Dark Desire of Menaka – Part 1

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Dark Desire of Menaka – Part 1


This story is in series. And here is the first part.

She never thought that a dark day would arrive in her life. It did.
Varun still had her photos. Every kind of photo. Yeah! Menaka was worried that her husband Sham would find her trouble. Sham never knew Menaka had a relationship before their marriage. She hid this tale from him. Varun was in her home when he blackmailed with her pictures. But, he made up a drama as an emotional fellow. Menaka believed him one last time and opened the door.

Varun looked at her from head to toe. Menaka has a wheatish complexion, not completely white but colourful. Her plumpish body, thick juicy lips, a strand of hair, slutty neck and seductive navel. Anyone would die for her navel. Any man has a dark desire to hunt a woman like 34-28-36 stat Menaka. Her bare waist skin, when she was in saree, made many males precum. Varun was ready to rummage. But, he decided to do smooth foreplay with her.

“Won’t you invite me inside?”, Varun asked.
“Come in”, she said with half-heart.
Menaka knew she was with Varun only for eccentric orgasm. She had not emotionally connected with him.
“What do you like to have?”, Menaka asked.
“You”, Varun laughed and went near her. She stepped back and raised her brows. “Okay. A coffee”, Varun smiled at Menaka rubbing his hard-on crotch on his jeans. Menaka now never had a feeling for him. She loves her husband to the moon and back.

When she walked to the kitchen Varun noticed her ass in her soft maroon colour saree. He never liked to waste a moment and made a catwalk to the kitchen behind Menaka. Her ass was inviting him to fuck her. Badly, very badly.
Varun moved very close to Menaka’s back. She did not know he was at her back. Varun remembered how he used to lick her navel, manhandle her boobs, suck her tits. In the remembrance of the past, Varun slowly touched her bare waist available from the left side of her saree. Menaka’s heartbeat started raising. Her chest was moving up and down. Varun moved her hair front, putting it front to her right side. Now he had access to her nape, shoulder, back navel visible due to her saree style and cute firm ass. Varun moved both of his hands forward to her hips and rolled them slowly around her waist. Menaka closed her eyes.

He whispered, “I miss your backless saree.”
No response from her. He brought his tongue out and licked her earlobe.
No response. He said, “Haven’t you remembered me even once after your marriage?”
He licked her entire ear. Menaka was conscious to not fall back on him and to get defeated by her weakness. Varun pulled her front side of the saree to her right, making visible her entire navel. A part of her breast could be seen. Varun inserted his tongue inside her ear. When Menaka closed her eyes Varun pressed her waist with his both hands. She fell on him.
That’s the end for Menaka. And that’s the beginning for Varun.

Varun pressed her waist tightly to make Menaka beg him. He poked his forefinger on her belly button. She moaned sexily. She realised Varun was getting more and more hard-on, her ass senses his snake. She knew he would fuck her but struggled to not make her fear happen real.
Varun was massaging her waist, licking her shoulder. And kissed the back of Menaka.
Varun traced the bra in her shoulder.
He pulled her blouse down, biting her skin with a bra on it. He licked the bra strap to fire Menaka’s desire. Her moan was continuous and loud. Varun knew her signal, went on his knee, kissed the back of her body, backbone, buttocks available below her blouse and above the saree. He rotated her front and kissed her waist.

He started licking her waist. Menaka turned off the stove.
Reluctantly she massaged his hair. Varun biting her hard. As he was to bite a pizza and pull it together he bit her painfully on her waist and pulled her skin with his teeth.

Slowly he inserted his hand inside her saree, brushed her thighs. Menaka wiped the wetness on her waist.
Varun tensed and bit hard to not wipe. He spat on her navel hole and licked her waist. He sooner touched her pussy lips. Menaka trembled, “Varun enough.”

“Some more time”,
He touched her panty line, tried pulling it down.
“No”, Menaka begged.
Varun pressed her ass cheeks and asked, “Do you love me?”
“No. Not at all”,
“Don’t lie”,
“No. NO. I don’t have such feelings on you”,
Varun inserted his forefinger into her vagina. She moaned high.
“Now. Tell me the truth.”
Varun was fingerfucking Menaka.
“I promise. I don’t love you”, she shouted.

Varun smelled her waist, spit her navel hole. He brought her right leg top on his shoulder, had access to her thighs and pussy.
Varun laughed greedily, “If you don’t love me why are you massaging my hair?”

Menaka slowly stopped massaging his hair. Varun bit her navel hard. She cried, “I will do whatever you say. Don’t bite my waist.”
“What will you do?”
“Whatever you are saying!”
Varun made a love bite on her belly button. It was reddened by the vigorous bite.
“Promise?”, Varun giggled.
“Promise, asshole”, Menaka cried.
“Let I think”, Varun said and stood up. He took some warm coffee and brushed it on her cheeks. He licked her milky cheeks.
“Don’t you feed me with your breast?”

Menaka was silent. Varun poured some water on the milk to cool it down, took it from her vessel, slowly pouring it on the neck of Menaka. She was drenched with milk. The milk was slowly running to her neckline, reaching her saree. Varun noticed the mangalsutra around Menaka’s neck. He poured the content in one go and the milk made her boobs wet, some ran down to her feet and navel.
“What do you need from me? You promised me this will be our last meeting and you want me to do whatever you say. What do you need?” Menaka was irritated by Varun.
With an evil smile, Varun pulled her lower lips out and licked the milk on it. Suddenly, he inserted his tongue inside her mouth and sucked her saliva. It was too much for Menaka. With Varun’s saliva on her navel, precum juices on her thighs, drenched milk on her neck and breasts.
Varun promised, “I will tell my demand within a few minutes.”

Menaka’s mobile did ring. It was her husband.
Menaka attended the call. Varun had a naughty idea, pulled Menaka with him to the sofa. Menaka was talking with her husband, trying to get away from Varun’s hold. Varun sat on the single sofa, pulled Menaka to sit on his lap. She didn’t have other options. She was blessed because her husband hadn’t made a video call.
Varun inserted his hands on her saree, pressing her waist. Continuously kissing her shoulder, earlobes, he started licking her neck. He pulled her back pressing her body tight and licked her front neck. Varun heard her husband say in the call, “Wait for me. Till three days. I will come back.”
When Menaka cut the call of her husband Varun bit her neck. Menaka raised her legs like a bitch. Every woman has a bitch in her.
Varun demanded, “Be my wife.”
Menaka opened her eyes in shock.
“I know your husband will not be at home for the next three days.”

Menaka tried to get up from him. Varun licked her back again to put her back in her sexual mood. Menaka said, “I can’t.”
She inspected whether she locked all her room doors and windows.
“You don’t have a choice”, Varun said and licked her cheeks.
Menaka was silent. Varun knew her answer.
He said, “Remove your mangalsutra.”
“I cannot remove it. I have to have it with me ever.”
“For the next three days, I am your husband. I will tie you a mangalsutra. Be my wife with my mangalsutra. You will get your husband’s when I am gone.”

Menaka was silent. Varun removed her mangalsutra and put it in a water bottle before them.
“Who am I?”, Varun asked her.
“Varun”, she said.
Varun pressed her breast like crushing the paper. She whispered, closing her eyes, “Husband?”
“What?” Varun was loud.
“Huband”, she said.
“Tell me louder”,
“Whose husband?”
“Menaka’s husband”,
“Who are you?” Menaka knew what he would expect. To not rot in the pain he gave, she said, “Varun’s wife.”
“Tell me clearly”, Varun ordered.
Menaka said, “I am your wife. You are my husband.”

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