A mature couple invites another mature lady to join them

Surprises Come in Threesomes First, a little background. My wife Claire, and I have been married 36 years. It’s the second marriage for each. Each of us would fall into the “elderly” category used by news reporters describing victims of some news event.

It would be fun to ratchet up every reader’s breathing by describing the wild sex that we routinely have multiple times a week, but those days have been gone for at least a couple of years. Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer in her fifties. The tumor was small and discovered early, so she had a lumpectomy, was placed on radiation therapy, and instead of chemotherapy, she was placed on hormonal therapy. The outcome was very good regarding the cancer detection and resolution.

However, there were side effects, most likely caused by the combination of cancer therapies, menopause, and the normal warranty expiration that occurs on body parts as one ages. As a result, we are unable to have intercourse due to the pain Claire experiences with penetration.

Before I start receiving emails addressed to “You Poor Old Man”, let me state that we have multiple, very intimate, love-making sessions each week, which are very satisfying to both. However, they do not include penetration. We are very playful with each other with mutual masturbation; we give each other very sexy massages; we love oral, both giving and receiving; and our best friend has become the Hitachi magic wand vibrator. Claire usually has at least two or three orgasms, and some sessions have resulted in as many as five or six, all without penetration. For myself, I enjoy providing the stimulation for Claire’s orgasms, and usually have just one for myself.

We still explore our fantasies. Most of the fantasy exploration involves teasing Claire about sharing her with another man. It excites her to no end, particularly as I describe and demonstrate what another man would like to do with her. However, we’ve never realized the sharing experience. Claire also enjoys anal play with attention focused on teasing her perky butt, but she has been hesitant to try penetration.

In our latest love-making session, Claire was spread out in front of me, laying on her back on the bed. I was sitting with my back against the headboard. She had already had one climax from rubbing my rock-hard cock over her oiled pussy lips and against her clit. Her legs lay over my thighs and were wrapped around my waist. She was enjoying me teasing her wet pussy lips with a Lelo vibrator. I spread coconut oil over her pussy, and using the vibrator to open and spread her lips gently with its tip, I stroked her from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. As I massaged her slick pussy with the vibrator, she touched my hand, and asked me, “Do you ever think about sharing anymore?”

To say I was surprised is an understatement. I said, “Occasionally, but I’m not sure how we would make that work with your situation? Wouldn’t it be painful?”

She laughed at me, and said, “Silly, I’m not talking about me! I’m talking about you and Nancy!”

Rarely am I as gobsmacked as I was at that moment. I really didn’t know how to respond. We had never talked about me being shared, and certainly not with Nancy, who was a best friend to both of us.

We have been very close friends with Nancy for at least fifteen years. She has been single as long as we’ve known her. She is six years older than Claire, and four years older than me, however most people would never guess her age based on the way she looks and acts. She has a great look. She just recently changed her hair to silver/white from a reddish brown, because she got tired of coloring it every other week. It’s a great new look for her. She has a great sense of humor and is always fun to be with. We routinely run around together, seeing each other every other week at a minimum.

I’ve always thought she was a very hot and sexy, mature lady, but then I prefer ladies that are at least fifty plus. She has a voluptuous figure with curves that make you want to hug her. I’ve always fantasized about finding her completely nude in bed and snuggling up to her soft body. She and I have flirted on just about every occasion that we’ve been together. We have a tradition of slow dances together at holiday parties. We’ve always done little things like a peck on the lips or cheek when we see each other or hold hands when we’re walking down the street. I’ve also been known to sneak a pinch of her butt, which always makes her giggle.

Claire has never been bothered by my paying attention to Nancy. I’ve never done so at her expense, and she always is top priority for my attention. However, just being defensive, my mind raced trying to find an appropriate response to Claire’s question about sharing me with Nancy that would not result in me being cut off for the foreseeable future.

Claire laughed, and said, “I feel your answer.” Taking my erection in her hand, she vigorously rubbed the head of my cock up and down her lubricated pussy lips, just barely parting them, but I knew she was feeling it on her clit.

