Meena My Sexy Maid

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Hello guys, this is San. coming with sex encounter with my neighbour maid. now she is heart of my sex life. this is my first experience so if any mistakes please excuse.

After nearly 1 year of work from home, i have asked to do work from Office in Coimbatore. Finally Moved to Coimbatore and rented a house in first floor as my landlord is staying in ground floor, to my Surprise i have seen two good ladies around 30 years.

It was summer time in Coimy and i had gone out a evening smoke , when i returned to my hurs noticed a 5’5 , wheatish complexioned, around 30 year old woman, 36-30-34 measurements, sweeping the house entrance , her heart-shaped-ass facing my eyes and walking backwards.. I was stunned at the work of art and i stood still in appreciation. She kept walking backwards, not knowing where i was, and her ass collided with my erect cock.. she turned around, looked suprised at me and said sorry. I noticed she had a long face, her lips swollen and cheeks inward, perfect for a blow job and a nose ring gave her face a sexy touch. The contradiction of the hot weather and her hot body, made me immediately get a turn on .

She smiled at me and inserted her pallu into her endless navel and walked away. I went and asked the watchman sitting outside who she was. He said “her name is Meena, she is new to the Area.. works for people in the area.” i could see by the look on the watchmans face that he too lusted for her and noticed some men sitting outside were staring hungrily at her fleshy hips, and her ass bounce as she walked by. Clearly she was the new hottie. I decided she is my target to bed and i was going to have sex with her and become the envy of the men in the area.

I decided to do some research on Meena, before I could seduce her. I found out, she was from Ooty and she visited her husband and family only once in 2 weeks and stayed in the house she worked in. The people in the area often used to go on tours and be out-of-station, so Meena was basically a house-maid who maintained the house and because of her simple nature My landlady had trusted to her to stay in her house when they were out of town. This made me think, that Meena would be lonely for long periods of time in the house, which was a perfect situation to win her over and show her heaven.

The next day, I pretended I had to meet the family for whom Meena worked and rang the bell of their house. I knew there was no-one there except Meena and it was my first opportunity to rub myself around her. She opened the door, with a surprised look cause she wasn’t expecting anyone. I was stunned to see she was wet from a bath, the water making her purple saree literally transparent and her long wet hair reaching upto her navel, made me eat her with my lustful eyes. I could even see the outline 2 perky nipples jutting out through her blouse. Controlling myself

I said “is mr. kumar there? I have returned after a year , so I thought I’d say hello”.
Meena replied “No, sir. He is not here anymore , he and his family come rarely”.

Me: “Oh. Im from the floor above. So you live alone here is it”?
She nodded yes.

Me: “such a big house, u live alone, you must be bored?”.
Meena: smiled and said “Ya, I feel trapped inside this house, but what to do it gives me good money, so I stay here”
Me: “Oh even I feel bored sometimes, since im on a break.. So why don’t we chat a while”. She looked a bit surprised at my offer, but I guess she was in need of company so she agreed.

She went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea for me and returned. I was waiting on the sofa for her. She came gave me the cup and sat down near my legs.

Me: “hey what is this.. why do u have to sit down , sit here on the sofa” and gestured her to sit near me. She blushed at the remark

Meena:“Sir, you are from high society and educated, how can i?”

Me: I laughed “Nonsense. All that shouldn’t be there among 2 people. Come feel free, sit.” She felt confident at my words and sat down , but at a distance from me.

I chatted about my job and what I do for a living, asking her questions about her background and life. She was decently educated upto class 10, but poverty prevented her further studies. She had got married by 20, still didn’t have a child after 8 years of marriage. Her husband was a foreman back in the village, but since had huge loans to repay she had to come here to work. I found her to be polite and smart in her speech. I even helped her find a few tamil books to read around the house and taught her how to operate the remote to watch tv to ease her boredom.

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