Made my ex girlfriend pregnant

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Hii guys,
I am ravi. Im currently 25 aged working as a professional in top mnc in Hyderabad. This story is about suma who used to be my junior in previous office. She is 23 now with height 5.2 but with a sexy voluptuous figure with 36-32-38. She may look plump but her breasts are firm and her ass is round.

So lets get into the story,

It was in 2017 she joined as an assistant in my team. I initially never took interest in her or was neither attracted to her. Within few months we started working together and we became good friends. I liked her company and started spending more time with her. We together used to hang out after office to pubs, movies and some time to parks. Days went too fast and one fine day while I was standing near the printer to take some prints she was sitting in the adjacent cubical and was working. One such moment I had a clear view of her big 36 sized boobs on her 38 d bra. Omg that was too huge. She wears loose tops on chudidar always giving other a perfect view of her cleavage. I had an instant hard on and was not able to take my eyes off her boobs. She then saw me and smiled. I just took my face of her and acted as if I seen nothing.

From that day my view on her changed. I started getting attracted to her sexually. When ever I see her I wanted to grab her boobs and press them till they become red. I started spending more time towards her. One day being a team lead I was allotted a new project and was asked to leave the same night to Chennai. Having known this information to her she felt really sad as she was going to miss me for almost half a month. The same day after I left office, she confessed me that she fell in love with me and wanted to accompany me where ever I go. She doesn’t want to leave me. But since I never loved her I expressed my opinion then and there and she never talked to me again. We never chatted nor had a call. She left office by the time I arrived and I too started getting her out of my thoughts.

After 6 months she messaged me and said sorry for what she did. I felt happy for her and we became normal friends as usual. One fine day when she was chatting we played truth or dare and she asked me did I like her body. I said frankly I was really attracted to her when I saw your cleavage accidentally. She laughed and continued the game. In my turn I asked her whether she was attracted to me? She said from the day she loved she feels me always on her bed and uses pillow thinking of me to kiss and cuddle. she said she wanted to kiss me. I felt very happy hearing this and waited for my next turn. I then asked lets kiss, she said she will give her to me only if I marry. So I dropped my plans.
After 6 months her marriage was fixed to an MBA person. He was not fair but fat as well. I don’t understand how she accepted him. And soon we started talking less. After an year she called me and said she wanted to meet me. I thought for a while and accepted her invitation. We met in forum mall for lunch and started talking.

She: hows life going. Did you find any new girlfriend?
Me: its good. Not yet found a beautiful girl like you.
She: stop flirting now im already married.
Me: lol I like married women a lot
She: do you still remember how we used to roam together and enjoyed
Me: yes how will I forget such beautiful memories.
She: umm. Do you remember what you said in truth or dare game?
Me: no I forgot. You tell me what I said?
She: don’t act smart. You said you are attracted to my figure
Me: yes dear. I will always be ready to make love to you
She: really? You still eye on my cleavage?
Me: ofcource who doesn’t. you have the most attractive boobs I even seen.
She: hehe thanks.
Me: so when are you planning for kids. I guess your husband doesn’t leave you even 1 night.
She: hmm true. He fucks me daily and cums inside me but I never get pregnant.
Me: I was shocked hearing this. Why dear what happened? Is there any medical issues with you?
She: sobbing!!! Its not with me. Its with him. He doesn’t have required sperm count to mate. There is no other way to make babies.
Me: I felt really bad hearing this. I suggested why don’t they adopt a baby.
She: hearing this she cried and said her in laws curse on her for not giving a baby and wants him to remarry to another girl.
Me: then what did your husband say?
She: he said they will inject sperm donors sperm in my vagina to generate baby.
Me: I was like what the fuck!!! I asked whether she liked the idea?
She: she said no and she doesn’t want to carry others baby

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