I remained silent and let her describe the fantasy as I leaned back and enjoyed the intimacy. Claire asked, “Can’t you see yourself with Nancy? The two of you look quite happy together when you dance. Just imagine that image, without clothes, in a bed.”

Claire added more coconut oil and continued stroking and rubbing my cock against herself, up and down her wet lips. She began making circles with my erection, spreading her lips with it, and pressing the head of my cock down on her clitoris. She began using it to tap her clit, making little, wet, slapping sounds. I loved the way it felt, as I felt Claire tighten, and have a small orgasm.

She sighed and laid back, relaxing. I leaned forward and massaged her inner thighs. She was slick with the coconut oil, and I spread it from the creases at the top of her thighs, down each leg where it joins her pussy, to beneath where her legs attach to her ass. She breathed a heavy sigh, as I moved my caresses to her lower abdomen and massaged her softly across her pelvis. As she relaxed, I asked, “What prompted you to suggest sharing me with Nancy?”

She started by describing her last conversation with Nancy. “The last time we went to lunch, Nancy was really down. She told me that she has no social life other than with us, or with her kids or grandkids when they visit. She wanted to find a nice man that she could do things with, like go to dinner, maybe go to a club, and even have occasional ‘no strings attached’ casual sex. She didn’t want a relationship that involved romance.”

While trying to keep from showing my excitement at where this might be going, I asked, “What’s that got to do with me?”

Claire told me, “It has everything to do with you. I’ve told Nancy about our situation and our inability to have intercourse. As you have probably guessed, Nancy and I have also explored a few bi moments together, and while I’m not going into detail, they have involved intimacy very similar to what we have together. And don’t forget that I’m not blind. I see you and Nancy flirting with each other all the time. I think we should invite her to join us the next time we are in the mood for intimacy and loving. And in case you didn’t realize it, I know that you miss the sexual satisfaction we had together for so many years.”

I realized it was time to stop the grilling. I said, “Okay, I am willing to try anything that you would like. Why don’t you have a conversation with Nancy and set everything up. I think it will be fun for all three of us.”

I turned on the Hitachi magic wand. Bumping the intensity up on the wand, I pressed it against my erection, knowing that Claire would feel the vibrations through my cock. I once again parted Claire’s outer lips with the head of my cock and placed it against her clit. Rubbing the vibrator up and down the length of my erection turned my cock into its own vibrator. It’s all I could do to keep from thrusting balls deep into Claire’s pussy, but I knew it would hurt her if I did. It wasn’t long before Claire was in the throes of another orgasm. She reached under my leg, and took my balls in her hand, tugging them gently. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Holding the vibrator against my cock as long as I could, I exploded, spewing cum over Claire’s pussy and tummy.

Nothing was mentioned about me being shared with Nancy for the next few days, and I was not going to be the one to bring it up, although I did hope that Claire was serious. Friday afternoon, Claire mentioned that we were picking up Nancy at 5:00 pm, and we were going to a nearby Mexican restaurant for happy hour.

We left the house, picked up Nancy, and arrived at the restaurant. As usual, Claire ordered her top shelf margarita with a shot of Grande Marnier, as did Nancy, and I had my usual Grande House Margarita. After a couple of rounds during happy hour, everyone was relaxed and enjoying the evening. I thought we were going to have dinner, but Claire said, “No, let’s don’t have anything here, let’s go home for dinner. I’ve got hors d’oeuvres made and waiting on us.”

When we arrived home, Claire said, “Why don’t you fix us another drink and put on music, while I lay out the snacks for dinner.”

I didn’t have the fixings for a margarita, so the ladies both said they would switch to a “Manhattan-like” drink, which consisted of Bulleit Rye, bitters, and Fever-Tree ginger ale. I also put on the Pandora Blues station. We sat out on the patio, sipping drinks, snacking, and listening to great music. I began to think, “Just maybe this will work out after all.”

As we sat chatting, I wondered if Nancy was even aware of the fantasy Claire and I had discussed. I didn’t want to ruin the evening by hinting at anything or making either Nancy or Claire feel awkward.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry. Nancy turned to Claire, and asked, “Have you had the discussion with John about our last few conversations?”

