A Night My Nephew And I Will Never Forget

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I arrive at the room before you, so I shower making for sure everything is ready for my “dirty” man. I lay on the bed anticipating what’s coming for me, thinking of it gets me so hot and wet. I can’t wait any longer so I have to start without you, not that you mind I’m sure.

I slowly slide my fingers in between my already swollen lips to my clit giving it a quick pinch as if you’ve got it between your teeth, mmmmm I love the lil blast of pain! Sliding my finger down into my hole as my juices slowly flow out.


I tease myself tickling the entrance to your playland inside me. I imagine your mouth is buried in my pussy my fingers going in and out, rubbing my clit back and forth. I grab my tit with my other hand pinching and pulling my nipple, ohhh how I need you to punish me for not waiting. As requested I brought something to fill one hole while you do the other.

I get it and push it deep in my pussy holding it there as I wiggle my ass as if I’m fucking yourcock. Taking it slowly in and out. You finally arrive, I left a key for you so I don’t have to stop. You enter the room and come to the end of the bed telling me I better finish what I’ve started. You undress and climb between my legs watching me pleasure my hot pussy.

I start to tremble alil and you know I’m almost there. I pull it from my pussy licking it clean, you give my pussy a quick lil slap, I want to burst! You lock your lips on my clit sucking it like a straw with something stuck in it. I’m cumming, your mouth is wrapped around my hole, as if your french kissing it, swallowing all of my cum.

I grab the bed in extreme ecstasy. I’m begging to taste your cock! You throw my legs on your shoulders , pushing my ass straight into the air. Your dick slides straight down into my throbbing cunt, I moan with pleasure,  your going so deep inside me. You drop me down pulling your cock from me, its smothered in my juices. I climb up on all fours with your cock in front of me, I start at your thigh and lick my way up to your balls sucking each one, nibbling and licking my way to the head of your beast! You grab my ass thrusting me on to your cock. I’m sucking that dick swallowing every dribble it  releases. You have one hand wrapped in my hair guiding my head back and forth, with the other hand you’ve slide my little helper deep back in my cunt, fucking it as if it were you in there. Your dick swells in my mouth, you pull me up taking my nipples in your teeth. I flip around so you can enter me from behind.

Teasing my pussy with just the head, rubbing it up and down my slit, gently circling my hole. I’m begging you PLEASE! You thrust it in like a rocket and slowly pull it out to the edge only to launch in again! I scream with excitement! You exit, my cunt juices dripping from both of us run down my thighs. You grab my ass cheeks opening them wide, I’m saying “No, no, no” but we both know that just means I want MORE.You grab your cock and slowly slide it in my ass, I squill, your hold me tight so I can’t wiggle away. Your in all the way, I can feel your balls banging and rubbing my clit as you take what’s yours. I thrust my hips back into you wanting you to burst inside me. I can feel your cock growing and then what I’ve been waiting for, it goes of like a bomb inside me. I ram my ass against your hips wanting to feel every twitch as you cum. We fall forward from exhaustion, knowing we’re only getting started. I climb onto of you, you grab my tits squeezing them, I put your dick straight up in my puss and begin to ride it slow lil thrust back and forth, up and down.

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