Visiting parent’s home : Early morning fuck

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It’s a pleasant morning as I left sharam Shakti express while getting physical inside train with a young guy , so after my sound sleep I wake up as I get refreshed and than took my leggings as well as kurti to washroom as i changed my night robes, so my journey ends while guy and Bina exchanged their mobile numbers.

So I smiled as my younger brother Jeet is waiting on platform and he hold my trolly bag as both walked out of station ,so he booked a cab as we both are sitting closer on back seat of car and looking at him ,

I asked “than ,how your life is going on ?
(Jeet)fine with vacant position for a girlfriend
(Bina)oh I see !I think you have never proposed any gal
(Jeet)no one but will do it soon.”

Bina ,a 27 years married lady is a sexy as well as bold lady with her curvy figure and till I get married ,once I have put myself on bed infront of my young brother Jeet as he have shown the world of love and pleasure , but it’s a sin in Indian society as physical affairs between family members are prohibited but I have enjoyed it lot of time with Jeet but after I get married ,I was enjoying with my hubby Anish till he forced me to get physical with his bosses and that’s not a sin for males as he got promoted in lieu of my sexy body ,so I evolved an extramarital affairs with a neighborhood guy Raj and now living a life to keep myself satisfied .so mind always makes you a ideal wife or a slut lady as in last 5 years of married life ,I have an illicit affair with a gynecologist dr. Vikash also ,I am now in my home as mom and dad gave me a warm I sits in dinning room as Jeet took my Luggage to my room ,now my mom walks towards kitchen as I am feeling well after sound sleep of 5 hours.later on ,Jeet came there as we family members are having morning tea and so mom asked

“have bath and than breakfast
(Bina)no mom ,it’s too early so feeling restless I will sleep for hours .”

And as it’s 07:15 am ,I know my mom’s routine while dad will be busy to move for his I have some plans in my mind as my room and adjoining room of Jeet have a single washroom and it’s doors opens in both after putting my empty cup on table ,I walked to my room as mom said

“Jeet ,now what you have to do ?
(He)will sleep for hours.”

And he is looking bit tired ,may be not got his sleep as his while he moves to his room ,I am in my bedroom and now I opened my trolly bag as I took my night wear ,so locked the door from inside as after meeting Jeet here ,I am bit horny as my train sex have not made me satisfied with a teenager.

So I removed my kurti and leggings as I opened the door of washroom ,so while wearing brassiere as well as G string I am inside it and than I missed licking door of washroom from as I removed my G string and sits on toilet seat to urinate with my legs wider , door towards brother’s room get opened as he is wearing a pyjamas and looking at me on toilet seat ,he is bit surprised but not took away his eyes from my vagina as i washed my vagina and than after putting G string on cunt ,I tried to walk out but Jeet is too hot as he hold me from behind and starts kissing my neck as I am pushing him back to show my while holding me ,Jeet took me inside my room as he pushed me on bed and so get laid on bed .I am not a teenager as I have strong addiction of cocks and Jeet is smiling on me as my big breast are semi nude in brassiere,so my nude sexy body is making me hot and Jeet is now on bed .

It’s a morning affair with Jeet as it’s a coincidence that I missed locking door and he got chance to love me as I am curious for his Jeet put a pillow under my heavy butts and as my legs are stretched ,he put his lips on my G string and kissed hard as he hold its strings and opened my matured vagina is nude while his long tongue starts licking it fast and feeling too sexy ,I starts moving my butts up but he hold my waist and his tongue is rolling in my vagina as my fingers have widened it’s hole ,he is in fire and my one hand is on Jeet head .now as his tongue is licking my clitoris ,I am too aggressive and starts sounding sexy

“uh ah um lick lick fast” and he now put his long finger inside cunt as he is screwing it harder ,so “don’t scream louder baby ,mom can hold us in this position”and his face is straight as while fingering my vagina ,he moves to my face as he is on his knees and Bina than started pulling his pyjamas as his penis is in my hand but Jeet is too hot as he hold my hairs and now took out his fingers from vagina’s he starts rubbing it’s glans on my lips and I can’t resist him for a long time ,so opened my mouth and swallows it but Jeet have turned my face towards his cock’s direction and now he starts fucking my mouth with his long thick my vagina is getting hotter as his hand have hold my right breast and he is squeezing it hard while his glans is hitting my throat ,so can’t swallow his long cock in mouth with his hard fuck ,so I put my hand on his waist as I pushed him back .

Now Jeet is shocked but he is on bed as I wake up and removed my brassiere ,it’s a rest hours for us and inside room , brother and sister is enjoying sex .so as I sit on his face with my legs in opposite directions while keeping my bum slight up of his face ,he hold my waist and now put his mouth on my vagina as he is kissing it hard ,so while sitting on my legs over his face ,I put my crossed fingers on cunt as I opened it’s hole and Jeet is fucking my vagina with his long tongue hard as I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah it’s cumming “and he is not a child as he hold my vagina’s hole in his mouth ,sucked it till it becomes wet ,so he tastes my cum as I wake up from his Jeet is in hurry as he pushed me on bed from behind and as I tumbled ,he have already hold my waist to make me on my being a doggy while he is behind my butts ,I looked back and I can see him holding his penis as I can feel his hard dick going inside my wet vagina ,it’s a brief sex for lady like me but as my train sex have made me little curious ,I started enjoying it and now his penis is penetrating my vagina hard ,his waist is hitting my sexy butts and than he hold my saggy boobs as he is pressing it hard and I am fully aroused ,so starts shaking my butts to enjoy his vagina’s hole is fully aroused as it’s hot but with little wetness ,I am waiting for his long spans fuck but as he is hitting my vaginal depth hard while feeling my butts in swing ,he is shouting

“uh ah um it’s a start not the end baby
(Me)sure but next time ,you will do it for night “and his penis is hot as well as hard and so my vagina is in fire after his cock pounding it for last 6-7 minutes and after a while ,he screamed

“uh ah Bina have my semen darling “and his penis poured semen in it. so our sexual affair starts again …………

Added by Bina Mishra

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