Claire looked at me, and replied, “Yes, and he was very excited and enthusiastic when I told him!”

When I heard her response, I didn’t know what to say. Both ladies looked at me expecting me to say something. All I could think of was a feeble, “I hope I live up to everyone’s expectations.”

Nancy immediately said, “As long as you don’t act like most men, who just want to bang a woman and leave, you’ll do fine. After all a woman’s body is made for giving pleasure and being pleasured, and I wouldn’t want you to forget the “being pleasured” part.”

It was obvious that Claire and Nancy knew a lot more about what was planned than I did, so I just nodded in agreement.

Claire jumped in, and said, “Nancy and I have had numerous conversations about ‘sharing’ you, and we will make sure that you enjoy yourself as well. I don’t think we should waste any more time. I think we would all enjoy a nice, warm shower. Let’s go upstairs to the bedroom and hop in the shower.” She stood up reaching for my hand, and for Nancy’s, and directed us up the stairs.

She and Nancy went into her closet, and she whispered to me, “Get undressed, put on your robe, and meet us in the bathroom.”

I did exactly as told, and while waiting, I heard the two of them kissing and then giggling while in the closet. A few minutes later, they both appeared in the bathroom wearing robes.

Claire said, “John, the plan is you warm up the shower for us, and we’ll join you.”

A little embarrassed, I slipped off my robe. Standing nude in front of them, I opened the shower door, and got in. The shower is not small. There’s a built-in seat, a rain shower head in the ceiling, and a handheld wand shower head on the wall. After the water was warm, I said, “Okay, it’s ready.”

The door opened immediately, and Claire and Nancy both stood there nude. Claire said, “Let me warn you, you need to make sure that you don’t get either my hair or Nancy’s hair wet. Just to be safe, why don’t you sit on the seat, and we’ll stand so we can keep our hair dry.” I agreed.

They both got in, and Claire handed me a loofah sponge and soap, and said, “Be sweet.”

I had only seen Nancy completely nude before in my imagination. She is voluptuous and beautiful. She was a little heavier than Claire, but her proportions and curves were breathtaking. I love the looks of a mature woman who has taken care of herself. I don’t find the skinny, model-types very sexy at all. After all a man wants something, he can grab hold of, and snuggle up to.

She and Claire made a perfect pair of sexy, mature ladies. I think as you age, you become more appreciative of how beautiful women become as they mature. These two certainly turn heads when they walk down the street. I noticed that both Claire and Nancy had smooth, newly shaved pussies. I didn’t know about Nancy, but it was a new look for Claire, and I loved it on both. I couldn’t help myself any longer, my semi-erect cock had decided to stand at attention.

Looking down at me, Nancy said, “Hmmm, looks like we’ve got your attention. Why don’t you do my back first?”

She turned around, facing Claire, and backed up to me. Her sexy ass was at eye level, as I sat on the built-in seat soaping up the loofah.

I began to soap up her lower back. I could not keep my eyes or hands off her hips. I soaped up both hips and the back of her thighs. Nancy must have enjoyed the feel of the loofah, leaning forward, she poked her butt back against my pressure as I rubbed the loofah over each cheek. Her skin was so soft to the touch, and her hips were smooth and full.

I watched Claire step in very close to Nancy, lean in and give her a full, open-mouth kiss. It was certainly not your peck on the cheek or happy to see you type of kiss. It was deep and sensual. I was awestruck watching the two of them holding their kiss, eyes closed, and touching each other intimately.

I continued soaping Nancy’s hips, rubbing the loofah over the cheeks of her ass. As I moved it down to the crease below each cheek, I noticed that Nancy’s butt looked just like a heart that had been turned upside-down. She had a sexy rounded and fleshy curve at the bottom of each of her cheeks, following her hips upwards, they flared to a full wide sexy curve, and then they tapered, narrowing at her waist.

