moving inside my vagina
(He left my breast)now a tiger will roar inside it also.”

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So he started kissing my flat tummy to deep navel and I am a horny lady as I am enjoying weekend party in our farmhouse’s my son Rohan is sitting near my waist as he put a pillow under my heavy bum , so I stretched my legs wider and he is rubbing my vagina on panty but sooner ,he opened it’s strings as my vagina is nude .

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