Found a great spot to fish, overgrown area, didn’t know who owned the land, but I didn’t think it mattered, one day this guy shows up, older man, chubby, about 50, he claimed it was his land, but it was ok,

We talked for a while, drank several beers, then it started getting dark, he invited me to his cabin for more beer, I went to his place just up the hill, he lived alone, it was a cool 2 bedroom cabin, nice porch area, very remote, I noticed several porn type pictures on the wall, mainly degraded women.

He pulled out the hard liquor, we started taking shot after shot, committing on the pics on the wall, he explained real men, need a servant, maybe more than 1. Then he said watch this, he put in a video to play on the TV. It was a porn of women serving men, master slave type of porn.

He would comment on this and that on the video, mainly about dick sucking, we drank and drank, I didn’t know what time it was, but it was getting late, he went to the rest room, then came back nude from the waist down, he said, one good thing about living out here is ya can go nude if ya want.

As we drank and watched porn, I noticed he would pull on his cocktail from time to time, then kind of out of the blue, he told me, I was too drunk to drive, and I would have to stay the night, he said he cares about me, I agreed. He pulled his cock a little more, then he said, come on over here and give daddy a blow job,

He didn’t wait for an answer, he said, come on now, you know you want too, no one will ever know, I was wondering how he knew, I was curious, he just kept saying it’s ok, and come on now, he pushed himself to the edge of his chair, pushing his hard cock further outward, then he said, ok it’s pumped and ready.

I never said a word, as I got down on my knees, opened up, and took it full in my mouth, he could tell I never sucked cock before, so he was giving me instructions, he then turned off the TV the room was pitch black, this seemed to make it very easy, there was no sounds, just me making slurping noises, and him moaning from time to time.

He would tell me to do this and that, I did just as he said. He was in total control, I had been sucking for what seemed like 15 minutes, when he grabbed my head, with his hands, pulled me in, held me tight, then wrapped his legs around my shoulders, he squeezed me with all he had, and unloaded,

He filled my mouth with warm salty cum, I tried to pullback as his grip, and legs locked me in, he held me there, until he was drained, or so I thought, as he released his grip, allowing me to move off him, he held my head with one hand, and started jacking off, with the other,

He’s cock, just keeps shooting cum, he filled my face, then he stopped jacking himself, moving his free hand to my head, he pulled my face into his cock, and rubbed it all around. His cum was super slippery, as he had fun, playing with me.

When he finished, he collapsed back into his chair, there was not a sound, my cock was super hard, I pulled my pants down, got it out and started jacking, he reached over turned on a light, then said, not now, girl friend, not now, I stopped and he told me to go get a wet rag, and clean his cock. I did as told.

While I was cleaning him he said I’m now his bitch, and I was expected to move in, and service him, any time he wants his cock sucked….

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