I rubbed the loofah below her cheeks and between her legs from the back. She spread her legs wider, pushing her butt closer to my face. I couldn’t resist and gave her kisses on each cheek. Nancy and Claire continued their heavy kissing and touching each other on the face, neck, and breasts. Even though I was rubbing the soapy loofah over Nancy’s pussy from the back, I could see that her attention was fully on Claire.

Claire pulled back from Nancy, and looking down at me, said with a heavy breath, “It’s my turn!”

Claire and Nancy switched places, and I took Claire’s loofah, and soaped it up. I began washing Claire’s back and backside. It seemed just seconds after switching places with each other that the two of them were back into passionate kissing and touching.

As I watched them, I truly understood for the first time that the two of them were so much more than BFF’s. They have always kissed each other hello and goodbye, but this was very different. I was so glad that they had decided to include me. Seeing them being openly sexual with each other for the first time was unbelievably arousing. I had suspected that Claire had bi tendencies for some time, but I had never seen her not worry about what others thought. It was so refreshing to see her be so open with Nancy. I loved both of them.

After Claire had been completely soaped and rinsed, she said, “Okay, get up. We’re going to give you a good wash.”

I stood, and Claire and Nancy both sat on the bench. I was facing Claire, with my erection just inches from her nose, as she washed my front side. I felt Nancy working the loofah over my backside. I was in heaven. Claire then turned me around, and I faced Nancy.

I looked down at Nancy, as she looked up at me, and said, “I want to wash your cock. You don’t mind, do you?”

Unable to speak, I just shook my head, and watched her stroke, not wash, my cock in her soft hands. She stroked the length of the shaft, reaching between my legs, and cupping my balls. She asked, “Did Claire tell you that she promised to share some of this with me?”

I nodded, and she asked, “Do you know how long it’s been, and how badly I want to do this?”

Once again, I could only nod.

Claire, seeing where this was going, said, “Let’s rinse off and go into the bedroom. No sense lollygagging in the shower all day.”

We rinsed off, got out of the shower, and dried each other off with towels. Claire took Nancy’s hand and led her into the bedroom as I followed. Standing by the bed, Claire said, “John, you get on the bed first, and Nancy and I will join you.”

I got in the bed and laid spread eagled on my back. Nancy got in beside me on my left, and snuggled up to me, laying her head on my shoulder. Claire moved to the other side of the bed and crawled in to snuggle up against my right side. I was sandwiched between two beautiful, sexy ladies. All I wanted to do, was to lay back with my arms around each, and just enjoy the pleasure. So, I did.

Claire began to rub my neck and chest, kissing me with little pecks on my lips. Nancy put her arm around my waist and massaged my abdomen. I turned to Nancy and received a kiss on my lips, her tongue probing to find mine. I realized that this was another first. We had always teased each other with “friendly” little kisses, but the message she sent with this one was, “I want to fuck you.” I definitely responded in kind.

I think it was Claire that first took hold of my cock, but I’m not sure. It really didn’t matter, because at almost that exact moment, I felt a second hand on my cock. Coconut oil was rubbed on my cock by one of them, and then two pairs of hands began stroking my erection and tugging at my balls. I was so hard, that I was throbbing.

I laid there with my eyes closed, just feeling the thrill and enjoyment of both of their caresses. Claire moved her hand to my nipples, after coating them with oil, she tried tugging them. Nancy continued with her concentration on my balls and cock. She touched Claire and said “Look!” She pushed my cock down flat over my belly, and said, “See it comes up above his belly button. He’s perfect.”

I opened my eyes to see what they were doing and saw the two of them giggling over my cock. Claire said, “See what I told you! He’ll be perfect for you. He’s exactly what you said you were looking for!” I realized they had been plotting this for some time. They must have discussed my cock size. Thank goodness, I seem to have measured up.

Nancy rolled off me, turning towards the bottom of the bed. She crawled towards the foot of the bed, and the next thing I felt was her breath on my cock. Claire rolled off me as well and joined her. Both were kneeling towards the foot of the bed, I felt both of their mouths nibbling at my cock. They were both licking, kissing, and sucking my cock together. It felt fabulous.

