Son tricked innocent mom for sex- Part 1

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Hello all, hope you like my stories. This is a series of stories relating to Son fucking mom with the help of Swamiji. Lets get into the story without wasting time.

I am a 23 year old guy working as Financial analyst in MNC. My dad is an handicapped person aged 58 and mom is housewife aged 49. Although she is 49, she has curvy shape and her awesome part is her boobs. I am the sole earning person for family. I sleep in separate room and my parents sleep in separate room. Once in the midnight I pass through their room to get water. Door was not locked properly I could hear some sound from their room. I seen from the door gap, mom sitting on top of dad and they are doing sex. I just seen her side boobs only but saw full of her ass. Not a great ass to see, but I wanted to see her boobs. I went to my room and masturbated thinking that sex. I wanted to see her nude from that moment.

In some days, I got a thought why can’t I fuck my mom. Next thought is how. I was thinking, but don’t have guts to ask her for sex. I know well she loves me so much. I planned to put drama as fake swamiji and fuck her. She believes very much about black magic since my dad met with accident and handicapped. So to find a person to act as Swamiji, I roam around to find a guy who can help me. Then I seen a guy near Wine shop, he was asking money from all. I went to him and said that he needs his help in exchange will give him money. I told him to come to my home and warn my mom that her son (me) will meet accident today.

Next day he came and warned my mom but she ignored it. I started to office and came evening with fake bandage and acted as met with accident. I acted as my leg wounded and escaped well from serious issue. She was worried and upset. Then she said that one swamiji said about this in morning but she ignored. I enquired her who he is and how he know all this. I acted as my leg paining so much. She massaged my legs.

Next day that swamiji again visited my home and warned her that I will meet with another accident. Mom asked him to come in and tell but he refused to come and said he will come tomorrow when she believes him completely.

I acted as fallen in the floor and hurt my leg where I got wounded. I poured fake blood over my leg and acted as blood coming out of leg. She started crying and told that whatever swamiji says is happening. I got a thought that my mom now believe him completely. Time to execute my plan. I told that guy whole plan, and told him he should not fuck my mom. He said he wants only money not sex. I agreed to pay him 5000 once I fuck my mom. He agreed too.

Next day came I can see my mom was sitting worried and I acted as worrying too. Bell ringing. She flied to open door in thought it maybe swamiji. She opened the door and yes it was swamiji. She greeted him and told to come in. Swamiji blessed her and came in. He advised me to go to my room as he wants to speak with mom alone.

Mom: Swamiji you are right, my son met accident twice. Please help us.

Swamiji: Yes I know everything. Your husband is handicapped, am I right ?

Mom: Yes swamiji u r right

Swamiji: There is a curse on your family, thats why your husband is handicapped and son facing accident. He will be in serious trouble if we don’t compensate for the curse.

Mom: OMG, what should we do Swamiji, my son is the one helping us. I should have seen you long back so that I could have saved my husband from handicapped.

Swamiji: No worries. I am here now, at least save your family now.

Mom: Sure I am ready to save my family. What to do ?

Swamiji: The curse should be removed. We should do tantric now, get me neem, lemon, oil, and ghee. Also bring 1 of your saree and spread there (pointed a place near to the place I sat).

Mom did all he said and asked him what’s next.

Swamiji: Do you know any women who will do anything you say ?

Mom: No swamiji.

Swamiji: Ok, then will you do whatever I say to remove the curse ?

Mom swear to do it without knowing his intention. Still mom was confused. Swamiji told her that since she swear to do it, she cannot change her decision, if she change curse will be more. She obeyed for the same. Swamiji started tantric and acted as doing tantric.

Swamiji: Who is virgin here ?

Mom: My son

Swamiji: Your son should lose virginity, only then curse will be removed.

Mom: Oh but he is unmarried how will he lose virginity ?

Swamiji: I dont know but he should lose virginity only then your family will be saved.

Mom was upset and confued what to do. She started crying and asked swamiji what to do. Swamiji asked her if she is still standing with her words to do anything he says. Mom nod her head.

Swamiji: You should make him lose virginity. If you dont agree, get some women to have sex with him.

Mom: I dont know any women, how can i have sex with him. He is my son.

