Interracial sex experience between maternal aunt and son in law

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Hello friends,
I’m raj aged 23 currently living in Hyderabad. This story hails back to 2015 where I lost my virginity to my aunt. She is leela. She was married to my maternal uncle when I was in my graduation college days. She was 24 at the time of marriage. She looks like famous pornstar diamond Jackson. She is black in color. Since I look fair and she is black I feel like we are the best interracial couple.

So getting into the story, leela was a divorcee. She was married to a lunatic when she was just 18 due to financial pressures from her parents. Later she got divorced to him. She was still a virgin until she broke her seal by my uncle. Things were going good until she got her first child. She gave birth to a baby girl in almost a year time. My uncle hails from a farmer family and can afford only basic necessities. Hence he was asked to go for vasectomy (male sterilization). Unfortunate the procedure failed and he was not able to get an erection like before. He just lasted for a very few minutes.

During my summer holidays in 2015 I visited leela house. They were so happy to meet me. Uncle was busy with farm works and left early in the morning. Since leela was just 5 years older to me she shared almost everything. She even discuss with me about my girlfriend. Things went good on the first day. I spent most of the time playing with the baby girl. It was night and I slept in the common hall and the couple with baby slept in bedroom. Since I like sleeping late night I was busy checking some stuff on the internet. At around 11pm I heard leela shouting towards uncle joseph

Leela: I’m fed up with you joseph. I am not able to cum
Joseph: please talk slowly. Raj may listen
Leela: let him know. Let the world know you are impotent
Joseph: im doing my best leela. I am trying to make you cum with oral sex.
Leela: do you even think so?? I haven’t even got wet down my pussy
Joseph: im sorry dear. What can I do?
Leela: its my fate to marry you. Shut up and sleep.

I was listening to the conversation and was shocked hearing what leela was saying to my uncle. I felt so bad about him. The next day I woke late around 9 am and uncle was out of the house by then. I had a big morning boner and had to piss soon. So I went towards the bathroom. The bathroom in villages generally be outside the house. I in half sleep rushed into the toilet and there leela was facing towards me sitting on the commode. I don’t know that the door lock isn’t working and without knowing I rushed in. for the first time I saw a elder women pussy. Her pussy was also fully black in colour with full pubic hairs. I was very hard finding her pussy hole. She wasn’t able to cover herseld as she was in between her poop. I immediately rushed out and closed the door and went away.

I went near to some fields and pissed there. When I was pissing I was only getting her nude pussy image in my mind and I was not able to lose my erection. I then took my mobile, opened porn videos of diamond Jackson and cummed hard imagining leela in place of her. By the time I finished shagging and went home she changed to her saree and was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. I was feeling shy to face her. After cooking she came to me to serve breakfast. I was looking at her face but she was not at all facing me. I broke the silence and told sorry leela aunty. I forgot to knock the door before entering. Please forgive me. On raj please don’t be sorry it was my fault not informing you earlier that the door lock wasn’t been working. Soon we both became normal. I was watching tv and she came sat beside me after all works and was breast feeding her baby. Omg due to the milk her breasts seemed like 40 or 42 inches. I can see her boobs through side view and she has big brown aerolas on her black boobs and small black nipples. She saw me staring her and she covered her boobs with her saree. I immediately looked towards the tv.

Leela was asking about my girlfriend and I said I recently broke up with her. She was shocked and asked me the reason. I tried to avoid telling her the reason. As she insisted upon I revealed that my girlfriend is not allowing me to have sex with her. She felt shocked with the reply and kept quite. A few moments later she asked then how are you satisfying yourself. I said I was masturbating watching videos. She smiled and said don’t over masturbate its not good for health. I said what can I do, atleast If I was married I would have my wife. She said don’t worry you will get a wife soon after you get job. I then asked whats wrong with uncle and you. She was shocked and tried to cover up saying there is nothing wrong. I said I listened to your conversation yesterday night. Her face became sad and she started explaining that joseph was not able to get erection after his family planning operation. I felt really shocked for a while and happy inside that I have a chance to use this as a opportunity. I told her im sorry aunty that was a very bad news. She even explained how she missed sex during her first marriage. Tears started rolling down her eyes saying I divorced him for not able to have sex with me. Now your uncle has become impotent. I tried to console her saying things will get normal soon.

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