As I enjoyed their attentions, I loved rubbing and squeezing each of their asses, which were sticking up in the air. I could see the folds of each of their pussies between their thighs. I rubbed Claire’s butt, squeezing her fleshy cheeks, and at the same time, spread Nancy’s pussy lips with my finger, inserting it gently. It was so nice to feel my finger in a soft, wet pussy again. I couldn’t stop touching her, and judging from her squirming, she didn’t want me to.

They continued to play with me, each wanting to “own” my cock. Claire said, “Okay, you take that end, I’m going to try this.” Then I felt her take one of my balls in her mouth. It was an incredible feeling. Nancy sucking on the head of my cock, and Claire sucking on my balls.

After almost bringing me to a climax, Claire said, “I know what turns him on.” I heard the angry buzz of the Hitachi vibrator, as Claire placed it on the underside of the head of my cock. The intensity of the vibrations turned me rock hard. I could feel a build-up of pressure in my lower abdomen and my balls. Just as I felt lips cover the head of my cock, I began to jerk, and ejaculate. I didn’t know who, but one of my lovers just received a mouthful. I completely emptied my balls.

The vibrator became too intense on the head of my cock. As I pushed the vibrator away and looked to see who had just received a mouthful of cum, I saw Nancy wiping her lips with the back of her hand. It was obvious that she had been the lucky recipient of my load. It had exhausted me.

Nancy got out of bed, and moved to the other side, laying down and snuggling up to Claire. They held each other in a deep passionate kiss. Nancy’s lips, still glazed with my cum, were devouring Claire’s lips. Watching them together was a beautiful sight to behold.

Nancy got on her knees and began kissing Claire down her neck, moving to her breasts. I watched Claire’s hand sneak between her legs, as Nancy sucked and tugged on each of her swollen nipples. I know how sensitive Claire’s breasts are. She can have an orgasm from just having them licked and sucked, and it looked like Nancy knew that as well. I couldn’t believe my reaction watching Nancy suck at Claire’s nipples. My erection was already back, and harder than ever. I can’t remember the last time that I had experienced a second erection in just minutes, maybe 20 years ago.

Nancy continued to suck on Claire’s nipples, tugging at them with her lips. Claire held Nancy’s head to her breasts. Nancy, pulled back, and pushing Claire’s legs apart, climbed over her outside leg, kneeling between Claire’s legs. Claire bent and spread her knees, as Nancy kissed down her tummy. Holding Claire’s hips, Nancy was on her knees between Claire’s legs with her butt in the air.

I watched Nancy lick Claire’s hairless pussy, starting at the bottom, and raking her tongue up to the top. After multiple repetitions of having her wet lips spread by Nancy’s tongue, Claire hunched her hips up, pressing into Nancy’s face.

With both ladies completely occupied with each other, I got out of bed, and moved behind Nancy. It was a beautiful view. Placing my hands on her wide hips, I kneeled behind her and snuggled in between her legs. I caressed and squeezed each of her ass cheeks and pulled her butt tight against me. I liberally applied coconut oil to my cock and Nancy’s ass, and pushed against Nancy’s soft butt. It felt so good to have my cock slide up and down between her soft cheeks. Taking my erection in my hand, I teased her rosebud with the head of my cock, gently stroking it in little circles. She slowed bobbing her head up and down over Claire’s pussy, and turning, she looked back at me, and smiling, with her lips glistening, she gave me a wink.

I took that as a “green light”, so I eased my cock into her wet, bare pussy. She felt so soft, warm, wet, and inviting. My cock was engulfed in her wetness. I felt her grasp my cock with the walls of her vagina as I pushed deeper until I was in balls deep. Nancy wasn’t really tight, but she wasn’t loose either.

I spread coconut oil liberally over her ass cheeks. Using my index finger, I spread the oil gently down between her cheeks, pushing the tip of my finger deeper until I could feel her little bud. I felt her make a little gasp and tighten around my cock as I teased her anally. With the tip of my finger, I rubbed the oil in a gentle circular motion, until she softened and relaxed.

As I continued the circular motion, Nancy pushed her hips back. I probed her tender bud with the tip of my finger. As she relaxed even more, my finger slipped past Nancy’s sphincter. I held still, my cock buried deep in Nancy, watching her head bob up and down as she licked Claire’s pussy.