Swamiji: Its upto you, i told you everything that if you dont keep the word curse will be more. Only your decision can save your family.

Mom somehow agreed to make me lose virginity. She asked swamiji what to do and told him that son should not feel bad about it. Swamiji told her that he will convince me. He came to my room and locked the door.

Me: Hey you did it, ur money is ready. Once I fuck her u can take money.

Swamiji: Can I fuck her once ? I will help you to fuck her for long time.

Me: No way, u agreed to not fuck her.

Swamiji: Can I masturbate with her body parts ?

Me: Yes ok but only once. In exchange you should help me to fuck her for next 2 days whenever I ask. Say her that cure will make me ask sex to her, not son. If you do this, u can lick her pussy.

Swamiji happily agreed and went out. He told my mom that I agreed to fuck her. He told me to come out. I went. And told to close the door where dad sits. I did the same. He signalled me to sit in a place and asked mom to sit in the place he said. We sat in the place said by swamiji.

Swamij did some magic to turn me into curse and whispered in my ears as not to act like her son. Insteead to act as curse. I agreed and kept mute. Swamiji told my mom that her son is not here in soul now. That curse is there. He asked her to beg the soul for save her family. I acted as the soul not agreeing. Swamiji told her to ask for sex. She begged me for sex, I refused still. She kept asking and crying, I then agreed for sex with a condition she should clean herself with oil & ghee in front him, only then it will agree for sex.

Mom: How to clean myself swamiji ?

Swamiji: Apply oil & ghee in your body.

She started removing her saree, I stopped and said “Swamiji should clean remove your dress & clean your body”. Hearing this swamiji face turns bright. Mom obeyed my words and swamiji got up and went near her and removed the hooks from her blouse. Mom closed her eyes and swamiji enjoyed the view of my mom boobs covered with red bra. He proceeded with removing petticoat and gave me view of her standing in just Bra & Panty. She was wearing yellow panty with thin line near her pussy. It was awesome to see her in such pose. She is still closing her eyes. I signalled swamiji to continue remove her bra & panty. He unhooked her bra and dropped it in floor. He cant take his eyes off from her boobs. He was about to touch it, I stopped with words “make it soon I cant wait”. He stopped and removed her panty.

My mom is nude in front of me. I was smiling and seeing every inch of her body. Me & swamiji shared smile. Swamiji told her to sleep in the saree she spread,but with closed eyes. He slept on the place. Swamiji started applying ghee first in her body parts. He was enjoying her parts and applied lot in her boobs and ass. I told him not to apply ghee in pussy and navel. He started applying oil in her body now. She was shivering when he was applying in her boobs.

Me: Clean her vagina with the oil.

I signalled swamiji to masturbate with her body. He dipped his middle finger in oil and slowly inserted into her pussy hole. Her body started moving when finger went inside her hole. Swamiji lifted his dress and started masturbation. His strokes started speed up and heard mom moaning a bit. While stroking, I told,

Me: Drink her cum, I want her clean. Use any parts of her body to make her cum.

Mom was enjoying the fingering and swamiji masturbated still mom didnt cum. Although he ejaculated, he still went and slept beside her fingered her pussy again and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked it. Mom was moaning and pushing his finger. Swamiji got up and pressing her boobs with one hand and fingering her pussy with another. I signalled swamiji to start licking her pussy. Swamiji started with licking her pussy lips and then took his tongue inside her pussy. She could not control her mood and pushed swamiji head inside her. In few mins she cummed, and swamiji drank all her cum and got up. Mom opened her eyes.

Me: Good, now let me have her. Get up and undress me.

Mom obeyed and removed my tshirt and trousers. I am standing with just underwear and my boner pointing towards her with erection. I told her to kneel down and remove my underwear. She removed and had view of my erected cock. She turned her head, but I pulled her towards my cock and told her to clean with her mouth. She took it in and started sucking it. She cleaning right and left. I pushed my cock deep inside her mouth and asked her to keep cleaning it. She sucked like a porn star. I now got full erected cock. I pulled out and signalled her to get up. She got up and seeing me.

Continue in part-2.

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Note: This is a imaginary story & not real story. Do not force or cheat anyone for sex.

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