Daughter moves back in with mom and dad

I was nervous. Our Katie was moving back home after five years of college. I was nervous for many reasons. Mostly, Dave and I had gotten used to our empty nest status.

It wasn’t as if Katie never came home when she was at school, but those were short visits, she visited with friends and, except at night, she just wasn’t home all the time.


Summers she had traveled. Why not, it was her money. Between scholarships, working, saving and what we were able to afford, she could afford to travel during her summers and we encouraged her. After all, when else would you see the world?

But this was different. School was over. Most of her friends had all scattered to jobs or to find themselves. Katie was moving home with no plans except to “look for a job”.

I thought about how this would change our lives. I was 43 Dave was 45. I had Katie at 19. There were some rough financial times but we were in a good place now.

I laughed to myself. The first place I thought of that it would change in our lives would be sex. I thought it funny that it was the first thing I thought of. After all, so many things would change, but sex was the first one I thought of.

Since Katie moved out Dave and I had rediscovered ourselves. We both started working out. I was proud of the body I’d worked so hard at. At 5’5″ and 140 lbs I still could lose a little but I thought I had great curves. With a 36c bustline I could still rock a bikini. I had let my hair grow out from the short mom cut to something a lot more feminine. I looked good.

Dave did even better. 5’11” he was down to 180 lbs. His salt and pepper hair gave him that distinguished look that women love. He got his share of looks when we went out. It was kind of cool being seen with him knowing women were admiring him.

All this also led to a more active lifestyle. We went out more, made friends to hang out with, and best and not least, we had rekindled a sex life that had become a little ordinary. We’d rediscovered ourselves.

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For one thing sex became more often. Don’t get me wrong. For an old married couple we had a pretty good sex life, but nothing like before we were married.

We were 4-6 times a month people. Now, sometimes, it was twice a day. We were back to fucking all over the house, the stairs, kitchen table, bent over the couch, bent over the kitchen counter. Not only did we regain the passion of our youth, but we knew so much more and that made it so much better.

With Katie home we would be relegated back to the bedroom.

On top of that there was no more running around naked. Katie had seen me in underwear plenty of times. I’d always slept in a T and panties. It was always mismatched cotton mom stuff. Now I wore only matching more expensive underwear. I wondered if she’d comment.

Obviously Dave was back to workout shorts and full coverage. No more boxer briefs or naked.

Even so, we were looking forward to having her home.

It was the day of her arrival. We were both dressed and waiting for her. We were going to have a little party that evening, but right now we weren’t expecting her for a few hours.

I was just puttering around the house in jeans and a t shirt. Dave came up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck.

I stood up straight and leaned back against his chest into his arms.

“Mmmmm..,” I purred.

“Let’s fuck,” he whispered in my ear.

“Now?” I replied. “She’ll be home anytime now.”

“We’re not expecting her for a few hours.” he said as he cupped and caressed my breasts.

I gave in. I rarely said no these days, after all, I liked it as much as he did.

“Where?” Was all I said.

“Here,” he said. I was standing behind the couch.

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I put my hands on the back of the couch and wiggled my ass at him.

“Here?” I teased. “What kind of girl gets fucked on demand leaning over the back of the couch?”

He leaned over me and kissed my ear. “My wife,” he replied.

I pushed my ass into hm. “You’re wife,” I repeated.

Dave undid my belt and my jeans. He pushed them and my panties down around my thighs. I bent over even further. I couldn’t really spread my legs as the pants and panties were holding my thighs together.

I didn’t need any foreplay. I liked it when he treated me like this and my reaction was almost instant. I heard him pull his cock out.

He licked his hand and spread the saliva over the tip of his cock. With that, the precum, and how wet I was he slid right in me.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “That feels so good,’

“I love you,” he said. Then he joked, “I guess we’ll be giving this up for awhile.”

“Yeah,” I mused. “Maybe we need a couch in the bedroom.” I joked.

“How about some of those sex pillows? We could try all sorts of new stuff with them,” he laughed.

As he did he was thrusting his cock in and out of me. It felt good.

“I’m sure Katie would love that,” I replied. “Why don’t we also leave sex toys strewn around the room..

He started fucking me harder. I gasped, but got the rhythm. We fucked for a few minutes. The only sounds were my moans as his cock made my pussy wetter and wetter.

“I’m going to miss this,” I said breathlessly.

“Me too,” he answered.

Just then we heard a car door. Dave pulled out of me and we quickly adjusted our clothes. Just in time. Katie walked in the door.

I ran to her and hugged her. “I’m so glad to see you,” I said. “You’re early.”

“Yeah, I was ready sooner than I thought so I just headed home.” She replied. “Ummm…what happened to your hair,” she asked.

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I looked in a mirror. I had just fucked hair. I changed the subject.

“Well, were glad you’re here,” I said. “Are you hungry?”

We went in the kitchen to get caught up. She looked great. She was a bit shorter than me about 5’4″. She must have weighed about 120lbs She had a curvy athletic body. Her long dirty blonde hair was tied in a ponytail behind back.

We chatted about her job, school, then I asked about her boyfriend.

“Oh, we broke up,” she said, matter of factly.

“Oh?” Was all I said. Not wanted to pry. Ok I wanted to pry, but held myself back.

She knew she couldn’t just leave it there.

“I broke up with him a few weeks ago. He was a great college boyfriend, but we were both going to separate locations and our long term goals were not really compatible,” she went on. “He was really upset, but it was for the best.”

“Besides,” she said with a grin, “the sex was getting dull.”

“Katie!” I exclaimed.

“What? I’m 24, I’ve had sex.” she explained.

“I’m just not sure dad and I have to know the details,” I replied.

She laughed. “That wasn’t details, that was a broad brush. I’m sure dad couldn’t handle the details.” We both looked at Dave.

“I don’t need details,” he said with a voice between disgust and fear.

Katie and I laughed.

We turned the conversation back to school and her plans.

Funny though, I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘I wonder what her sex life is like?’

We chatted a bit more. She went to to get settled in her room. We went back to puttering around the house.

Katie told us she was going to meet a friend. She’d be back soon. That was fine. We didn’t expect her to entertain us.

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