Nancy’s face was buried between Claire’s legs with her tongue lapping at her pussy. I knew from Nancy’s motions, and the groans coming from Claire, that she was giving Claire’s clitoris a real work out. Nancy had turned Claire into a moaning, quivering, orgasmic, woman. I watched in fascination, squeezing Nancy’s cheeks, and teasing her anus with my finger. I felt Nancy’s vagina grip my cock as Claire squirmed beneath her.

Suddenly Claire arched her back, and stiffened her legs, as her hips lifted off the bed into Nancy’s face. Claire thrashed in the bed trying to fuck Nancy’s mouth. As Nancy bent forward to press deeper, her hips lifted slightly, and I felt her grip and release my cock multiple times with her vagina. She was both giving and receiving an orgasm.

Claire’s orgasm began to subside, and she lay under Nancy, holding her face to her pussy. Nancy was collapsed on Claire, and I slowly pulled out of her pussy. Nancy asked Claire, “I think it’s time that I showed John how to give a woman pleasure, don’t you?”

Claire nodded, “Yes. I haven’t told him what we’ve talked about, so you’ll have to coach him.”

Now my curiosity was running rampant. Claire turned to her side and rolled out from under Nancy. Nancy laid on her right side, and said, “Come here and give me a snuggle.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I moved behind her on the bed and snuggled up tight to her butt. I can’t describe how pleasurable it was feeling my cock between her cheeks, still slick with oil. I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her even tighter. Cupping her breast, I gently massaged her breasts, teasing her excited nipples.

Nancy reached back, and grabbed my cock, pressing it between her legs. I felt myself slowly begin to enter her again. She pushed her hips back tighter against me, and I felt her begin a rhythmic movement, engulfing my cock, then slowly pulling back.

I suddenly realized how stupid I was. At first, I wasn’t sure, but as Nancy pushed back, then retreated, I was sure that it wasn’t her pussy that I was in. We were having anal sex! I was afraid to push deep because I thought I might hurt her; besides she was controlling the depth of my penetration perfectly.

I had never had anal sex with Claire, or anyone for that matter. We had fantasized about it, and I always teased Claire’s butt, which she loved, but neither one of us had tried it. I relaxed and let Nancy control everything. It was apparent that it wasn’t her first time, and she was really enjoying it.

As Nancy was giving me my first lesson in “how to pleasure a woman”, Claire became our observer, and was watching every move that Nancy and I made intently. Claire picked up the Hitachi vibrator, and placing it between Nancy’s legs, tight against her pussy, she turned it on.

As the vibrator buzzed against Nancy’s pussy, she pushed back tighter against my cock pushing it deeper into her ass. I could feel the vibrations on the head of my cock. The vibrations were coming through Nancy’s body to my cock. I could feel the vibration change as Claire rubbed the vibrator up and down Nancy’s pussy, stimulating her clit.

I was unable to remain passive any longer. I slowly pulled my cock back, feeling Nancy’s sphincter tighten just as the head popped out. I began a slow, gentle, rhythmic movement, feeling Nancy relax as I repeatedly pushed back inside her, and then I slowly pulled out.

Within what seemed only seconds, I felt Nancy grip my cock so tight that I couldn’t pull out. Her body began to shake, almost violently, as she moaned. She seemed to bear down on my cock, and what followed was a series of her gripping and releasing my cock, over and over. I felt the convulsions of Nancy’s orgasm rippling through her body. I can’t remember the last time I had more than one orgasm, but it was going to happen tonight. As Nancy pushed onto me, she caused me to have an unexpected, but very explosive orgasm. As I pumped cum into Nancy, I felt her milk every last drop with her grip on my cock.

It was over much too quickly. I don’t remember if I pulled out or I fell out, but I was lying next to Nancy panting. She snuggled her butt back against me. Claire came around the bed and snuggled up behind me. We were all completely spent. As I started to drift to sleep, I wondered if this was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience, or if we had just begun a new chapter in our relationships.

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