My ex lover desires a hard fuck

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Hey eyeryone, my name is Arjun, and I’m here to share a beautiful story from Chennai that is based on a real encounter that I had with my girlfriend Sandhiya. She is married and have a couple of kids.A voluptuous woman who every guy would want to date paid her a visit in a renowned Chennai mall. She introduced me to her husband, who works in a mnc and is continually occupied with his business, and I was surprised to see her after a long period.

We exchanged our numbers in that meet, our families got introduced properly eqch other. With out hesitation i dropped a whatsapp message to her for how i am lucky to see her today in the mall after a long time.

Days passed, every day greeted her with a casual morning and night wishes. Gradually she opened up how she is now and kids. After kids how her husband changed and not spending enough time with her instead going behind money. I felt sorry for her. She is of such beauty in the college days. Even now she is 38 34 36. She has a huge melons now. I expressed my feelings for her, how i used to care about her times back during the college days. We remembered and shared everything so she got happy with the conversation we had that day.

Her husband got an opportunity in abroad, as she have a baby with her she has to stay in home for a while to take care . So her husband travelled alone and she stayed without her husband and her mil and parents are out of town for a while. She asked if i can be with her for a weekend till her mil be home. I happily agreed to see her. That day came I told my wife i am going for a short trip to yerkadu along with friends for this weekend and visited her house which is of few kilometers away. I called her and informed i am starting and would reach her house in sometimes if she needs anything i could buy on the way. She laughed and asked me to buy some sweets especially halwa. I guessed what she is after and bought everything reached her house on time.

She welcomes me inside her house. Happy to see her alone after a long time. She hugged me, for the first time i was in heaven to experience those big melons during her hug. I was happy and kissed her in her cheek and praised her she is beautiful as she used to be during college days. She laughed and went in with a shy face. I closed the doors and followed her. Her kids was playing and baby was sleeping. She was about to prepare for a lunch, i helped her in cutting vegetables and exchanging items during her cooking.

While helping sometimes used to peek her boobs which she noticed sometimes. As she was not wearing any bra and slightly milk is oozing out on her black tshirt. I liked to see her, she noticed that and went into the bedroom to change a t shirt. I followed her and i mentioned if its ok i can take care of the milk pressure. She stuck for a second and claimed how ? Give it to me i can show you. She removed her tshirt and showed me its all yours. I asked her to sit on one end of the bed and on the other end i lying put my mouth over the beautiful boobs and started sucking. She was happy and couldn’t control the pleasure. I sucked left boobs and went for the right boobs. She was searching for my cock which is deep inside my jean.

She removed my jean buttons and zipped out the cock. She hold my cock and moved up and down to create the pressure. I had an idea and asked her lets try something different. I asked her to lie down and i took her boobs and gave my cock to her for sucking. We were more of in the 69 position instead of pussy now its boobs so 89. Lovely feel. She sucked my cock to the full extreme and i sucked and bit her boobs to show my lust over her.

She was exhausted and she want my cock inside her. I asked her what’s ur fantacy, she liked to dominate for a while. I accepted and appreciated her fantasy. We got naked and i took the bottom. So she came on top of me, moved her pussy over my mouth, i loved to suck her out and she was moaning with iut control she had her first orgasm.

Continued and licking continued for the second time this time my tongue went deep inside her vagina and she can’t control and in deep pleasure she had her second orgasm and this time very heavy and her legs shivered. She got exhausted and i was still ready to make my move. But asked her if we can continue or she needs a break. She felt happy and satisfied. She kissed me and asked me to take rest. She took my cock and gave a blow job. I insisted her to go for a 69 instead. We were sucking like there was no more chance. My cock went deep inside her throat and i was pushing her ass to get her vagina deep inside my mouth.

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