My classmate Iqbal: part-02

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I was just 20 years as I got physical love with my classmate Iqbal as he is a smart and strong guy in his mid twenties ,I am a hot blonde with my figure of 30-24-34 as my breasts are hard and it’s nipples are long and browenish.In last week I have got oral sex with Iqbal in his room as my mind is on his long cock (prev stories My classmate Iqbal part 1) .

I am feeling hot as well as horny on bed after that hot I closed my door as I put my gawn upto my waist and than thinking about Iqbal’s penis as well as love ,I put my finger in my cunt as I am fingering it fast ,my cunt is a hot hole with little I come to know from my friends as well as porn movies that vagina’s elasticity depends upon fuck as a gal have low elasticity due to her virginity ,matured lady’s vagina have high elasticity due to her long life with a penis in her cunt.I know I will get fuck soon as Iqbal have given me a nice proposal of losing virginity to him but I am still afraid of pain as I am shy also ,so I asked Iqbal to wait for a month as we both will enjoy oral sex first.Its Monday as I am in college for my classes and today Iqbal is eyeing on my boobs in classes as I have caught his eyes on it.In lunch hour as students left classroom ,I am still there and Iqbal came to me…….

“Bina ,I think we should move to enjoy our day
(Bina bit confused) Iqbal but leaving classes can ruin our result
(Iqbal)no way ,come on Bina ,I will take you to a nature’s paradise.”

As he convinced me ,we both moved to college’s parking zone and I am sitting on his bike as he is driving it smoothly on heavy he is riding his bike towards outskirts of Kanpur as we are going near river Ganga ,on its satti choura ghat.we both reached at 02:10 pm as he parked the bike in a parking zone ,we both moved towards the ghat as he have hold my wrist.I am wearing a long skirt as well as tops as my dress always shows my simplicity ,never tried to wear something short or vulgar as it’s prohibited in our home.we both walked towards the river as we can see some deserted place and Iqbal going towards it ,made me sure that Iqbal will seduce me as I have desire for it.we both are sitting on ground as it’s a deserted place and Iqbal looking at me ,put his arm on my shoulder as he moved closer to I can guess some misdeed from him ,slowely he make his hand down to hold my breast as he started pressing my breast hardly ,my body is in sensation as my hand also moved on his thigh and than I sit on his strong arm is on his shoulder as he is kissing my face and my left breast is pressing on his I joined him as I put my lips on his lips and our lips are locked as we both are looking eachother ,than I turned myself as I am sitting on his lap and he is sucking my lips as it’s in his mouth.He is rubbing my back and I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it and I am brushing my breast hard on his my eyes are closed as we both are breathing fastly and after 2-3 minutes ,I pushed his face back as I took out my tongue from his my head is on his shoulder as he is lifting my tops up and than he put his hand inside my tops as he is rubbing my back and I said……

“Iqbal this place is not safe for love
(Iqbal)don’t be afraid Bina ,we will enjoy here.”

And I can feel his hand on the strings of my brassiere as he opened it and now I took out my brassiere from my body as it’s a front faced hot body is now on ground as Iqbal put his hand inside my tops and started pressing my boobs hard ,I am screaming in pleasure……..

“oohh aahh Iqbal press it hard .”

And he is pressing it hard as my hand is on his bulge of penis ,I started unzipping his jeans to have cock in my hand.Iqbal is lifting my tops up as I hold it tightly……

“Don’t make me nude here
(Iqbal)lift it upwards as I will suck your breasts .”

And I am sitting on ground as he lifted my tops to my necks and my nude boobs is in his hand as he put his face on my breast and took it in his mouth to suck.He is sucking my breast as I have hold his penis in my hand ,now slowely giving it a jerk and he is sucking my breast…….

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