Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 1.

Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 1.

Hi friends i am Mr Reddy. Those who want to chat with me can contact me. After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my mom. We are a family of three members me, dad and mom. I’m 29 years old now and my dad is 56 years old and he is doing some private Job and earning good and finally my lovely mom who is 52 years old, her name is Rama and she is housewife. Her body stats are 38 – 30 – 40. I like her back very much. I always love to see her bouncing butts.

Now coming to the story, it started a year ago when I was 28. I am doing job in Hyderabad. I and my parents were very close and friendly. We almost share everything. Everything is going smooth and fine, but I have a great crush on my mom since long years. My dad came to Hyderabad on his job and after completing his work he joined me on evening. As we both are close I asked him what the plan is tonight as he will be leaving next day. He said he would like to have a drink. I take him to my regular pub. My dad is very open minded and he is the one who loves to enjoy. We have some drinks and then he saw some bar girls who were dancing on the floor. Many other pairs were dancing in a sexual manner. I got his feelings and asked whether he would like to dance with any of them. To my surprise he chose a little girl who may be in twenties. I asked why you choose that little one.

He came close to me and said that he likes young girls and laughed. I went to her and paid money for a dance with him. I’m watching with a drink. My dad is dancing with her in a sexual way by pressing her. Couple of times he pressed her small butt. After that dance he joined me and said he was very happy today. I said dad can I ask u something. He said go on son dad do you have any desires which are not fulfilled. He said he has many desires. I asked him to say he said that he want to fuck ass of woman. I am shocked with his fantasy and laughed loudly he said why are you laughing. I said you have already one big round ass in home. He said no your mom never let me fuck her ass. We went back to my room and next day morning. He said that not to discuss these things with mom. I said I won’t and I asked if he gets a chance will he fuck ass of anyone. He said yes.

I called my friend who knows a broker and said about the matter of anal sex. He said yes he had but which age he needs he asked me. I asked dad and he is very excited and said below 30 is ok. So I hired a girl who is 28 years old same as my age with sexy ass. She came to my house in an hour with my friend who is a broker. I paid him and he said to enjoy her. I said to dad and he is very happy and both went in to other room and after half an hour dad came out with some refreshment in him. I asked is everything good. He said that it is excellent and he likes that cute ass very much and his desire to fuck ass is finally fulfilled with me. I sent her girl and later we went to a bar and dad drunk very much and asked me do you has any desires in sex. I said I have one long desire but I won’t say it to you. The he forced me to say it. Finally I said dad doesn’t misunderstand me but I have a great desire to fuck your beautiful wife.

He got shocked and said it won’t be possible son. I said I know dad it’s not possible. Then he asked what you like in your mom’s body? I said dad can I say it openly. He said don’t worry say it even I want to know about my wife physic what attracted you more. I said dad it’s her butt I said. He laughed and said yes me too love her back but she won’t let it do. I said dad if you don’t object I will definitely fuck her ass. He said how it is possible. I said dad does you both watch porn? He said no. then I said make her see porn and I sent some videos to my dad mobile. He saw them and said what to do next. I said do it first I will say later and sent him to home.

Next day I called him and asked what happen did you show those videos to mom or not he said yes I showed but she is not interested at first but on my force she saw them and we had great fuck last night. Thanks for this son. That’s great dad which videos she liked most I asked and sent those pattern videos to mom and asked to show it to her in night and later ask her to do as the girls in the video does and follow those angles with her.

Again next day I called dad and came to know that they had 69 positions for the first time and later had doggy style. They both are enjoying now very much. Then I sent Incest videos to dad and asked him to show them to her. I sent all Mom son videos aged moms fucking their son videos and all. He said ok son and that night they fucked in bathroom. I said so him to share his desires to her as threesome and group sex etc. This went on for 2 weeks finally she agreed for threesome.

I am very happy to hear this but now the problem starts she accepted for threesome but what about the 3rd person. She won’t accept her son to fuck her. I said to dad that this weekend I am coming to home and we will plan something and make my plans to fuck mom. On weekend I went to home and she hugged me and I hugged her and kissed her cheek. My dad smiled to it and some casual talk went on. Later I and dad went out and he said that she is ok to threesome but she is asking who is the other one and will he keep this as secret or not like this she is asking many questions son. Then I said ok dad we will plan. That night dad had nice session and I heard sounds in the other room.

Next day morning while mom coming to my room I lowered my underwear and make my bull visible to mom. She saw it and she got shocked.
In next part I will tell how I fucked my mom and double penetrated her.

Hope u guys like it. Can give comments and contact me at [email protected]

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